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Trump posting that vid of Pelosi.... and Facebook not removing the further
at 06:19 25 May 2019

... negatively edited version

Just deplorable

Dark times

And Farage would have us run down our trustworthy BBC

Dark time people
[Post edited 25 May 6:19]
Are people really going to vote for Farage and the Brexit party?
at 02:10 16 May 2019

He is loathsome and completely unaccountable; he is the worst of British. And aligned with all the hate thatโ€™s building in the US under Trump.

Farages attacks on the BBC are just sickening - his approach is just to shout down any diligence of his views and history. Thatโ€™s the Trump method. Are people really going to validate him at the polls? WTF is going on in this country.

Dark times.

This video almost seems like a parody, but for me it sums up the uninformed under current that has got us to this place!

One video sums up why fans are upbeat...
at 02:52 6 May 2019

... buying season tickets and feeling positive despite relegation:

We simply did not pass the ball or play football like that last season, period
at 02:25 6 May 2019

What a fantastic effort from the fans today...
Allez Allez Allez.... can we get an identity back
at 22:30 2 May 2019

"cause Wilder is our gaffer
who leads us all the way
playing proper football
the sheff united way
allez allez allez"

Says it all to me..... great leadership, technical football as it should be played, and a team with an identity

We've so lost ours through the Evans reign, and we really lost our identity on the pitch especially the two previous seasons. I seen signs of a passing system returning... I just really hope Lambert is the man to build us back up again, into a club we can all be proud of again.
at 22:48 30 Apr 2019

1. In the play-off season of 14/15 we did not get goals from a long ball style, only 3 or 4 goals from the on form Murphy were from long distribution, the majority were from his individual brilliance and a large amount from corners,

2. Our demise is not all down to Hurst... Evans allowed Hurst to destroy the quality of our attack and gamble on lower league strikers... but Hurst also inherited a team that had no established right back despite this being a problem for seasons, loaners leaving left us exposed in key positions, players had been drilled to play in a conservative way, senior players failed to transition and the team was reliant loanees and was carrying long term injuries

3. Success in this league is all about money... no itโ€™s not, itโ€™s about a progressive manager playing a progressive system and making astute purchases - the Blades are the proof before us, but also look at what Preston are doing on a shoe string. At the extreme is Ajax - system, ethos, coaching, ยฃ40m budget

4. Mick was a sh!t manager... no he was an astute and relatively nice guy, who chose the most conservative path to keep a team of a lower quality than he was used to in a safe position. The problem was every team that came to Portman Road was playing better football than us - top teams, middle teams and lower teams.... and that was not sustainable from a fan base perspective. Then his ego and belligerence took over

5. Lambert just needs a pre-season... no Lambert needs to settle on a system that makes the best use of his players and will be effective in League One... he is failing to make the best use of Judge and Jackson right now

Trump - new lows
at 15:24 28 Apr 2019

If he was re elected? Jeeze what would it say about America?
Oh Mick.. really? Perhaps you should listen to Mick?
at 19:54 24 Apr 2019

I did say I wasnโ€™t going to comment on Mick anymore... but his ridiculous comments need some feedback and who better than Mick Mills.

His frankly brilliant insight to where it all went wrong for Mick M and why his tenure was unsustainable is all people need to hear. And what the 80% numbskulls would all agree with.

Itโ€™s simple - after some losses we moved to a very reserved style of often 8 defensive players, players became more and more conservative, the style less and less expansive, a reliance on LOANEES and a few flare attacking playing out of their skin converting minimal chances does not a sustainable team make, AND THIS IS THE CRITICAL BIT, to be outplayed at home by the top teams is one thing, to be outplayed at home by mid table teams is another but to also be outplayed by the lower table teams was beyond the pale.

Thanks Mick Mills.
Mid point first half review - Swansea
at 15:34 22 Apr 2019

Lethargic from players and fans on a sultry afternoon.

Look like two teams with nothing to play for.

Toto almost gifted a goal with a bad error; and perhaps Swansea should have been given a penalty rather than a yellow for diving.

Chalobah showing at times why he is much better than Skuse.

Dozzell poor so far. A game for Downes to shine, not enough so far.

Loanee full backs doing well.

I worry about Judge. Heโ€™s getting frustrated and doing way too much work. Needs service.
Probably going to head to PR tomorrow.. was checking tickets!!
at 21:21 21 Apr 2019

They seem to have sold really well?! Without a ticket promotion as well.

North lower is almost sold out for example, but also areas of Cobbold.
Anyone else watching Ajax?
at 21:33 16 Apr 2019

Feck me they look young, hungry and very well organised
at 21:20 13 Apr 2019

Now those are fans....
I think why people are not booing and continue to sing..
at 18:22 13 Apr 2019

... is that we've hardly been humiliated in the final stages of our relegation...

Last 11 games:

7 draws (all 1-1)
3 losses
1 win
F 8 A 14 (never conceded more than 2)

Higher possession in the majority of games

We just have simply missed a decent striker
Team is in...
at 14:04 13 Apr 2019

Pleased that Dozzel and Bishop are starting again.. get some game time in this season.

Hopefully Judge can bag a goal
What the papers said
at 13:50 12 Apr 2019

The Sun and Telegraph getting things pretty spot on...

"McCarthy, a decent and respectable chap, did his best under testing financial circumstances. The fans could not stomach the football but McCarthy finished 14th, ninth, sixth, seventh, 16th and 12th without spending a cent."

"Hurst arrived as one of English football's bright young coaching minds, and was supposed to be the antidote to the more prosaic football offered up by his predecessor Mick McCarthy. That football was enough to keep Ipswich safe but fans had turned long before his departure; surprisingly, few now consider that to be a mistake."
Its a serious battle for the top two and the play-off places this season
at 22:33 9 Apr 2019

You really don't want to be either Sheff U and Leeds to miss out on the automatic... and you've got Weds, Derby, Villa and Bristol City coming into form

Quite a season.

Lest not forget there are no good teams in this league, remember?! especially the hopeless Hull who could get themselves right in the mix
Spoke to a Forest fan....
at 22:04 9 Apr 2019

.... they fecking hate Keane already, despite him being a former cult hero

What were you thinking Marcus, really, what were you thinking
Our finish above Bolton gets closer.. win tomorrow and its 2 points..
at 22:03 9 Apr 2019

... they have terrible goal difference.

Yes I said win against Brentford.
Lambert isn't half bigging up pre-season isn't he!?!?
at 17:53 9 Apr 2019

I assume this is part because he hasn't had one with a club for while, and has been in damage limitation mode. And also because he feels he can start a clean slate and that players can work afresh in his system and ethos.

And of course he knows that we need a good start in that league - i.e. get a confidence and a momentum with our squad and it would be hard to stop.

BUT.... it does mean a wobble start is going to be questioned.

I'll back the project come what may, until I start seeing poor football consistently. Which we have yet to see under Lambert, poor results yes, but more down to error and a lack of a form striker.

I still think he's going to need to invest in another striker beyond what he has today.

On another - a big part of the MASTER plan will be a HUGE promotion bonus for players, surely this is a big factor in the Chambo / Judge deals.
Jeeze... Rotherham have the most brutal end to the season
at 16:48 9 Apr 2019

Bolton are imploding.

Could we get 5 wins out of 6?! And reduce the goal difference?!

I just canโ€™t see Rotherham getting many points - apparently Forest were abysmal on Saturday, let themselves down.

God this post is pointless!
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