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I’M BACK!! What cripplingly negative drugs are you all on? AND GOODBYE
at 22:32 27 Oct 2020

I have absolutely loved being away from the myopic and prejudiced view of the vocal minority on this board, for what feels like months.

But, I couldn’t help myself, and I’ve soiled myself for two days reading back into this forum.

Look we all know Lambert comes across as a tw@t. We all know we’ve yet to really convince against sides of quality. BUT FOR GODS SAKE PEOPLE we just won!! AND we ARE playing some of the best football this season than we have seen since Magilton. As in we are actually passing, moving and attacking the box.

I DONT KNOW WHAT PLANET you were on for the last decade where lesser teams came to PR and out-passed us! but come on.. we just had 70% possession, 18 shots, and 11 corners.

Also, and critically you all complained about Lamberts Toto selection, and he changed it and still you grumble.

We’re playing some lovely stuff at times, yes we’re miles away from being perfect. BUT COME ON?!

Bye bye. I won’t read your replies because I’m off again - but put your prejudices aside, be excited by a young experimental team trying to play it the right way. Back them.
Bye Bye TWTD... play nice
at 19:29 6 Sep 2020

Loved this place since being an early adopter back in 1996.. but time to leave.. thanks Phil/Gav

It had a real comradery back then and to ride that Burley wave as a group was just joyous

But as per some other recent posters have stated, its gone the way of many things on the internet/society, its all about trolling and negativity and belligerence and nasty and disrespect being a badge of honour.

See you on the other side... and just remember:

- Trump is dangerous and is the thin end of the wedge for not just the US but the world, call him out!
- McCarthy was a great man manager, could spot a player, but its a perfectly valid opinion to suggest he was never going to progress us
- Organisations succeed with a clear vision, strategy and objectives and Marcus has failed us in this, and the selections he has made in his management team
- We won't succeed until we have the right technical/tactical manager and footballing ethos running through the club
- We're all blue brothers and sisters, we all have different opinions, but its fans forum for Ipswich Town, not a Twitter feed for slagging each other off
- Comte is the cheese of champions

See you in the Premier League... byeeeeeee

Our League Cup record - a decade since the last run and Priskin goal!!
at 16:23 6 Sep 2020

Ipswich 3 Bristol Rovers 0

Luton 3 Ipswich 1

Exeter City 4 Ipswich 2 on penalties (1-1 after ET)

Luton 0 Ipswich 2
Palace 2 Ipswich 1

Ipswich 0 Stevenage 1

Ipswich 2 Stevenage 1
Doncaster 1 Ipswich 4
Man U 3 Ipswich 0

Crawley 1 Ipswich 0

Stevenage 2 Ipswich 0

Ipswich 3 Bristol Rovers 1
Carlisle 2 Ipswich 1

Ipswich 1 Northampton 2

Exeter 2 Ipswich 3
Crewe 0 Ipswich 1
Millwall 1 Ipswich 2
Ipswich 3 Northampton 1
Ipswich 1 West Brom 0
Ipswich 1 Arsenal 0
Arsenal 3 Ipswich 0

We seem to get Stevenage a lot !

[Post edited 6 Sep 16:31]
So what the technical tweaks they’ve been working on...
at 13:56 6 Sep 2020

.... from what was on display yesterday.

For me there were 5 things that stood out:

1. Continued commitment to play out of the back, but seemingly an attempt for the goalkeeper to kick into space
2. More energy and movement in the midfield 3, attempt to move quicker off the ball and create triangles of play
3. Ability for Bishop to break into space and run into the defence due to the triangles made by the midfield 3
4. Much more action into the channels, both in terms of overloading those areas with wide front men and midfielders, but also with low punched distribution from centre backs/full backs - meaning better crossing across the box to a wide man coming in on the far post
5 An attempt to reduce the tippy tappy and get the ball into the attacking third quicker - which actually reduced our passing accuracy

Long may it continue, but much much harder tests ahead
[Post edited 6 Sep 14:12]
The Wolf likes Lambert....
at 09:23 6 Sep 2020

... well his post match interview on Twitter at least!
When Trump rambles that a wind farm can never offset its emmission from...
at 18:07 5 Sep 2020

... manufacture through it lifecycle.... and promotes fossil fuels in Pennsylvania tonight

Its 7-9months Trump, mostly reported as 7 months

His rambling on plastic straws being kept over paper! nice one
Match thoughts
at 17:10 5 Sep 2020

A really good performance today in our first real test; a lot of positives. There were passages of passing and attacking play that were a real joy to watch. And that's what Town fans crave and have been starved of for years.

But no time to get carried away, lets build on this.

Bristol Rovers will be lower half of the league this season, as they lack bite up front. But wrong to say they were terrible. And their passing, energy and different formation was at least some test om a competitive game. I believe they put out a near full strength team.

Quite a number of payers really stood out today, I'd say special mentions to Judge, Drinan, Bishop and Ward. Judge showed what he can do, and he ran his socks off today, great distribution, but notably excellent corners.

Chambo, Toto, Sears were also playing well and being effective. Chambo never a right bck, but he was full of energy. Toto was very good in the air today and looked physical. Sears got the goals, and his second was classy.

The Wolf just purred through the game, worried his groin had gone, but he carried on. And he may be a better right back option Chambo, given his cameo at the end.

Ward may well be a very important signing, I was hugely impressed by his composure today- a missing link.

What really was positive today was some of the passages of play from midfield into attack.. Judge, Bishop, Drinan, Nolan, Dozzell and Sears had some passages of play that was of a really high standard and more importantly had forward and attcaking intent. Some of Bishops runs and Dozzells passes excited me.

Noland and Dozzell are enigmas at times, you know the quality is there, but they don't grab their chance, however, overall today I thought they were effective and exciting.

If you added KVY, Downes, Jackson and Norwood into that team, playing like that we will be a threat

Judge, Holy, perhaps cemented a place today. May others are going to give Lambert a headache
First half thoughts..
at 15:52 5 Sep 2020

... Lots of positives there

Drinan has shown more attributed than I thought he had in terms of hold up play and running

Ward looks to be very solid and a bit more going forward than I expected; this could be an important signing.

Chambo struggles in the RB role; but overall has put a good shift and it was an excellent header

Our first goal was just excellent and from a Toto super ball

Toto and Wolf are doing well, but depsite being Bristol Rovers being decent in certain areas they are toothless... should have scores due to a Dozzell and perhasp Toto error

I can see why Lambert would be frustrated with The Wolf's longer ball distribution; but he still looks class.

BISHOP IS BACK - he is far more dynamic and aggressive than I can remember

Nolan, Dozzell, Sears and Judge frustrate a little, as they should be owning this game and look a level above. BUT they have produced at times... and when they do we really raise our game. Judge has been the pick. Dozzell some great balls. Nolan is better than some think.

Hope we can get a couple more goals (and Bishop continues to attack and run with the ball) we give Huws a run, Lankester as well as the new striker.
Great goal, and lots of positives against an OK Rovers side
at 15:31 5 Sep 2020

... The Wolf looking very good

Chambo is putting in a shift, but is no right back

Drinan, Bishop, and Ward are looking good

Nolan, Sears and Judge frustrate and delight in equal measure... they are better than this level, and when they purr its easy for us to cut them open.. but they're too intermittent

Toto is playing really well
Does iFollow allow you to project through Apple TV
at 10:51 5 Sep 2020

Either by screen mirroring or full AirPlay

Many thanks
So who's watching the stream tomorrow... I can't wait.. in a dark...
at 21:04 4 Sep 2020

... sado masochistic kind of a way!
Don't want to open up Photogate again...
at 11:45 4 Sep 2020

but: ... https://www.itfc.co.uk/teams/first-team/

But it does look a bit silly to have Wright, Ndaba, El Mizouni and Dobra named and presented in the first team squad.. but not with the sames photos as the rest!

And is Nydam really closer to the first team than El Mizouni? is Nydam actually even fit?
For me success for this team relies on The Wolf, Downes, KVY and Norwood
at 11:42 4 Sep 2020

Only one of whom is 'available' at present and the brilliant Wolfenden looks disenfranchised

Sighs... especially with Jackson also out

Team for Saturday:

Donacien Chambo The Wolf Ward
-------Huws Dozzell Bishop

Its that time of day again - Trump does something utterly outrageous...
at 16:55 3 Sep 2020

... encouraging voter fraud!! but much more worrying inciting hate and rebellion against the processes of a democratic nation


Why aren't Republicans calling him out??

We are now at a point where this like a surreal movie... where surely this cannot be the POTUS

PS - he has yet to join western leaders in condemning Putin
Marcus - get the chequebook out and go and get Karl Robinson....
at 12:15 3 Sep 2020

.... that guy is the best fit out there (albeit slight concern is number 2 has retired and just been replaced (albeit with a promising guy, but someone who will not leave Oxford area))

The attraction of the Town fan base and history is a draw...

No manager can not have been impressed by out turn out and volume in that gale!

But seriously we cannot get a manager now not committed to really attractive and progressive football. Oxford play the best style in the league and its effective. Another dour manager is not what this club, its young talent or the supporters need. He's made 5, FIVE errors, this has to be right
First trip to the cinema since lockdown.. Tenet...
at 21:04 31 Aug 2020

.. Great to return to the cinema... but how they are going to stay afloat is beyond me.

Lots of staff to police the rules (masks on way in, masks off during film, escorted from cinema, remove all rubbish).. but just no one there, 8 people in a large screen, so huge distancing... but seems economically unsustainable

I bought a London Pride in support (?!)

Alas Tenet,despite some great directing, scenes, and acting, is a film trying too hard to shove a complex narrative down your throat and doesn't work and at times becomes ludicrous.

Look forward to the next trip though.
Jesus TRUMP this is really dangerous
at 00:27 31 Aug 2020

He has gone very very inflammatory on Twitter today

This is becoming really dangerous

He has retweeted a false video reporting of an incident on a subway, a black male pushes a women violently

Trump retweets this directly and the foreign video has BLM and Antifa as the tag line

He is connecting this to Portland protests and the demonising of BLM and his narrative that Biden supports Antifa

The video is 18 months old and from Brooklyn. Completely unrelated.

He is also without thought and judgement in a tweet creating a martyr from the unfortunate death of the right wing convoy participant from Portland. A convoy incited by Trump. It’s tragic but the facts are simply not known yet and this ‘rest in peace’ narrative is being used as a political weapon.

He is ignoring the recent police shootings.

People need to wake up to the fact that Trump is paying no attention to what is right for America and is causing real divisions in US society.

Is no one else really troubled by this?
at 16:45 30 Aug 2020

We all know about Marcus’ incompetence at directing a football club, bar Mick his previous managerial appointments have been incompetent, bordering on damaging, and let’s be clear for all Micks positive traits his footballing ethos and style had no longevity at all at Town.

Has he completely fecked up again?

Wolfenden has been one of our best and most consistent performers, he has put the likes of Chambo and Toto to shame, and like Downes would be comfortable in a leading Championship club. Can Lambert be getting this so badly wrong?

Surely this is fans projecting? Phil, help?!

Surely with Evans and Klug to connect to the playing staff he could not have misjudged Lamberts effectiveness so badly.

I NEED a decent Town season.
Trump to get in by just fibbing hard
at 09:41 30 Aug 2020

US election 2020: Donald Trump's convention speech fact-checked https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-53922706

It’s fascinating and worrying that this highly dangerous idiot is going to get in again.

He can just say what he wants, his voice piece Fox News parrot it, social media amplifies it, and any news outlet who tells the truth gets called fake news.

The defunding of police by Biden lie is just right there!!

The Republican Party is to blame - shame on them!

What’s worrying is that this politics is coming here. Lie, shout, misinform, undermine decent journalism.

The Daily Mail, the Tories, Murdoch they’ve all got it in for the BBC, which for all its flaws is a force of good

Protect the BBC, see Trump in the right light, refuse to accept this politics!

Oh and a fit KVY, Bishop and Norwood are key to the season

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Last season pre-season
at 15:30 29 Aug 2020

Paderborn 3 Ipswich 2
Fortuna Düsseldorf 4 Ipswich 1
SV Meppen 0 Ipswich 0 (3-1 loss penalties)
Col U 0 Ipswich 5
Notts County 1 Ipswich 1
Cambridge 0 Ipswich 0
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