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Apologies if already posted… but this is remarkable!
at 22:23 20 May 2022

We’re sleep walking into a future where Julia Hartley Brewer on Talk Tv is considered acceptable
Chaplin and Jackson as the two number 10s
at 08:40 19 May 2022

I think Jackson is very good working the channels, and is good wide and critically is a great crosser.

Could he be one of the attacking high midfield two alongside Chaplin.

Would it be Chaplin left and Jackson right in this hair brained scheme?!

A mobile but physical striker, who knows where the goal is, to hold up play and feed these two?!

So Liz Truss was winging it on The radio about NI agreement….
at 18:06 18 May 2022

…. And now she’s saying whatever comes into her head:

Get them out!
100,000 Rangers fans heading to Seville - bonkers!
at 09:04 18 May 2022

Any form of transport taken… only 20,000 tickets at match for Rangers

Going to be bedlam!
Hello TWTD - can I recommend Everything Everywhere All At Once
at 22:34 15 May 2022

Won’t be for everyone

But I thought brilliant

It is at times very very funny

And on the face of it, it’s a surreal multi-verse sci-fi - which is delivered with great talent and zeal - especially as a multi-verse film is something i’d run away from

In reality it’s a film with a small, very relatable, and moving story about a dysfunctional family…. then the film is augmented with 300 magic mushrooms and a gram of speed

Is this what the Russians who managed to watch the Eurovision are thinking….
at 00:07 15 May 2022

Luton and Huddersfield look very well coached team and technical teams
at 20:52 13 May 2022

.. excellent close control and passing throughout the players, great movement and shape.

Incredible pace to the passing.

Its all being played at a great tempo and energy. Brilliant stuff.

Nathan Jones does impress me in interview, progressive as well as passionate, direct. Talks a lot about alignment across the club. Has built a very strong, and large first team coaching/analysis set-up. Don't know a lot about Corberan.

Isn't it great to know that we have a similarly modern and progressive manager with loads of potential in the building? so hope we succeed next season and McKenna can put himself against these types of managers


What do you think of the Aguero statue?
at 16:00 13 May 2022

I much prefer our Beattie memorial

Who would you have next?

Mariner obvious choice - perhaps in the iconic Admiral England kit
I would love our dutch duo of Muhren and Thujssen with the UEFA cup
Interesting hearing the Sky commentator and Neville stating this is the loudest.
at 21:34 12 May 2022

...crowd this season they'd seen at the North London derby.

And calling out specifically the acoustics and design of the Spurs single tier 'kop' as a factor.

God how we messed up in splitting the North! A single very steeply raked stand, with a large capacity would have been incredible.

Having said that... at the Charlton game, there was quite a raucous bunch where I was in the upper north... and it did seem to connect better to the lower stands singing... the cobbold (which is getting louder would you believe) helped transfer the songs.
Ipswich preparing offer to sign Plymouth's Panutche Camara (n/t)
at 20:49 11 May 2022

Brexit.... just when you thought it couldn't get any worse!?
at 13:14 11 May 2022

I mean really can there be anyone left who thinks leaving the EU was a good idea?

The problem is the right wing populist MPs and media that drove Vote Leave... just continue to poison our politics and culture
I so hope Durham police do not give Starmer a fine.. and then we can SHOVE that
at 22:09 9 May 2022

... resignation offer and their BOLLOX story so far up the Daily Mail's frickin arse they might for once stop talking out of it.

That rag has so much to answer for - a vile publication that feeds hate and mistrust, and has fundamentally damaged this country.

Worse than The Sun.
I can see why MK Dons finished above these two, poor quality, Ipswich should be
at 21:09 9 May 2022

…. Kicking themselves watching this game. We are technically far superior to Sheffield Weds, but they were clinical at Hillsborough

Sunderland deserve to win this

But it is very low quality
Ndaba getting a lot of love…
at 20:37 8 May 2022

… and praise for his performance

(And some amusing Ayr fans asking for a return)

But I am still confused… are we going to drop Edmundson for him?

Wolf is bossing the central role… Donacien and Burns is one of those combos we want to take into next term.

Ndaba is perhaps more natural in the role… but come on The Fridge is immense
MK Dons shameful crowd, but they play good stuff in a style similar to ours
at 18:53 8 May 2022

First off a shameful 13,000, my work colleague was able to buy a ticket on Friday afternoon!

But they do play good football. And are similar to us in many ways. Interesting they play Twine who’s more akin to Celina/Chaplin as the central single striker (although he come deep a lot) and then parrot and another to the side who are more physical
[Post edited 8 May 19:03]
Wrexham v Stockport - a great watch and good quality
at 14:24 8 May 2022

As I mainlined steroids and bench pressed twice my body weight down the gym… they had the big National League game on the screens.

Really enjoyable and impressive first half.

Yes physical. But also some great pass and move. But most of all played at a very high tempo.

Mullins plays like Bonne in his pomp at the start of the season, but with a better eye for goal.

He’s the type we need. Physical, strong, pace of sorts, high work rate… knows where the goals is.
Sheff Weds are being completely overrun here… wonder what McKenna
at 21:02 6 May 2022

…. Thinks when he watches this.

Have we got the physicality to match our passing? Why don’t we have a striker like Stewart? Can I buy Bannon now?
What a remarkably dry 2022
at 10:04 6 May 2022

Went on a lovely early morning along the footpaths that surround Unstable Towers…. And my word the ground is like August as are the streams and ditches

Think East Anglia has been 20-50% rainfall average through Feb-April.

And the next two weeks look bone dry.

Glastonbury coming up so at least they’ll be a deluge then - in the west at least.
Confirmed League 1 team - season 22/23 - scale of difficulty
at 12:28 4 May 2022

Below are the teams definitely in our fixture list next season

I've placed the teams in an arbitrary level of challenge (and also shown points from last season games if played):

Barnsley (N/A)
Bolton (0 points)
Derby (N/A)
Oxford (2)
Peterborough (N/A)
Plymouth (3)
Portsmouth (4)

(also add 3 from Sheff Wed, Sunderland, MK Dons, and Wycombe - all teams who I'd put in the 'Difficult' band)

Accrington (3)
Cambridge (1)
Charlton (3)
Lincoln (6)

Burton (3)
Cheltenham (1)
Exeter (N/A)
Fleetwood Town (6 )
Forest Green (N/A)
Morecombe (2)
Shrewsbury (4)

What do you think? That difficult band is quite heavy.
Also shines a light on this season when you see the points achieved last terms from the 'SHOULD BE' pile - 16/30!

I'm perhaps with Stuart Watson in his recent rather damning review of the this season - I'll take 6th place now please!!

Spoke to a Bolton fan on Sunday, he's very bullish on next season, the ownership structure has settled, their gates and support are getting momentum, Dion Charles has settled in from Accrington in a Jan move (a successful Piggot). Loved that they finished above us, and well beat us. His only concern was losing Afolayan - may be buy him?!? Still think Bolton need money.
[Post edited 4 May 13:48]
Everton going large on a 70s club single - spirit of the blues - as relegation..
at 22:41 2 May 2022

.. battle anthem

I like it
[Post edited 2 May 22:42]
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