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Accrington, 5 unbeaten.. that includes Rotherham, MK, Sunderland.
at 19:44 22 Jan 2022

They are a very tricky customer.

That was a huge win, and very impressive performance.

Delighted with that win.
How do we get Mckenna’s name in to a song
at 15:59 16 Dec 2021

Hopefully this means the end of any chant with “barmy army” in it as his surname has too many syllables.

Tricky one
I don't care that we lost
at 22:15 15 Dec 2021

Not because I wanted to be out of the cup, not because I want us to focus on the league. But because i knew that was going to happen and I'm just completely numb to Ipswich putting in below par performances.

2-0 loss to Barrow, oh well I fully expected that to happen. Im so apathetic because I feels like regardless of managers, players, backroom staff the club is just cursed

Appoint a manager, appoint him quickly and get a rocket up these players who think it acceptable to down tools every other game. The new manager will have my full support. Just get him in.
I did assume that the New managers first game would be Sunderland at home
at 13:55 12 Dec 2021

For that to happen I would imagine he would need to be appointed by Monday to give him a week on the training ground. Seeing as though we still have no idea who it is going to be, that won't be happening. So McGreal gets the Pack out PR campaign.

I am very nervous for Saturday, could end up being a great idea, or the worst idea ever. Would absolutely love McGreal to get a huge win in front of a full house.
Has there ever been a player who is offside more than Macauley Bonne?
at 16:16 8 Dec 2021

Not that I can remember.

It is appalling, most of the time there is no reason for him to even be near to being offside, its like he doesn't even bother looking down the line. Infuriating.
Lionel Messi-Ballon D'or number 7
at 21:25 29 Nov 2021


The greatest.

(Edmundson robbed)
[Post edited 29 Nov 2021 21:26]
7 Points off play offs… 7
at 17:00 20 Nov 2021

This really isn’t good enough. It’s a result business.. we draw a lot, we blow a lot of leads and we don’t win enough of game.
[Post edited 20 Nov 2021 17:04]
Wycombe Defender Tafazolli, vlog of our match
at 21:07 14 Nov 2021

Really interesting watch. Does a little player cam thing and shows highlights from different angles. Late upload mind. But worth a watch
[Post edited 14 Nov 2021 21:26]
Time for Lee Evans to drop out the team
at 22:24 13 Nov 2021

Maybe I just don't know enough about football or have got it completely wrong.

I just cannot see what Lee Evans is offering us in that midfield. Morsy is the one who wants to play deep and get the ball off the back 4, Evans to my eye seems to be occupying exactly the same space, trying to do exactly the same job, but nowhere near as well.

Scott Fraser or Tom Carroll or Idris in that position please.

Be interesting to hear other peoples thoughts.
We should win comfortably tomorrow
at 17:00 5 Nov 2021

Oldham are a shambles due to a very dodgy owner, which is a shame as they are a good club. My Oldham supporting mate who doesn't actually go to games anymore because it is so depressing, fully expects to get beat 5 or 6.

That being said this is Ipswich and this is the FA Cup, and those two things don't go together.

My line up would be

El Miz
Are we ever going to get out of this league?
at 13:42 31 Oct 2021

Im fairly confident we won't be this season. I hate league one, I hate it.

I thought we played ok yesterday, but over the course of the season, we have been so poor. We cannot afford to lose to Wycombe, huge game.
Brutal from Samy Morsy
at 19:20 24 Oct 2021

What a d1ckhead, I love him.

Every team needs a horrible b@stard in their midfield.
[Post edited 24 Oct 2021 19:21]
Fleetwood were decent
at 17:38 23 Oct 2021

Can see why they do alright away from home.

Not a game that will live long in the memory, but an ending that will.

Great result.
That 20 minutes in the second half
at 12:20 17 Oct 2021

Where we had loads of the ball, passed it nicely around the midfield, spread the ball wide to the full backs.

Looked lovely on the eye, but we barely created a chance from it, it was possession for possession sake. We have to kill games off when we have that much of the ball in areas like that. It was so frustrating.
What is ITFCs obsession with ‘Sweet Caroline’ ?
at 13:22 13 Oct 2021

Random question, I know, and it’s not really a big deal.

But we seem to play the song a lot, before kick off and after the game if we win. When did this start? I definitely don’t remember us doing it a few years ago?
I still don’t think we are very good
at 17:14 9 Oct 2021

Too slow for far too long in the game.

Too one dimensional, just give the ball to the wingers and hope for the best. Another poor side we have beat, but most teams in this league will beat us if we play like that.

Take the 3 points, but can’t say I’m that excited
Is it me, or is “well which manager would you get in?”
at 11:59 3 Oct 2021

The most ridiculous question football. There are an awful lot of managers and coaches in the world. We now have substantial financial resources to be able to pay good wages to managers, whether that be out of work or in a job.

We don’t have to appoint a manager out of a job. But for me, 10 points 10 games. I wouldn’t be against a change.
Thoughts on Starmers Speech ?
at 13:54 29 Sep 2021

For those who watched.

Thought it was quite good, bit long but covered lots of bases.

I’m not his biggest fan, and he isn’t perfect but he is infinitely more suited to be Prime minister than any other option.
[Post edited 29 Sep 2021 13:55]
Is ‘We played well’ good enough at this point ?
at 17:56 25 Sep 2021

We NEED to win games.

We have 7 points after 8 games.

We are fourth from bottom.

This team looks so disjointed, so predictable and at times ineffective imo.

Fail to beat Doncaster on Tuesday and Cook should go. This isn’t good enough.

Why are our standards so low.
Scott Fraser
at 19:09 20 Sep 2021

Cannot see him being dropped, even when/if everyone is available.

Seen a lot of Edwards Celina Burns shouts from people, which would of course be a scary prospect for other teams.

But in this system I think that Scott Fraser is going to be the man to hold it all together. The amount of passes he slips round the corner for the wingers is huge. Him and Celina linked up well I thought. He constantly keeps the ball moving, probably should have scored on Saturday too.

Good player, I like him.
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