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Match Report - mixed emotions, ultimately positivity
at 22:41 17 Sep 2019

I like that ground. It’s such a cut above the other identi-kit stadiums with its tiled exterior, floating roof. The local pale ale was also excellent. It’s still in a retail park though.

Just walking up to the ground the number of town fans started to become apparent - 3,300+ - wow! And perhaps that singing at the end was the highlight of the night. This feels like a movement, despite the players failing to ignite the second half. We did have two great attacking moves in the second period where the atmos went mental - imagine if we’d played really well for the whole match!

I’d challenged Lambert to get his selection and system right and claim the 3 points. And as soon as the team graphic came up, it just looked right. And for 30mins it just WAS right.

Garbutt and KVY were rocking the wide positions, and our best technical player Huws (ably assisted by an advanced Nolan, and a back to his best Downes).

The hoofing had gone, and we just were on the ball. Why play long ball!!! Jesus we wished for something better - the movement just cannot be built on aimless punting!

It wasn’t hard though, the Dons were woeful. Worst team I’ve seen us play against in a while.
Maybe we made them so.

Jackson of our forwards probably thrived best in the new system. And it was a quieter night for Norwood - I hope his injury is mild as we need his closing and aggression this campaign.

I liked the central 3 of Wilson, Skuse and Chambers. Skuse thrives in that space, and staying deeper suits him. I thought despite being ‘quiet’ that was one of Chambo’s best games. Wilson I would agree was excellent, but it was a little no nonsense, and The Wolf will keep it on the deck more.

Second half was poor, and a better team would have taken the chances and possession and beaten us. But we got the three points, kept the unbeaten record. And we need to build on what seems the right system, which the retuning Garbutt and Huws can make work.

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Very excited about tonight.... but big night for Lambert
at 14:14 17 Sep 2019

.... he’s stated we’re going there to win; and his team selection and system set-up are key.

He has an embarrassingly good squad... and I’m backing him fully - and enjoying this season immensely - but the lack of a plan B / C, and the longer inaccurate ball is a concern. I think we need Nolan, Dozzell and/or Huws in the team to link play better and get it on the deck.
neutral mate went saturday.....
at 21:19 16 Sep 2019

knows Ipswich pretty well, seen a few games already this season, just spoke to him, his view:

- Donny the better side
- Their young premiership loanee was the pick of the midfielders and ran the show
- Downes was making errors and losing possession
- We were going far too long to Norwood and Jackson... and it simply wasn't working against their big centre back
- Our system looked wrong
Ultimately Huws and Nolan have to start....
at 17:23 16 Sep 2019

…. so how do we make that work?

I think because Skuse and Downes have both had such a good season so far, they seem to be first on the team list..... but is that inhibiting us?

Something is not quite right with the current system/selection....

Looking forward to a win and a good performance in front of a massive away following.
Latest from MK Dons ticket office
at 13:09 16 Sep 2019

Just spoke to a very helpful lady at the MK Dons ticket office.

We have sold around 3000 tickets.

They are doing cash purchase walk ups, at a ticket booth at Gate 3, behind the visitors stand from 6pm.

There will be plenty made available, 500 tickets on the night, expect them to be in the upper tier. Those sold in advance have been both upper and lower.

Walk ups to this booth are cash only, but you can pay by card bu at the main ticket office.

Ground map below.

Hope this helps.
The reason I was anti Mick by the end, was that I found it...
at 21:59 14 Sep 2019

... unacceptable as a Town fan to be outplayed technically week in week in week out
at home, results aside...

I really hope today was a blip, and Lambert with his superior squad, can find the system and balance of pass and move that we have seen, regularly! But not consistently. And the true change that will bring the real feel good factor back to the club.

Stern test... when will Huws and/or Nolan start...
at 10:10 14 Sep 2019

Different type of team turning up today, good passing and more dangerous than recent opposition.

A win and a really convincing performance and the club will be rocking ahead of MK Dons.

By convincing I mean a consistent display of passing, pressing and threat, and with players looking comfortable in their given roles. KVY is going to be a huge difference.

So much competition it is ridiculous.

I personally think Huws has to start soon - I don’t have a clue who to drop, perhaps testing Skuse in a few weeks when a weaker opposition comes to park the bus?

Also Nolan is very good at this level, very composed, effective and carries a threat.

Surely at least appearances from the bench today.

Some of the players not making the bench today may have started last season or the season before.

Good point from our European friend..
at 15:24 5 Sep 2019

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I know I’m getting carried away...
at 08:53 4 Sep 2019

... but if our squad can have a year together, cementing a system and ethos of play, with enough wins for promotion, then we’d go back into the Championship transformed.

And with the likes of Downes, KVY, The Wolf, Dobra, El Mizouni with a season of growing and maturing. Each worth £1m plus.

And with the likes of Bishop and Huws fit.

Some further additions and a massive buzz about the place - it would be happy days!!
Man, we’ve got some serious competition and we’re finally putting our....
at 22:17 3 Sep 2019

... youngsters into a system and ethos that makes them thrive and add further competition

You have to think that Huws and Nolan should soon start...

Great that even fringe players like Roberts and Donacien played well.

Hammond drops a bomb shell
at 08:29 3 Sep 2019

Basically stated that the UK government is lying about EU negotiations, and in fact has a strategy of allowing them to fail as within the ridiculous timeframe. There is actually no formal negotiating team, and critically there are no substantive proposals on the table with Brussels.

Amazing how all these Leave figures and the unaccountable Farage campaigned on a Brexit with a deal, admitting the importance of a strong agreement with our largest market. Suggesting it would be easy - Are now driving us in this direction.

Crazy times.... all massively damaging... and all fairly pointless.
Pre-match warm-up
at 12:09 1 Sep 2019

One thing that really got my goat about the Mick era and latterly Hurst, was the pre-match warm-up.

It was basic and crucially never changed, for season after season, despite clear challenges in style and system.

Yesterday there was a myriad of individual and group exercises going on.

Defenders in a line moving in unison to handle incoming balls

One on ones with Judge

Strikers not just shooting but having to take aerials.

There were also a lot more coaching staff involved.

Long may it continue.
£500k for KVY... that is good busienss
at 19:44 31 Aug 2019

I've only seen him in a pre-season friendly, and in two Town games.... but he must already be moving his value toward the 1 million mark
Some of these Skuse performances under Lambert are a joy to watch...
at 19:26 31 Aug 2019

... he was excellent in passages today... and at times dominant

It is maybe the division one quality.... but he simply didn't produce to this level... perhaps Downes drive is inspiring him

But how do we Huws and Nolan into the team?!?! And how do we give Dozzell the run of games he needs to develop?!?

Lovely problems to have
Spoke to Toto after the game..... he says 2 weeks....
at 18:55 31 Aug 2019

... before he is match ready
at 08:52 31 Aug 2019

There is a huge buzz about Town at the moment... can’t remember it being as good as this for a long time, and we’re attracting a crowd size better than many whilst in the Championship

But we’re still not the finished article on the pitch, as shown second half against Peterbrough and first half against Wimbledon, and The Shrews are a better outfit than our last two wins and they are seemingly well up for it.

Team will need to be on it, Norwood will need to take his chances (pleased he admitted his profligacy after Bolton and wants to improve).

The Judge dilemma needs sorting, and I feel half the problem has been his mind set, and that he can deliver value out wide. Do we need bothering Skuse and Downes at home? Huws looks sharp.

I’m really looking forward to seeing KVY at home, he is going to be a big impact on the season and team - he looked (finally) to be a proper full back, who can venture forwar.

A win today and the Town really will be rocking
So team for Saturday...
at 08:36 29 Aug 2019

It will have 4 and 2; and expect to see the primary defenders and strikers

But what will Lambert do with the embarrassment of riches that is our midfield.

Rowe has been good, but truly effective I’m not sure?

Huws was absolutely purring at Bolton... looked masterful, albeit against poor opposition

Judge was better in the wide role, and looked more settled

El Mizouni adds dynamism - but probably like Rowe gets pushed down the pecking order with Jackson’s running in the team

Dozzell - one pass does not a starting spot make, but surely he’s going to have ‘that game soon’

Edwards gets the goal, and looks fit, if not dominant

Nolan returning to full fitness

I like Skuse, but is two defensive minded midfielders necessary at home?

Downes - first name on the team sheet?

—————— Holy
KVY——Chambo—The Wolf—— Kenlock
——————- Norwood—-Jackson

With Rowe, Dozzell, Keane as impact subs if necessary

What do you think?

at 16:59 27 Aug 2019

So we're reaching total melt-down on Brexit. As anyone sane had predicted.

Boris, egged on by Farage, is making Brussels the scapegoat, and the great masses are baying for no-deal... the US trade deal from Trump and his nutters as some panacea to our woes. Whitehall and local government are in melt down over readiness and budgets for readiness are insufficient, immigration and customs processes are years from being fit for purpose. The Irish border and renewed border and sectarian tensions seem completely insurmountable, technology a red-herring.

Business, academia, and the vast majority of experts state no-deal is extremely damaging; period. The benefits for leaving even after many years of bedding in our exit, looks flawed.

Brazil rain forests, Iran, the Russia threat, being stronger in a trading block rather than alone against large scale emerging economies, makes the well-informed think we should be align with our forward thinking European neighbours, rather than the loony populists such as Trump.

Now the saner voices in Parliament are aligning with the lefty voices in Corbyn's 'opposition' to stop the madness, but they will be demonised by the right wing press as 'stopping democracy'... and uproar commences. Parliament slated - the populist conspiracy theorists become ascendant.

All the while Boris (often likeable) b@llsh!ts and you have to wonder is there enough uproar to him lying to the British people, and following the Trumpean model.

In short - it is very very messy; and of course time slips by, and even if we did get some concessions from EU (unlikely given the disarray the EU see before them), we haven't even started the trade negotiations with our most important market - the EU!

Thank God for a resurgent ITFC.
[Post edited 27 Aug 17:01]
Huws and KVW - what we’ve been waiting for??
at 18:19 25 Aug 2019

Yes it was a young Bolton team all at sea... but when Huws and KVY were purring yesterday it just struck me just how much we’ve needed that cultured right back; and that central midfielder who can pull the strings.

If they can replicate against better teams in this league then we really are rocking.

Very exciting.

For me either in a diamond or flatter 4-4-2 at this level we need play downes or skuse alongside Huws or Dozzell (if he can step up).
So Brazil’s Trump states that NGOs are starting these forest fires...
at 19:22 22 Aug 2019

... to deflect from his encouragement of deforestation.

It’s the tactics of the right wing populists - such as Trump, Farage, and to a lesser extent Boris. Deflect, deflect.

What damage this horrible trend is causing.

The Amazon basin produces 20% of the worlds oxygen!
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