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That 20 minutes in the second half
at 12:20 17 Oct 2021

Where we had loads of the ball, passed it nicely around the midfield, spread the ball wide to the full backs.

Looked lovely on the eye, but we barely created a chance from it, it was possession for possession sake. We have to kill games off when we have that much of the ball in areas like that. It was so frustrating.
What is ITFCs obsession with ‘Sweet Caroline’ ?
at 13:22 13 Oct 2021

Random question, I know, and it’s not really a big deal.

But we seem to play the song a lot, before kick off and after the game if we win. When did this start? I definitely don’t remember us doing it a few years ago?
I still don’t think we are very good
at 17:14 9 Oct 2021

Too slow for far too long in the game.

Too one dimensional, just give the ball to the wingers and hope for the best. Another poor side we have beat, but most teams in this league will beat us if we play like that.

Take the 3 points, but can’t say I’m that excited
Is it me, or is “well which manager would you get in?”
at 11:59 3 Oct 2021

The most ridiculous question football. There are an awful lot of managers and coaches in the world. We now have substantial financial resources to be able to pay good wages to managers, whether that be out of work or in a job.

We don’t have to appoint a manager out of a job. But for me, 10 points 10 games. I wouldn’t be against a change.
Thoughts on Starmers Speech ?
at 13:54 29 Sep 2021

For those who watched.

Thought it was quite good, bit long but covered lots of bases.

I’m not his biggest fan, and he isn’t perfect but he is infinitely more suited to be Prime minister than any other option.
[Post edited 29 Sep 13:55]
Is ‘We played well’ good enough at this point ?
at 17:56 25 Sep 2021

We NEED to win games.

We have 7 points after 8 games.

We are fourth from bottom.

This team looks so disjointed, so predictable and at times ineffective imo.

Fail to beat Doncaster on Tuesday and Cook should go. This isn’t good enough.

Why are our standards so low.
Scott Fraser
at 19:09 20 Sep 2021

Cannot see him being dropped, even when/if everyone is available.

Seen a lot of Edwards Celina Burns shouts from people, which would of course be a scary prospect for other teams.

But in this system I think that Scott Fraser is going to be the man to hold it all together. The amount of passes he slips round the corner for the wingers is huge. Him and Celina linked up well I thought. He constantly keeps the ball moving, probably should have scored on Saturday too.

Good player, I like him.
Harper further forward ?
at 19:49 18 Sep 2021

Thought he looked quality when he came on late.

Most we have got out of a 10 all season, put in some nice balls across the face of goal. Suits him far more than that deep position.
Sheffield Wednesday fans not happy about our Covid Rules
at 08:58 13 Sep 2021

Very unhappy indeed.

Seems like a huge overreaction imo.

[Post edited 13 Sep 9:04]
at 17:12 11 Sep 2021

I backed him last season.. said he should get a good run this year. 6 games no wins with an easy run is not good enough. Especially as I don’t believe we have shown any improvement. We cannot let this season go to waste.

2 weeks on training field and we come out with that.
[Post edited 11 Sep 17:13]
Chiwera seems to be doing alright ?
at 13:27 3 Sep 2021

Cant say I've seen him play since the Dartford game, where I thought he was excellent, but every time the U23s play, he seems to have scored, or played really well.

Hopefully he really progresses.
Sam Morsy Chant
at 21:46 31 Aug 2021

His name is perfect for a football chant, surely even we can't mess this up.

Any ideas ?
[Post edited 31 Aug 21:46]
Morsy and Celina in one day-No excuses
at 20:16 31 Aug 2021

For a league one that club should be illegal.

No excuses, no nonsense about time to gel. We need to win games, I still believe this will come good, Morsy was the player I wanted out of Cooks old boys. The midfield has looked soft. Not anymore.

Lets do this.
[Post edited 31 Aug 20:17]
Fantastic response to taking the knee
at 17:53 21 Aug 2021

Pretty much the only positive I have for today. Nobody around me booed, which was great. Made me feel very happy to see such a response.
The Evans and Harper conundrum
at 13:49 18 Aug 2021

I am sure this has been discussed and apologies if it has, I have been trying not to think about Ipswich after last night.

They look good on the eye, can play a nice pass. But they dont break lines, they dont really win the ball back and I feel like they dont really impact the game. We lose a lot of second balls.

It seems like we are missing a big strong defensive midfielder who get stuck in. That will almost certainly help the back 4 as well. But I just dont feel like this midfield will work.
Not good enough.
at 17:02 14 Aug 2021

I know it’s going to take time to gel, I know we have injuries who need to come in (Edmundson).

We have to be beating Morecambe and Burton. We move the ball about well, sometimes need a bit more purpose.

It’s nowhere near a disaster cause I still do see promise, but we need to win a game and quick.
Why are some fans (on twitter especially)
at 12:08 10 Aug 2021

Trying to make out like we haven't spent a lot of money. Am I missing something. Lots of posts regarding, we have received this much in fees and only spent this much.

We are blowing every league one club and some championship clubs out the water when it comes to wages. We are spending big, no ?

Just embrace it.
[Post edited 10 Aug 12:09]
Atmosphere a bit flat I thought
at 23:16 7 Aug 2021

Especially for the first game back after so long. I guess seeing us go 1-0 down to Morecambe didn't help.But just can't seem to get one song going across a whole stand, except Blue Army.I Have to moan about something, its been too long.

But more positive.
Harper class.
Evans Class.
Really liked the look of Fraser but would like to see him central.
CB needed ASAP
Coulson probably will get the nod over Penney.

We will be ok this season
[Post edited 7 Aug 23:20]
Fabio Wardley fighting tomorrow
at 15:14 6 Aug 2021

Exciting English heavyweight fight vs Nick Webb who is probably coming off the back of his best performance.

He is co main event, so would expect his ring walk to be around 9ish. Fight will be shown on DAZN, which you need a membership for but price is currently 1.99 a month.

Ipswich are well represented in combat sports, Arnold Allen looking really promising in the UFC and Wardley going well on his journey. Would be good to build Fabio's Ipswich fanbase. Tune in.
Some of the awful chants I heard coming from S6 today
at 17:57 31 Jul 2021

Embarrassing. Forever Blowing Bubbles... Irons.

I had to move away could not stomach it. Seems like a fairly trivial point but we as a club desperately need some more chants. All our songs are so generic.

Aside from that, decent fitness for the team against a solid Champ side. Impressed with Piggott and Evans. We need a left back and another centre half. But I’m still feeling good about this season.

Video below..towards the end you can hear a glorious rendition of "chequebook FC" Cringe

[Post edited 31 Jul 18:48]
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