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League 1 promotion at first attempt
at 12:16 7 Mar 2019

I've seen many people who believe this relegation is the start of a long stay in league 1, but when I look through our squad it actually gives me confidence we could bounce straight back.

Emmanuel - Won promotion and young player of the year at Rotherham last season.

Chambers - If stays is clearly a natural leader, some performances may have dropped but we're also dropping a league to a lesser standard.

Woolfeden - Having a very good season at Swindon this season and will hopefully be ready to slot in.

Dozzell - Managers have discussed about his strength in the Championship, if we don't give him games in league 1 I'd be very surprised as he's clearly talented.

Bishop - If he can stay fit he would easily be one of the better players in league 1.

Judge - If we manage to keep him he will also be one of the better players in league 1.

Huws - If by some magic we can get him fit for next season he would be one of the better players in league 1.

Edwards - Brilliant player early in the season, had a dip in form and an injury but now looking back to his best. Also knows league 1 and has done very well previously.

Downes - Had rave reviews on loan in league 1 with Luton last season and become a regular for us this season.

Harrison - Injuries haven't helped but I have liked what I've seen when he's fully fit. League 1 may be his level to shine.

Jackson - Personally don't rate the guy, always seems offside and although people talk of his pace I just don't think he looks that pacey in the championship. League 1 which he skipped may well be his level.

Obviously these are all my own opinion and I haven't mentioned every single player we own, but I think we have a real good core of a team here with the youngsters coming through. All depending on being fit/staying etc. But this is where Evans needs to choose if league 1 is where we're staying, or if a return to the championship is a must!
Just imagine...
at 14:59 6 Mar 2019

Against all the odds we win 80% of our remaining fixtures, the other 20% a combination of draws and loses. We survive relegation and stay in the Championship with a summer to build on the good end of season form. Bart is back on top form, Harrison is scoring goals like there is no tomorrow, Judge signs a new 2/3 year deal and Chambers has given his 8th fist pump in a row!

Next season we go on to win the league like Leicester when they won the Premier League.

We're back in the promise land and this was all scare we look back on and laugh about!
Brexit / Currency people
at 09:29 4 Mar 2019

I need to change up some money into euros for a trip away in April. Does it matter when I change up my money or is there literally going to be no difference if I were to get them now instead of the start of April?

Any Berlin advice
at 11:32 3 Mar 2019

In April me and 6 mates are off to Berlin for a lads weekend and have only arranged a couple of bits to do as most of it will be drinking.

So far we’ve got tickets to the Hertha Berlin vs Fortuna game and also booked to go to Hofbrau for some Oktoberfest style food and drink.

Any Berlin based or people previously been Berlin able to recommend any activities or places to go/drink?

We’re staying in Hackesher Markt and aren’t into museums/site seeing etc.

Cheers in advance
Out of the remaining games how many points are you hoping for?
at 15:43 18 Feb 2019

Sat, Feb 23: Wigan (a)

Sat, Mar 2: Reading (h)

Sat, Mar 9: West Brom (a)

Tues, Mar 12: Bristol City (a)

Sat, Mar 16: Nottm Forest (h)

Sat, Mar 30: Hull (h)

Sat, Apr 6: Bolton (a)

Weds, Apr 10: Brentford (a)

Sat, Apr 13: Birmingham (h)

Fri, Apr 19: Preston (a)

Mon, Apr 22: Swansea (h)

Sat, Apr 27: Sheff Utd (a)

Sun, May 5: Leeds (h)

If I'm really optimistic I'm thinking 15 points. Chances of that actually happening are very slim however in my opinion.
People losing faith in Paul Lambert
at 11:51 11 Feb 2019

I'm just unsure how people are losing faith in a guy that took over an awful team that had been ripped apart by Hurst and Evans. When he took over most people were saying they won't judge him this season or some even said until hes had 2 or 3 transfer windows etc.

The amount of times I've heard people say we don't play the 'Ipswich way' anymore and we shouldn't be playing hoof ball. Yet Lambert introduces a style where we pass it out from the back and as soon as we do it the fans start moaning.

Yes we are lacking up front but who else could Lambert have got in that would be better than we've managed to get or already have? He said himself they spoke to players who weren't up for the fight so they move on and Evans is never going to pump millions in to attract a striker when we could end up in league 1.

If by some miracle we stay up this season or if the more than likely happens and we go down to League 1. I'm not judging him until he's had a full preseason, all loans have gone back, all out of contract players are gone or resigned and hes had the same amount of time as Paul Hurst had in this season.

I didn't expect, as much as I wanted him too, for him to be able to turn this side around and keep us up with our financial issues and league position.

Paul Lambert is a blue!
Would you play Knudsen on Sunday?
at 08:47 6 Feb 2019

I personally do not like Knudsen, I get others do but the way the guy has conducted himself with comments about McCarthy leaving, the contract situation etc I just can't change my mind on him.

HOWEVER, as happy as I was to see us bring in a left back and also give Kenlock a chance, I do very much feel as a left back he is currently the best at the club. Personally I think if we have any chance on Sunday as well as any chance of staying in this league, we have to play our strongest line up, meaning I would put Knudsen straight back in.
Can't wait for Norwich this Sunday!
at 11:33 4 Feb 2019

So we go to Norwich this Sunday with a sold out allocation as always, few beers on the way up to counter the no alcohol in the stadium stuff, everybody singing how bobby conquered Europe and we get behind our team.

Stranger things have happened than Ipswich beating Norwich. Wimbledon look as if they could be relegated from League 1 but beat West Ham a few weeks ago. I know people will say 'But its the hope that kills you'. Well it's not in my opinion, it's the hope that keeps me going and makes me never give up.

Come at me morbid people.
[Post edited 4 Feb 12:37]
Everything is against us
at 11:25 28 Jan 2019

Does anybody feel that this season was never going to go our way and our luck just won't change? I get the phrase 'You make your own luck', but I can't remember a season where so much has just not gone our way. I also understand we simply haven't been good enough, but every team gets that luck once in a while.

We've had a few spot kicks against us this season and I'd never blame a goalkeeper for not saving one as it's pot luck, but when are we going to save one, or them even miss the target?

Refereeing decisions this season have been awful, I do understand it's not every game, but when they happen they're crucial. Nsiala's red card, Villa pen and many more. When are we going to get that decision out of nowhere like others manage to get against us?

Injuries happen to all clubs but with Ipswich this seems to happen to any player that shows they might be able to help get us out of this mess!

Maybe I'm just on a massive downer today as I've been positive all season, but I feel the Sheffield Wednesday game is my last chance at keeping the hope. Lose or draw that game and I fully believe there will be no coming back.
Who are you?
at 13:47 25 Jan 2019

Basically, you lot are a bunch of random blokes/ladies on the internet who all share the same love for Ipswich Town that I do. But I quite often wonder who I'm talking to when writing or replying to comments just out of pure interest.

Nobody has to respond, but if you're willing too then feel free to follow suit.

Name: Sam
Age: 27
Profession: Warranty for a car manufacture
Favourite cheese: Camembert

Norwich away regulars
at 12:06 15 Jan 2019

How often does Norwich away make the sale of Silver members? I might as well have got a season ticket this season but didn't as my daughter was born, but have been to all but 2 home games anyway! Therefore I got a silver membership at the start of the season to still give me a chance but I just can't see it making it that far!
James Collins
at 19:55 13 Jan 2019

I wonder how many points we’d have had James Collins been here from the start? Obviously we’ll never know but just thinking back to recent games against Millwall, Bristol City etc he was exactly what we needed to even just get a valuable point out of the games, even though we could have won both and ended up losing both!
Don't give up yet
at 14:20 2 Jan 2019

It's taken me until now, 23 hours after the match kicked off yesterday to come around and stop being morbid about the whole situation. I've just listened to Paul Lambert on radio Suffolk yesterday when the game finished and was asked 'Can you understand the fans getting disheartened after another loss?' and he just replied 'Don't, stick with it, we need everybody on side'.

I know he's said this a lot now and the losses still keep coming, but if I could play for Ipswich Town I would still be giving everything I have. I wouldn't be in the dressing room saying 'I've accepted we're relegated and hopefully we can go back up at first attempt'

So me as a fan and not being good enough to play will give my all to support the lads. It's not over till it's over and we have a lot of games left and all of January to sort this mess out.

Carry on kicking every ball they kick, call for every free kick and claim every throw in to be ours. Don't give up on this season! What's the point if there is no hope!

Which is most relevant to your views right now?
at 08:31 2 Jan 2019

Which is most relevant to your views right now?

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Jason Manford
at 21:19 5 Dec 2018

Anybody else go/try to go to see Jason manford tonight? Left my house at 6pm and gave up at 8.15pm when it said 45 more minutes until I’d arrive! Gutted and waste of £65 for me and the wife!
Prediction Logged by at 11:48:26
Nottingham Forest v Ipswich Town prediction logged
at 09:55 29 Nov 2018

I think all of us accept that going down is a real possibility and fully understand how bad things are right now, but I'm not giving up hope that'll we'll get out of this mess and survive!

Another issue I can see coming up though with people mentioning January, if we're still bottom (highly likely), realistically who would want to leave their club to sign for Ipswich other than people trying to make a name for themselves from the lower leagues like Hurst has already cocked up on?

At this current time, what is going to attract anybody with Championship quality to sign for Ipswich Town?
Big crowd last Friday, so where will you be watching from tonight?
at 13:50 28 Nov 2018

Big crowd last Friday, so where will you be watching from tonight?

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Presser for Bristol City
at 09:35 27 Nov 2018

Anybody know when this is? Thought it would have been this morning or Afternoon?
Why only the North Stand?
at 12:16 22 Nov 2018

One thing I always think to myself, and I sit/stand in the North Stand is why the North Stand is always the stand that's relied upon to make the noise?

I understand it's been known to be the noisy stand but why can't the other 3 with thousand of people make some noise without the North stand starting it?

I remember years ago Rob Chandler pointing to each stand before the game and getting them all to cheer trying to out do the other stand and I genuinely think that gave it a boost!
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