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MLB London - best place to sit
at 12:04 27 Apr 2024


Just looking for a bit of help with tickets at the London stadium for the MLB.

(I know it's rounders in pyjamas etc etc)

I'm thinking of getting some but just wondering if anyone had any prior knowledge of the best seats etc.

Some seats are actually ridiculously expensive. Budget is probably the £98 ones.

Is it better to be high of the top tier but more central (ie block 204) or lower in the top tier, but more "around the corner) at first/third base ie. Block 254

Any help/guidance would be appreciated
Resale of seats
at 13:02 10 Apr 2024

I've missed both times the club have released any resale seat tickets (due to work!).

Has anyone got any tickets from this, and were there many on there?

By the time I got on about 10:10, there was still a "queue" but no tickets at the end of it so I'm guessing there weren't many?

Sheff Wed match - Tickets in K Block
at 15:08 26 Feb 2024

Just to let people know, there are now a few tickets available in K Block.

it was sold out earlier when I went on.
Perfect video for those who doubted Harness
at 16:58 4 Nov 2023

Prediction Logged by at 14:01:23
Sunderland v Ipswich Town prediction logged
ST Holder Number for Port Vale Ticket
at 15:35 11 Apr 2023

Just seen they have released the Restricted view tickets for the Port Vale game. Would a ST holder be able to let me use their number or get me a senior 65+ ticket in Block 1 SAR themselves (anywhere really)?

Obviously I'll pay for it!


EDIT: Now Tickets are available for CHarlton, I probably won't need one for this game now
[Post edited 11 Apr 2023 17:42]
Family Areas & Junior Blue Tickets
at 14:26 29 Mar 2023

Just after a bit of advice.

I haven't used my son's Junior Blue ticket yet (where you get 1 Adult and 2 kids tickets). I believe these have to be in the family areas (the case in past seasons) but due to our popularity at the moment, there is never 3 seats together when I go and look (and I'd probably want to add a few other tickets on which I would pay for!). It would have to be the upper as I'll have an 5 year old with me.

Are they flexible enough to let us have tickets in another area?

Last season I'll admit I did write the club an email to say a lot of the upper family areas are full of adult groups. Their reply was that even though the family areas were moved, if current ST holders still wanted their ST there, then they could stay there. Seems silly to have the family area where there are still a lot of "adult groups" with STs, but hey what can you do!

EDIT: Specifically looking at the Exeter game
[Post edited 29 Mar 2023 14:29]
Co commentator
at 21:02 21 Oct 2022

Makes a change from Andy hinchcliffe and Don Goodman. However they seem to be getting quite a bit wrong...! Haha

One point called Warne , Warner (ok close but still wrong)

You think that's bad, then you hear the stuff in the studio....

They need a button (like Amazon) where I can just have the crowd noise haha
[Post edited 21 Oct 2022 21:03]
No Green and Yellow!
at 13:46 30 Aug 2022

We need to learn from this. my son definitely got yellow and green in his Junior Blues package this year. At least take one of them out.....

[Post edited 30 Aug 2022 13:47]
Non league football
at 19:57 21 Aug 2022

I went to an FA cup game at the weekend at my local club.

I've been there a few times before and when I take my 5 year old son there usually near half time as they let people.on free after 30ish minutes. Yes I'm a cheapstake but I never know how long we will end up being there haha. I do usually buy a few drinks etc.

However, yesterday we turned up at nearly half time and they said that they couldn't let us in free until it was officially half time and they weren't overly polite about it. OK.....

What I want to know is, Is this an FA Cup rule or were they just being a bit awkward?
Baggott watch
at 10:04 15 Aug 2022

Went to see Tranmere vs GIllingham at the weekend.

Baggott was fairly anonymous in the first half which is good for a centre back. However second half he was run ragged by Tranmeres forwards, got a yellow for a synical foul, and was part of a 3 way mistake for Tranmere's first goal.

Definitely didn't look like he is ready for us yet but a season in League 2 will do him good. I appreciate its only his 3rd game so i'm not slagging him off, just looks very raw!
Buying Junior Membership
at 18:15 22 Jun 2022

Anyone had any issues buying a junior blues membership recently?

I've logged in as my son
Gone through it all to the Choose payment - only options is "Adyen - Online Credit/Debit Card"

Press "Pay and it just swirls around at the moment for a moment, then stops.

I've tried different browsers etc but nothing seems to work!

If i'm doing anything wrong, any help is appreciated.
Greggs taste test
at 10:50 10 Feb 2022

Read this this morning and found it funny.

Do people actually get paid to do this? Aren't greggs baked goods sent to the shops frozen?

I don't want to spoil the results but - "Greggs have managed to very successfully reproduce their products in frozen form at home."
Josh Carson
at 10:05 14 Apr 2021

Another one who would get into this team.....

But my purpose of the post, a great OG by him -

Third penalty shootout win
at 12:09 5 Dec 2019

I knew we weren't very good at penalties. What were the other 2?

I remember the 92 promotion season there was a penalty shootout win vs Luton in a cup (not sure which one).

Did we win one in the UEFA cup in the early 2000s?
at 11:07 28 Sep 2019

Just looking for a bit of help. I usually park a bit away and walk to the ground. However I have to shoot off tonight for something in the evening and I was looking to park near the ground.

What is the best car park for a quick (ish) getaway after the game?

I know Gatwick is a popular answer but some more helpful ones would be appreciated haha
Penalty takers
at 10:34 18 Aug 2019

Having seen Notwood miss plenty of penalties at Tranmere, I know he is just one of those strikers who isnt very good at penalties.

However, who else would you be confident taking one? Maybe Huws when he plays?
7 years ago we were beating the team top of the league 5-1
at 21:38 31 Jan 2019

I wasn't there but people said this was a great game, and against West ham who were the best team in the league.

Look at that team though. Aaron Lee-Barrett in goal! If that team played our team now, who would win? Haha
Rotherham today
at 19:35 24 Nov 2018

I'm not sure if there is a thread about this cos it happened a lot earlier but watching that made me feel worse about us.

Rotherham are a team who people think are one of the poor teams in this league. They have no star players and to be honest, I didn't know many of their players. They were playing a team near the top of the league.

They were the better team and came back twice to get a draw in a game they probably should have won if it wasn't for the Sheffield Utd gk.

I suppose my point is, if it was us against sheff Utd last night, for sure we wouldn't have got 2 goals and wouldn't have got back into it if we had equalised late on then let in another goal with 5 mins left.

We are some way behind Rotherham looking at the 2 performances this weekend. It's sad but it made me think that it could possibly too late for us by the time January comes and Lambert can get some.players he wants and someone who can actually score.
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