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Boris, Brexit, this Tory government really do need to start being called out....
at 15:43 22 Jul 2020

.. we cannot have a lurch to the disgusting state of US politics:

Brentford 8 wins in a row.. incredible
at 19:22 15 Jul 2020

Wonder if they'll pip West Brom..

Young squad as well.. albeit a lot of foreign imports.

They'd certainly go up with a massively improved ground, and importantly a brand/style of football with a chance in the Premier League, albeit a small one.

Been watching the Premier League a lot after the restart, the quality of play is really very high, every player is the 'T' word and the majority of cases playing in very well set-up sides. It feels we are light years away at present. And without a clear direction, structure and plan from Marcus can't see us bridging that gap for a very very long time.
What the actual feck -Trump In Tweets.. have you seen
at 20:21 14 Jul 2020

I personally think Trump is dangerous for the world, despite not knowing it himself and being a bullying narcissistic moron

But I didn’t really comprehend him till his election campaign

But his early twitter career and its twisted progression - JESUS he was so unfit for office it is beyond belief!!
(sorry if already done) My starting 11 from that squad....
at 14:03 14 Jul 2020

KVY--------Chambo--The Wolf---Kenlock
-------Jackson-------Norwood---El Mizouni

Squad Numbers 2020/21

1 Tomas Holy
4 Luke Chambers
5 James Wilson

6 Luke Woolfenden

7 Gwion Edwards

8 Cole Skuse

9 Kayden Jackson

10 James Norwood

11 Jon Nolan

12 Janoi Donacien

13 Harry Wright

14 Jack Lankester

15 Teddy Bishop

16 Tristan Nydam

18 Alan Judge
20 Freddie Sears
21 Flynn Downes

22 Toto Nsiala

23 Andre Dozzell

24 Kane Vincent-Young
26 Idris El Mizouni
30 Myles Kenlock
36 Armando Dobra
44 Emyr Huws
Do you remember when Brexiteers stated leaving Europe would cut red tape...
at 22:21 13 Jul 2020

... and bureaucracy - just seen an estimate of annual customs documentation going from 50 million to 250 million
There are some weird industries and jobs out there.. this one for example...
at 21:19 8 Jul 2020

... milking blood from a species of crab that has been around for 300 million years to support Corona vaccine development is certainly one!

Not a common photo:
Brentford flying up the table to the top two - may I say 'technical'?
at 19:51 30 Jun 2020

Brentford are flying

They are just such a contrast to the hapless direction and leadership we have endured under Marcus.

There's a rather lazy refrain on here 'oh but they dissolved their academy'... there is much more to it, in that they pick up Premier League cast off youths and play them in a high standard development lead, but more importantly they had a clear strategy and they implemented. We have had no definitive strategy, which would have been more academy focussed, and we have not cascaded it through the club's operation.

We have had no decent CEO/Chief Exec, and critically we've had no technical leadership structure.

That technical structure if in place at Town would have hired not one single of the manager's Marcus has brought to the club - not one. As none of them had/has the attributes to play the progressive, technical, football the fans actually want and an enduring structure demands.

Marcus was badly advised from the start - if he'd got the Cheif Exec right, who'd then hired the technical leaders around an interchangeable manager, we'd be in the Premiership.

Total shambles. Good on Brentford, moving into a smart stadium, developed through a clever STRATEGY!

No strategy, no principles, no objectives Marcus - its 2020 man!
Oh Trump you utter utter muppet
at 22:31 24 Jun 2020

Leading like a fool, misdirection, belittling the threat of CV, total blithering.... he is so incompetent... some of the Bolton insights, well they are just adding to the myriad of other insights from others who have worked in this White House - this is what happens when you give into populism, and you make intelligence, competency and balance a negative thing

And yes there were a few on here who got sucked in, falling for him

Shame on the Republicans... Trump has enabled and fuelled some very negative factions in US society..

All Trump cares about is him,how the feck did he become the leader of the free world, how did this happen. Nothing better than this to describe him:

Good article on a left wing German football club doing things different...
at 13:29 23 Jun 2020

Apologies if already shared
TWTD Hive Mind appropriateness question? help welcome
at 23:39 16 Jun 2020

On a family Whatsapp - so that's a mix of blokes, ladies, kids, teenagers - there is a 70+ year old relation who's been sending occasional inappropriate messages through the lock down (so form), mostly harmless though, some just inane, some very sexist for 2020. Yesterday he sent a picture of the Churchill statue enclosed in its barrier with a voice bubble saying 'I can't breathe'.

I think the family member just has no filter, and also perhaps doesn't understand social media, but its a really inappropriate image, which some have taken REAL offence too. And its all got a bit sour. Anger. Fracturing of the group. And from him a sort of denial that its inappropriate.

Any views or advice? That is a really bad image to post isn't it? (Note: I do personally think some of the banning of comedy and certain statue plans - is not constructive and a a denial of history)

EDIT: I should state I set up the group, and in general its been a positive force
[Post edited 16 Jun 23:45]
Just had a great chat with a Coventry mate - technical technical technical
at 23:25 9 Jun 2020

Had a lovely chat with a hardcore Coventry mate (mates mates mates).

He's over the moon, as enthused as when he came out of the away end at Portman Road, and we joined each other for a great night out in Ipswich this season.

He's genuinely gutted for us as he knows how good the Town fans are.

Of note he never went to any 'home' games at St Andrews, just away all over the country.

We talked where it had all gone wrong for us compared to Coventry and without prompting (you know my technical obsession) he just passionately stated that as soon as Robbins came in you could see a real shift in passing quality, and the shape of the team. 4th tier, terrible squad, but promoted by the play-offs.

Anyone at that PR game this season you know that for the first period Coventry showed some real technical quality on the ball, with just great movement for the goal, moved us around lovely goal, whilst then for long periods soaking up our possession, whilst creating good chances.

I've said it once and I'll say it again, Marcus is not well advised from a footballing perspective. We have failed to hire progressive technical managers, or to put a progressive footballing structure around the manager. This includes all managers, despite Mick providing some positive respite.

I am appalled that we have finished 11th in the 3rd tier, 8 points off the play-offs. Whilst a hugely underfunded and homeless Coventry are promoted. Its simple: because our manager recruitment has,well, not considered technical attributes enough. Keane, Jewell, Hurst, jesus wept. And despite moments, Lambert just seems to the same.

Come on Marcus!
Running a Pub Quizz tonight - Any super interesting general knowledge questions
at 17:43 9 Jun 2020

... out there TWTD hive mind??
Where can you find a current squad list?
at 23:05 7 Jun 2020

Players still under contract and would be available if we had to play tomorrow?

Club web site very out of date.
Euro 96 game
at 13:58 6 Jun 2020

Rally enjoying watching this. Albeit a cagey start.

Strikes me what a team of leaders and personalities England had.

It’s like a different time.

Neville and Ince shining out as very good players.
Gazza dribblng masterclass at Lazio, then goal...
at 12:40 6 Jun 2020


Ahead of the England v Scotland re-run
at 10:11 28 May 2020

I'venot had a Trump rant for weeks... everything he says currently is unaceptableso it becomes pointless.

But this attack on Twitter is just beyond the pale... the guy literally lies on that platform on daily basis, he gives exposure to extreme views and persons regularly... recently he has repeatedly given air time to a false conspiracy theory that a TV news presenter (who opposes him) murdered his assistant - which has been hugely upsetting for the widower., and who has complained to Twitter.. and Twitter in all these cases has let him get away with it! And now he moans and threatens over one lie that has been highlighted - unbelievable!
EFL Statement; Sunderand till I die; Marcus Evans decisions and structure
at 14:17 21 May 2020

So Town are staying in League One come what may, that is a massive failing for Lambert and Evans, and yet another proof point of the failed structures and strategies from Evans.

I've been finally watching Sunderland Till I Die on Netflix, with somewhat of a heavy heart given they took the 'slot' from our own production in a multi-club format.

Despite a slow start and taking a while to reach the right messaging, themes, characters and production style - its a good show offering first time insights into football as an industry. The 'jeopardy' moments (which commissioning editors adore) come thick and fast as Sunderland implode.

From a Town perspective this documentary highlights a number of things:
1. Importance of chief exec role and a footballing structure to ensure continuity beyond managers - I met Clegg through the above, and my impression was of someone out of his comfort zone and ceding too much responsibility to the manager(s)
2. A successful manager needs 3 attributes (as referenced by a Black Cats fan and across the story) - a) People person, individual man management; b) Team motivator; c) Technically astute to improve players capability, define systems and formations to get the best from his pool of players*
3. The owner has to effectively fund the squad, and work out contractual arrangements where wages reflect relegation constraints
4. Relegation has a devastating effect on the back room staff and local community

*Note: a technical assistant coach or background staff may be effective to support this manager in this area, as well as the club's footballing structure (e.g. Technical/Footballing director)

For me Marcus has failed again and again on points 1-3. And now Lambert is the latest mis-selection. He is clearly not technical enough, he did improve elements of our passing (which had hit rock bottom) but the team has not been set-up to play effectively, and often not motivated to win.

Lambert must go or the structure around him significantly changed - O'Neill is a nothing role, we seemingly have no chief exec which is a full time role at any level.

Mick was the closest we have got to an effective appointment and was really strong on people management and team motivation (as brilliantly referenced in the programme by the troubled Jonny WIlliams). But ultimately he was not funded and crucially was not the progressive technical manager to really build a platform for success, especially with weak Chief Execs and no technical structure.

But if Marcus throws the dice one more time - can trust him? can he get the Oxford manager or the Coventry manager... finally get the appointment right? and provide the funding within the given constraints.
Trump and the Republicans lies within spirals of lies...
at 17:45 15 May 2020

Just incredible:

But with the most popular news channel peddling these lies, undermining the Russian investigation findings AND pushing Obamagate, the Trump base gets even more partisan.

Closing council offices in Michigan due to fear of armed protests.

World gone mad, for us in the UK:
- protectthe BBC
- align with European leaders not Trump
- reject populism and leaders who lie
[Post edited 15 May 18:12]
Enlighten me - what is the neutral venues thinking for Premier League?
at 12:50 6 May 2020

Is this to stop fans congregating outside stadiums during matches?

It can't be to level up the games, as they were being played home and away anyway.

Its not clear from the news articles

Many Thanks

Confused from East Anglia
18th June partial back to work, mid-July cinemas, UAE opening end July
at 14:13 5 May 2020

.... Gatwick fecked, and Virgin slashing staff.

Change afoot.
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