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Just reading Chambers’ interview and something stood out...
at 10:31 7 Mar 2021

We’re in early March and there’s still nearly a third of the season left to play (15 games out of 46).

That’s a lot of points up for grabs and we shouldn’t be going into any match thinking we’re the underdog.
Would you prefer to have Cook somehow get us up this year...
at 09:31 7 Mar 2021

Or have a summer to rebuild at this level?
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Ipswich Town v Lincoln City prediction logged
Now I’m starting to calm down... team for Lincoln?
at 15:20 6 Mar 2021

Chambers - Woolfenden - Wilson - Kenlock
Downes - Bishop
Parrott - Dobra - Edwards

Subs: Cornell, Ward, Nsiala, Huws, Dozzell, Bennetts, Jackson

Unless we short on players let’s get our players into the side. Dobra probably deserves a run out; Edwards is a slight concern as he’s hardly played well but any worse than Bennetts has been? Parrott wide right is hardly in his preferred position but we have been told Cook is wedded to 4-2-3-1.

But most of all they need a kick up their backsides.
“Let’s not blame Cook”
at 15:01 6 Mar 2021

At the very least he should have installed fight, passion, desire and heart - all of that was worryingly missing.
I just give up
at 14:55 6 Mar 2021

And I know it’s an over-reaction. But every time we think we’ve turned a corner we screw it up. Norwich will be in the Prem, us languishing probably in League One under an apparently brilliant manager who just saw us turned over with ease by Gillingham.

They say it’s the hope that gets you - that’s how it feels today. We’ll be thankful of the Tuesday match if we somehow manage to win.
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Gillingham v Ipswich Town prediction logged
Cyprus to welcome vaccinated tourists from U.K. from May
at 09:59 5 Mar 2021


This may sound really selfish but here goes... the younger generation have been told to stay at home, having their employment statuses affected in the process, mainly to protect the elderly and vulnerable - quite rightly. Now they still have to stay at home whilst the elderly and vulnerable can travel on holiday.

This is why, IMO, vaccine passports should not be implemented until everyone has has the chance to have, depending on the research, one or two shots. Otherwise the younger generation - those at least risk from Covid-19, will just be dumped on again. How are they going to be happy to comply with stay at home whilst those who the rules have, again quite rightly, been protecting are allowed to regain a semblance of normality?

It’s just going to cause further generational tension.
Takeover bid accepted tomorrow then?
at 23:23 3 Mar 2021

Monday - O'Neil states no rush to apppoint manager
Tuesday - Cook appointed
Wednesday - Evans claims no acceptable offer on the table
Thursday - ???
This feels like the build up to Christmas as a child...
at 10:44 2 Mar 2021

Feeling very impatient for the Cook/takeover announcements to come. More so the first as I understand the takeover, if it happens, won’t be at least for a few weeks yet.
With both Lambert and Moore leaving their posts...
at 20:01 1 Mar 2021

How many other matches have there been where both managers have moved on after the game? Any others involving Town?
Portsmouth fan review of Paul Cook
at 01:16 1 Mar 2021

His favourite formation is 4-2-3-1 (joy) and he gets snippy with the media.

“There can be no disputing that Paul Cook is a good manager. After all, he won Portsmouth the League Two title by sticking to his principles and winning games in the right manner. However, it should be remembered that he delivered this league title when Pompey were favourites to win the division on goal difference from Plymouth and including an inexplicable collapse by Doncaster who lost all four of their final matches when they required just one.

Cook will have your team playing attractive, possession football and his preferred 4-2-3-1 formation means that the back four are well protected whilst the attacking midfield trio are free to attack and create chances for the lone striker. He is also an excellent motivator as rarely did Pompey lose more than a single consecutive game under his management and any bad performance was usually followed by a good one.

His record in the transfer market was mixed. He has the eye for a quality player as proved in his first season with the Blues as he virtually rebuilt a poor squad and moulded it into a good one with signings like Christian Burgess, Enda Stevens and Gareth Evans proving to be shrewd. However, his second season saw him sign many players who either couldn’t get into the team or had their stays abruptly ended by either having their contracts terminated or being shipped out on loan. Milan Lalkovic must be secretly delighted that Cook has gone.

The negatives of Cook’s management is that whilst Plan A can work extremely well, he doesn’t have a Plan B. His stubborn attitude meant he would rarely stray from his 4-2-3-1 formation and when he did, the results and performances were worse! He also struggles to work out how to break down teams that will “park the bus” and play for a draw on home turf. Thus, you should prepare yourselves for grating post-match interview soundbytes such as “All credit to Shrewsbury, they’re an excellent team and had a gameplan which stopped us scoring. We go again next week.”

Whilst he may be good enough to get a squad of Wigan’s quality back up to the Championship, there is a feeling amongst people that he isn’t tactically smart enough or indeed professional enough to succeed at a higher level.

Cook also seems to struggle under pressure as he felt the heat with 16,000 expectant Pompey fans constantly scrutinising him as he occasionally lashed out at the media whilst having indirect digs at them. The crowds at the DW Stadium may be half the size of what he was used to at Fratton Park, but the expectation will be exactly he same and he may well feel the heat if the Latics fans aren’t happy with performances next season.

In a nutshell, it should speak volumes that the reaction of Pompey fans is anger at the manner he left rather than any kind of sorrow that the event even took place. He’s a good manager but there are arguably even better bosses that Portsmouth can attract to replace him with Kenny Jackett rumoured to take his place.”


His away record in the Championship was horrific too though Wigan finished safe in mid table, point wise.

He probably is the best manager available but then I thought that of Hurst too. I want to say he can’t be worse than Lambert and certainly his recent record decrees he won’t be (if he does come) but some concerning reading there.
Immunologist pleads for Germany to accept AZ vaccine for 65+
at 10:12 28 Feb 2021


Seems like they’re really struggling to control the outbreak over there. Our miserable failings led to unnecessarily high first and second waves; their’s seem to be leading to a third.
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Accrington Stanley v Ipswich Town prediction logged
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Ipswich Town v Doncaster Rovers prediction logged
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Hull City v Ipswich Town prediction logged
Was anything said about Woolf and McG missing out entirely?
at 09:55 21 Feb 2021

Considering both centre backs had not played since injury I’d expect at least one of them to be on the bench instead of both full backs?
I think I’d try a wing back system today...
at 13:16 20 Feb 2021

Holy - Woolfenden, Chambers, McGuinness - Matheson, Kenlock, Nolan, Bishop, Judge - Jackson, Norwood

Subs: Cornell, Ward, Huws, Dozzell, Thomas, Drinan, Parrott

I don’t think 4-4-2 would work for us as we’d be too lightweight in midfield so 3-5-2 or a variation thereof might be the way forward. Would it work? No idea, but it’s clear 4-3-3 isn’t fit for purpose in it’s current guise and we need to try something different,
Let’s be blunt...
at 18:31 19 Feb 2021

Lambert is now going out of his way to try and get the sack isn’t he? He calls those who protested against him “not real fans”, he then none to subtly criticised the owner and then throws a hand grenade into the squad by calling out Nolan and Jackson. He’s just staying the right side of constructive dismissal but he’s getting dangerously close to the line now.

If he had any care or respect for the fans, as he claimed when he arrived, he would hand his in resignation and refuse to take no for an answer, just as Jewell did. The fact he’s continuing to poison every aspect of the club we love shows that he is purely in it for himself, and he doesn’t care who gets hurt, upset or, in the case of the club, destroyed along the way.

The fact that Evans can’t or won’t make a decision based on the above is even more worrying. He has given too much time to every single manager and has not reigned any of them when they put a step out of line. Other than Mick every pick has been a disaster and, in truth, the only one I have an iota of sympathy for him over is Hurst - and even then I think part of that was down to a lack of leadership from above giving an inexperienced manager too much room to manoeuvre without checks.

Lambert needs to go and we need to bring someone in akin to Joe Royle - but above that Evans needs to start giving a damn if he doesn’t want the debt to continue to grow.
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