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This video of Mogga makes me sad
at 16:26 28 Apr 2022

Not even been approached by the owners, seems to suggest he’s missing his family as well. Sad.
Well I thoroughly enjoyed that
at 22:51 19 Apr 2022

Annoying to draw from a winning position. But we were much the better team across that 90 minutes. I though Morsy and Bakinson were excellent.

Back 3 solid as per. Chaplin and Celina tried but didnt have a lot of space to work (credit to wigan).

Striker and LWB clearly the issues. But a performance like that against the league leaders, the progress is evident. 5/6 new faces in the summer utilise players like Ndaba and Baggott. We wont be far off.
When we signed Conor Chaplin
at 10:08 4 Apr 2022

Does anyone have any idea what position he was signed to play. Or where he played at Barnsley?

Not a criticism of him, he’s a really good footballer and probably our best finisher. Just curious as to whether he has always been a 10.
Bersant Celina’s work rate
at 18:42 26 Mar 2022

Jesus does that fella run. Probably our best attacker at Defending. I would love to see his running figures. Combine that with ridiculous dribbling skills.

Sign him up.
Tristan Nydam retired.
at 20:05 20 Mar 2022

Really sad news to read.

He was always my fave out of him Downes and Dozzell.

Great Left foot, versatile, was almost a main stay under Mick for one season. That injury must have really set him back. I thought he was going to the top.

[Post edited 20 Mar 20:06]
Best Referee I remember seeing in League One
at 16:56 5 Mar 2022

That is how you let a game flow. No over the top Reffing, wasn’t quick to book people needlessly.

Boxing Fans- Khan vs Brook
at 18:16 16 Feb 2022

What is everyone thinking.

Genuinely really tough to call. My head says Brook will win comfortably but I think he is really going to struggle with the weight cut to the point where it isnt as obvious as I think.

Everyone seems split on this fight.
Rekeem Harper dropped on to the bench for Crewe last night
at 10:52 16 Feb 2022

Seen him described as Unfit by Crewe fans, tbf he hasn’t played a lot of minutes this season. But comments about regularly being caught out in possession, last thing he needs is to be sitting on the bench for a club who are free falling in to league 2.

A player with so much promise at the start of the season, not going great for him.
Accrington, 5 unbeaten.. that includes Rotherham, MK, Sunderland.
at 19:44 22 Jan 2022

They are a very tricky customer.

That was a huge win, and very impressive performance.

Delighted with that win.
How do we get Mckenna’s name in to a song
at 15:59 16 Dec 2021

Hopefully this means the end of any chant with “barmy army” in it as his surname has too many syllables.

Tricky one
I don't care that we lost
at 22:15 15 Dec 2021

Not because I wanted to be out of the cup, not because I want us to focus on the league. But because i knew that was going to happen and I'm just completely numb to Ipswich putting in below par performances.

2-0 loss to Barrow, oh well I fully expected that to happen. Im so apathetic because I feels like regardless of managers, players, backroom staff the club is just cursed

Appoint a manager, appoint him quickly and get a rocket up these players who think it acceptable to down tools every other game. The new manager will have my full support. Just get him in.
I did assume that the New managers first game would be Sunderland at home
at 13:55 12 Dec 2021

For that to happen I would imagine he would need to be appointed by Monday to give him a week on the training ground. Seeing as though we still have no idea who it is going to be, that won't be happening. So McGreal gets the Pack out PR campaign.

I am very nervous for Saturday, could end up being a great idea, or the worst idea ever. Would absolutely love McGreal to get a huge win in front of a full house.
Has there ever been a player who is offside more than Macauley Bonne?
at 16:16 8 Dec 2021

Not that I can remember.

It is appalling, most of the time there is no reason for him to even be near to being offside, its like he doesn't even bother looking down the line. Infuriating.
Lionel Messi-Ballon D'or number 7
at 21:25 29 Nov 2021


The greatest.

(Edmundson robbed)
[Post edited 29 Nov 2021 21:26]
7 Points off play offs… 7
at 17:00 20 Nov 2021

This really isn’t good enough. It’s a result business.. we draw a lot, we blow a lot of leads and we don’t win enough of game.
[Post edited 20 Nov 2021 17:04]
Wycombe Defender Tafazolli, vlog of our match
at 21:07 14 Nov 2021

Really interesting watch. Does a little player cam thing and shows highlights from different angles. Late upload mind. But worth a watch
[Post edited 14 Nov 2021 21:26]
Time for Lee Evans to drop out the team
at 22:24 13 Nov 2021

Maybe I just don't know enough about football or have got it completely wrong.

I just cannot see what Lee Evans is offering us in that midfield. Morsy is the one who wants to play deep and get the ball off the back 4, Evans to my eye seems to be occupying exactly the same space, trying to do exactly the same job, but nowhere near as well.

Scott Fraser or Tom Carroll or Idris in that position please.

Be interesting to hear other peoples thoughts.
We should win comfortably tomorrow
at 17:00 5 Nov 2021

Oldham are a shambles due to a very dodgy owner, which is a shame as they are a good club. My Oldham supporting mate who doesn't actually go to games anymore because it is so depressing, fully expects to get beat 5 or 6.

That being said this is Ipswich and this is the FA Cup, and those two things don't go together.

My line up would be

El Miz
Are we ever going to get out of this league?
at 13:42 31 Oct 2021

Im fairly confident we won't be this season. I hate league one, I hate it.

I thought we played ok yesterday, but over the course of the season, we have been so poor. We cannot afford to lose to Wycombe, huge game.
Brutal from Samy Morsy
at 19:20 24 Oct 2021

What a d1ckhead, I love him.

Every team needs a horrible b@stard in their midfield.
[Post edited 24 Oct 2021 19:21]
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