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When is this going to be played
at 16:04 1 Dec 2019 this week isn't it.
Lambert got it wrong (Again)
at 22:11 26 Nov 2019

Ref was crap.. we all know that.

However, for me that was all wrong.
Subs far too late
No real style of football it was hoof here down the line then hoof hoof hoof
Started too defensive.. surely Alan Judge has earned a start for his performances, Nolan and Huws far too similar.
And he keeps changing the squad.. work your best team out and stick with it. One or two changes max.

Must say I would love to see what they are doing on the training ground.

Bring on the downvotes and people calling me a flouncer.
Another strange Lambert interview
at 14:04 25 Nov 2019

I am not over analysing it, I just find Paul Lambert really funny, some of his answers are just bizarre.
What did people make of the wingers today ??
at 18:09 23 Nov 2019

Ineffective I thought.

I also thought PR Paul left his changes a bit too late.

Not the end of the world though, decent point.

Huge game Tuesday, bring it on.
It sounds like Toto is really going for it tonight
at 20:35 20 Nov 2019

According to Stuart Watson that is 3 big mistakes ??
Have Stowmarket signed Dean Bowditch
at 21:38 19 Nov 2019

Or do my eyes deceive me.

Anthony Georgiou
at 14:39 15 Nov 2019

What's the deal there.

Chance he might go back in January? I would imagine Spurs would have expected him to play more and he has had plenty of chances to get a game, especially as we have played wing backs and wingers. One good performance against Wimbledon but nothing else really. I like the look of him, but I would rather we send him back if he isn't going to play and free up a loan space.
Sterling vs Gomez
at 09:25 12 Nov 2019

Has this been spoken about?

Strange that there was a statement made about this if I am honest. There are training ground bust ups all over the country, and by leaving him out, it makes people think it was worse than what it was. Player loses a big game, has a run in on the pitch, spills over to the next day, players square up to each other and by all accounts it is sorted out.

Thrown Sterling under the bus I a bit I think.
Much more like it from Andre
at 17:54 9 Nov 2019

He has his critics, but he is desperate to play forward, all the time. Played some really nice balls through today, much better.

Toto Is still woeful, he plays football like he has been drinking all night, awful footballer.
Funniest thing you have heard shouted at an Ipswich Match
at 20:52 7 Nov 2019

Have fully nicked this off Ipswich Fanzone twitter, but it had me laughing. So I decided to bring it to TWTD.

Home or Away game.. fire away
Woolfenden class....AGAIN
at 23:01 5 Nov 2019

There was about a 2 minute spell where they just launched it, and he won pretty much everything.

What a player.
[Post edited 5 Nov 23:01]
800 fans going to Rochdale on a tuesday night
at 10:55 4 Nov 2019

No normal and all that.

But seriously what is going on. That is brilliant support.
Coldest football Match you have ever been to??
at 17:51 28 Oct 2019

With Winter fast approaching, I was just wondering what the coldest football game you have ever been to is and how you dealt with it?

I want to give a shoutout to someone back in 2015 vs Wolves at home who was doing laps of the concourse at half time to "warm his feet up". True story.
Luke Woolfenden is very good at football
at 20:45 26 Oct 2019

Brilliant today. Heading, passing and composure. He really has it all.

My POTS so far, we look so much better with him in the team.
Hoof after Hoof, Square Pegs round holes and late substitutions
at 22:24 23 Oct 2019

Sound familiar ?????
Trains on Saturday
at 14:22 23 Oct 2019

What is everyone doing with them.

I haven't really looked, but there is something going on at Prittlewell I understand ?
Sol Campbell- New Southend manager
at 23:04 20 Oct 2019

And a certain Hermann Hreidarsson as his assistant.

Southend journos saying his first game could be against us.
[Post edited 20 Oct 23:05]
Just under 1000 tickets sold for Accrington
at 11:14 18 Oct 2019

12 o'clock
Live on sky

That is a ridiculous following.
Best place to get a Fry Up in Ipswich
at 10:05 18 Oct 2019

Recommendations people?

I am not bothered about the type of place. It could be a greasy spoon or a just your normal café.

Preferably closer to the town centre. Any help appreciated.
Lambert didnt think much of Phil's questions
at 14:16 16 Oct 2019

Next time Phil, ask him about the fans, you might get an answer out of him.

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