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So Farewell Kieron Dyer
at 13:01:53

Very good read!

I remember my dad telling me (I was only about 9 or 10) when he was playing for Ipswich "Enjoy him while he is here" as he clearly knew he would not be playing for Town for too long!

When Kieron Dyer is mentioned I always remember he scored a goal with a broken leg!! I'm not too many people have done that!
Trialists in U21 Side at Charlton
at 14:05:27

Just seen on bet 365 it is 1-0 to Ipswich at Half time!
Different Types of Strikers: A Plea for Patience with Jay Emmanuel-Thomas
at 16:36:06

The blog is fine and people can think what they like but I have to agree with some if the comments suggesting he has done nothing, which bar a few goals last season is true!

"He hasn't had a chance to be consistent" some people cry! Well I think he played plenty I games last season to be "consistent" which in some ways he has, consistently poor with the odd good game thrown in!

Comparing him to those players and saying he is the "classic number 10" is laughable!

His type if striker is like bendtner! They think they are really good, but never really produce it, except the odd game exception!

I do hope he does come good, and maybe under mick he will make him work!
McCarthy Given Warm Welcome at AGM
at 13:12:00

Some very good points! The ticket price thing always annoys me! You can make any statistic in your favour. As someone mentioned - Peterborough at home was Grade A?!? and also New year's day game v Brighton is grade A?!? WHy don't we just have the same price for every game like it used to be! Having said that, I recently took up the offer of coming to the Burnley game and getting the Millwall game for £10 so well done for that! Attendances are poor really, which is partly down to the pricing but obviously where we are in the league is a factor as well. Anything over £30 for this level of football is overpriced in my opinion.

The My Way at the start of the game, I do not know who actually voted for that?!? I personally don't like it!
Town Have Most Expensive Ticket in Football League
at 14:10:55

And Stuward is correct. The club make more money by having high prices. If they reduced the price by 25%, there probably wouldn't be 33% increase in supporters?

£30 for 5,000 fans = £150,000. If reduced by 25% the ticket would be £22.50 so you would need 6,667 people to come to make the same money. Sorry these are just my workings!!
Town Have Most Expensive Ticket in Football League
at 14:06:34

The people barking on about "look at our cheapest ticket, it isn't that much" clearly don't buy tickets on a game to game basis. Most games are category B which the cheapest is £28.50 (on the turnstile price which is what these are comparing!), which is nearly as much as other teams "most expensive" ticket. The price is unfortunately not related to the quality of football! Will Clegg come out with some rubbish about this report? I hope not. he's better just to not make a comment.
Reduced Prices on Family Day
at 18:40:35

I agree with Stublue. The Adult prices are way over the top that it would cover the cost of an under 16 ticket being only £5 as they would surely come with an Adult?

As regards to season tickets holders, I do understand your frustration. However, this I suppose is to try and feel the ground up! They are probably hoping if Ipswich actually win, then people will pay the usual eye watering amount.
I Need a Reason to Go to Football Matches
at 22:36:46

This is definitely something i can relate to. Since I was a teenager I have always been an hour and a half away, which isn't a massive, but it does take a bit of effect. I went to blackburn game with the girlfriend and it cost over £120 including all the costs. With spare money tight at the moment I can't even justify spending that to myself, let along the girlfriend!! Ha

In my teens I would travel everywhere to watch Ipswich but as you say that seems to have slowly faded especially with the increase costs of everything!

I do find it sad not to get to fpr too often but I generally go to the games closer to home generally in and around London as travel and the match tickets are much cheaper!
Loan Is Where The Heart Is?
at 13:12:31

The only problem I have with loans is how long they are for and are they really better than what we have:
Campbell - Is probably better than all the other strikers

Wellens - Hard to tell, he is experienced which is something we are lacking. If only for a month as previous people said, I don't see the point.

N'Daw - I have not seen him play, but from reports it doesn't seem he does anything special but I can't really say if he is any better

Luongo - Seems good on the ball but has given the ball away for a few opposition goals

Higginbotham - Definitely better than what we have!

Mohsni - Never seen him play properly so I don't know. I can't say I like the fact he went away in a huff and has now been signed but we shall see.

Overall I don't think the loans are too bad, and at this stage we can't sign permanent players. However, i think PJ should have signed more in the transfer window. Also, is there a limited on the number of loans in a matchday squad?
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