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Edged the first half... but Downes now is the one not to turn up...
at 13:34 17 Apr 2021

... KVY is slowly getting into it

Norwood looked off the pace anyway, and Jackson has done better

Bennets very poor

We are struggling to play forward

Jackson, Bishop and Edwards have had moments getting behind them

Wolfenden doing well

Need more from downes and dozzell

So team tomorrow then...
at 11:46 16 Apr 2021

KVY Toto Chambo Kenlock (Cook CANNOT slate players for quality and energy and continue with Ward)
Downes Nydam
Bennetts Dobra Edwards

These players are either going to be broken mentally, or fired up to finally perform, hope its the latter, but I have my concerns
Understatement of the Week Award, w/c 12th April
at 10:55 16 Apr 2021

"This is going to be a very unhappy club over the next two or three weeks"
Paul Cook, ITFC Manager
In all my years of supporting Town I can’t remember many times....
at 20:33 15 Apr 2021

... when I’ve been less confident of victory ahead of a Saturday.

This feels like a team falling apart, zero confidence, zero goals, and a manager (rightly or wrongly) who is hanging his players out to dry.

I am concerned that the end of this season is not a platform to recruit well or to build a positive morale for next season.
That casamero’tackle’ on Milner just now.... is far far worse than
at 20:28 14 Apr 2021

The Harrop red

And it was a yellow from a top ref and with VAR red check!!

Yes we were 2 down already, but it was a terrible decision
I don't want to support Ipswich any more?!
at 13:22 14 Apr 2021

This is just no fun.... its just relentlessly bad.. for a long long time

Can I go an support Leeds please? what process do I follow?

We're such a good fan base - jeeze blues scaling buildings to watch Tuesday night away days at MK Dons... singing our hearts out when being relegated
WOW - that’s an interview
at 21:12 13 Apr 2021

Probably a lot of words of truth

But despite what he said about not putting the players under the bus, MASSIVE criticism of the players

I just wonder if that is over emotive??? And whether this is working psychologically

Because this team is more lost than when Lambert left
[Post edited 13 Apr 21:14]
Cook fist bumped every Dons player at the end...
at 20:43 13 Apr 2021

.... and ignored all the Town players as the teams came off.

I can understand his disappointment but I thought in the second half they at least tried.

This is woeful, BUT that is never ever ever a red.... their player...
at 19:25 13 Apr 2021

played the ref..... he was literally sprinting moments afterwards

It was a tackle and it was not high


Yellow at worst
So sorry TWTD - why is it 6.30 tonight?
at 11:03 13 Apr 2021

Am sure has been covered
Sunak should resign...
at 23:01 12 Apr 2021

... can’t see how this isn’t corruption and an abuse of power.

Most rotten government in memory.

Brexit basically meant that a low quality Cabinet, with questionable credentials, was formed, as any quality or seniority in the Tory leadership had resigned or been booted out of the Boris sicophant collective created to implement our EU exit.

I mean Priti Patel, jesus.
Key words from Cook on squad ethos and qualities
at 13:38 12 Apr 2021

Really interesting words from Paul below.

Man our new manager is disappointed in the work ethos, hunger and squad he’s inherited!!! But I think he’s disappointed that he’s been unable to squeeze something from these players - because let’s all be honest this is a poor start for him and there’s been no manager bounce.

Selection going forward is going to centre on those who are showing energy, and press and willingness to make a difference - which is a small pool. I can see Nydam starting. Bishop, judge, Dozzell are problem players for him.

I’m surprised Kenlock hasn’t been reintroduced.

Is he heaping too much pressure on the players? Probably. Should players like judge, Sears, Edwards, Bishop, Jackson be able to step up to it - hell yeah.

Tuesday night will be fascinating - COYB!!!

TWTD presser coverage extract:

Pressed further on the boost Norwood and Vincent-Young will give to his squad in the final seven matches of the season, Cook added: “You know yourself, I want to be very careful this morning, especially what I say about the players because I know fans today and everyone else, people want managers to come and be brash and say things that people want to hear.

“For me as a club, and the club’s obviously changed ownership, the performances that I watch are way off performances that I like as a manager.

“I don’t want to debate too much with you about good, bad and sidewards. We are in my opinion, a team that’s got a lot of work to do, shall we say.”

Cook is clearly a fan of Nydam, who caught the eye after such a lengthy spell out during the final half our on Saturday.

“Tristan, I’ve watched the last two U23 games and one of the criticisms of the team as a team is that, again I’m going to speak carefully, we don’t have enough contact, we’re nice,” he reflected.

“[We need to] have players in the team who have contact and win the ball back and break up play, then you’re supposed to supply flair players with the ball to go and create chances and score.

“As you can see with us at the minute, we’re just very much a work in progress. Tristan’s got great qualities, as a lad he’s got a heart as big as a lion, he’s got a great desire to win games, to compete, and that’s something in a lot of games we lack.”
Our midfield and attack on Saturday had an average age of 22...
at 21:58 11 Apr 2021

... and that’s with Edwards at 28 raising the average

Cooks having to pick a young team due to injury and just finding some energy and tenacity in his selection!

We need a win Tuesday, it’s the antidote this club in all this turmoil needs.

I say little change despite the age, perhaps start with hawkins
Reasons to be cheerful from MK Dons match - thoughts
at 10:29 11 Apr 2021

Well the yeee-haa hot dogtastic excitement of the takeover really had its bubble burst yesterday - but I guess we had the right for a little joy after a woeful season and recent form. But perhaps some much needed realism has been brought to the board by Cooks silence. I suspect he is not happy with being kept in the dark. But either way - we as a set of fans need to know who the CEO is, and monitor if Cook and he are going to gel, before we get truly excited about this new dawn. We’re missing a third of the jigsaw.

As for the game - well for me Rochdale away was a new low in my watching of Ipswich Town. We were so devoid of energy, intent and shape, and just basic technical play and skill.

Did we improve against the MK Dons? Significantly. Was it good enough - still some way off.

MK Dons are in some ways ridiculous and in some ways to be admired. They are so bought into their style and possession based patterns of play that it means at times they look really good, but at other times just calamitous. We should have won the game, through the gifted ‘turnovers’ provided in their defensive third. Sadly we are completely toothless and devoid of attacking intent - but we should have won given the passages of play opened up to us by their errrors. Fortunately MK Dons are similarly toothless, they had an excellent passage of play in the second half where they HAD to score on several occasions... yes there was a great Holy save, but in other moments they seemed to have no belief. One thing though, there passing out of the back (ignore the errors), was so much more technical and effective than ours, we looked like a pub team in comparison. That’s coaching I’m afraid!!! Concerning.

What positives; Downes at times was very very good, his tackling, his winning back of ball, his holding of the ball. It’s what we’ve missed. It’s a level that Skuse never achieved at this club (and I like Skuse). If there are scouts watching we are going to get an offer I think the summer. It’s an in demand ability. He did fade. I thought Dobra and Drinan had moments, I do wish Dobra has buried that chance, a great chance. But they are both still a little green, and lack that wily goal grabber trait. Sears used to have that. But it has completely left the building and he let his side down overall, despite getting in some decent shots. He should have taken or created two goals, which we needed him to step up and do.

Nydam coming back is a joy. That boy has the same engine as Downes; a tenacity and desire that this team has so desperately lacked.

I thought the defence was solid against some good probing from MK; Toto and Chambo especially. Ward and The Wolf were poor going forward, again.

But of course this was an improvement - BUT - it was miles off what Cook and the Fans need. And I also have to question the amount of tinkering going on, too many shapes and too many experiments today - on the third wave of subs, the players were visibly confused on what was expected.

Our main problem is that for all Downes good work, Bishop and Dozzell are looking tired (where was Dozzell actually playing?!)... and we have no seasoned strikers fit. We need Hawkins and Norwood back.... supported by Dobra and perhaps Edwards (he still needs to do more) on a foundation of Downes.

Cook needs to stick with a similar selection and shape as the start of the game for Tuesday night.

Yesterday was not terrible, but we need shots and goals ASAP.
[Post edited 11 Apr 10:51]
PHIL - do you know if O'Leary and Cook had a meeting post match??
at 18:59 10 Apr 2021

And what are your general thoughts on the declined press conference?

I think you were already of the opinion that Cook was in the dark about the takeover actually progressing until basically it went out in public?
Stick with the starting eleven on Tuesday...
at 18:28 10 Apr 2021

... unless Norwood is fit

Let them gel, and get some consistency of selection and shape.
Downes and Dobra start... woo hoo
at 14:03 10 Apr 2021

The Wolf Toto Chambo Ward
Any latest from U18 at Boro?
at 13:41 10 Apr 2021

Club twitter had 0-0 at half-time

Baggot starting
Incredibly candid Ipswich official match preview
at 11:42 10 Apr 2021

They’ve wheeled in James Cooper from Sky again (who compered the recent new owner presser)

And between the two of them they are are damming in their assessment of recent performances

Quite rightly

Not your usual official output!

[Post edited 10 Apr 11:42]
How do you feel about Mark Ashton as CEO?
at 13:04 9 Apr 2021

How do you feel about Mark Ashton as CEO?

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