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Football structure at risk of collapse, Government warned
at 12:35 28 Sep 2020


The bit that gets me is the finger pointing at Government policy and saying the Government should step in to save the game. Whilst I think the current mob are incompetent and, in a way, dangerous, I do not see why they should look to procure loans or throw taxpayers money at a sport which is generating billions of pounds a year in revenue and is pleading poverty at the same time as spending millions of pounds in transfer fees and salaries.
First Premier League sacking of the year coming up?
at 18:05 26 Sep 2020

Chelsea 3-0 down at West Brom.
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Ipswich Town v Rochdale prediction logged
Premier League to bail out EFL with strings attached
at 00:08 24 Sep 2020


Looks like the money will be under-writing the loss of gate receipts with evidence required. Also wants the EFL to agree with the Premier League on oversea player quota post-Brexit and the curtailment rules.
Getting through lockdown
at 19:58 21 Sep 2020

It’s looking likely a lockdown, to a degree, will be put in place tomorrow and this will probably continue - at the very least - on and off for the winter. So I thought I’d start a thread for people to post ideas to aid people through these times, especially due to the weather and longer nights reducing the ability to go out and about.

Any books which make for a good read? Any box sets which are worth a look? Any apps which are relentlessly addictive? Trying to learn a new skill? Maybe the idea might help someone else through an hour, an evening, a day, a month or even longer (including me!)

I have to say, despite the lack of atmosphere, the amount of football on television is a real help for me - having Premier League football on tonight alongside the FA Cup with the Carabao Cup to follow throughout the week does help pass the evening.
EFL clubs under threat whilst Liverpool spend £45m on a bench warmer
at 10:46 19 Sep 2020


Then the Premier League say they don’t have the finances to support the EFL any further. They’re getting a closed shop via the back door.
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Bristol Rovers v Ipswich Town prediction logged
Minister urges public to report law breaking
at 15:47 14 Sep 2020


"Kit Malthouse urged residents to pass on details of suspected law-breaking through non-emergency numbers."

This is the same government which has openly admitted they are looking to breach international law. At what point do they become a parody?
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Ipswich Town v Wigan Athletic prediction logged
Astonishingly... we can name our first XI for Wigan?
at 02:22 13 Sep 2020

Holy - Chambers, Ward, Woolfenden, Nsiala - Nolan, Dozzell, Bishop - Sears, Judge, Drinan

Admittedly the substitutes are a bit harder to guess; probably Cornell, Kenlock, Wilson, Downes, Huws, Edwards and Hawkins?

I do fear for Chambers, up against Tom Pearce who caused Fleetwood all sorts of problems in the EFL Cup last week. They have seasoned professionals on the flanks (Clarke, Pearce, Naismith and Roberts) plus Jones in goal and, of course, Garner up front who will probably score. Other than Lee Evans they have very little experience centrally which we’ll need to exploit.
EFL confirm Wigan can start season
at 11:29 11 Sep 2020

Sunday’s match apparently confirmed as taking place.

[Post edited 11 Sep 11:31]
So what should we do for Tuesday?
at 19:43 5 Sep 2020

Change the full start XI with the plan to revert to today's starting line up for Wigan? Or give this team another run out to gain further understanding?

I'd probably prefer to see eleven changes; especially as we have injury issues and this is only the second game of the season. Consistency would be nice but in the league - cup matches an play second fiddle.
As we seem nowhere nearer in knowing our first XI...
at 15:03 29 Aug 2020

What line up would you like to see picked for the first three matches of the season?

For me:

vs Bristol Rovers: T Holy - K Vincent-Young, S Ward, L Woolfenden, L Chambers - F Downes, A Dozzell, T Bishop - J Lankester, K Jackson, J Norwood

vs Arsenal U21s: D Cornell - J Donacien, M Kenlock, A Nsiala, J Wilson - C Skuse, E Huws , I El Mizouni - A Dobra, G Edwards, F Sears

Revert to the Bristol Rovers line up for Wigan unless someone really earns their place in the Trophy match.
PSG won’t be getting any kind of break between seasons
at 08:09 24 Aug 2020

I’ve just realised their league campaign starts again next Saturday. I guess the difference is Ligue One was cancelled last year rather than played to a conclusion, late on, but must surely be weird going from the end of one season to the beginning of the next with no break!
Line Up #2
at 19:54 18 Aug 2020

So no Cornell, Nolan or Hawkins tonight.
[Post edited 18 Aug 19:54]
So they would have seen the hot mess he made of the FA Cup final...
at 20:05 12 Aug 2020

Yet still decided to give Anthony Taylor a Champions League match???
Everything that’s wrong with football part #3658219
at 16:17 5 Aug 2020


Maybe it’s just me but it sticks that they can offer a multi-millionaire a contract but are planning to lay off off-field staff on the same day.

ETA - Sorry, missed Mullet’s earlier post.
[Post edited 5 Aug 16:25]
U.K. “over-estimating” Covid-19 deaths
at 08:54 1 Aug 2020


This report is a couple of weeks old so apologies of this has been posted before or proven incorrect in the time since. As said elsewhere, this could lead into a huge revision of statistics once we return to more normal times and the impact of the virus can be looked at even more thoroughly. The big question is, even if this is the case, why is the excess death number so much higher than the average? Some of that will be directly due to Covid-19 but presumably the rest, if the above link is correct, must be due to other reasons - people not seeking consultation in time, treatment being delayed, an impact on mental health due to the strains of not seeing other people/losing employment or livelihoods? For me this is even more important as it says something about as a society and the way we’re being governed if Covid-19 is possibly causing a large number of indirect deaths.
Is it time to follow the Brentford model?
at 21:53 29 Jul 2020

The key aspects to be fair should be in place at every club - a set approach to play, only signing players which fit the model and have the right character, hiring managers and coaches who will meet this model... but should we also follow the B Team model which Brentford have employed (and I think Huddersfield wee at the very least considering it too).

The argument is any shining lights of the young age bracket get picked up by big clubs whilst any which miss the first run of the net are taken from the smaller sides with a nominal fee paid. The academy system is now weighted, as is much of football, to aid the richest clubs to the detriment of the poorest ones.

Brentford, quite understandably, decided that this made an academy a difficult outlay as it wasn’t really meeting requirements, bringing through players of an adequate standard. Instead they decided to scout and sign young players released from the richer academies who met the aforementioned style of play and attitude requirements. This, accompanied with a strong scouting network abroad has brought them consistent success in the upper echelons of the Championship and they’re, again, one match from the Premier League.

As much as it pains me to say it is this approach we need to take? Widen our scouting network to encompass the top side’s Under 23 teams and look for bargains abroad? Firstly is it cheaper than trying to maintain an academy and secondly would it be more successful? Or is the academy still the way we should be approaching things, bringing players through and - as we well might with Woolfenden and Downes - look to profit on those we can keep hold of and come good?
Every Premier League match live on Sunday
at 08:35 23 Jul 2020

Main Event - Leicester City v Manchester United
Premier League - Chelsea v Wolverhampton Wanderers
Football - Arsenal v Watford
Golf - Everton v Bournemouth
Action - Crystal Palace v Tottenham Hotspur
Pick - Manchester City v Norwich City
Arena - Burnley v Brighton & Hove Albion
Mix - Southampton v Sheffield United

West Ham United v Aston Villa
Newcastle United v Liverpool
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