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5 million barrier broken by the Petition... to celebrate check out this march...
at 15:01 24 Mar 2019

... banner, its genius:

I like Europeans.....
at 12:08 22 Mar 2019

.... I really like the Dutch Prime Minister, and the Irish, and the German. They talk sense to me, and clearly like the English and value the relationship, and really don't want us to leave. They seem sensible, and organised, and balanced.

Even Tusk and the EU elite (who clearly need reform) are beginning to look a lot saner than our shambolic leadership... I find this quite funny:

We just look like a country of feckin Jacob Rees Mogg bafoons..... some of the tabloid headlines... they're just ridiculous. What are we are bunch of England supporters from the 1980s - jesus wept.

Our economy is not just going to get hit by the trade uncertainty and barriers, but just our credibility as a country, a place to do business. UK used to be seen as a number one venue to invest and place HQs: in Europe, great rule of law, imaginative (if a little unproductive) people....

Petition is now at 2.9 million! TWO POINT NINE MILLION... thats just people with the gumption to go through the process.

Coming back to the point... Europe were demonised by our right wing press over decades... and the Leave campaign preyed on that and added lies around what Leave meant.... its all so embarrassing and shambolic. Detailed lie analysis below:
Sign the petition people and let's get back to actually
at 10:58 21 Mar 2019

... trying to run our country and improve it, based on being in a solid trading block.

Brexit is a dead duck, that was mis-sold. There is no resolution that is worth the negatives. Lets get back in Europe and be a strong reforming voice.

If you think Brexit can be solved in anything under 5 to 7 years you are misguided. We haven't even started the process in anger.
Where is Downes?
at 09:40 18 Mar 2019

Met a couple of Luton season ticket holders... and they really rated him from his time last season.

Is he injured?

Can he play the Chalobah role next term?

I understand the concerns over Skuse.

I think Skuse has had a good season, and I understand why he gets such passionate support on here.

But I’m just not sure Skuse ever really puts in the type of performance seen from a Chalobah yesterday.
I think Spurs fans want Milwall to win this penalty shoot out (n/t)
at 16:36 17 Mar 2019

Surely not finishing bottom is a rallying cry for the fans, Lambert and the team
at 08:46 15 Mar 2019

Awful season, lightened by some of the recent football and performances.

We have the chance not to finish bottom; and to end the season with a run of good results - something to rally around??
For all those Farage/Trump lovers who talk as if Brexit has been badly...
at 20:02 14 Mar 2019

... negotiated and feel that ‘WTO’ is some panacea....

This is well worth a read (especially as it starts to expose some of the utter cretins on the right who promote these fallacies for their own ends):

Brexit is not going to happen (n/t)
at 19:57 13 Mar 2019

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Hello recession and lack of investment...
at 19:34 13 Mar 2019

... my name is UK PLC and I love uncertainty, dithering and a protracted distraction of my direction for 7 years... perhaps we should get together
Another encouraging performance 5 draws in 6 games...
at 21:47 12 Mar 2019

.... just lack a striker, and still a few errors in defence

Jackson wasn't given the right service again.

But some of the midfield passing was excellent.

And the young full backs, after a shaky first half really grew into the game.

I just wonder if Dawkins and Quaner had been better signings and if sears and keane had stayed fit... we may well be close to safety
Dozzell, Emmanuel, Toto and Jackson start....
at 18:50 12 Mar 2019

..... freshening it up a bit.

Big night for Emmnuel and Toto.

I quite like Toto, some amazing blocks, along with some errors - but hey which defenders hasn't had errors.

I assume Emmanuel has looked sharp in training - and we are never going to be able to keep Bree

Hope Dozzell can shine... but expect Bishop to come on, and Bree later
Anyone know if you can get tonight’s red button game on Now TV?
at 15:39 12 Mar 2019

Quote from Bishop says it all...
at 15:38 11 Mar 2019

...“The gaffer has given us licence to interchange a bit in midfield. It’s definitely not ‘You stay here, you stay there’.

"We’re moving around but at the same time we all know the job we have to do and I think we’ve all enjoyed playing over the last couple of months.”
It was a cracking goal Saturday; finally have a right back
at 08:55 11 Mar 2019

Lots of runners, lots of movement, lots of short passes, then just a cracking cross from Bree

He’s been a great acquisition - albeit all to late for our survival. He makes you realise what it’s like to have a decent full back who can pass and I’ve forward and defend.

Hats off to Kenlock as well who seems to be improving with every game, after a shaky start.

Shame we won’t be able to afford Bree next term.
Terry Butcher said...
at 00:35 3 Mar 2019

That Lambert has made him excited to come to Portman Road for a very long time.

And that he believes in him as a person and a manger who can pull the club together.

The question is that whether his inability to get wins is down to our squad quality and our years of eroding of playing system, or his ability?

We have to start getting a winning mentality.

I hope he’s the guy to bring that!
Is Harrison injured?? (n/t)
at 10:30 27 Feb 2019

Did Keiron Dyer not come through the academy?
at 20:29 26 Feb 2019

Club posting that Kenlock and these others have graduated from the academy to then make 50+ appearances :

What no Dyer?

Hope Kenlock continues to improve. Awful first half in our last home game, but was miles better in the second.
Any injury news on Keane, Harrison, Bishop or Ginger Pele!?
at 13:16 25 Feb 2019

I assume Keane out for a while and Bishop only a short illness.

Unsure why Harrison is missing from squad.

A win against Reading would be great given the positive performances of the last 4 games.

If we can;t stay-up lets at least finish third from bottom with some confidence.

Quarner can definitely play the hold up at feet role Keane has been providing.

But who to play alongside him.
Should Chambers return?
at 10:56 23 Feb 2019

I like Chambers and I think he is trying to adapt to our improved style under Lambert, and he believes he can as per article below. But apart from the Knudsen/Bart error I think our current central defenders are well suited to the style. But clearly Collins is another level and should come in.


Town have been good in the last few games - tired against Stoke, but definitely NOT a terrible performance.

Would be nice to get the win and performance at Wigan and take it into Reading.

EADT Article
—————————- Chambers believes Town’s more direct style of play under former boss Mick McCarthy means supporters have not seen his true ability in possession, with the skipper insisting he is comfortable with what he is being asked to do by his new boss.

“From day one he has made it clear how he wants us to play, to play out from the back more than we have done in the past – and with purpose,” Chambers wrote in his column for the matchday programme.

“He said to me when he first came in that he didn’t know what sort of player I was and whether I could play the way he is asking us to play but I have always adapted to every manager I have worked with – and I have always been decent wit the

“People haven’t seen that here maybe because of the way we have played over the last few years. It was more about knocking the ball longer because we weren’t set up to play out from the back.

“In the past when I had the ball, I didn’t have three or four option in front of me. I didn’t get the ball and automatically know where my team-mates were so if you do try and pass in that situation you can put your team-mates in it. That’s not me.

“The gaffer has come in and shown us how to play in a way we have not seen here before. He has given us the confidence to play.
Adam Webster update
at 19:36 22 Feb 2019

Spoke to Bristol City fan mate (mates mates mates)

Initial concern after a few games of poor defending and looking miles off the quality of Flint he was replacing. Culpable for a number of goals.

But is now in a state of awe. Passing, defending, vision. Sometimes moves into almost a holding midfielder role. Better at beating players than their forwards.

Feels that he is under the radar currently but will inevitably be bought and play in the premier league.

Good on him; needed get out of the static and hopeless system and style we’ve endured as Town fans.
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