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Tommy Robinson is fleeing to Spain
at 10:13 28 Jul 2020

Katie Hopkins next hopefully

Ironic that he is seeking refuge, the man who has been criticising refugees since he could talk.
[Post edited 28 Jul 10:15]
Apparently Alan Quinn has had a pop and Chambers and Evans ??
at 17:49 25 Jul 2020

Anybody know where I can find this ??
That is one of the worst PMQs showings
at 12:15 15 Jul 2020

I have ever seen from a PM.

"Has the prime minister read the report"

"I am aware of it" that is a no then

Constantly seeking approval from his tory chums instead of answering any important questions.

Absolute disgrace
Coldplay are vastly overrated aren't they ?
at 23:22 27 Jun 2020

Watching these Glasto sets on Tele. Adele was pretty damn good.

Coldplay come on, and instantly the tele goes off. I just don't get it.
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Why is PMQs a thing?
at 12:45 24 Jun 2020

No questions actually get answered.

Boris laughs, he shrugs, he mocks and he lies. Starmer asked him some very important questions and Boris didn't even try to answer.

Imagine finally getting your dream job and being completely Sh!t at it.
[Post edited 24 Jun 12:45]
Kieron Dyer for Ipswich manager
at 13:43 23 Jun 2020

We live in hope
Mogga doing a brilliant job at Blackburn
at 17:45 20 Jun 2020

One point off play offs. With a fairly ‘average’ Championship team.

Always good to see him doing well.
Last week they moaned about people disrespecting the police
at 14:20 13 Jun 2020

Gathering in crowds, snowflakes etc etc.

I mean.. aren’t they doing the exact same ?

They being... the brain dead thugs in London today
[Post edited 13 Jun 14:20]
Boris Johnson is perhaps the biggest waffler of all time
at 12:26 10 Jun 2020

He's just terrible. Having more Tory Mps in the house has helped him as he has more of a crowd to play up to.

Tory backbenchers apparently beginning to lose faith in him.

A horribly incompetent man.

EDIT/ He was just asked Trump's qualities His answer. He is the President. Jesus
[Post edited 10 Jun 12:29]
Fair chance we will be playing in the same league as Col U
at 15:29 9 Jun 2020

Next season. Christ alive.

Nice story this... Good work from KVY
at 09:29 4 Jun 2020
Boris is not a happy man right now
at 12:15 3 Jun 2020

Sir Kier seems to have got him all riled up. Boris is bumbling.
Harry's Heroes
at 21:58 19 May 2020

Might be the most bizarre programme ever to be on TV. They have just roped in Vinnie Jones to play for 'England' who played 7 times for Wales???

Combine that with Harry Redknapp being Harry Redknapp. Lee Hendrie and a load of other bang average footballers, a few were good, but most were average. Oh yeah and Razor Ruddock.

The only decent thing is Merse opening up about his problems.

It is just a bizarre programme.

Not like anyone cares, I must be bored.
Am I being an absolute wet fart here
at 00:26 14 Mar 2020

I cancelled the night out I had planned with my mates up in Leeds to sit at home with the female and watch Notting Hill for about the 154th time.

All because I don’t wanna risk myself catching this stupid virus. Am I going to get it eventually so I may as well just go about my business as normal ?? The idea of going to a club is the last thing I would be doing right now.
[Post edited 14 Mar 0:27]
The World is just a bit sh1t innit
at 10:58 13 Mar 2020

Loads of angry people trying to kill each other
This stupid Virus.
Politics etc etc

Stuart Watson on Marcus Evans
at 12:39 8 Mar 2020

He’s bang on as per. The criticism of Evans is about far more than money. We have to want better as a club.
Happy Clappers
at 17:00 7 Mar 2020

they’re here they’re there they’re everywhere
Anybody think we are going to win tonight?
at 08:56 3 Mar 2020

I just cannot see it. They are a decent team for this division, they have a goal scorer and two capable defenders. One of which is Lewis Gibson who we were linked with, who has apparently been class for them. Callum Connolly apparently playing ok for them as well.

Compared to our bunch of ragamuffins who cannot beat a half decent team for love nor money.

1-0 Fleetwood.
Tomas Holy was all over the place yesterday
at 12:36 1 Mar 2020

I can’t work out if he is a good keeper or not. One game I think he’s really solid and then he is giving me heart attacks by going full Will Norris and charging off his line.
Should’ve saved the first one probably.

Alas, that’s not problem. There is a lot of good Will in keeping the ball and passing around. But you have to do something with it. It was possession for possessions sake for a lot of the game yesterday. I would love Warnock. He should’ve come in January. But is he going to get Will Keane and Freddie sears scoring, i’m not sure.

Worth a punt I guess, we cannot stick with this absolute fraud.
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