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One or two ticket request for Portsmouth...
at 10:57 18 Oct 2021

Cannot get to planet blue

Can't now buy on gate

Hoping to go and take godson... have been kindly offer one ticket

Anyone got one or two spares please?

Many thanks in advance

1200 sold
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So team for Pompey? Or is it team for ‘The Reckoning”
at 09:49 18 Oct 2021


the action or process of calculating or estimating something.

the avenging or punishing of past mistakes or misdeeds.
"the fear of being brought to reckoning"

Feels like this is going to be an interesting night, game and chance to assess Cook’s system, selection and motivation. Estimate further whether Cook is close to do the door, or the potential to succeed.

We’re WDWLWD in the league…. But despite Pompey not being in the best form, and below Accrington and Wednesday in that recent run… they’ve got some quality, a point to prove and want to get their season rocking.. as do we. Well beaten by Rotherham on Saturday, but hoping to repeat their 4-0 thumping of Sunderland. Sunderland had the better possession, play, but Pompey created chances and took them.

So to team selection, we need to be more solid, I wonder if a centre back change could happen??

Will Evans replace El Miz following his childbirth absence. Was Burns rested a little to be fit for Fratton Park or will he continue will an in form Aluko


Donacien Edmundson Wolf Coulson
Morsy Evans
Burns Celina Chaplin


[Post edited 18 Oct 9:51]
Dear TWTD - keep calm and give Cook November and stop talking about Mick!
at 22:30 17 Oct 2021

KOA are our most balanced commentators and they stated Saturday that at times we were ‘outstanding’, is it entertaining often, yes, is our defence sh!t at times, yes, do we have a glass jaw, definitely, can cook turn it around and sort the defence… 50/50…. Was Saturday a sackable performance.. definitely not… so hang in there…. We’ve got November… some REAL opposition… and five points to close…. We’ve got Pompey, Sunderland, Oxford, Rotherham… different gravy.. if we’re closer to play offs by the Crewe game keep him… if we’re not sack him… simples

You do not throw away cook and his recruitment lightly, he is not hurst… these are not hurst performances… but YES… it is very very worrying… if we see anything like a Bolton performance in Oct/Nov then get rid earlier….

We’ve entered that critical moment in the ‘project’. Tuesday will be telling.

And please God, go and look at the Cardiff forum if you want to continue this Mick silliness… have you all had a lobotomy
Brentford are amazing is this game… technical and energetic play
at 19:22 16 Oct 2021

May well lose

But WHAT a display and what a style

They put in a technical director of real substance a long time ago, then a pair of technical directors and from that have a built a momentum and project that has got them to this… steady improvement, heavy fan involvement, managers interchangeable

I have a real fear that what Ashton has built is miles off… and if Cook doesn’t make it, we’ll be left with something way off the mark

Open the flood gates.., and deservedly so (n/t)
at 16:55 16 Oct 2021

Cook needs a committed and energy performance today for long periods…
at 13:21 16 Oct 2021

… he’s called this out, he’s made the statement that Shrews was not good enough on that front

Morsy and Evans have dropped performance

He needs a dominant display in my mind… Cambridge will fight and raise their game.. but we have to be better

If the central two don’t turn up, then get El Miz on… he is showing bags of desire, energy and no little quality
Mark Robbins on footy focus… What if we’d used…
at 12:47 16 Oct 2021

… Mick to stabilise and brought him in, I wonder where we’d be?!

Now over to you Paul Cook… let’s show today that you are improving us. Let’s win and play well in front of a large away support

Need a big performance from Morsy
Matt Holland “this is a place ready to explode”!
at 12:11 15 Oct 2021

A fantastic appointment and good interview, albeit a little lite in detail of role

Fantastic to get Matt in and around the club, especially living so close (is he Dedham?)

I just hope Cook is close to getting the performances on the pitch to also blow up into something consistent and entertaining… to explode into form, because as Holland says if the team performs everything else in the club improves around it

I maybe be wrong but I do feel Cook is close, it’s been unacceptable to date, bar some glorious 20mins here and there… but they are looking more like a group of players that know each other as people, a bonded team…

But we need a run of wins of performances starting Saturday… I cannot even comprehend going back out or the market for another manager…
Two styles clashing in a massive South Wales derby
at 23:39 14 Oct 2021

Huge game

Russell Martin’s men, with our Flynn, trying to play football the right way, but not yet winning consistently, take on the poor to watch Cardiff in a massive game for Mick

From the Cardiff forum lead “ To many Mick can’t afford to lose this local derby against rivals Swansea as that would be it to many, after McCarthy has not only lost 7 of his last 8 games , but the his team has played dire football.”

Cardiff home attendances dropping fast as the entertainment retreats into a team with 8 defensive players

But I have a sneaky feeling Mick might pull off an away victory

Although the purists will surely want a home win

Some derby
Any spare Cambridge tickets available please let me know....
at 16:36 13 Oct 2021

... many thanks in advance, here's hoping as now able to go.
If there was General Election tomorrow, who would you vote for?
at 13:14 13 Oct 2021

If there was General Election tomorrow, who would you vote for?

Your Vote:

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In the land of Boris b@llsh!t we are reaching a new level
at 15:47 12 Oct 2021

A Tory grandee on Newsnight sort of admitted no one thought this deal was good or workable, and they basically lied just to get something confirmed.

We all laughed at Trumps misinformation and delusion, and yet we’re accepting it here.

Got to get this buffoon out… we cannot reward lying in politics
[Post edited 12 Oct 17:07]
Tyreece Simpson is becoming a.real fan favourite at Swindon
at 22:44 10 Oct 2021

Scored again, another disallowed…. But apparently giving high energy, high commitment and high physicality displays..

Team player as can seen diving across the turf to celebrate having already been subbed in a recent game

A great loan
We are being led by Donkeys part 1345
at 09:23 10 Oct 2021

Hopefully this large portion of the population that blindly backed Brexit and who keep the Tories in power will realise in time that they are following people who are living in some la la land of false empire and glories that are not what a modern global facing Britain needs to be

Yes victory in WW2 was a great thing but it was another time, 76 years ago. It has no comparison to a connected Britain in a pandemic

Plus the Germans bombed at night!!

Pravda/Daily Mail is running a similar piece, but blaming the botched Afghan withdrawal on working from home
Just think if all our quality players were delivering the consistency of Burns
at 22:16 9 Oct 2021

Week in and week out

That continuous energy and quality

We’d be top of the league

Let’s Cook get that consistency across most of the squad
Plymouth busting yet another TWTD myth?
at 22:02 9 Oct 2021

Or myths…

- you can’t pass your way out of this league
- the quality of football is dire in this league
- technical system and shape are ineffective without quality players

60% possession, 17 shots, top of the league

Progressive managers like Robbins, Lowe and Martin are the future.

Just hope we’ve got one in Cook, and we can look back on old skool football we endured with the disdain it deserved.
Interesting to see bench today?
at 08:35 9 Oct 2021

Starting line expected as

Donacien Edmundson Burgess Penney
Morsy Evans
Burns Chaplin Fraser

Possible shouts for Edwards on the left to give pace, Piggot as a 10, but think he’ll just bring Chaplin in for Celina after his goal.

But bench will be interesting and important as I expect the Shrews to sit deep.

For Accrington we had

Holy, Toto, Aluko, Chaplin, Edwards, Harper, Norwood

I’d really like to see KVY, El Miz, Piggot, and Barry on there… but I think Cook will prefer the ‘experience’ of Aluko and Harper
Good work rate and energy tonight… made a difference
at 22:36 5 Oct 2021

That is just mandatory in modern football

Yet some games this season the energy just hasn’t been there

Thought El Miz, Harper, KVY, and Chaplin and in part Jackson/Edwards made us a more dynamic unit

Broke the lines more often

Cooks system really requires that but it’s really only been Burns consistently bringing that in the league games this season
Get rid of Cook and that moves Ashton into more control of the football side
at 09:42 3 Oct 2021

As large sections of the fan base lose faith with Cook as we move 6 points off of the last play-off place (assuming we win game in hand), rightly so perhaps given his form to date and yet another lacklustre display, perhaps there is one word of caution

Get rid of Cook? Where next?

Football is littered with examples of managers given more time and finally coming good, because owners saw the fundamentals behind the scenes changing.

Also you have to ask, we are an oil tanker that has been so far of course for so long, underachievement deeply ingrained in the club! Perhaps it will take time for any manager to correct course?!

But I completely get that Cook has been given a very long period of time, I get the frustration, not showing desire against Accrington is unforgivable

One thing that really concerns me about change though is this: I thought all the criticisms levelled against Ashton by 100% of Bristol fans were not applicable here, as Cook held firmly the footballing reigns. The balanace looked right.

Ashton has a poor record on managerial recruitment and taking control of football matters.

Perhaps be careful what you wish for is applicable?
150,000 pigs about to be culled due to Brexit and Covid
at 09:25 3 Oct 2021

“This is a travesty and disgusting, the government knew this was coming and have done nothing” says an industry spokesperson

Fruits/Veg farmers need unbelievable volumes of labour!!! And cannot secure any.

42% of garages in south east England were without one type of fuel Friday, approximately 20% without fuel

Head of NFU Scotland states that unless the government start being honest with itself and the public that this in the main a Brexit issue then we cannot progress - to call them Covid recovery visas is disingenuous

When people voted Leave is should have said in brackets ( You are also voting for the worst cabinet in living memory and 15 years of economic damage’

What can we do? Back Starmer? Write to your MP? Get on the streets?
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