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Happy Birthday to me
at 14:56 11 Sep 2019

The self indulgent b@stard is 20 today! I’m pretty pleased with how i’ve done, compared to the wreck I was this time last year. Managed to work full time for Mencap and release my EP in that time, and I’m off to uni in Cardiff next Saturday. Although I did just come last when I went quad biking with my mates earlier.

Have a good day chaps.
Michael Owen’s comments on Newcastle
at 10:25 3 Sep 2019

Their fans seem to be getting upset at the fact he’s stated a move from Real Madrid to Newcastle was a downwards step and that they’re only a big club in the sense that they have a lot of fans, which are both true. They haven’t won a trophy since the 1950s!
Is tonight’s game on ifollow? (n/t)
at 08:39 3 Sep 2019

A few thoughts from yesterday
at 06:21 25 Aug 2019

Yesterday was the first time I’ve seen Town win an away game since I was 11 so I was of course milking it, despite the weak opposition.

I was particularly impressed with the link between the midfield and the two strikers; I lost count of the number of through balls that Skuse and Downes played to Norwood and Jackson. I was one of Jackson’s biggest critics last season but I think his pace will be a real asset in this league and he looks far more comfortable with a strike partner alongside him. KVY’s debut was very good, he’s confident going forward and assured in defence so is a clear upgrade on Donacien ( although I’d fancy myself to put in a better performance than Donacien did against Wimbledon).

My only couple of gripes are that I think Kenlock is a bit of a weak link and his lack of technical ability will be exposed by the better teams. Equally, I’m not entirely sure where Alan Judge fits into the team. The 4-4-2 seems to be the best formation for this team and he doesn’t fit in on the left of a 4 man midfield. Yesterday it didn’t matter so much but against the better sides his positioning may cost us and we are well stacked in the central areas with Nolan and Bishop to return.

Anyway overall it was a great day, despite the trains being delayed from York to Bolton. Got a 9 hour train back to Cornwall today as well! My Grandad really enjoyed his day also, was a nice day out together!

It’s only 5 games in but I’ve never been able to say it before... WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE!!!
How many are we taking today?
at 09:12 24 Aug 2019

Somewhere between the 1.5-2k Mark? Or is that overly ambitious?
Lambert’s tactics
at 22:00 20 Aug 2019

Brilliant win, however I’m not convinced by Lambert’s tactics, particularly his formations. I know Saturday was reasonably poor but I don’t think that it warranted a change to a more defensive formation against a side who are likely to get relegated. We looked toothless until
Jackson and Georgiou came on, and Judge, to his credit, improved massively on his performances so far this year.
I do worry that Lambert will revert to 3 in the middle and the nice football but no end product stuff we’ve endured.

This will be a massively unpopular opinion but if we’re going to play 2 in the middle and have Huws and Nolan as back up as well as Bishop to come back and Judge playing behind the strikers, I wouldn’t be against sending Dozzell out on loan. I really wasn’t convinced by him tonight and haven’t ever seen him have a top quality game, whereas the likes of Downes have really kicked on.

Lambert really needs to earn his money in the next few weeks and have us in that top 6. Hopefully tonight will have shown him the way to do it. Our squad is good enough to go up (with left back the only potential problem area) so there aren’t any excuses. I’ve never wanted a Town manager to succeed as much as I do Lambert, so really hope he can have us up there
138 points, 46 goals!!! (n/t)
at 15:19 10 Aug 2019

at 15:13 3 Aug 2019

Anyone been to see Yesterday in the Cinema?
at 08:21 29 Jul 2019

I really enjoyed it, thought it was pretty well done. Even though I tend to struggle with unrealistic storylines, it was quite thought provoking. I’d definitely recommend it.
Released my first single today
at 08:28 19 Jul 2019

Would appreciate it if people could have a little listen

Benters’ profile gone again?
at 15:27 17 Jul 2019

Just clicked on his account and it no longer exists... might have been discussed already but hadn’t noticed...
£113m!?!? Wtf
at 21:19 3 Jul 2019
Keane has left Forest
at 12:15 23 Jun 2019

Maybe it’s time for a reunion of the Lambert/ Keane management duo??

...Said no one, ever
3 years today since that bloody referendum
at 11:39 23 Jun 2019

It’s achieved absolutely nothing, and it’s a shame to think of all the issues that we could have put time and money into solving in the meantime.

It’s mad that it’s getting to the point where I’m looking back at the coalition as a golden era.

Mind you, Cameron is easily the worst post-war Prime Minister, he has done more to divide this country than Thatcher.
Why is Tim Martin even allowed on question time?
at 07:31 21 Jun 2019

Just watched the first few minutes of last night’s programme and within 30
seconds he spouted undiluted nonsense.

For example:

1) Claiming No deal would save £39bn when actually that money is about future obligations towards EU projects we have committed to.

2) Claiming we would take back control of fishing, when it’s actually the UK government that sold off our quotas to Dutch firms.

Of course, I understand the need for balance, but why are people allowed to spout untruths without being challenged, only to get invited into the programme again. It’s like the immigration myth that Farage banged on about for years, when actually we can control immigration due to the citizens travel directive. It’s very dangerous that lies like these are accepted as fact, and I’m not usually one for BBC bashing but it’s a disgrace that programmes like QT aren’t fact checked.
This has got to be the maddest transfer fee I’ve ever seen
at 09:27 17 Jun 2019

I appreciate it’s the Mail but it’s been reported on a number of other websites....£12m for a full back who’s never played above League One!?!?
[Post edited 17 Jun 9:30]
Lee Clark - fall from grace
at 19:40 3 Jun 2019

Only 7 years ago he was being touted as a potentially good manager at Huddersfield. I realise that everything he’s touched since has turned to sh1t but this is still quite a shock to me, I’d completely forgotten about him.
at 11:40 3 Jun 2019
The EU election results have strengthened my belief in a second referendum.
at 16:28 27 May 2019

But it should be Remain vs No Deal. There is clearly support for both, whereas May’s deal and Labour’s policy are universally unpopular, except among die hard supporters of the main two parties.

And neither side has been willing to compromise in the debate, especially the ERG headbangers who have voted down May’s Deal and simultaneously moaned that nothing has been passed... Despite the fact that May’s Deal is a hard brexit, there seems to be this confusion that no deal and leaving the single market and customs union are the same thing, they aren’t...

However, as no Brexit deal can be voted through parliament, we need to have a rethink. Of course there should be both a remain and Brexit option on there, but by specifying the scenario of leave then we will get a much clearer answer, because, despite what Farage says, there is no mandate for no deal at this point. In 2016, the Vote Leave website said “ taking back control will be a careful change not a sudden step, we will negotiate the terms of a deal before we start any legal process to leave.”

Obviously anyone with a basic grasp of economics can tell that No deal would be a disaster, but it has got a lot of support in the form of Farage’s new private company and parliament cannot agree on anything else. And it would stop the narrative of ‘betrayal’ from the charlatans who put us in this mess, because they would no longer be able to claim that WTO rules is what people want, if they lost.

I can’t see any other way out of this.
So now we know all 23 opponents for next year
at 17:02 26 May 2019

Anyone else fancy doing some way too early predictions? You know how much I love It 😉

This is based on a fairly limited knowledge of League One



Bristol Rovers
AFC Wimbledon
MK Dons

[Post edited 26 May 17:23]
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