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Great win for our B team; fantastic for Judge; A team rested for this...
at 21:52 20 Nov 2019

....Blackpool team,with this consistency of players and results:

Blackpool 2 AFC Wimbledon 0
16th Nov
17Virtue-ThickSubstituted forGuyat 76'minutes
29MacDonaldSubstituted forTiltat 88'minutes
21GnanduilletSubstituted forNuttallat 84'minutes

FA Cup
9th November
Blackpool 4 Morecambe 1

11FeeneySubstituted forNuttallat 79'minutes
17Virtue-ThickSubstituted forGuyat 61'minutes
29MacDonaldSubstituted forTurtonat 61'minutes

Team predictions?
at 18:31 20 Nov 2019

From Phil's guidance it looks like:

Donacien Wolf Nsiala Kenlock
Rowe Nolan Huws Georgiou
Judge Keane

I'd suggest

Donacien Wilson Nsiala Kenlock
Rowe Huws Skuse Georgiou
Judge Keane

With a much stronger bench with perhaps both Norwood and Jackson
Was thinking of getting an electric car or lug-in hybrid....
at 15:34 20 Nov 2019

...only to find that many can't have tow bars! who knew?
Question 2 - pre-match meal ideas
at 11:51 20 Nov 2019

I’m bringing a senior business contact (who is a Blackpool fan) to PR on Saturday...( he will be referred to as a ‘mate’ in my coruscating match reports)

Coming in on the A12 parking by Punch and Judy.

Any thoughts on pre-match food venue other than Ask?

Many thanks
Question 1 - Lincoln on TV
at 11:48 20 Nov 2019

Is Lincoln available to view in any shape or form?

It says ‘Live on ifollow” but not sure what that means.

Thanks in advance.
Ireland finally got progressive against Denmark in their last game......
at 19:27 19 Nov 2019

.... in an impressive performance roared on by their home fans. McGoldrick was excellent.

But 7 goals out of 8 games, in a group with Georgia and Gibraltar, and going to Georgia for a 0-0.

Pragmatic given the squad depth? Or lack of technical ambition? Given the display against the group leaders?

Who cares!!!
Anyone watching this Randy Andy Dispatches expose...
at 23:52 18 Nov 2019

.... he is f@cked..... totally

He was lying out of his teeth in that interview... unbelievable

And this Maxwell daughter deeply implicated.

They’re all reptiles.
As Tesla announce Berlin as their Giga factory location... stating Brexit..
at 12:24 13 Nov 2019

.. uncertainty as a factor. Obviously there was not guarantee we would get it, but still it is a consideration.

I'm minded of all these people they keep interviewing on the news, in economically challenged North East and other areas. Who keep saying they feel betrayed, and will vote Tory, and just want 'get Brexit done'(trumpeting Boris' latest line).

How feckin brainwashed by the Farage spin and Murdoch press are these people? do they not know that this is only phase 1 of Brexit? do they not think that their local Labour MPs have not been speaking to local business, and are trying to protect them economically. What benefit from Brexit are they actually clinging on to?!

Its very very weird.

PS - Watched by chance Piers Morgan on breakfast telly this morning. What an odious, heartless, right wing, and opinionated character he is.
Thoughts on last night... Huws proper work out
at 11:48 13 Nov 2019

It was cold, our fans are frankly ridiculous in their enthusiasm currently, and for those moaning at Lambert there was a mismatch between our rabid (go to anything) support and how seriously our manager is taking the tournament.

I'm still quite glad I went just to assess fringe and youth players.

Both teams were actually fairly up for it. And when Ipswich's pressing, movement and running at defenders (to break up the lines) clicked for 2 x 10mins periods, it was quite entertaining. And we should have turned penalty box pressure into goals. I do think if we'd put 2 or 3 senior players on for the last 20-30mins we'd have walked it.

The goal was a complete fluke, feel sorry for Holy.

So to the team:

- Holy, thought he did well overall through the night, his height helped on a few shot stops, distribution was OK. Shame about the goal and one other error. Feels like he is number 2 now
- Donacien - had a pretty good night; looked solid. Just lacks that fizz in the opposition. Good back-up to KVY, should be on bench. But this lack of games hopefully gives time for KVY to come back for Blackpool game
- Nsiala - too lose and reckless again at times, there is a good player in there somewhere. He is physical. Got in a fracas over someone coming in hard on him
Wilson - looked alongside Huws as the best players on the pitch; great back up / competition for The Wolf and Chambo
Kenlock - probably 3rd best player tonight, still runs like an emu, but did a lot right, again our system/pattern needs runners to break the lines, he did that
Edwards - he wasn't woeful, but he was poor given the standard of opposition, felt this was opportunity for him to shine, he is not a first team player at present in my view
El Mizouni - started brightly, but I am normally very impressed with him, and he wasn't moving off the defenders enough, Huws was frustrated with lack of running/options
McGavin - tidy, covered some ground, popped up in the right places and looks composed, and was comfortable at the level, but for me he didn't 'wrip up enough trees'. One to watch though.
HUWS - fantastic to see one of our most important players NOW fully fit. Game was worthwhile just for his run out. He was covering huge amounts of ground and getting really stuck in physically, definitely over the injury finally. He has a cultured game and can weave out of issues. Shame El Mizouni and Folami couldn't provide him enough options for the positions he got himself in to distribute. I see him alongside Downes in our starting 11 soon.
Georgiou - should have been one of the stand out players, had some passage of play, but overall not enough influence on the game
Folami - a lot of positive noises about him, but I wasn't impressed. Clearly coming back from injury and also service to a single striker against a lump was wrong. BUT there were opportunities for him to run the channels better and be more clinical

I thank you

Isn't it quite ironic that Trump and Morrison, the climate change deniers....
at 19:40 11 Nov 2019

... and coal proponents, have countries ablaze due to climate change.

Of note on CH4 news tonight Morrison has being using the Trump/Boris narrative of liberal lefties tree huggers being disconnected from real Australians.... and yet rural communities are now saying action on climate change is a priority
Wayne Brown on the FA Cup draw it written in the stars? (n/t)
at 19:09 11 Nov 2019

As our politicians begin to bend the truth regularly..and our media start a move
at 10:00 7 Nov 2019 fact checking as a form of reporting.

Crazy crazy times; I see this populist hard-right wing push as a real negative of Brexit and Farage's odious influence.

Lets look at the master in action and the media reaction:

That is so outrageous, with conservative estimates that he has lied or told a falsehood 13,000 times in his presidency. But with Fox supporting the line that Dems and Fake News are evil he continues to sow DEEP divisions in US society and creates a lunatic fringe. We simply cannot go down this route as a society.

Then you have the madness of Labour's spending promise, which will be built on an economy being ruined by Brexit and digitilistion.

Thanks God Town are top of the league.
at 20:16 6 Nov 2019

.... I am disgusted.... Trump and the sh!t, and long term damage, he has brought to the USA, including his lies, manipulation and band standing IS NOT SOMETHING THE UK WANTS OR NEEDS:

This is a fecking outrage.. is this really where Farage and Brexit is taking out country and political system?

Shame on them, shame on them.

PS - I am not voting for Corbyn either; but I'm tempted to given this outrage.

What sh!t are we leaving for our children and grandchildren.
And this about sums up where our politics is going, and the demise of the USA
at 12:23 1 Nov 2019

And we have that buffoon, as President of the USA, promoting the unaccountable and disruptive force that is Farage....

Race to the bottom.

Cannot allow our politics to get dragged down to the dumbed down, factless, prejudiced level that American has reached.

And for those idiots in the UK who still cling to the notion that Trump is doing good... just wake up, its an economic cycle, not his policies, and even today he has repealed a key environmental protection!
[Post edited 1 Nov 13:51]
Still nothing official on KVY and Skuse injury?!
at 11:31 30 Oct 2019

Hope they're not serious!
Any injury updates on KVY and Skuse injuries?? (n/t)
at 10:44 29 Oct 2019

Any update on how bad Skuse and KVY injuries are??? Thanks (n/t)
at 18:35 26 Oct 2019

Great win.... needed that... I think we know...
at 18:34 26 Oct 2019

... that Downes and either Nolan/Huws is the future of our central midfield. And that the wide players will not end up being Rowe and Edwards.... surely dobra, el mizouni ans Georgiou offer more??
Dear Marcus - it’s all about technical managers!
at 23:11 23 Oct 2019

Keane - not a technical manager, and a thug
Jewell - not a technical manager, and defensively naive
McCarthy - not a technical manager, old skool, bland and restrictive thinking
Hurst - not a technical manager, and a joke man manager

Lambert - ???? The jury is still out...but growing concerns.

Wolfenden needs to start. We need width. We need to dominate central midfield. And break between the lines. Our press needs to be as intense as Rotherham’s was tonight.

Concerned we’ve brought KVY back too early.

20,500 do not deserve that product. I brought back a number of lapsed blues, twice I brought them back under McCarthy and it was dross. Tonight was poor again, much worse than against Accrington.

Come on Lambert prove us wrong - turn this around.
[Post edited 23 Oct 23:13]
Big night for Lambert....
at 10:20 23 Oct 2019

.... whilst the season so far has been great, especially with the rise of young players such as Downes, Wolfenden, El Mizouni and the onboarding of KVY, and with the league standard having been generally better than expected (bar poor finishing from the opposition), question marks still remain about Lambert's system, team selection/rotation and the effectiveness of attack and defence questionable...... I think tonight he needs to pull one out of the bag, get the team prepared, motivated and set-up correctly and lets really outplay Rotherham and get the fans rocking.

Rotherham's form seems sketchy = beating Doncaster and Blackpool, but losing to (EDIT) high flying Bristol Rovers and Oxford.

Need to make Accrington a blip.... Peterborough and Sunderland on the rise?!
[Post edited 23 Oct 10:35]
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