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Quick Match Report - I've got my Ipswich back!
at 19:29 18 Aug 2018

This is not intended as a dig at Mick, but that is the kind of performance I have missed for 2 seasons.

It had energy, commitment, endeavour and no little quality. Players moved and showed for the ball and passed, so little cheap turnover of the ball.

And to cap it off my son came after multiple false dawns under Mick where he just got bored and there was nothing of excitement, and limited attack. Today he loved every minute, aided by a fantastic performance form the north stand. The fans played their part. And he wants to return. Now that's a good day.
I dreaded today in some part as I thought villa would just have too much quality, and indeed they are a very good team, and surely will get close to an automatic spot.

But from the get go we had a certain bite, and in chalobah, skuse, Nolan and Edwards some quality on the ball.

Edwards was man of the match for me, he is just a very excited and talented player, what a find, who was able to beat good defenders. The move that he kicked off and ended with him hitting the bar, was again as good as we have seen for many years.

But all players put in terrific performance, only Bart again looked wobbly, with Knudsen and Chambo also error prone; but the three overall made great contributions.

Chalobah is just great to watch, yes he tired in the final third of the game, and he is very 'loose' in that it almost feels like he's not in control of the ball - but I love his energy and distribution. It was a sign of his attitude that he didn't celebrate his excellent finish in the outstretched arms of Chambo, but chose to grab the ball form the net and run back to keep the momentum going!

We had the best of the game up to their goal, which again led from a mistake, then a lack of closing wide and a devastating cross. I feared the worse but we kept going. Nolan started to come more into the game.. and like Edwards he is going to easily make the step up to this level, Nolan is the real deal. Some classy moments on the ball.

Then eduh got the second yellow, it looked harsh and the ref was struggling throughout, aided by Villa players constantly making more of challenges.

At ten men I thought it would be the Alamo; but far from it Town went into "warrior" mode - what a performance from the blue boys. We were relentless and had moments going forward. Harrison again didn't have a lot of joy in the solo role, but I did see some promise. Jackson tried manfully, but I didn't see true quality as yet, am sure it will come. Him and Nolan could click.

What I loved also today was how well hurst and doig managed the players - it's not shouting and manic pointing; it's clear guidance. Bringing players over. Didn't anyone notice Harrison's full massage and stretch treatment on the side line on coming off. Or players getting instructions and running to other players to move shape. Or tracking devices being removed from players.

Anyway just an awesome exciting spectacle, well worth the admission, and just a real urge to get back to PR.

We have so lacked real energy and drive and system; it was just great.

Final mention for Donacien and Toto I thought they were excellent today and very very committed to the cause in a difficult game.

Well done Hurst, well done team, well done fans.

Let's put the ghost of mick to bed that divided us all, and look forward to exciting times!

Derby here I Come!

Hurst, angry, very frank and very critical of players in ITFC
at 22:32 14 Aug 2018

twitter interview....

I feel sorry for Hurst.... in the way the likes of sears, chambo and knudsen completely let him down... ward perhaps also

but he seems to also be slating the wider team and the attitude, energy, commitment to win that game.. many new to the project

I think he's inherited this awful vibe to the team... this lack of driving forward, taking responsibility, looking to make a difference.. Ipswich have been playing in a shell for years. Awful commitment and energy and dynamism

Interesting that he called out the fact that players didn't speak out and raise voices in the post match 'debrief'

I really really hope he can get a reaction and a performance and a result on Saturday

We have to get everyone - fans and players - bought into this ethos of very high performance

Yes you can slate the lower league aquisitions, but this PROJECT is about performance and energy and not hiding

COYFB - 6 of us going Saturday - cheering the boys on
at 22:08 14 Aug 2018

Where is Graham and The Naked Football Show?.....
at 18:44 12 Aug 2018

.... this clandestine and steamy affair with Benjamin Bloom and The Blue Monday Podcast can only go on for so long!

(Albeit Harry from Bath’s presence makes it feel less like a betrayal)
So selection thoughts ahead of Exeter?
at 09:24 12 Aug 2018

What do we think Paul is planning?

He clearly likes Cup games and tries to win them
Villa needs a big performance and a result would be huge and there is a danger of fatigue
But our leader knows players need to bed in further, get, and get the attacking fluidity and ruthlessness he was bemoaning at Rotherham - and maybe you can build this and the confidence against a lower league side

Note: Villa are away at Yeovil, on Sky, also on Tuesday.

My thoughts are:
- to leave keeper and defenders as is
- bring Downes into Skuse role
- try Roberts or sears over Ward
- keep Harrison in for a goal; swap Jackson half time for a goal

A win would be good for the club

What do you think??
[Post edited 12 Aug 9:27]
at 17:40 11 Aug 2018

We dominated the game, 2 good penalty shouts, if Ward had been more effective we would probably have won.

Nolan showed some quality, Toto had a pretty good debut.

Yes Ward, Harrison and our right back have question marks.

But this is a BIG project with a lot of change.

Stick with the boys and manager and give them your support and trust. It’s small margins in this league and our support is key.

As the pundits stated at least Ipswich are now looking to move the ball forward and get on the front foot. This is a positive change from last season’s dross.

So what formation/system do you see Hurst playing to include...
at 10:23 10 Aug 2018

... both Harrison and Jackson in the same team?

Is it:

Donacien Chambers Toto Knudsen
Kayden, Toto and Nolan come across...
at 09:06 10 Aug 2018

... really well in their welcome interviews.

A bit more to them than the usual footy cliches.

Seem bright and all with a point to prove and fully aware of the challenge.

Big step up... Villa players will be a great test for all three, can’t wait!

£1.25 for Garner... now that’s good business
at 21:33 9 Aug 2018

Now of course I understand he’s experienced and he can score goals... but surely his consistency and attitude are questionable?

I really hope our new striker can show what a real striker can do

Wibble wibble
Rotherham team becoming clearer
at 10:55 9 Aug 2018

Again I think the team will be this:

——————Bart (less the flapping)

Subs: Gerken, Dozzell, Edun, Edwards, Sears, Wolfenden

And I believe Roberts will lose out on the bench to Edwards (which I cannot see starting given time he'll have had with his team mates). Sears has actually done enough to retain his bench place, maybe its Dozzells place that is in question given Hurst's question

I do believe given what Hurst has said about Knudsen that he will be kept, unless stupid money comes in. Could we get a replacement in in time?!!

Spoke to a Bristol City mate with regard Webster...
at 08:55 9 Aug 2018

... looked classy on the ball and showed some nice distribution but was less convinced on the defensive side with a couple of wobbles and close shaves.

Sounds about right!

Bring on the Toto! Who sounds a bright and thoughtful man in his ITFC interview.
Waghorn sad, Jackson happy, but what selection now
at 10:05 8 Aug 2018

Waghorn was class... even in pre-season he’s been doing things of beauty!

But having just watched the Jackson highlights from last season... this guy looks dangerous, powerful and skillfull.

Again it’s all lower leagues... all need to prove - and that’s why wins against Exeter and Rotherham would settle us down nicely ahead of the Villa match.

If he and Nolan and toto sign today... and potentially Tilt I really have no idea of what the system is going to be

I thought Harrison was a starter, as will be Nolan, Edwards, and also Ward. Chalobah and Skuse also seem nailed on. So can’t see how Paul is planning to squeeze them all in and in what formation!
Realistically Huws is 6 weeks away from a first team start
at 17:00 7 Aug 2018

.. and despite me stating earlier we cannot factor Huws, Adeyemi nor Bishop into our plans and therefore our transfer targets this season... he could be that bit of senior level experience in the top third of the pitch we really need... that is if Waghorn does leave....

centre back and striker are just so key to sign

Does anyone have the longer Edwards clip??
at 08:47 7 Aug 2018

Including the penalty box action and shot...

I only have the GIF of the flick over the defender.. and want to wow some non Town mates
Nolan 9 goals last term
at 16:02 6 Aug 2018

Looking at the channel earlier and his stats, firstly I didn't realise he scored as many as 9, and also that he is more of a runner/dribbler than I expected rather than just a upfield playmaker

So improved team for Rotherham...
at 11:34 6 Aug 2018

————————— Bart (less the flapping)

Subs: Gerken, Dozzell, Edun, Roberts, Sears, wolfenden

That is a much much better team; and with tilt it’s very strong in defence. I would like to see Dozzell starting alongside Chalobah.. but despite skuses flaws we need his experience whilst the loanees and youngsters step up.

Now one thing you note is the likes of Kenlock, Emmanuel, Nydam and Morris not even making the bench it’s getting a stronger squad

Dear Phil - transfer insights please?
at 08:43 6 Aug 2018

Are we going for Nsiala and Tilt now the Waghorn money is in?

Is Knudsen staying in your view?

Is Garner really off (I would like to see him replaced)?

Who is the most likely striker to come in (albeit still think this leaves us lite)?

I personally think we need a quality loan of an experienced striker as well!

Any nuggets welcome.
I’m really looking forward to life under Hurst and getting our...
at 10:46 5 Aug 2018

.... football team BACK.

But I don’t think we can under estimate what a big step up for Paul it is and just how tough this league is going to be this season.

You can see from the interview that in some ways it was a big relief to get through it, and also salvage a point. I think when he sits down and watches the video that there is a lot to be done and quickly.

The 3-4 new signings are essential.

My one concerns given the strength of the league is the loss of Waghorn and that need for quality and experience in the final third, and at championship level.

Bart (although it was a terrible flap yesterday) and chambers are crucial as the spine; I think Skuse then continues to not fully deliver.. and then we lose Waghorn.

I’m loving the youth and lower league players being brought through - just look at Edwards - but I feel we need a bigger name also in the team -Nolan will bring heaps. But just look at the difference Graham made for Blackburn.

Great times ahead... but if we can finish top half, and having developed the team and players, then it is a MASSIVE achievement- especially having the improved passing and entertainment that is a given

My dads match report...
at 17:24 4 Aug 2018

He’s a neutral and pretty savvy; I had to rely on BBC Suffolk due to family do

Main points:

- fluke goal to equalise
- draw was the fair result
- Graham for Blackburn was the stand out, despite being an elder showed class
- PR was a completely different proposition, positive fans at atmos
- Knudsen and acrrington addition looked class in defence
- sears a waste of space
- our midfield was not right, people did not know roles

But importantly he enjoyed it!!! Yay
Good effort from ITFC in firing up fans....
at 08:49 4 Aug 2018

PLEASE LET US - please let us win - PLEASE LET US WIN
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