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No you f%ck off McCarthy
at 16:52 18 Feb 2018

Earn respect from the fans by developing a feckin pass and move PLUS energy style.

Did it take 87 mins before we passed and moved.

You’re embarrassing.
Query for TWTD Hive mind
at 08:32 16 Feb 2018

Hello people,

Bus replacement service on saturday into London, Ingatestone to Newbury Park.

Unstable family hitting china town and then concert in Hammersmith in evening.

What’s the best drive to tube location for fast access into town and little traffic on way in?

Is it Newbury Park itself? Someone mentioned Upminster but long way in.

We’re driving from North Essex.

Is it Gatwick South Terminal?!
Here we go USA...
at 19:40 15 Feb 2018

... let’s start lining up the mentally ill card, he was a known danger, more security at schools and armed teachers back story...

He was 19 years old and was able to get an AR-15 assault rifle.

Why can anyone get an AR-15 assault rifle? It’s an M-16 basically. Why does anyone other the army need an M-16?
[Post edited 15 Feb 19:41]
Read EADT hard copy this morning... my word it is...
at 22:34 12 Feb 2018

... far more like a fanzine than TWTD.

When did that happen?!
Right so we all agree Mick is not right for us and we're going nowhere? England?
at 22:44 10 Feb 2018

I have a funny feeling we may do rather well in Russia.

I think we finally have a lot of very good technical players coming through, who play in very progressive systems with good managers, surrounded by some of the worlds best players.

We have an embarassing amount of excellent full backs. Kane is world class. And there's just a heap of good players.

Perhaps that can give us all a lift.
Mick to Barnsley is a win/win for everyone
at 13:48 8 Feb 2018

I actually don't think there is any substance to it, just bookmakers putting 2 and 2 together.

But its a perfect scenario if he was to leave immediately.

He leaves with us secure from relegation, a squad with a little promise, and with some dignity and some love left with the fans (in some quarters at least).

We finally get a young technical manager in whose on the way up, who gets quite a number of games to assess the squad, bring in new ideas and get ready for next season. Which may take two steps back before going 4 forward - but at least do it this season not next.

I'd go to every game left if there was a new project to support!! with Mick i've just been burnt so many times with dire, energyless games, set-up to sit deep.
Ipswich will win today
at 11:55 20 Jan 2018

I think Mick will stay with same winning team, but the competition for places in midfield and defence will provide a boost to the energy and impetus in the side, which is often a failing in the last two seasons.

Won’t be easy.

I was at Bolton for the 2-2 we were passed off the park and their wingers ripped into us; and all by a team on terrible form. We’ll do better today.

[Post edited 20 Jan 12:15]
Trump (again)
at 18:40 12 Jan 2018

I think this latest episode may finally damage trumpy wumpy...

He seems bullet proof to getting damage by the sh!t hole comments, and his base and others will say he’s just straight talking, and saying it how it is.

But I think his flat denial that he didn’t use that language when reputable attendees of the meeting are testifying he did, seems to be hitting hard.

A man who lies all the time as President ain’t long for the role.

And of course he’s lying about his trip to London. He doesn’t want the mass protests (I’d go, just for retweeting that Britain First scum bag). And of course it was the Bush administration that started the move, because the site was untenable for many reasons.
19 games of Mick's tenure to go.. how will his stats record his time at PR
at 11:24 10 Jan 2018

263 games for Mick W 100, D 73 and not up to 90 defeats. 38 win %. 4% down on Royle which is large, 7.5% behind Burley. And potentially will fall behind Jim Magilton's 37.8%.

Good chance in those 19 games he could end up with almost as many defeats as wins.

Mick did a good job at the start, a pressing and direct style that won over a lot of fans, started to lose a few, then the number of negative displays and lack of attach started to rise as results waned. Things pepped up this season, and some performance of real merit against the likes of a weak Sunderland, and Forest. Mick has certainly bought well. And he's been really hampered by injury,

Certainly you can say Mick saved us from relegation, punched well above out budgetary weight in table finishes in the first few seasons.

But I can't help feel his legacy will be the loss of a lot of fans due to style. I personally would have preferred some of the mid table finishes with a manager who was at least trying to entertain and play the ball on the floor more, rather the dour pragmatism of so many of our displays.

We desperately need a change of manager; fans need a boost, need to start bringing the stay aways back with some fresh ideas and a fresh style of football.

Really wish Marcus would do it now, I'm sure a lot of fans like me would return just to give the new guy a chance and see what ideas can be brought.

It's going to be a shame that Mick's tenure will end on this sour note, especially as the injury crisis is out of his hands.

One final point, someone made a good point about ways to improve is to bake the academy players progression into the first team. However, one negative at Town at present is that the Academy is developing a style of play that is different to the first team. Good clubs have the football style ethos running down through the club. I'm not sure youth can truly progress at present in this team.

At least Stuart Watson is telling how it is...
at 22:55 6 Jan 2018


Concerned on match reports that don’t emphasise just how poor our. football can be.
So who went? And how bad was it?
at 17:07 6 Jan 2018

Season over.

Sheff U rested two key midfielders for today and stated their priority was next Friday.

Yes injuries, but not a terrible side. Surely Mick could have motivated given his FA cup record.
Sheff Weds get their man
at 09:47 6 Jan 2018

Wouldn’t you just be really excited by this kind of story with Town??

Going for the Wagner effect but the club also has money. Baptism of fire against the blades on Friday night.

His opening his statements all include discipline and energy, but also ‘good football’ and ‘creativity’.

“Bring Me the Head of Mick McCarthy” podcast
at 09:14 5 Jan 2018

Definition worth a listen to the latest “The Totally Football League Show” podcast and it’s latest dramatically title episode.

At around 10mins in it has a really good discussion on Ipswich and the Fulham game from 3 well informed chaps.

Know a lot about the club, players and state.

They rightly pointed out that our ‘game plan’ for Fulham was working before the sending off was working, but my word it’s dull.

All praise Mick for much of this season. But one states we probably need a refresh.

A good point is that for a club with our budget, only way out of the league is with a young upcoming technical manager ‘with a plan’ on the pitch. A la Wagner at Huddersfield.

Problem is all other similar clubs are trying to do the same.
The fundamental issue is this..
at 23:45 2 Jan 2018

... whether 11 men, 10 men, a fully fit squad, or a bare bones team, we are not often able to pass and move in a way that takes pressure off the team, or can hurt the opposition.

Is that down to the quality of the back-up players, or the coaching, I’m not sure. But our youths passed well against a strong Palace side.

It was fun tonight, but as a lad from saxmundham in the pub said, “we used to travel with 15 of us, now we’re down to 2, and they all blame McCarthy”
[Post edited 2 Jan 23:49]
What my mates said
at 22:15 2 Jan 2018

1. You have the best support we have experienced
2. Craven Cottage is a great little ground
3. That beer and meal were good
4. Waghorn is a good player, but messed up some of th set pieces
5. Fulham had A LOT of chances and possession in the first
6. Ipswich has lots of endeavour
7. But Ipswich are really bad at passing and bring loads of pressure on themselves
8. It was a stupid challenge, but only a yellow
9. The ref was rubbish
10. Fulham tore into us at will, surprised it wasn’t more
11. Town have a bizarre mix of Sloaney and rough fans

That is all
I’m enjoying this, and we’re really trying, but god we can’t pass (n/t)
at 20:26 2 Jan 2018

So is Skuse starting tonight?
at 12:55 2 Jan 2018

Phil saying still to be confirmed, someone stated he was training at Playford yesterday.

I guess we'll know by 7pm.

Team to be:

------------- Bart
Spence-- Chambo--Smith---Knudsen

Which ain't terrible.... especially is Smith can put in a performance
And McGoldrick and Ward improve.
Why am I going tonight??
at 09:05 2 Jan 2018

And dragging 2 neutral MATES along with me?

We are playing a team with a decent budget and a technical manager, who play the game right. Who have had a positive Christmas and are not dessimated by injury.

Fulham have frankly embarrassed us in the last 2 games.

And yet I’m heading down to Craven Cottage. The last drabs of the Ipswich Opiate remain in my blood, but the addiction is waning. Could tonight be the final detox?


My crumb of comfort is that it’s only really skuse and Webster missing from our recent best performances.

COYFB let’s go for it tonight, Power them off the pitch, please stop the comments from my game companions of “you actually want to watch this sh!t’
Mick’s comments on getting the fans back....
at 09:20 17 Dec 2017

Are interesting.

The low crowds are a real concern.

Of the numerous ‘lapsed blues’ I know, I’d say 8 aren’t going to return unless we’ve got a new manager and are playing Bournemouth like football and are effectively out of reach. They were big fans, season ticket holders, but just lost the love of it. Another 6 saw a few games earlier in the season and are just not convinced on the entertainment YET. I sit in the remaining group of 4 who are virtual opiate level addicts. But are still only going to 50% of games if that. Keep this change up Mick, i.e. true attacking intent and energy, perhaps with a little more possession and it’s half season ticket party time!!!

It’s the middle group we need to get back, and that’s going to happen with perhaps the 30% rising to 45-50% and a couple of January additions of quality.

Yes you can bemoan these stay aways, but we need them back, and their return would boost the team and manager.

We have had the Brentford, Fulham, Bristol, Bolton, Norwich (second half) home games this season, lest we forget!
Huws injury is such a blow
at 12:27 15 Dec 2017

I thought the Forest game was a really bright spot for Mick and the team, it showed that we can play attractive football, with good efficiency with the ball, yes maybe sitting back and less possession, but we looked like a football team.

Huws was a massive part of that performance. He's just good on the ball.

4-4-2 with Waghorn and Garner through the middle, Ward right and Celina left would seem to be the solution. Or if Bishop can finally step up and stay fit, perhaps he can play the forward midfield role Huws was playing.

15th place nailed on I'd suggest?

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