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Oxford flying up the league - mgmt structure
at 12:09 27 Jan 2021

Really rate Karl Robinson would have been a great manager for us. Some fantastic displays last season, really good style of football. Despite losing key players - surprise surprise bought by Brentford.

Behind Robinson last season they had an strong and very experienced assistant manager Derek Fazackerley who moved ‘upstairs’ (to drive recruitment/ strategy - take note Marcus!!!) he moved in the summer, perhaps this is why they really struggled start of the season.

It’s funny how they’ve just clicked again and are just flying up the league, THE form team.

No relation to us... but what must West Ham fans feel...
at 23:18 26 Jan 2021


They were proper outraged, boo-loo mad about their club, their club leadership and their club management

And now they are flying and playing ENTERTAINING football

Must be somewhat eating their own words!

I do like Antonio.

Peachy cross from Cresswell.
I hate to say it, but that was not the performance of a team who’ve given up o
at 22:04 26 Jan 2021

... the manager!

We all want him gone. But the lads put in one hell of a shift tonight, and there was a lot to respect about the performance.

The Wolf and Downes were excellent.

Dozzell an enigma.

McGuinnes would do sh!t things and then brilliant things.

Drinan did well again.

Better from Chambo and Ward but I’m afraid there heads aren’t right.

But I’m afraid there were too many committed challenges and displays tonight for Marcus to be able to say ‘Lamberts lost the team’.

Not the binary match we all needed.
Is it going to be a bit binary tonight?
at 13:27 26 Jan 2021

1 - Players step up and back the manager in a display full of energy, movement and urgency* Indication to Marcus of hope and some potential under Lambert

0 - Town misfire again, the final nail in the coffin of the Lambert reign, Marcus releases him immediately

*Or are the team even able to win, even with a good display from the players, due to a lack of an effective tactic/system and a continued lack of strikers?

I have to say I thought our performance (not for all the game) at Sunderland was really good, with a lot of promise.
28 shots from Spurs... ay karumba (n/t)
at 22:40 25 Jan 2021

Cook was Cardiff first choice...
at 18:05 25 Jan 2021

...but turned down the contract that was end of season only. They then turned to McCarthy.

Reports in South Wales.

At least Cook still in market, but perhaps won't accept drop down??

Still not convinced on Cowley and Cook footballing style/ethos - can be no room for error now Marcus. But both surely better than Lambert, and most definitely personable -which has to be a criteria.
The LIE unravels- Giuliani to pay the price - also an unbelievable video
at 16:45 25 Jan 2021


Apparently a very strong case given the amount of protesations and media outbursts from Trump's crooked lawyer.

Oh and for those few loons on here that supported Trump; just take a look at this!?:


Weird as sh!t sexist madness
Jeeze Chambo - switch the feck on
at 15:13 23 Jan 2021

3 woeful passes that took real momentum out of the team


He’ll score now
4 games in 11 days.... 9 points minimum
at 10:31 23 Jan 2021

Two new ‘flair’ players, key players returning, rustiness gone

No more talk Taylor/Lambert

Beat one of the bigger teams - at last - and win against the lower funded teams... or leave and give someone else a chance

9 points minimum

Just no way that’s going to happen given the technical/ tactical evidence we’ve seen in recent times
[Post edited 23 Jan 10:31]
Surely Klugg, Dyer, O'Neill have a grasp on the dressing room....
at 20:18 22 Jan 2021

...situation and have a line into Marcus?

If its as toxic and dysfunctional as many are saying (and I have no reason to doubt these posters), then Marcus Evans must surely be fully aware and up to speed on a situation that sounds untenable.

He's a business leader of a 'large' organisation, he must understand that key to any organisation is culture and than he needs to fix this ASAP to protect his investment.

The penalty of terminating the contract and paying off Lambert is surely a price that has to be paid?

My concern is that Marcus has proven himself to be quite inept - just look at his managerial and CEO appointments - and this incompetence and situation is going continue.

The Wolf is too good to not be playing and could be a cash cow for Marcus, players he has spent funds on are either injured or completely out of favour/form!

Cardiff Fans view
at 10:53 22 Jan 2021

"OMG....hope we don't get him. Not a great recent record. He's not the way forward for our club surely!! We need a more modern and progressive manager. You can tell from his punditry that he's a no nonsense, up and at 'em type manager. Everything based on discipline, workrate, crunching tackles and the like. We need a bit more than that."

"I'd be devasted to see Mcarthy come in. Absolute fossil of a manager. Would show there is no long term plan or any sort of DESIRE TO CHANGE OUR STYLE OF PLAY. We are never going to move forward if keep appointing managers like him as when he leaves we'll be right back to square 1."

"I an see why the club would go for McCarthy he is the boring safe choice. Very experienced at this level where he has had quite a bit of success. But the safe choice isn't always the right choice,look at Sheffield Wednesday and Pulis. There must be a bit of suspicion that McCarthy is a bit past he sell by date,there was his dreadful spell in Cyprus and He was not rated very highly by Ipswich fans. Possibly they have a bit better regard for him now as the season after he left they were relegated and don't look like getting out of league one any time soon."

"Looks like our club, Dalman, Choo and Tan will f**k this up again. Mick McCarthy ffs. Go and get Bellamy and get the passion, drive and PLAY FOOTBALL THE FANS WANT. Not Pulis, Hughes or any of these failed managers.
So TWTD hive mind - what’s the team with the two new players??
at 16:32 20 Jan 2021

I wonder if they’ll actually both start?

There clearly here Lambert feels that Judge, Sears, Lankester, Bennet, Dobra, Huws, El Mizouni, Nolan.... are either injured or not able to give enough going forward. Not dynamic enough, not beating the man, not breaking into box, not supplying the striker.

He needs a catalyst. I assume Edwards and Bishop are deemed good enough. I assume Norwood, Drinan, Watkins are the lead strikers. I just no where Jackson fits anymore.

I’m personally not convinced; there’s enough in the above to beat any team in this league, and this is a tactical and technical training/set-up issue.

Perhaps we’ll have egg on our face and Lambert has what he’s been missing - the KVY ingredient - and the team will click. As it has in a few games/halves this season.

So what is the new team?! A number 10 and a winger coming into a 4-3-3


Gary Neville and UK Trump Supporters
at 15:27 20 Jan 2021

Good words from Gary Neville:

What is frightening the number of British people responding extoling the virtues of Trump, his time as President and his record.

He's a frickin CULT who has infected and cast a spell over these right leaning types; whereas his whole Presidency is one big LIE. And yet somehow people in this country buy in to the lie, and see him as a force of good. If you listen to the words coming out of his mouth as fact, ignore the 'fake news', you somehow come to a conclusion he's been a positive President!

Frickin mental!
Lambert/game analysis
at 13:31 17 Jan 2021

Simply not good enough yesterday; great we dominate the possession. I want Lambert to leave, but getting Ipswich back into being comfortable on the ball and holding it improves on Hurst and predecessors. BUT WE AREN’T PUTTING ENOUGH ENERGY AND MOVEMENT INTO MAKING IT COUNT!! We are not hurting teams.

I have said before Lambert’s tactic in going forward is to use the 4-3-3 to overload the channel and work the ball into the box or into a cross.

In yesterday’s poor display (I think the surface was poor as one mitigation, and whilst Burton looked much much weaker than Swindon, they got bodies back) we had about 4-8 decent speaks of attacking movement - that needs to be 20-30!!! They typically involved a midfielder, a full back, a wide attacker and perhaps the lone attacker, combining, triangles out wide and overloading the CB and full back. A) it’s a joy to watch and what we crave B) it really troubles the defence - we saw a lot of this in some of the handful of decent performances this season.

But the issue is that it’s far too infrequent but it requires energy and desire and movement, and you also need 2/3 other players breaking into the box to finish.

So whilst we have the players with the ability to make this facet of our game work; they clearly do not have the desire and are not being coached/drilled technically to get the transitions to make this happen.

And that’s the manager.

Now in Downes, Bishop, Edwards/Judge and Chambo we can absolutely make this work now with no excuses.... but I have no faith in this becoming common through a game.

And now our next games we’ll be getting pegged back and so the lien striker is isolated with the wide 3 dropping out of these danger zones.
If we beat Burton....
at 12:18 13 Jan 2021

.... with Norwood and Downes getting fully up to speed in a positive display

And then we went on to beat Posh and Sunderland, or at least win one draw one, with a much improved display....... would you change position on Lambert MUST GO?

Very unlikely, and I probably wouldn't. Not enough 'cash in the bank' for Lambert as Mick Mills stated.

But it would give some credence to his main excuse of injuries.

I personally think Burton you will see fairly early on how the players are backing the manager, some of the blame is definitely with them.... i think the harsh words were probably as much from Wolf and McGuiness to the midfield forwards on a lack of movement/energy....

Interesting times.
The Donald now banned from YouTube - I sort of agree
at 11:13 13 Jan 2021

YouTube have joined Facebook and Twitter in banning Donald's channels.

I've been wondering if for example Twitter should have followed the path they have, given the obvious freedom of speech issues.

But when The Donald was able to get airtime yesterday via a Televised 'interview' and press conference. He stated the following, and continued to say the elections were fraudulent. He also started to suggest his call to account for his 'Save America'rally and incendiary words was dangerous. How can you not ban him? the election fraud is a baseless conspiracy theory, should it be given freedom of speech when it comes from someone in such a position of power?

"People thought that what I said was totally appropriate," Trump said Tuesday when asked about his role in the siege, despite many at the highest levels of government — Republicans and Democrats — saying otherwise, three of his Cabinet members having resigned and a second impeachment effort now underway.

"And if you look at what other people have said, politicians at a high level, about the riots during the summer, the horrible riots in Portland and Seattle and various other places, that was a real problem — what they said,"
Do you think Emma Barnett has quite got the Woman's Hour brief?!
at 11:35 12 Jan 2021

asking for a friend
Just a great statement from SW supporters club...
at 14:41 11 Jan 2021

Clear on the issues, great insights into the clubs situation, not about Lambert personality.


Most telling line for me: “after many years lacking an identity or style, we desperately need one”

Too right - I do think pressuring Marcus on getting the next managerial appointment right is also really key. He surely can’t mess it up again?

Town: three words of the day energy, urgency and pressing
at 11:13 9 Jan 2021

See Accrington last night... see clubs that have gotten out of this league

You need decent players, who are technical and you need tactics that suit the players and deliver effective passages of play.

But my BIG concern at the moment is just how often we seem to be missing the essential energy and urgency that gets into the opposition and ultimately wins games. You have to turn up! You have to harass and press the opposition. You have to be adventurous - as Spurs say ‘To Dare is To Do’

This has been a real factor since the Burley, Royle and Magilton days.

Sky games have almost been a showcase for this lethargy - and who can forgot Bobby Robsons tribute game against Newcastle with Roy Keane - how flat! If the team can’t turn up for that, then there’s a problem.

Come on Ipswich - you have to WANT IT
So after the inevitable Trump madness - TEAM FOR SATURDAY
at 12:19 7 Jan 2021

Due to Gav's disappointing and scandalous lethargy in creating the squad injury page.. I don't really know who's available for selection...

So here's a guesstimate:

Chambers The Wolf McGuiness Ward
Dozzell Huws Judge
Dobra Jackson/Hawkins/Drinan Lankester

Unsure whether Edwards, Downes, KVY, Edwards, Sears, Norwood, Wilson, Bennets are fit...

But I do think that Drinan is pushing for a start, he's been that good when he's played.
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