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C'mon Accrington
at 16:24 8 Jan 2022

.. hang in there!!
Mark Ashton
at 16:59 7 Dec 2021

I liked Paul Cook and personally would have given him a bit more time. I can fully understand why the decision was made to sack him though especially based on performances since the Wycombe game.

Putting that aside, I don't know Mark Ashton or what goes on behind the scenes but my gut feeling is that I don't particularly like him based on a few things.

1) That thing with the fans away at Lincoln was really cringeworthy. If I'd been there in the crowd I might have enjoyed it to be honest but in hindsight it was really embarrassing and almost as bad as Delia's rant. At least she had the excuse that she was p*ssed whereas he just came across as being a bit of a tool. No, a massive tool.

2) What the Bristol City fans have said about him. No smoke without fire. He does seem to have a massive ego and everything is about him and he comes across as narcissistic.

3) The pre-rehearsed speeches and tired old cliches he uses. He certainly talks well and says all the right things but..... just because he talks a good game doesn't necessarily mean he is good for the club.

4) He clearly had a very pivotal part in sacking Cook. If it wasn't entirely down to him he certainly had a major part to play in getting him sacked. Like I said I don't know him but he seems a bit of a snake.... bet he was all sweetness and smiles to Cook's face. Seems to have been an element of backstabbing going on.

5) The Norwood thing. I admit that I like Norwood despite all his off-field shenanigans. Norwood's tweets about Cook speak volumes. Clearly Ashton orchestrated Norwood being transfer-listed. I don't believe Ashton when he said that Cook could select whatever subs he wanted. I definitely believe Norwood on this one.

6) ITFC have decided to just sack Cook without sounding out a replacement manager first? Come on, really?? Are we expected to believe that?? It's a bit of an insult to fans intelligence really isn't it?? But Ashton certainly knows how to put on a front and say the right things but can't help thinking that he's somewhat conniving.

Just my thoughts and gut feeling, hopefully I've got him all wrong. Still feel like this sacking might come back to bite us in the ass. And if Norwood goes to Oxford it will definitely bite us in the ass.
Sunderland and Rotherham games
at 12:04 26 Nov 2021

I've heard a lot said about how well we played at Sunderland and deserved to win. I've only watched it on iFollow but not sure I agree. We were clearly had more quality but we still created sod all chances apart from a couple of chances for Celina in the first half.

So for me there wasn't much difference in how we played in both the Sunderland and Rotherham games. We had most of the possession in both games but created sod all in both games too. I think we probably deserved a point against Sunderland at best, but the first goal was such poor defending. Keeper and 3 defenders all in a cluster together when the cross comes over and their player left completely unmarked. We're asking for trouble defending like that, not completely Walton's fault.

In summary the only difference between the games was that Sunderland were completely kack and had no attacking threat whereas Rotherham were very good and did have an attacking threat. That's the only difference for me, we were equally poor in both games.
at 07:06 20 Nov 2021

I don't usually pay much attention to statistics. However, looking at the stats someone posted on another thread for the players, the one thing that stands out is Fraser's chances created. 21 chances created from 13 games is quite impressive and far exceeds the other players. If he could add more goals to his game then we would have some player.

I may be biased because I really like his style, but I can't help feeling that we need to find a place for him in the side. And I don't think he's a very good impact sub as he's not that kind of player. But I don't think he's a replacement for Evans either as that seems to be working well with Morsy, I would be happy to be proved wrong though.

Do we think now that realistically Fraser's only real chance of playing regularly is to try to displace Evans from the team in the deeper role? Or is he any kind of threat to either Celina or Chaplin for a starting place? Opinions?
at 01:08 20 Nov 2021

Hopefully he starts for Sunderland and is in tears at the end of the game.
at 14:54 30 Oct 2021

Why the f**k is he on the bench ahead of the likes of Fraser, KVY, even Norwood?

FFS I just don't understand it. We clearly want rid so why involve him at all??
Plymouth & Wycombe
at 20:51 28 Oct 2021

Easy to say in hindsight but I got annoyed with other posters saying they would have been happy with a point at Portsmouth. I always thought they were a poor side and were there for the taking. Didn't expect us to win so comfortably though.

I'm feeling differently about Plymouth and Wycombe away. Obviously hoping to win at least one of them, but to be honest would probably be happy with a point in either. Don't see too many weaknesses for them and I don't think ITFC are quite in 5th gear yet.

How does everyone else feel? This Houghton guy not being available for Plymouth might help a lot. But regardless, how optimistic do we feel about winning either? I'm not sure. Who would take a point? Who is expecting 3 points??

Team v Plymouth.
at 13:33 24 Oct 2021


Donacien Toto Edmundson Coulsen / Penney

Morsy Evans

Burns Chaplin Aluko / Fraser


I've been critical of Edmundson and Chaplin in the past. I was wrong, they're both crucial players now and must start. I would start Coulsen ahead of Penney if fit, I think he's the better player.

I also don't think Edwards or Celina did enough yesterday to earn a start v Plymouth (yeah I know Celina scored but even so). If Aluko can play left then he should, otherwise I think Fraser should get the nod. Burns has to start, he was awesome when he came on.
My observations
at 13:12 24 Oct 2021

Walton - One or two decent saves and was decent on crosses. Better than Hladky.

Donacien, Toto and Edmundson - All played very well and should keep their place.

Penney - He's just okay, but he's the definite weak link IMO. Coulsen would be better.

Morsy / Evans - Morsy is the 'enforcer'. He's tough and nasty which is what we needed. Very difficult to dispossess. Evans played well and is improving, done more than enough.

Bonne - Undroppable.

Chaplin - Excellent

Aluko / Burns - Excellent (especially Burns who has to start at Plymouth).

Edwards - Average at best. Didn't create much and gave possession away a lot.

Celina - I might not be thanked for saying this but he was dreadful before he scored. I mean really, really poor.
We will either lose or draw at Portsmouth...
at 21:27 19 Oct 2021

No, we f**kin won't!!!

Cowleys are sh*t, Portsmouth are too.

Told you all we'd win and you could bookmark it!! Lovin' it!!!
at 21:29 16 Oct 2021

If we scrape a victory at Portsmouth would we feel much more confident Cook can turn things around? I honestly think we will go and win there but I honestly think it will make no difference as we still won't get promoted. They're a very poor team as much as what we are.
at 16:56 16 Oct 2021
at 15:42 16 Oct 2021

Always believe in your soul...

You've got the power to know...

You're indestructable..........

Always believin'....

A-LU-KO!!! etc....
Kayden Jackson
at 07:57 8 Oct 2021

Why is he still at the club? Seriously?

Surely some club somewhere have offered something for him? Why wouldn't we just take any offer we could get even if it's a pathetic one?
Team for Sheffield Wednesday
at 12:12 19 Sep 2021


Donacien Edmundson Burgess Coulson

Evans Carroll

Burns Celina Edwards


If Coulson injured swap for Penney, if Edwards injured swap for Fraser. Hladky should keep his place regardless of whether Walton is fit or not.
at 22:29 18 Sep 2021

When Morsy comes into the team who will play alongside him?

I think that most fans would like it to be Carroll but I'm not convinced that Cook will drop Evans for him. Going by Cook's comments about Harper being more of an attacking player I already think that Harper has been relegated to the subs bench for the foreseeable future.

Predicted line up v Wimbledon
at 12:10 26 Aug 2021


KVY Edmundson Burgess Coulson

Harper Evans

Chaplin Fraser Edwards


Assuming everyone's fit I'd go with this starting line up. Maybe harsh on Burns and Penney but can't start them all.
Edwards the new Dalian Atkinson?
at 08:52 17 Aug 2021

Please let it happen...... I really hope that Edwards can be that sort of player to get the crowd excited every time he touches the ball...... it would be awesome to see again... I used to think that Dalian was going to score even when he received a pass in his own half... the atmosphere was electric. Reuser had it as well but not to the same extent.
Paul Cook to Danny Cowley "I couldn't help noticing....
at 18:55 9 Aug 2021

that we appear to be considerably richer than you!!"

"Michael Jacobs? Oh, no, no. Not when we can afford to buy Kyle Edwards instead. Why buy a ford fiesta which is unreliable and keeps breaking down when you can buy a porsche which glides by others with ease?"

"Can't you afford Joe Morrell now? Well, what can I say. He's out of your league now as we've got the money and you haven't because we are considerably richer than you!!
at 09:01 8 Aug 2021

Woolfy has got a lot of stick on here which I understand but I admit that I feel a bit sorry for him. He's just too laid back for his own good.

I didn't see the game and I'm not trying to defend him but from the highlight clips of the goals it appears others are also at fault so I don't think he is entirely to blame.

For the first goal Penney gives him an absolute hospital pass.

For the second goal Evans had 2 chances to stop Stockton. The first chance he may or may not have been able to put a tackle in as he was behind him, but he certainly got close enough to foul him and take a booking for the team. The second chance he slid on the ground to block a potential shot but he didn't get close enough which enabled Stockton to just take the ball around him.

I won't be popular for saying this as others have said he had a great game, but I do think he was at least partially to blame for their second goal.
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