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Watching Norwich and the Blades fans celebrating, I don’t feel downcast.
at 21:31 27 Apr 2019

Rather, it brings back those memories of promotion that I experienced first hand in 1992 and 2000 back and they feel as fresh as ever. For years we’ve been told to limit our expectations to just surviving, grinding out results and ‘maybe’ we might get lucky and go up. Well I now face next season not just expecting survival. I don’t expect promotion either, but it doesn’t seem like a ridiculous pipedream. In one year I have hope that we could be celebrating like Norwich and Sheffield United and we can once again feel the real joy that keeps football fans illogically coming back for more and dreaming, which Marcus Evans has squeezed out of us in recent years.

I am happy to congratulate all teams going up. All I ask is that for once we get a bit of it next season too.
I don't like Marcus Evans...
at 16:12 25 Mar 2019

… but there are times when I realise that we could do a lot worse.
We're not in a good financial way, but we're amongst an entire league of teams in various states of bad financial straits.

My big fear.
at 12:04 11 Feb 2019

Is not relegation. Like most I accepted that a long time ago. It's that the gap between us and 21st stays at 9 or 10 points and is perceived doable. Which will mean that we still stand a mathematical chance up until 3 or 4 games to go and will see us wasting time chasing a gap we'll never bridge but the players and manager will feel obliged to try and bridge, despite the fact that we're clearly incapable of stringing a couple of wins together or even picking up draws.

In the circumstances I wish that the teams above would properly pull away and relegate us as soon as possible so that we can spend as much time preparing for next season as possible. Because lets face it, we need it.
I didn't watch the game.
at 21:21 10 Feb 2019

Didn't listen to it. Didn't even follow the score. But despite the apparently promising display today, it shows what a mess we have got in that when I check at full-time and discovered we'd lost 3-0, my first thought was relief that it wasn't worse.

At 5-0 or 6-0 or something similar, we'd never have been allowed to forget it, but ultimately in the history books this will just be seen as another defeat to them. That's not to say that the next season or two (at least) won't be tough, but I am relieved that we haven't suffered a record defeat.

Glad to have got this out of the way.
Is there something to be said for just giving up now?
at 17:34 1 Jan 2019

Manage expectations, take the pressure off the players. May get some better results and who knows? But in the likelihood that we do go down (and let's face it we are) we can get a bit of positivity into the club ahead of a new season in League One.
Norwich have got their winner early today.
at 16:49 29 Dec 2018

Where's the excitement in that.
There's certainly a basis of a decent team there.
at 17:26 8 Dec 2018

We look better as an attacking force, the passing is better and we're more entertaining generally.

Defence needs strengthening and we desperately need someone who can finish, but get that right in January and we'll pick up a decent haul of points. Though it seems increasingly unlikely that it'll be enough now.
Reasons for hope. (Or clutching at straws)
at 21:58 28 Nov 2018

1. If we had won tonight, we were right back in touching distance of the pack. The teams above us (probably) won't many by the nature of why they're also down there, so a win or two and the odd draw in the next few games keeps us in touching distance.

2. If we stay in touching distance, the pressure on ME to release plenty of funds will surely be too immense for him to refuse. If he doesn't spend in those circumstances then we whatever his motives (noble or otherwise) and to what extent he saved us, then we're going to have accept that we will never, ever be a PL club again under him, if even a Championship team. Few shrewd signings and its not implausible that we can just do enough to stay up. After all, we just need to make sure we are at least a point ahead of three other teams and there are plenty of contenders for that, even if none of them are as bad as us currently.

3. If the worse does happen and we go down, if PL is willing to stay and ME is willing release lots of funds, with the young players brought in by PH who are currently out of their depth having a extra year's experience and playing more at the level they are used to, next season could be one of the most enjoyable and entertaining that we've had for years!

That said, tonight was a massive opportunity missed and there are lots and lots of what ifs. Not least that on the basis of this evening, I can't really see where we are going to get the odd one or two wins and few draws to keep us in touch. Strangely though, in a masochistic I'm finding this all far more engaging then the last couple of years of going-nowhere-nothing-to-play-for football.
On the plus side, at least we won't go out in the third round of the FA Cup...
at 21:17 24 Oct 2018

...again next season.

We won't get that far.
Exactly the opposite of two weeks ago.
at 17:11 20 Oct 2018

Swansea away was what we have missed for so long. Not just the win. But the excitement, the intent, it was uplifting. This was just dreadful. I so want Hurst to succeed. I hate it when clubs just chop and change their manager, it doesn't allow any manager to build anything. I'm so proud of how few managers we've had. But I really am struggling to stick with Hurst here. I'm fed up with it all now. Just Saturday after depressing Saturday, not just this season, but for years and years and years. Please someone find a rich sheikh somewhere.
That result shouldn't hide that there is work to do.
at 21:50 18 Sep 2018

But there is hope. All but finished at half-time, turned it around against an excellent side. This side needs confidence and maybe results like this, small things like maintain the unbeaten record at home, etc may just help their confidence. We need that first win though.
When was the last time we came from behind to win?
at 15:27 25 Aug 2018

The last seventeen league games we've gone behind in we've lost or drawn according to BBC.
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