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Here's a prediction for you
at 05:32 17 Nov 2018

Within 5 years you will be able to speak into the latest SMART phone (with internet access and an appropriate app) and it will translate immediately into voice, in any other major language, AND in your own voice style.

It won't be able to handle translation into Norfolk. This is too complex for the machine learning algorithm.

I new my French GCSE was a waste of time.

My other prediction is we will beat West Brom in front of a raucous home crowd on Friday, despite them having on paper a squad from a completely different level to our own.

I am the soothsayer - believe in the future.
Brexit has put this country into crisis.,,
at 17:50 15 Nov 2018

Every day that passes is another day of limited investment in our nation,,

We need to move forward / take the deal
I think May is actually doing well...
at 17:44 15 Nov 2018

.... in just awful conditions

Are people so thick that if we continue to drag this shambolic decision out any further then we are going to completely feck up our economy

Back herband let’s move on for God’s sake
We are finally playing the football we have all wanted since Magilton’s...
at 18:58 10 Nov 2018

... run of barmstorming home performances.

So refreshing and highlights the dross we’ve endured.

BUT we are doing it by pushing one of the lowest quality squads since Jim’s ultimate ineffectual reign.

We really needed to get a win out of the last 2 games... and now we face some strong teams starting with West Brom...

Going to be tight.

But in Lambert we have a man to believe in and who wants to play football the right way.

Jeeze we don’t want to be 8 points adrift... COYB
at 09:36 10 Nov 2018

Whilst I think is the best manager in terms of pedigree since Burley, and I have great confidence in his approach.... we did need the ‘bounce’ win deserved against Preston

Today will be tough.... we can’t to get further cut adrift, we need that win.

Hopefully results will also go our way elsewhere:

5 points ahead Preston away at Bristol - loss
5 points ahead Millwall away at Norwich - loss
6 points ahead Bolton home to Swansea - draw?
5 points ahead Hull away at Brum - draw?
Bart let Lambert down a bit on Saturday
at 16:28 6 Nov 2018

This makes good reading... we love PL...
at 20:12 30 Oct 2018

Borussia Dortmund
In 1996, Lambert was signed by Borussia Dortmund following his performances against the club whilst playing for Motherwell. Hitzfeld immediately changed Lambert's role to deploy him as a defensive midfielder.

In the 1997 UEFA Champions League Final against Juventus, he played in midfield to quell the influence of Juve's French playmaker Zinedine Zidane.[10][11][12][13] Lambert’s cross also set up Karl-Heinz Riedle's opening goal as Dortmund won 3–1. Lambert's contribution has since been lauded as a Man of the Match performance.[14] He became the first British person to win the European Cup with a non-UK team, and the first British person to win the tournament since its reformation as the Champions League in 1992. Lambert had scored in the lead up to the final with a goal in the group stage, the first in a 2–2 draw at Widzew Łódź. Lambert's performance in the semi-final elimination of Manchester United was praised in the autobiography of Roy Keane. Lambert scored one league goal for Dortmund, against Bayer Leverkusen.
“I don’t like slow football”
at 15:53 30 Oct 2018

Me neither Mr Lambert.... welcome to Portman Road.

I have a good feeling about Paul Lambert, I think he’s a proper manager, who is also forward thinking and wants to play the game the right way.

Perhaps in a round about way Marcus Evans has finally made the right choice to truly progress the club.

A very difficult task ahead. But he has my full support.

Note - he’s more ‘charasmatic’ than I expected.
Is Trump’s America now a banana republic or facist regime?
at 09:25 30 Oct 2018

Sounds a bit dramatic I know, but the FACTS are he has lied or told falsehoods 3,800 times since inauguration (

And yet like the classic junta he claims it is the media who is lying:

“There is great anger in our Country caused in part by inaccurate, and even fraudulent, reporting of the news. The Fake News Media, the true Enemy of the People, must stop the open & obvious hostility & report the news accurately & fairly. That will do much to put out the flame...” Trump, Twitter

But the media haven’t lied; yes they are a little partisan in their reporting - but there are no falsehoods.

And yet he has insighted a hatred of the media and any who oppose him... to the point where letter bombs are sent from an unhinged supporter, just check out the hatred towatds CNN insighted here and indeed the actual bomber himself at a Trump rally:

The other tactic of a autocrat is to demonise a group and to stoke fear in the electorate. Trump has used this tactic many times. He’ll white wash mass shootings as they don’t suit his agenda. But immigrants are fair game and perfect for his electoral strategy. The Central American caravan is perfect he is demonising at will - “100 ISIS fighters” which reporters on the ground state is a lie. And yet his regime mouthpiece Fox News repeat the claim. He then sends 1000s of troops to stoke fear, despite the caravan being months away and Mexico potentially offering sanctuary.

Now what if he does well in the mid terms - does that mean the American people are buying into this? As the economy falters (the go to argument for Trump apologisers) from momentum built under Obama how extreme will Trumps methods be, and how many will he have ‘radicalised’, how deep will the divisions in America be?!?

Rant over! (This is inspired by helping my son with his history homework and the Nazi party methods)

Knudsen is still not good enough also.

How is Lambert going to fix our full back problem??
at 10:28 29 Oct 2018

Our full backs have been a problem for seasons now.

We obviously knew RB was a problem; but like many I’d convinced myself Knudsen was pretty good.

He is not. He has been woeful this season; the amount of turnover ball and mistakes is harming the team. And in previous seasons he has been really limited going forward.

He needs replacing. Now I like Kenlock but is he too lightweight, too inexperienced?

Where do you begin on RB?! How long has it been a problem? It’s years.

Pennington is not quick or attack minded enough; Chambers - don’t go there!; Chalobah - he’s wasted there; i thought Donacien was pretty good but seemed out of favour

Answers on a postcard!

Hmmmmmm Mr Evans.... Hmmmmmmm
at 02:46 26 Oct 2018


Well crazy times at Portman Road; our normally poorly advised owner throws the dice once again.

Feel sorry for Hurst, I think there is a good manager in there but he was let down by players who had forgotten how to be dynamic and pass, senior players making errors, and he let himself down with not respecting perhaps the step up in club in terms of management style for him and his assistant, not fighting for budget, making too much change, and thinking the league was easier and could accommodate his style and lower league playing personnel in one Big Bang update. Ultimately he also didn’t stick to his convictions on team selection and style - and began to chop and change and play square pegs in round holes.

Hurst has to go after the QPR performance. There were some good 20-30mins passages of play under him; and I still think Jackson, Nolan and Toto can be good acquisitions for this club. Villa and Swansea were great and let’s take that as a sign Hurst could get the performance he wanted for the team.

For me Jack Ross was the right guy for us; he would have hit exactly the same issues as Hurst, especially if Waghorn or a good quality replacement were unavailable. Hursts one up front, sit back and then High press to turnover may have ultimately grated with Town fans; as did Micks turgid but more effective style. Hurst indeed never got the High press going. Ross I felt was more the people manager, a more progressive style and would have integrated with Klug and the U23 project more effectively. But I’m guessing. Evans had already decided on Hurst, advised by Mick and his other advisors that the Shrews guy was the right man - despite the red flags on playing style.

As for Lambert and his assistant I don’t give a flying feck about their Norwich connection. Who cares. Is he the right man to save us from relegation and to progress us forward in terms of attacking football and bringing through youth.

Well he seems a very ‘non-people’ person. But he has real pedigree - both his playing days at Dortmund, and his great success at clubs like Norwich and Colchester. Let’s not forget his Col U side played Norwich so off the park... some effectively -
That they poached him illegally.

At Villa he brought through youth so effectively he was praised by Hansen as a potential manager of the year. He made Stoke briefly rally.

But there are question marks, supposed falling out with players, a switch to a more defensive style, and using old pros rather than youth.... he didn’t quite kick on after Norwich success at Villa. He’s going to be a bit marmite with fans given his style of management.

But for me.... he has pedigree than I thought we could attract.
He is more technical than Mick and could play a pleasing style - but much will
depend on what he can get out of the current squad and the January transfer budget. And of course can he bring ALL the players along on the journey.

Just some thoughts - would love a Harry from Bath straw poll of former clubs fans view!!

Here we go again...
How many points for Hurst to save job from Leeds, Millwall, Preston, Reading?
at 23:49 23 Oct 2018

How many points for Hurst to save job from Leeds, Millwall, Preston, Reading?

Your Vote:

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Are we really going to start a new Nuclear arms race??
at 00:20 23 Oct 2018

It’s 2018?!

The environment needs trillions of dollars of ‘investment’ to halt global warming, stop air and plastics pollution, save marine life, endangered species, and to make a shift to population stabilisation not growth.

And yet we’re looking at a new build up of nuclear warheads..... crazy days people.

Ironically as the population creaks and the world struggles to sustain mankind.. the friction between nations who remain focussed on their own health not the worlds - may lead to these weapons actually being used!!

Has Marcus Evans been hiring the UN leadership team recently??

[Post edited 23 Oct 0:26]
Hurst needs 7 points on the board before the West Brom game or he...
at 14:18 21 Oct 2018

... should go I’m afraid.

I’ve been very supportive of him, I think he is more capable than people think, and ultimately it is the players who are really failing.

But we are in danger of relegation, and he seems incapable of consistently motivating the team.

Only way I can see him saving his job is to prove he can get 2 wins and a draw out of 4 games.

I actually agree with his concern over Knudsens ability, but without a recognised left back you’re playing Donacien out of position.

I think Hurst inherited a much worse squad and playing ethos than he expected, and I think that is the true mitigating circumstance of this debacle. The club is a shambles in many ways.
Is it a good thing Dozzell is playing for England U20?
at 12:15 11 Oct 2018

Increases chance of injury, when he could have continued just training for a fortnight....

Or conversely gets more competitive match time outside of the rough and tumble of the championship..


(Hope Chalobah is only the slight know they're referring to)
Anyone else get their Glasto tickets?.....
at 09:52 7 Oct 2018

.... I think all our group just managed it (its a big group - mates mates mates)

But no email confirmations as yet

Need to go and lie down now!
Ode to Darth Koont....
at 20:01 6 Oct 2018

A man who says it as it is, who bases ones judgement on what he sees, and not his prejudices or predetermined bias, who remains calm and pragmatic whilst emotions rage, well....... then that is a man of integrity!

Let’s lose the negativity TWTD... back the project
at 17:03 6 Oct 2018

That is not a team that is not playing for the manager and fans

Swansea are of the highest quality

They had only conceded 6 goals

We made chances and we weatherd the storm of posession

And in Hursts defence Ward, Chambo, Sears and Skuse stepped up! And delivered

And we HAD to win given the scores around us

The best summary was Brenners... “I have watched 2 seasons of dross... and this is what we went”

Let’s build on this... let’s back hurst and the team; reading and hull are falling apart - QPR will be passed and pressed to death!!

What would it take to restore your faith in the Hurst project?
at 23:36 4 Oct 2018

What would it take to restore your faith in the Hurst project?

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Bruce is sacked for 6 points in 6 games...
at 18:00 3 Oct 2018

.... Hurst has 4 points in 6 games.

But perhaps why my support is hanging on... Villa's squad is worth 110m... whereas ours is values at 20m......

And to be honest 20m sounds a little high to me... especially as our highest values Jon Walters is now out for the season, and Knudsen at 1.5m as our next highest, is actually as effective on the left side as a chocolate fireguard

Give Hurst a chance people... who else are we going to get with that quality!!
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