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Keane, Jewell, Hurst and Lambert
at 00:58 29 Nov 2020

Which ones have been the most damaging to ITFC, in order?

Obviously this is all with hindsight but here goes...

1) Hurst... Still think that he was the worst, purely because of how far we dropped in his short reign. Of course the squad Mick left him with was threadbare and we needed some additions, but he never seemed to do enough to persuade some of the top players to stay. It was common knowledge that Joe Garner wanted to go, but there were never any noises about Adam Webster being unhappy until Hurst came in, and to replace him with Nsiala and Donacien, two of the worst signings we've ever made, was lunacy. The alienation of senior players with the Billy Big B0ll0cks attitude was bizarre, having come up from the lower divisions - terrible man management.

2) Lambert... If he doesn't get the chop before the new year, I think that's our season done - and with so many key players' contracts up, we're looking at a Hurst-style rebuild within the constraints of the salary cap. I was willing to give him a free hit in 2018/19 but to have finished 11th with one of the best resourced clubs in the league was a shambles, and although the system has become more settled, the random team selections are still the same. He's on his way to squandering the 2 best chances we'll get for promotion, and the long term consequences of that are dire. Not as bad as Hurst purely because I think someone half decent could get us up with the current squad, meaning the recruitment hasn't been terrible, but squad management has been dire.

3) Keane... Long term consequences of this one were pretty bad as well as it made Evans stop spending on fees, more or less. The squad he inherited was probably 3 or 4 additions away from being a top 6 side, but he managed to spunk away money on Priskin and Martin, both of whom are regularly mentioned in debates about the worst value ITFC signings. Add to that the sale of Rhodes and David Wright and the recruitment was poor.Only saving grace is that he got us to the League Cup semi and just about managed to keep us up , so the short term damage was limited, but that performance was still well below par. Awful man manager again.

4) Jewell... the reason he's the least terrible is because he's the only one of the 4 who inherited a poor squad for the level we were playing at - Lambert's championship squad was worse, but was good enough to get out of L1. That said, the short termism was ridiculous and it's a miracle that Mick managed to turn us into a play off side just 2 years on. Had we not been saved in 2012/13, he probably would have been considered worse than Keane.
Haven't even bothered with iFollow today
at 15:26 28 Nov 2020

Never been so convinced we were going to lose a league fixture in my 15 years of supporting Town. Hopefully I'm tempting fate, but can't see us getting anything. Worst thing is that I don't think it will make Evans pull the trigger.
ITFC first eleven 2000- quiz
at 16:21 27 Nov 2020

Quiz on the 11 highest appearance makers for ITFC in every season since 2000.

I got 211/220. Can anyone beat it?

FAO Phil/ anyone else ITK
at 22:09 24 Nov 2020

Is there any possibility at all that Evans will consider pulling the trigger soon/ is looking at other managers ? I know there were murmurings just before Hurst left, but haven't heard anything of that sort this time around yet.
Festival of Brexit!
at 13:46 24 Nov 2020

Anyone getting their ticket? Jim Davidson's gearing up for his first gig in years.

Bigmouth strikes again
at 19:38 20 Nov 2020

Even in this shambles of a government, it's ridiculous that Nadine Dorries has any ministerial brief, let alone one as important as mental health.

Fresh from sharing a doctored far-right clip implying that Keir Starmer was complicit in allowing child sexual abuse, she's now getting involved in partisan snipes without showing any concerns for the bullying victims.

Johnson might as well make Ben Bradley the equalities minister while he's at it

2004/5 Season Review
at 16:26 11 Nov 2020

Bit of a random question does anyone have a DVD copy of this they're willing to get rid of for a few quid? Used to have it back in the day but can't find the disc and would like to watch it again. Doesn't seem to be on eBay.

Edit: I think it's called Pride and the Glory
[Post edited 11 Nov 16:27]
Surely this ref can't get another Football League game again
at 21:15 3 Nov 2020

Worst I've ever seen. Don't even know what that penalty was for and Dozzell was a yellow at worst
US Election Map Prediction
at 12:38 30 Oct 2020

Thought I'd start one of these just so we can compare how we think the results are going to go, rather than the general chat on Spruce's thread. No prizes, just the glory of winning.

Here's the link to make your own map - and none of this tilt/lean/tossup rubbish, stick your necks out! : https://www.270towin.com/

Edit: I can never work out how to link photos on here, hence the tweet

I reckon Biden flips Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Nebraska 2nd district.

[Post edited 30 Oct 12:43]
Is there a TWTD FPL league? (n/t)
at 16:43 25 Oct 2020

Tories alienating their base
at 13:10 25 Oct 2020

This Free School Meals debate
at 18:53 21 Oct 2020

I've just seen the clips from Twitter as I don't have a licence to watch on Iplayer but bloody hell, these heartless individuals... They're all preaching personal responsibility, while voting for a policy that will ensure whether or not kids eat is determined by their parents income, which they have no control over.

First we have Brendan Clarke Smith accusing those wanting to feed kids of "virtue signalling." He's the same bloke who was caught denying the scale of food banks during his election hustings.

And Kieran Mullen, claiming that it's not the state's job to feed kids.

Ben Bradley MP
at 11:27 21 Oct 2020

Mad that an MP can openly tweet antisemitic conspiracies without so much as a slap on the wrist from CCHQ.

Oh and as per my Tom Hunt thread yesterday, Bradley has tweeted in support of improving the life chances of white working class kids, whilst also expressing his intention to vote against Free School Meals. Idiot.

Tom Hunt
at 22:21 20 Oct 2020

After his appearance on Politics Live highlighting the hardship that many kids from white working class families face, I assume he'll be urging the PM to give extra money to the North West, one of England's poorest regions? Or voting to ensure the Free School Meal scheme stays in place over the school holidays?

Wouldn't be like him and the Tories to tell lies and not actually give a sh1t would it?
6 Tory MPs have signed a letter to Andy Burnham
at 22:11 20 Oct 2020

...Blaming him for walking away from negotiations, when that wasn't the case. Of course we know why they're doing it, because nothing the Tories mess up is ever the Tories' fault, but not fighting for more money for their constituents can't be a good look for them.

This one has also turned off replies because he's a coward, like the rest of Johnson's parliamentary cult

Don't think it's panic stations yet
at 21:47 20 Oct 2020

If you offered us 5 wins and a draw from the first 7 back in early September I think we'd have all snapped that up. I'm not denying that we were well beaten tonight and the individual errors were to blame, but there's definitely been an overreaction on here. Playing a more attractive style of football makes us more threatening going forward but it was also always going to lead to a few more howlers at the back - I can think of countless times that Bournemouth did that both in the Championship and the PL during their peak under Eddie Howe.

One silver lining of tonight is that it should give Lambert reason to bring back Woolfenden. Nsiala has been solid so far but had a shocker tonight and we need a ball playing centre half to execute this particular game plan, especially against sides who are effective at pressing the ball. Likewise, I didn't think Judge had an awful game today but had he taken his chance at 1-0 we'd likely be talking about another victory, and it makes sense to play Lankester or Sears on the wing, once Hawkins is back.

We just have to hope now that Lambert doesn't tinker with the system - it's the personnel that is the issue. And even then, I think some of the fringe players who had a poor night tonight (Nsiala, Kenlock) have benefitted from having a defined role, rather than being asked to play in a different formation every week. It's a real test for the management to ensure they don't panic and rip up the entire blueprint on the back of one result - Lincoln is a big game.
Alok Sharma
at 11:59 19 Oct 2020

Can't explain the difference between no deal and an Australia deal - because there isn't one.
Remember, they're only doing this because they think we're too thick to notice that they've broken their promises. Yet it's always someone else's fault. Embarassing.

When Bennetts came on
at 19:58 10 Oct 2020

I was glad Lambert decided to put Judge in midfield when Bennetts came on as a sub. We have so many wide players now with Sears, Edwards, Lankester and Bennetts, on top of Dobra and El Mizouni, that playing Judge there really is a waste. And whilst we're light on numbers in the midfield at the moment, it's good that he can provide a bit of competition in there. He doesn't have the legs that Downes has, but his technical ability is still very good.

Also, as others have said, I think Chambers is better as a full back than in the middle.
Shaun Bailey
at 14:12 10 Oct 2020

Does anyone follow the Tories’ London Mayor candidate on Twitter? It’s a laugh a minute. He spent the summer blaming Sadiq Khan for supposedly bankrupting TFL, when he’d cut the deficit in half before Covid.

Now he’s decided to blame Khan for not letting football fans into stadiums, something that isn’t within the mayor’s remit.

I know the Tories have made lying an art, but you’d think they’d be able to come up with slightly more believable bollox

Is that Douglas Ross as 4th official in the England v Wales game?
at 20:14 8 Oct 2020

I’m a bit p1ssed but could’ve sworn that was him. I know he still does some officiating alongside his duties as Scottish Tory leader.
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