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at 10:11 28 May 2020

I'venot had a Trump rant for weeks... everything he says currently is unaceptableso it becomes pointless.

But this attack on Twitter is just beyond the pale... the guy literally lies on that platform on daily basis, he gives exposure to extreme views and persons regularly... recently he has repeatedly given air time to a false conspiracy theory that a TV news presenter (who opposes him) murdered his assistant - which has been hugely upsetting for the widower., and who has complained to Twitter.. and Twitter in all these cases has let him get away with it! And now he moans and threatens over one lie that has been highlighted - unbelievable!
EFL Statement; Sunderand till I die; Marcus Evans decisions and structure
at 14:17 21 May 2020

So Town are staying in League One come what may, that is a massive failing for Lambert and Evans, and yet another proof point of the failed structures and strategies from Evans.

I've been finally watching Sunderland Till I Die on Netflix, with somewhat of a heavy heart given they took the 'slot' from our own production in a multi-club format.

Despite a slow start and taking a while to reach the right messaging, themes, characters and production style - its a good show offering first time insights into football as an industry. The 'jeopardy' moments (which commissioning editors adore) come thick and fast as Sunderland implode.

From a Town perspective this documentary highlights a number of things:
1. Importance of chief exec role and a footballing structure to ensure continuity beyond managers - I met Clegg through the above, and my impression was of someone out of his comfort zone and ceding too much responsibility to the manager(s)
2. A successful manager needs 3 attributes (as referenced by a Black Cats fan and across the story) - a) People person, individual man management; b) Team motivator; c) Technically astute to improve players capability, define systems and formations to get the best from his pool of players*
3. The owner has to effectively fund the squad, and work out contractual arrangements where wages reflect relegation constraints
4. Relegation has a devastating effect on the back room staff and local community

*Note: a technical assistant coach or background staff may be effective to support this manager in this area, as well as the club's footballing structure (e.g. Technical/Footballing director)

For me Marcus has failed again and again on points 1-3. And now Lambert is the latest mis-selection. He is clearly not technical enough, he did improve elements of our passing (which had hit rock bottom) but the team has not been set-up to play effectively, and often not motivated to win.

Lambert must go or the structure around him significantly changed - O'Neill is a nothing role, we seemingly have no chief exec which is a full time role at any level.

Mick was the closest we have got to an effective appointment and was really strong on people management and team motivation (as brilliantly referenced in the programme by the troubled Jonny WIlliams). But ultimately he was not funded and crucially was not the progressive technical manager to really build a platform for success, especially with weak Chief Execs and no technical structure.

But if Marcus throws the dice one more time - can trust him? can he get the Oxford manager or the Coventry manager... finally get the appointment right? and provide the funding within the given constraints.
Trump and the Republicans lies within spirals of lies...
at 17:45 15 May 2020

Just incredible:

But with the most popular news channel peddling these lies, undermining the Russian investigation findings AND pushing Obamagate, the Trump base gets even more partisan.

Closing council offices in Michigan due to fear of armed protests.

World gone mad, for us in the UK:
- protectthe BBC
- align with European leaders not Trump
- reject populism and leaders who lie
[Post edited 15 May 18:12]
Enlighten me - what is the neutral venues thinking for Premier League?
at 12:50 6 May 2020

Is this to stop fans congregating outside stadiums during matches?

It can't be to level up the games, as they were being played home and away anyway.

Its not clear from the news articles

Many Thanks

Confused from East Anglia
18th June partial back to work, mid-July cinemas, UAE opening end July
at 14:13 5 May 2020

.... Gatwick fecked, and Virgin slashing staff.

Change afoot.
Shall I do my daily Trump rant now, or should I wait? (n/t)
at 18:12 4 May 2020

Well done Trudeau... Trump you utter dangerous cretin
at 10:57 2 May 2020

Canada sensibly banning all assault firearms... and as Trudeau states "These weapons were designed for one purpose and one purpose only — only to kill the largest amount of people in the shortest amount of time,"
"You don't need an AR-15 to bring down a deer."

Meanwhile over the border The Donald (who is a rallying siren for the NRA and the 2nd amendment) tweets:

In response to assault rifle armed right wing anti government militia, un frickin believable:

Boris and UK should not be focussed on toadyism with this dangerous regime.

He will get re-elected as he will demonise China, the left and big government, further enabling and encouraging extremism. Guarantee domestic terrorism will be the next threat to US after Covid. You really couldn’t make this sh/t up.
Latest on Premier League restart, UEFA deadline
at 16:10 28 Apr 2020

UEFA stating 25th May deadline for decision on league programmes.

Latest on Premier League thinking and European leagues.... hadn’t realised so many had packed it in and gone for zero titles and relegation/promotion

I do feel sorry for Liverpool

——————The Premier League league is hopeful of a potential 8 June restart and finishing at the end of July to fit in with Uefa's European competition plans. This would require full training to begin by 18 May.

Top-flight clubs will meet on Friday to discuss options for the restart.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said he had been in contact with clubs about restarting the Premier League "as soon as possible".

Professional Footballers' Association deputy chief executive Bobby Barnes said: "We have been assured of the intentions of all that there would be no resumption unless guarantees of safety could be given to the players.

"The overriding principle for all parties is the health and safety of all participants on and off the field, and of course the wider public."

The Scottish Premiership is suspended indefinitely and the season could yet be declared over, a move already taken with the second, third and fourth tiers north of the border.

On Tuesday, the French government banned all sporting events, even without spectators, until September, signalling the end of the season for the top two divisions in the country, Ligue 1 and Ligue 2.

The Dutch top flight was abandoned on Friday with no promotion or relegation and no champions, while on Monday Belgian clubs postponed a vote on confirming the cancellation of their top flight until next week.

The deadline set by Uefa is referred to in a set of guidelines on 'eligibility principles' for European competitions that the governing body's president and general secretary have sent out to football bodies.
Oh dear Trumpy... the hilarious and the dangerous
at 09:53 27 Apr 2020

Oh my God Donald... just stop digging buddy.

I’m not sure you’ve seen but he went on a Twitter tirade against Journalists misspelling the Nobel Prize, Noble. He then deletes the tweets and starts rambling that there is such a thing as Noble Prize and his new default get out of jail statement that it was all sarcasm anyway?! I mean the guy is so narcissistic it’s just like a train wreck.

Amusing I guess.

But then there has been a leak of the Republicans new election strategy and guidance for Senators. In there it’s basically damage limitation of Donald’s incompetence on CV and general buffoonery. The stated approach - attack and blame China at all costs and then link the Dems to China. “Any questioning on Trumps CV handling - attack China”

Now I do China needs to be held to account - but a US led hate exercise to create them as enemy number 1 / is that what the world needs?! Don’t we need to come together and influence China to reform?
Phil - what are Lambert and coaching staff serving the players remotely?
at 11:58 25 Apr 2020

It all sounds a bit vague and negative in the club and manager statements.

Have they set specific fitness and conditioning programmes? Technical skills they can practice in the back garden. Cadio vascular work.

Are they not having web conferences where they review games, shape, system, tactics.

Individual videos of players plus and minus areas to their games? Where to improve.

They’ll be back soon, ‘pre season’ will be short. This shouldn’t be treated as dead time.

Guarantee even clubs in league one are doing this.

At our place staff who are less busy and even those furloughed we have given individual development plans and training resources!!

Do you have a view of what the club are doing?

Any news on the injuries? Norwood, KVY et al?
The Buble and the Eilish stands out by a long way
at 20:55 19 Apr 2020

... other seems to be going a bit X Factor

But good effort all round

Great that this effort has donated 2.5 years of USA donation to the WHO
Film help thread - TWTD Hive Mind?
at 15:12 18 Apr 2020

We've been running a film club in Unstable Towers...

I am on a terrible run of form on film selection (don't ever watch Alex Garland's Annihilation! despite the reviews it is pony).

Any suggestions for great films (perhaps action/adventure/crime?)

Currently thinking Peanut Butter Falcon or China Town?! we've watched a lot of films

Mrs Unstable and juniors are destroying me in the scoring... and talk of banning me from the roster!
Trump is just dangerous isn’t he?
at 17:33 17 Apr 2020

His usual approach of deflection and finding scapegoats for people to hate rather than question his abilities has now gone up to a new level.

On Cuomo and NewYork:

And now having said the governors called the shots he’s firing up the right and the base to literally take up arms and revolt:

He had said he wanted an orderly removal on stay at home restrictions

He’s feckin bat sh!t crazy...

This is a divided country with lots of guns, and a leader who goes up the extremists with bile

It’s feels like a nightmare - shame on the Republican Party and Fox News
A MUST watch....
at 10:57 14 Apr 2020

Highly recommend the David Johnson BlueMonday Interview podcast
at 15:03 13 Apr 2020

itfcjoe put me onto it as well as the Marcus Stewart interview, on the back of the recent and frankly excellent Magilton and Holland interviews.

Marcus is still worth a listen, but he is a little more reserved and less insightful than the others.

But I would say David Johnson’s provides some of the best insights, he’s a sharp guy. It’s slightly more in depth and goes into his time with Man U, and importantly Bury, which is good juxtaposition with Ipswich, with Town at the time becoming a very well run club, and a huge step up for him. The interview is bookended with the bad luck that meant he didn’t make it in the Premiership with Town and his move/time at Forest.

For me the same themes are emerging from these four interviews:

- there is an ‘Ipswich Way’ and it is built on good on the floor or aggressive forward passing, and movement. Deep down Town fans demand it
- that wonderful period in Town history coincided with a very strong Championship making our success even more impressive
- Burley and Sheepshanks were constantly progressing the club, in terms of playing system and personnel
- it was a team of characters and leaders, but a squad of good quality
- the Magilton and Stewart signings were the catalyst
- the Bolton semi second leg is the stuff of legends
- Richard Naylor was a far more influential player than many realise
Is this day 20 of the lockdown? (n/t)
at 10:25 12 Apr 2020

Dear Blue Monday Podcast team....
at 11:24 10 Apr 2020

Just a massive thanks again for your lockdown content. I watched the Bolton semi-final second leg highlights, then listened to the Jim Magilton session - just fantastic insight, and as stated before such a rubber stamp to ‘fan media’ where you can reach another level of detail to the mainstream media.

And again great work on the Matty Holland interview, I actually found this even more insightful than Jim, and I thought he came across very well. I’ve not always rated him as a pundit, but he spoke so well about his career.

Similar themes stood out again, that someone needs to share with Marcus and his advisors:

- passing and relentless passing practice were key to our success
- range of passing and that need to have aggressive passing, the golf club analogy
- a team full of personalities and captains
- a resilient squad that could cope with injuries to even key players

Also interesting to learn that Mick was just as displeased with the Irish FA set-up for the World Cup as Roy Keane. Also who knew the waters of Brighlingsea had healing properties!

Great work, many thanks again.

Trump sinks further into the mire of lies..
at 13:27 8 Apr 2020

...this really is off the scale:

He was clearly warned by the WHO, he clearly ignored it and downplayed the significance, he gave very unclear advice, and now he is scapegoating the WHO.

Incredible.I cannot take the US very seriously, and Fox and the Republicans are culpable for allowing this guy to continue.

Also of note he lies in the actual press conference - he said "we are going to put a powerful hold on WHO funding", then later states "I said we were only thinking about it" WTF!!

Trump is to me, as Lambert is to Bluefish
The USA White-House CV Press Briefing are so amateurish!
at 13:00 6 Apr 2020

I watched the full one from yesterday.

(I'll park the obvious Trump critique, but rest assured he promoted his malaria pills as a key theme, where no proven scientific evidence exists, he has procured millions of these drugs, yet no medical staff prescribing, its cod logic and his words on this area really are confusing. He also shot down any critique, calling CNN and AP fake news, and refused to let his chief medical adviser comment on the efficacy of the malaria drug focus).

What struck me was how unprofessional the whole briefing was. For such a large and 'powerful' country.

The messaging was so confused and unclear. There are no simple messages on the lecterns. No one really promoted social distancing, and other measures in a clear way, apart from a bungled attempt at the end. The people on the stage were very close together. Graphs were unreadable. But most critically they seemed to negate the importance of social distancing and the disease by painting a picture of a light at the end of the tunnel, of using spain/italy trending as a exemplar for the US (despite those countries having far more stringent measures), and that a return to normal was imminent. Yes they stated they had a rough week ahead, but the messaging really was poor on keeping up measures.

It really did put our response and our government approach in a very positive light.
Not surprising that Americans are also looking at the Queen's very crisp messaging and call for continued focus (but with hope) so appealing!

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