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Cook in? Cook out?
at 11:09 17 Oct 2021

Firstly, please forgive the ramblings of this occasional poster. I haven’t been able to bring myself to read much in this forum since 5pm yesterday. These results seem to hit me harder these days than ever before. I think the phrase “it’s the hope that kills you” is pertinent here!

I may be accused of some fence-sitting here but I’m torn currently.

I make no secret of the fact that I wanted Cook here from the outset. I still think his credentials make him the outstanding candidate.

However with every poor result and unconvincing performance I am moving from holding a ‘belief’ that things will click to more of a ‘hope’ that it will.

Case for the prosecution:
• We are so fragile. Evidenced by our inability to hold on to leads.
• Linked to this, our game management is really poor. And this in spite of having a vastly experienced manager, a highly rated captain and some of the brightest talent at this level
• The manager seems so unable/unwilling to flex his tactical approach even when it is clear that momentum is swinging against us (not unique to him though. See Mick Mc as another exponent of this stubbornness)
• I know there’s plenty of games to go but with every dropped point we are falling further down the mountain we are trying to climb

Case for the defence:
• We are free scoring (something we haven’t been for years) and it is so much more entertaining to watch. We mustn’t forget the last few years of turning up to PR to games when literally nothing would get us out of our seats.
• the players we’ve brought in seem to have excellent attitudes and seem very committed to the club and community alike
• Cook has so much more about him than the last few managers. He’s a decent man, a football man who speaks honestly and seems to understand the plight of the fans.
• We’ve invested so much in this project and much of it seems reliant on Cook. The risk involved in sacking him is pretty big in that it may require another overhaul of the playing and coaching staff.
• An early shift in direction could also undermine the fans’ faith in our new ownership
• There is no guarantee that a different manager would perform any better

My verdict:
• The best ‘hope’ we have is to stick with Cook and hope that things come good over the next month or so and we see some consistency in our performances. We need to be able to trust this group of players and their manager that we will not be such a soft touch. Upcoming tough away games may help to demonstrate this. They could obviously further highlight our ongoing frailties.

The bottom line is us fans deserve to see some success at this club. Cook in? Cook out? There is risk attached to both of these. Time will tell I guess. But as of today I think we need to give Cook more time as the alternative is also so uncertain. How much time we give him I’m not sure. I think we’ll know a lot more about the substance of this team over the next month.

I really hope Cook repays my early belief and ongoing hope in him. Please, please make it happen.


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ITFC Coffee Club - World Mental Health Day
at 12:46 10 Oct 2021

Someone more tech-savvy than me can hopefully post a link here but just watched the club’s latest Coffee Club YouTube video. Made in conjunction with Suffolk Mind. KVY, Edmondson and Chaplin talking about issues around mental health.

A good bunch of lads. Great to hear their views on the subject and to know the club have effective measures in place to provide support on this side. Well worth a watch.

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at 12:24 21 Aug 2021

Starting for QPR today. Will be weird seeing him in a different shirt.
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Club captain?
at 21:08 15 Aug 2021

Is Burgess captain material? Not sure why PC hasn’t named Evans as our full time captain yet.
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Well done Liam Craig
at 16:01 22 May 2021

Our captain from our last Youth Cup victory has just won the Scottish Cup with St Johnstone. He’s had a good career up there since leaving us. Good for him.
A new chapter
at 23:29 28 Feb 2021

As again we wave goodbye to yet another custodian of our continued slump and we embark on new and potentially exciting beginnings, I hope that the next chapter finally brings some joy to us Town fans. Goodness knows we’re long overdue some of that!

Silence from the club is deafening
at 17:04 17 Feb 2021

After Lambert’s post-match comments, his TalkSport interview, the media coverage and just generally the current state of the club surely someone from ITFC (whether it be O’Neil or Evans) should have made some sort of public response by now.

The delay/inaction further demonstrates the apathy around the club and the ongoing feeling of disregard to us fans.
Not The Top 20 podcast (also on YouTube)
at 09:53 13 Dec 2020

Not sure if this has already been posted but highly recommend the latest episode. In depth discussion with Danny Cowley and Paul Cook. Fascinating insight into how these guys think about football and their approach to management.

When the seemingly inevitable happens with PL, Cook remains my favourite for the job but Cowley has started to win me over too. Let’s be honest either of these guys would provide a massive boost.
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