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I’m done with this shambles.
at 19:07 9 Jan 2021

Absolutely hopeless. We make ANY team look good.

Evans you have to act now. Lambert is in no way gonna get us up. No way.
After the threat and slight momentum of two upfront last week
at 15:53 12 Dec 2020

He’s just reverted back to what we had for the previous two and a half games- zero threat upfront.

Absolutely illogical.

He must have 100% have known this was going to happen.

Tactical genius.

Message (plea) for Paul Lambert
at 07:54 22 Nov 2020

1. You must have forgotten that we have iFollow this season so don’t treat the fans like fools with your ridiculous post match summaries that don’t bear any testimony to what we’ve witnessed.
2. Good luck with your bizarre strategy of publicly digging out the youngsters particularly in the midst of an injury crisis- that ones probably not gonna help anyone or anything.
3. You are allowed ( I assume) to be more than just completely one dimensional as we go through the season in spite of the fact you seem to have promised Marcus a 4-3-3 “total football” solution in the summer.
4. As you are apparently unable to ever change formation now , worth mentioning you don’t appear to have got your front 3 right at all yet and we really can’t score goals ( or even “knock on the door” ) when we’re in our own half and 5 yards into the opponents half. I haven’t yet seen any doors that are 40 yards thick.
5. At least 3 more mentions of yourself and your playing career today in your spiky match analysis. If we’re fed up hearing about it I can imagine the players must be as well by now.
I’d quite like a focus instead on being honest with ourselves and getting it right on the grass , as we just seem to be slipping into making the same mistakes regularly now and not improving in the same old areas ( square pegs in round holes for chosen formation, too many bad decisions / mistakes in dangerous defensive positions, lack of variety and quality of set plays, isolation of striker etc) .

Everyone watching and on the pitch in blue knows we got out of jail yesterday and that becomes a bonus 3 points. Please don’t kid yourself over the trend in performances that’s been setting in .

You can still prove that you possess the ability right now (not 15 years ago in a Celtic shirt) to stop us sleepwalking into a deja vu of last season.

Its time for the waffle to stop and you to prove you can get the best squad in the division (on paper) out of League 1 on a football pitch.
Brenner and Mick Mills just read my mind.
at 16:26 21 Nov 2020

Now he’s had this 4-3-3 epiphany over the summer has he got no ability to ever alter it regardless of match situation or personnel?

The disappointing thing for me
at 02:18 26 Oct 2018

Is that ME’s attempt to do something different in the Summer with the type of manager he brought in , a move that was generally commended by all Town fans has fallen flat on its face after less than 90 days of competitive football.

From that perspective alone it feels a bit back to the drawing board, back to 2012 all over again.

We need hope, we need progress but most of all ,first of all , we need to stay in this division and it need us fans to unite behind the massive task that Lambert has got to galvanise this squad to instil the confidence and self belief that is needed, and quickly, to get enough points on the board.

Personally I couldn’t give a toss who he’s managed in the past if he does a good job for us.

Let’s leave all the negativity to one side, let’s really play our part and galvanise the team from the stands , get right behind the players and give a real chance to our manager who will be doing his best to stabilise and bring progress back to our club again.
Jon Walters- an EFL rivals view of the imminent return
at 14:37 30 Aug 2018

So I was speaking to a Stoke City supporting friend earlier this afternoon who was absolutely gutted to hear that JW was likely on the way back to Ipswich. He had been praying that Stoke were the other EFL team that Sean Dyche referred to in his comments as a potential loan destination.

" 20,000 Stoke fans would have him back in a heartbeat" were the exact words he used. Having Walters around the dressing room with his presence, ability and experience will be invaluable to the lads you've got making the transition from Leagues 1/2 to the Championship were his other comments.

Praise indeed - and a potential masterstroke by PH.
Speaking to a Wrexham fan tonight
at 20:59 1 Aug 2018

One of the lads from our footie team big Wrexham fan thinks Jackson and Tilt both absolute class. Even when at Wrexham their fans ( who have seen a few decent players in early careers there over the years) had both of them as players who could go on to much higher level. Jackson he said has pace to burn can play as the one or in the three in our formation comfortably.
He follows lower leagues and reckons if we get in Nolan, Jackson, Tilt and Nsiala we could be serious contenders next couple of seasons.
Evans has had a nod that Hurst is interested
at 07:03 19 May 2018

No formal approaches to PH yet due to PO’s ,but if he’s gonna risk waiting i would be very surprised if theres been no indication of firm interest from someone close to Hurst or the man himself.
Whatever you say about Evans hes not going to take the chance that all his favourite candidates are gonna fall by the wayside at this stage. If no Ross appointment this next week then Paul Hurst is our next manager.
[Post edited 19 May 2018 7:04]
Interesting....Darrell Clarke in PP betting at 17-1
at 21:23 12 Apr 2018

Wasn’t he mentioned on here earlier as indirect Def info?

Had a search of his background and ticks a lot of boxes, young manager, 2 promotions with B Rovers and top half L1 now. Plays good football, young , ambitious , could build something exciting here with Marcus as his assistant to help re unite the fanbase. A mate knows him from playing days and said he is a top man , well respected.
5 year contract signed June 17 would be stumbling block on the face of it but who knows the detail.

Very decent shout though I would say.
There will be no deal
at 23:14 2 Jun 2017

Says JC tonight, and yet if Nicola was his only hope would he stay so principled I wonder. she wouldn't be able to resist the chance of power in Westminster.
But then JC tells us he respects the Brexit vote but Nicola is adamant she wants to stay in.

Has anyone thought through that potential recipe for chaos at all?
at 23:41 7 Mar 2017

Home to Wolves ( 4th bottom) ... ( don't give a stuff about how good their players are , don't deserve to be where they are blah blah).

So... again why do we play so b*****y defensively? Huws is injured so bring Dave in, not a problem but at home instead of Skuse not with...its Skuglas all over again. But to be fair Wolves are pushing for promotion so safety first.

Corners...we put 10 men back EVERY time. It's clearly part of the instructions before the game- so EVERY time the ball was cleared it came back - but that is so blindingly obvious - why on earthwould we invite that sort of pressure and set up continually like that? They had 2/3 players back every time.

It is so frustrating, and it's inexcusable.

We want our football back. We want our club back.
Hold tight....a worrying rumour in this article......
at 16:02 27 Jan 2017


The only way we would let this happen would be if we could get Watkins at least...surely...
Cauley Woodrow - new striker lined up?
at 06:41 27 Jan 2017

I'm trying to use logic from the last months news/ rumours....

At the end of December it was reported that we were close to signing Woodrow and Ward..we have made numerous bids in the meantime and have not got anyone in who has cost more than £10k so far...

This morning it's reported that Woodrow is close to joining Burton? I don't believe Burton ( I hope!) would offer more than us, so on the basis he was somewhere on our shortlist for strikers it would be logical that we have firm encouragement from one or more of our other bids if we would let him join somebody else.

Maybe clutching at straws but I can't believe now that we are only going to end up with a last minute loan striker....🤔

That substitution says it all
at 16:26 21 Jan 2017

I think MM is making decisions which remind me of Jose when he became untenable last season. Won't resign but will he make ME act?

We all know the lack of attacking threat with this midfield so this makes no sense, defies logic.
I've reached tipping point tonight
at 22:26 17 Jan 2017

This can't go on.

We are treading water at best.

How many more times do we have to play Skuglas in midfield together and create NOTHING for it to be realised that it doesn't work and reduces us to toothless mediocrity? It has happened again and again and again- in any other job you would not be allowed to make the same mistakes/misjudgements over and over with exactly the same end result.

Our midfield we're trying to contain ALL night and never once got us - a championship team- on the front foot against a team in the fifth tier of English football.

Why are we panicking on the ball time after time after time? It's become two touch football, one -average control, two - hack it anywhere further way from our goal.

Im waiting for a post match interview to confirm that first of all we had to match their fitness and nearly managed to do it. We certainly got nowhere near their quality.

A great night for Lincoln, a watershed night for Town.

Mick said we would see a different Ipswich perfomance tonight....
at 22:03 17 Jan 2017

And he was so right wasn't he? He managed to set us up for complete ineptitude.

I do not Understand our strategy here..
at 21:23 17 Jan 2017

Douglas needs to come off for someone who can influence this game.

He's not ''mixing' it or creating. We need to take the initiative ....surely?😤
Berra treats the football like a hot potato...n/t (n/t)
at 20:46 17 Jan 2017

Have I just read this correctly?
at 07:05 9 Jan 2017

In the news article has Berra been correctly quoted? " they (Lincoln) are a full time outfit and were very fit and we had to match that".
Am sure missing something? If I had read that article with no context I would have thought I was reading a comment from a player at a part time club.
Why was matching their fitness such a big deal? Surely that is a given as we are in the second tier of English football?

Just don't understand some of the comments that are coming out. It's like constantly matching up to opponents tactically wise /formation wise rather than imposing ourselves on others- it all just feels rather negative to me.

We need to get ourselves back on the front foot in the head and on the pitch.
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