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Match Report
at 19:05 2 Dec 2017

Well me and two mates went to the game, it was cold and technical clothing was required. Seemed more fans around the place but I wouldn't say it was buzzing behind the Pioneer. After a nice real ale and pie consumed we headed to the stand, and good seats. Ticket prices are always more palatable once a generous TWTDer has given you there season ticket details.

I had heard rumour Garner was playing but the line-up revealed the lone striker of Waghorn, with Ward, Celina and Huws behind him, this immediately looks balanced to me, but I feared would lack the cutting edge to get goals (how wrong?). The much maligned Iorfa got the right back spot, and positively Knudsen kept the left full back role he is really growing into.

Best way to report on the game is to use the 4 Unstable Measures of game quality, so here goes:

**1. Energy and graft throughout the team, aggression in defence and midfield. ‘Putting the shift in as you say’

8/10 - this was more like it today, this is what we expect from Mick. Throughout the team there was much more urgency in closing from front to back. Skuse seemed to covering 30% more ground for me today. Huws, Connoly also put the shift in. Waghorn constantly haranged the forest backs, and indeed one goal led from his continual on the shoulder harassing, albeit from a forward Ipswich ball. There were a couple of passages of Ipswich players hunting in packs.. which the crowd around me relished. Not been enough of that in the last 12 months. Also on a few occassions the excellent Webster, and the energetic (but sometimes flawed) Ward ran into play and broke up play by reading the game.

One issue today was our tendency to take out foot of the gas, let the energy reduce and almost invite Forest on to us. They were really struggling with Celina on the left, waghorn and any midfielder running forward. But we failed to break out enough, and although hoofing was rare today, there was again the tendency for cheap turnover.

**2. Some waves of attack and excitement at points through the game. Which may include some longer direct ball

7/10 - at times we really broke and attacked very well. I personally loved the Celina goal, thats what we want. Again the crowd around me purred at some of the passing and breaking forward. Huws is total quality some of his body feints were worth the entry fee for me. Good composure . We also got to the byline a number of times - although with surprisingly few corners. The short pass onto Knudsen for the Iorfa cross was particularly pleasing.

But again for parts of the first half and the last 20 minutes we brough pressure by not attacking. Also we used Iorfa and Ward more than Celina and Knudsen in the first half, when Forest were really struggling against the latter.

But 4 goals is good, and great this is achievable with Garner and McGoldrick, but this was to do with shape...

**3. A good shape and balance to the team, with organisation in defence

7.5/10 The 4 -2 -3 -1 shape and the personnel in it really worked today. One noticeable theme was that Iorfa and Ward interchanged really well. Also Webster was very composed and up there for MoM in my view (alongside Huws and Waghorn), he has great reading of the game and is so good on the ball. I also thought Spence was strong and again composed on the ball.

So all in all the defence was balanced and organised, the Forest goals were just both really well taken. Iorfa should have got closer to Walker Jnr, but our gangly and ungainly right back overall put in a good shift.

He and Ward stood out as the least composed players, and Ward for the first 10mins seemed to have lost some of the technical qualities from his Spurs days. But they delivered on their roles.

I have to say Forest were disappointing, generally good on the ball, but they lacked bite and cutting edge, and so our defence was never under the cosh for extended periods.

**4. Some good passing, and movement, and efficient use of the ball when possible. Limited aimless punting.

7/10 - Now this is where the game felt like a different day at the office for Town than the dross of last season and certain games this term. Huws, Webster and Huws.. and yes Skuse were really enabling us purr at times and move the ball. And therefore fans (especially around me) were getting enthused and positive - how we've lacked good passing.

Now it wasn't all perfect and we missed many chances to retain the ball or hurt Forest. And again we went into our shells in the second part of the second half. And we have to increase our posession stats and make passing more central to our game to truly progress. But this was a lot lot better.

So overall a pleasing and at times a truly exciting game. Let's keep this up and stick with teams that want to get the ball down. One side note, although I love Chambo's leadership, I do feel Spence was so much more composed on the ball in comparison, able to find a yard of space and distribute effectively.

Two final points:
1. Bart is sensational... I will be amazed if no one comes in for him in January
2. My mates really enjoyed it, and want to go back soon!

COYFB... progress and in huws / waghorn / celina / webster / bart some real quality , keep up the passing, and 2 signings in January.. perhaps we could really threaten the play-offs.

Well done Mick.
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Trump is a lie machine.....
at 11:20 2 Dec 2017

How is he able to just continually lie... it's just staggering. He lies every day, he says untruths.. and he then calls facts Fake News... is he ushering in a period were lying is deemed positive/!??


His latest is that he is making a big play that his new tax cuts will hurt his fortunes, most financial experts have reviewed and are stating he will benefit.

The headlines will be taken by his base as fact, and no doubt his strength in that group will continue. But its not true.

We live in funny times people.

Anyway enough already - COYB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Post edited 2 Dec 11:21]
at 10:09 2 Dec 2017

... emboldened by cheaper ticket prices thanks to a TWTD stalwart season ticket holder, our group of 3 prepare ourselves for Temple Portman Road... and GLORY.

In an inverse of Luke Skywalker, myself "I have a good feeling about this"... despite the loss of fire power in Garner and McGoldrick... I think the resurgent Ward and the fit Huws could make a difference.

My new game quality criteria is as follows:

1. Energy and graft throughout the team, aggression in defence and midfield. ‘Putting the shift in ’
2. Some waves of attack and excitement at points through the game. Which may include some longer direct ball
3. A good shape and balance to the team, with organisation in defence
4. Some good passing, and movement, and efficient use of the ball when possible. Limited aimless punting.

As long as I get 1 & 2 today I am happy, and we may get a result.

Elements of 3 & 4 then Christmas has come early!!

Rooney / Burnley
at 21:10 29 Nov 2017

Watched first half of Everton. Rooney was awesome as the deep playmaker. Ran the game. Always moving, amazing touch and passing. How we could do with a player like that?!? Maybe we’ve got a lite version with Huws.

On another note, aren’t Burnley having an amazing season?!
Well done Mick, Well Done Team, unbelievable
at 21:55 28 Nov 2017

If you compare those town squads then this is just a sensational result, that must have taken a great level of effort.

Great stuff.

I'm now going Saturday.
Keogh, Lawrence, Baird, Weiman, Vydra, Nugent,Davies, Ledley, Huddlestone
at 19:32 28 Nov 2017

Oh my word... COYB will have to play out of our skins to get a result
Thoughts on line-up??
at 18:41 28 Nov 2017

I reckon this is our best option, why not?!

Spence - Chambo - Webster - Knudsen

On that note what has happende to Nydam and Downes, and the emergent Bru?

Bonkers stuff.
Villa fans view
at 18:08 25 Nov 2017

Just spoke to Villa mate who was at the game.

He stated it was the best Villa had played in a while, Davies was massively improved and important to the game.

He didn’t understand why our goal was disallowed.

But overall he thought we were a poor team, who offered very little threat, and were not ‘good on the ball’

It’s funny that BBC Suffolk were lauding the first half performance.

I imagine the truth is somewhere in between, given mates bias.

We were never going to win today, especially if Huws was not fit to start, what with villas squad and improving form.

The time for 3 points was hull and sheff weds.

Interesting caller on BBC Suffolk, who seemed genuine, he met with and spoke with Sheff Weds doctor. He said the weds bench were flabbergasted that Waghorn was subbed as he was causing them so many problems. Changed the game.

Hey ho. Great Bishop and Huws are coming back. Still have serious doubts that mick can get the best out of what is an increasingly strong set of midfielders.

Enjoy your Saturday nights people!
Win, lose, draw .... I don’t feckin care
at 21:57 22 Nov 2017

If you take that game as a whole, the quality of football is just completely uninspiring and unacceptable.

Wake up people
Footage of Mick's interaction with Phil in today's press conference..
at 19:41 16 Nov 2017

... has made it onto the BBC web-site:
5 games in 15 days test - predictions
at 19:11 16 Nov 2017

Looks tough over these 5 matches, below is the last 6 form table position and W L D numbers for Town and our opposition:

17 Ipswich - 2 0 4

15 Hull----- 2 1 3 (away)
9 Sheff W- 3 1 2 (home)
10 Villa---- 3 1 2 (away)
3 Derby---- 4 1 1 (away)
5 Forest---- 4 0 2 (home)

Don't have a good feeling myself, Hull our best chance, but feels like Mick is going to shut up shop away from home, and this brings pressure on to us.

I'll go DWLLD - 5 points from 15. I think this may put pay to play-offs in touching distance.

Prove me wrong Mick you dour man you.

Our squad is beginning to look the strongest for a long time
at 18:27 11 Nov 2017

I’m not sure how bad Smiths injury is, but hoping that and McGoldricks are not serious, combined with the return of Huws and Adeyemi it’s beginning to look very positive.

The two Rangers players up front, combined with two fine youths in Downes and Nydam, and a fantastic loanee from Man City.

I also think Luke Wolfeden is going to be pushing for the first team soon.

We have the likes of Ward and sears pushing from the bench, both are of quality on their day.

Even Bru, who definitely has talent is pushing again.



WAGHORN/Ward DOWNES/Skuse/Bru/Adeyemi HUWS/Nydam/Bishop CELINA

It’s a marked improvement. Weak on left wing and perhaps competition at full backs.

We just need nick to get the most out of it; get back to more aggression, more energy, more attacking, and less respect for opposition.

This league is mental. If Marcus splashed on a star midfielder and striker to really go for it, we’d be in with a real chance of the play-offs.

Would be great to get a run going. Again I have no idea why mick rested Webster and Spence against Cardiff and made such a radical team change. Missed opportunity with the international break around the corner.

COYB; confidence and we might just progress
So it’s official U-S-A has gone mad!!
at 09:58 8 Nov 2017

I give you:

Pastor Robert Jeffress, an evangelical preacher at a Dallas megachurch and faith adviser to President Donald Trump, told "Fox & Friends" on Monday morning that a shooter wouldn't get more than one or two shots off in his church before being stopped by an armed member.

"I'd say a quarter to a half of our members are concealed carry, they have guns and I don't think there's anything wrong with that," Jeffress said. "They bring them into the church with them."

President Donald Trump said stronger background checks for gun purchases would have made Sunday’s mass shooting at a south Texas church even deadlier.

During a press conference in South Korea, NBC’s Ali Vitali asked Trump if he would consider “extreme vetting” for anyone wanting to buy a gun.

After describing gun control as “a situation that probably shouldn’t be discussed right now,” Trump said stronger background checks would have made “no difference” in the attack, which left 26 people dead, including several children.

Trump also invoked Stephen Willeford, the Sutherland Springs resident who confronted shooter Devin Kelley. With more background checks, the president said, “you might not have had that very brave person who happened to have a gun or a rifle in his truck go out and shoot him and hit him and neutralize him. I can only say this: If he didn’t have a gun, instead of having 26 dead, you would have had hundreds more dead.”
That's some weird fish (n/t)
at 20:10 5 Nov 2017

Preston Injury Crisis
at 11:30 4 Nov 2017

They lost Callum Woods and Josh Earl to bad injuries against Villa on Tuesday and also have out:

Tom Clarke, Greg Cunningham, Ben Davies, Tommy Spurr and Marnick Vermijl

We only have 2 first team choices out currently.

Let's get into them.
Who else is following the stealth Russian Facebook propaganda campaign expose?!?
at 23:57 2 Nov 2017

This is just getting more mental by the day, and seems to not be getting them headlines it merits.

The sheer hate and bile in the ‘sponsored’ posts - how could have Facebook allowed them as targeted ‘ads’ and not know at the time they were from Russia?!? Did you see the Russian operatives actually organised a frickin anti-Muslim march in Texas - all remotely by stealth.

Absolutely nuts.

Not surprising Zuckerberg is going berserk and doubling his security staff to 20,000.

Very surreal.

Trove of 'Russian troll' posts exposed by Congress

Facebook, Twitter and Google berated by senators on Russia
Facebook on US elections... just wow
at 09:09 31 Oct 2017

This seems like a big news story to me and surely Russia needs to be severely punished for this.

In summary Facebook have had to release proven metrics on Russia interference in the US election - anti-Democrat - and it’s actually 80,000 ‘divisive’ political news stories which reached 126m Facebook users. 126m.

It’s as if they’d flown planes over major cities chucking out pamphlets.

Mental. The internet is a strange phenomenon.
Kevin Bru
at 20:12 28 Oct 2017

I’ve always quite liked Bru. He’s never going to be a top class Championship player.

But I think in a better set-up team, with a defined system, better movement and options he could have improved and had a role.

What a turn around by Mick to bring him on. Crazy.

Personally Downes is the future and like to see him getting starts, and. It being rested.
at 15:04 27 Oct 2017

Read on for some detail on the EU bank cl@sterf&ck:

Mr Stubb, a former prime minister of Finland, told the BBC that the UK's money could be tied up for decades in after it leaves the EU in 2019.
"Everyone on both sides of the negotiating table agree that we have to pay back the 3.5 billion euro, basically in cash, and that will happen over a long period, up until 2054, because that's when the loans are amortised."

He insisted that no-one in the bank wanted to "punish" the UK for leaving and actually wanted to "alleviate the pain" of Brexit.
"I have a British heart pumping, I am married to a Brit, my children have dual nationality and I think Brexit is one of the biggest travesties that we have seen in the modern era," he said.
"So I will do everything in my power to alleviate the pain, but the economic facts are just such that there are no winners in Brexit - apart from perhaps a few lawyers. Unfortunately, we will see this in the coming years."
We need to change the manager now
at 23:14 22 Oct 2017

I’ve had a chance to reflect on today.

Firstly it was a great occasion and the build up excellent. I thought the blue cards (albeit became paper aeroplane central) were a nice touch, and I thought the PA got everyone going.

Atmosphere at kick-off was great. Lifted the players, Norwich rattled. And we blustered our way through the first half and created good chances. But town really did lack effectiveness and efficiency, it’s all a bit headless chicken, and of course it’s all too aerial. There’s no system, no plan, hence it’s all a bit ugly but again and more importantly it doesn’t stretch teams and it turns the ball over terribly quickly.

Second half our lack of composure, system and plan was horribly exposed. It’s personified by throw to chambers he gets pressed and then he passes to Spence who is already being closed by 2 players so he launches, this happened 3/4 Times.

Nydam and Adeyemis pressing probably saved us getting a hiding, and skuse was actually better. But there’s no real plan to link with front 3; mcgoldrick got frustrated early with zero service then had a shocker. I mean that punt in the air from the kick off was shocking!! We don’t have a target man.

We are just not being coached and managed well enough, it is so obvious.

We need to takes risk on a technical manager who is on the rise. We have 3/4 really good youngsters coming through and actually mick has got some good players together.

But mick does not consistently get the best from the sum of the parts.

It is obvious.
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