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Chris Doig can salve our Ross pain....
at 10:14 24 May 2018

The more I watch this guy... and read his articles... me LIKEY!!

Bit more 'basic' but I can imagine this guy can motivate players, BIG time.

PS - I don't think we can liken this guy or his role alongside Hurst to Mick, Paul Jewel or Keane's second fiddle coaches; different set-up clearly.

Let hope we have got both, and this has been discussed in whatever (AND THERE MUST HAVE BEEN SOME) contact we have had to date.

See vids and numerous articles from DOIG:
Some Shrews fans comments Hurst and Ipswich ..... assistant manager curve ball
at 08:52 24 May 2018

Been on the Shrews fans boards... see below commentary around Ipswich rumours

Nice people who get along! Also don’t toe the ‘thought police’ line that Ipswich’s mick were ‘punching above our weight’ - no we were sh!t.

Generally the fans like Hurst and have a lot of respect for him. Working wonders. Think he’d help Ipswich.

I will tell you this... and it’s goes against the ‘thought police’ again - they DO NOT think they play particularly ‘vintage football’... and indeed many think they haven’t played well for months, including the Charlton games!! So why are people B-sh!tting on here?!?

Also the Lincoln loss at Wembley in the cup is seen as a Hurst negative as they just didn’t turn up.

But the curve ball in the research is this - this is a management team rather than just Hurst; Chris
Doig (sp?!) is pretty influential- and many hope he might takeover. Has Marcus factored the need to bring him in as well!!!!??


“Living 10 miles from Ipswich and working with many Ipswich fans I've followed their slow decline closely. They are a club in decline. Attendances down to as low as 13k, bored fans, toxic atmosphere etc. Also got a chairman who is afraid or unable to invest so their season is usually over by Christmas. Too good to go down, nowhere near good or consistent enough to challenge promotion. In this context Hurst is exactly the kind of manager they need, able to work wonders on a budget”

“I'd echo stowmarket shrew we chatted about this during the journey today to the game!
Ipswich are in a real need for a team who'll work hard and hungry players looking to prove people wrong.
Limited budget but Hurst has shown what he can do and how to spend money wisely”

“It’s a minor miracle that we have managed to keep hold of Hurst this long. I really thought someone would have tried poaching him by now.
Hasselbaink was gone by December when Burton were in a similar position. “

“No good us losing sleep about whether Paul will stay or go. He has been a breath of fresh air at the Meadow and his achievements in such a short time without spending a lot of money are remarkable.

We would all love him to stay but if he does not you cannot do any more than wish him well and thank him very much.

I do hope this is not too big a distraction for him and Chris with the upcoming play offs. It could be argued he has not won anything and the Check a Trade final loss and missing out on automatics mean all our eggs are in one basket to have something tangible to show for our seasons efforts.

Either way Paul, Chris and all involved with this squad, have given us a fabulous season and I hope it continues, it has been far better than fighting the battle to avoid relegation. Thank you Paul, Chris et al”

Sadly if he goes, he goes and there is nothing we can do. It would be good to see him stay and build on this year but we can't blame him if he moves on. Perhaps we will offer Chris Doig a chance if he doesn't go as well.”

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Is it just a packaging thing?:
at 08:30 24 May 2018

Dear Marcus
at 14:26 23 May 2018

Please as you close out your recruitment, remember one thing, for God's sake.

The town fans in the majority want PASSING and ATTACKING football as the number one criteria by which the manager should be selected - as per an item in your 5 point plan.

Make it so

New Sunderland boss on Talksport... new manager
at 11:55 23 May 2018

... a very unguarded and seemingly green guy! But nice with it.

The interviewers almost got him to spill beans despite contract not yet signed.

Could be Ross in my view.

It is not...

Mick McCarthy
A former Sunderland manager
Frank Lampard
Alan Pardew
Neil Lennon

Will be revealed very soon
Not surprising Lampards terms were too much
at 10:20 23 May 2018

He’s on another planet of earnings...

Gary Neville gets circa 5million as a Sky Pundit! Thierry Henry’s pay was off the scale.

At the least Lampard was on 75, 000 a week in his final seasons... so 4million a year

So Micks 1million a year... was never going to cut it.

And to be fare Lampard hasn’t even managed a youth team!

Bet Gerard is getting a wedge at Rangers.

New BBC world cup trailer out...
at 12:29 22 May 2018

Kane England captain for Russia... thoughts?? (n/t)
at 12:27 22 May 2018

Jeeze Arsenal fans...
at 06:38 22 May 2018

....are really not happy with the prospect of Emery.

It does seem a rather strange replacement for Wenger... albeit not yet confirmed.

Many now stating they wished Wenger had stayed!

Come on Marcus get someone we all see the logic and merit in selecting - we want someone we can all get behind!
New White Hart Lane really coming on
at 14:40 21 May 2018

Roof panels, seats, screens, the retractable pitch mechanism going in this week.

But what impresses me every time and can be well seen in these photos, is the massive single area kop behind the goal.... its where Man City, Chelsea, Ipswich and especially Arsenal went wrong... you need all you singing fans together in one area...that new South Stand single tier holds 17,500. Incredible.

Oh and the front row seats are never more that 5meters from the pitch!
Sunderland also in for Hurst
at 13:12 21 May 2018

according to EADT
Errrrrr.... this preacher’s going on a bit (n/t)
at 12:29 19 May 2018

Trump hits 3,000 lies...
at 07:40 17 May 2018

... or falsehoods since entering the Oval Office

And on the day he has to disclose his clear payments to his lawyer to hush Stormy Daniels for an affair he had a few months after the birth of his son. And here is just one of those 3,000, blatant, clear as day:

at 22:31 16 May 2018

... I just read the Liam Craig interview and watched the St Mirren Barcelona video - PLEASE use your POWER to get Marcus to sign him up now,,,,,,,,,,,!,,,,,,,
Had a bit of a Ross YouTube binge last night...
at 08:59 16 May 2018

... after watching the excellent Windsors Royal Wedding Special of course!

Still impressed by his manner, attitude and pragmatism. I hadn’t realised he’s come in and saved them from relegation prior to taking them up. Which is another achievement.

From the training videos he’s clearly a very hands on coach, and seemed to be taking the players back to basics with certain drills - so not sure how some of the senior pros would react to that (albeit i’m making massive judgements on a short film).

I have no idea what he’s like on the football transfer and market front? And perhaps a concern he doesn’t know the lower English leagues perhaps as well as some of the candidates.

But I’m short of welcome his appointment.

I am really keen on Ross....
at 13:29 15 May 2018

.. he just feels right for Town.

He has a prescribed way of playing which he sticks to and imposes on opposition. He's delivered results on a tight budget; albeit at a lower level. The St Mirren fans love him and respect him, but are aware he is too good for them and would pat him on the back prior to making a move upwards.

I like the way he's conducting himself in interviews. And I think an eventual high-point goal of being Scotland manager is laudable.

My fears are that he won't see us as the right fit, we cannot move quickly enough, we don't sell the merits of the club effectively enough, and/or Marcus wants to go for a 'bigger' name who is advisors have the measure of.

I'm not sure Ross will baulk at a low transfer budget, if the youth and wage bill are positioned correctly.

Come on Marcus - STRIKE NOW!
St Mirren were the highest scorers in their league...
at 09:19 11 May 2018

And second best at conceding.

Fans love him, but respect he needs to move up due to his potential.

I feel it in my waters that he is the man for us.
“Very entertaining game” 18k+
at 16:07 6 May 2018

It’s a no brainier that Mick leaving has been a very very postive move. Well done Marcus. Now press on with a progressive manager appointment.
Trump is just such a worm...
at 15:22 3 May 2018

... he's lied continually through his life, during his run for office, and now as president... he's lied so many times people just seem to think its acceptable.. "hey its Trump"

Someone on the board recently stated that maybe a moron like him can be forgiven his traits because he is seemingly doing well at certain aspects of the presidency.. i.e. North Korea

Firstly he hasn't done good things in the main, he's continued to divide an already deeply troubled nation, tax laws that are worse for the poor, lowered US reputation even further abroad, and walked away from climate deals.. to name but a few.. his general stance on rogue Russia has been poor.. retweeted far right propaganda etc etc etc

But what really p!sses me off is that he is somehow being legitimised.. that somehow it is OK to have someone as morally defunct as lacking in decency as him in the oval office... its just a slippery slope, a move to a norm of a Fox News mantra

His latest crafted tweets trying to crawl out of the Stormy Daniels mire just sum him up....
"In this case it is in full force and effect and will be used in Arbitration for damages against Ms. Clifford (Daniels). The agreement was used to stop the false and extortionist accusations made by her about an affair,...... ...despite already having signed a detailed letter admitting that there was no affair. Prior to its violation by Ms. Clifford and her attorney, this was a private agreement. Money from the campaign, or campaign contributions, played no roll in this transaction." So you paid someone $130,000 to keep someone quiet about something that never happened... yes of course you did Donald.

What the hell happened to the summers of love of 1967 and 1989.... it's all unreconstructed types and right wing opinions... we need some hippie green values people.....
[Post edited 3 May 15:33]
Bye bye mick, thanks but no thanks skuse, here’s to the bloody future
at 21:15 28 Apr 2018

Technical youthful manager... 3 or 4 yoof players,,, 3 or 4 signings... passing and attacks by football

Let’s get our club back and push up the table

[Post edited 28 Apr 21:16]
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