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Jesus wept - Trump is out of control
at 15:04 15 Jul 2019

... no one can tell me that his rhetoric does not embolden white supremacists

[Post edited 16 Jul 8:24]
Feckin hell Bart...
at 13:34 14 Jul 2019

... I think you’re great.

But you had a significant role in our relegation with so many flapping errors at key points in games.

You had this chance for a reboot. And it sounds like you’re flapping again.

Doubt we’ll now manage to sell you. So as our highest earner, please get your game in order.

Yes yes yes - I know it’s only a pre-season friendly.
Any live feeds from the Intertwerpen cup? (n/t)
at 12:59 14 Jul 2019

Which academy youth product is going to have the biggest impact this season?
at 16:18 10 Jul 2019

Which academy youth product is going to have the biggest impact this season?

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Incredible stuff from New Zealand
at 15:30 10 Jul 2019

That Neesham catch is unbelievable
Isn't it just unbelievable, incredible, that Boris Johnson is going to be PM
at 09:09 10 Jul 2019

He was a critical figure in getting us into the complete clusterf@ck that is Brexit, with his unaccountable and fantastical selling of how easy and beneficial leaving the EU would be.

He has no substance, its all platitudes, and fluff. And he is going to take us into a very very deep hole on Brexit, especially given the kind of position John Major is raising in that Boris cannot ride roughshod over parliament into a hard Brexit, so we will enter limbo.

Its like having a babysitter who gets hammered, wrecks your house, and gets your kids drunk. Causing you £1000s of damage to your house. As he stumbles down the drive, you shout, "can you come back next week?"

I so wish a R4 interview with the head of the Northern Ireland trade association when commenting on Boris 'ideas' on Irish Border. It was frightening! shocking! because smoothing over the problem with platitudes is DANGEROUS. No one is mentioning the VAT issue with a no deal Brexit over the border, which is massive.


So Sears aiming for November for return.... but Nolan
at 08:37 10 Jul 2019

.. seems to be a larger scale injury than I had realised.

As in Nolan is with the physios alongside Huws and Sears, more than with the squad. As I understand it from the Sears interview.I think Nolan is a first team starter.

Am sure Sears is being optimistic, but having him back for early 2020 could be quite a boost.

Its quite a midfield, when fit

We really should get promoted with this midfield:
at 10:40 7 Jul 2019

We’ve got Judge, Dozzell, Lankester, Huws, Downes, skuse, Bishop, Edwards, Nolan, El Miz, Rowe, Roberts

Best pre-season midfield squad for a while?
3-2 against a Bundesliga side...
at 16:14 6 Jul 2019

With no Norwood and Judge... happy with that

Good that Jackson got a goal.

Bring on the next game.

Don’t mind one up front as long as we flood players forward around him.
3-2 Jackson scores...
at 15:48 6 Jul 2019

... told you he was going to be a star this season
Did Lankester let slip Lamberts real target?
at 09:39 6 Jul 2019

In his interview our young warrior states the gaffer has said the goal is to win the league... a different position to that given to press.

I really like the pre-season footage - it all looks very professional and the boys look sharp.

I wonder if Jackson may surprise us this season with some real form and goals.

Bar the full back positions, striker (if my Jackson prediction is flawed), and maybe centre back. I personally think it’s an exciting squad.

First pre season today - COYB
How fit is Sears?
at 08:37 5 Jul 2019

He’s been at pre-season, now flying to Germany. Is he fully involved in training? Will he play games in Germany?

I thought he was into 2020 for a return.

I await your thoughts?!
Brexit Party shame and reality....
at 08:07 4 Jul 2019

David Baddiel sums up the stupidity of the Brexit Party:

And then you look at the age profile and demographic of a Brexit Party rally, and whilst white, middle class and over 60s are an important of UK society they’re hardly the youth who have to deal with the Brexit mess party_uk/status/1145322411283427329?s=21

If you read some of the tweets of these new Brexit Party MEPs it’s frightening- angry, belligerent, two world wars and one World Cup mind sets.... UK reputational damage.....
Gav and ITFC - ITFC team lists
at 07:42 4 Jul 2019

Both the official ITFC website and TWTD team/squad lists remain very out of date... I guess waiting for squad numbers... but the ITFC website just groups the players into defence, midfield and attack anyway... surely an up date is required.... then we can see it change with the still to come MASSIVE INFLUX OF PLAYERS!!
It’s really quite simple isn’t it
at 10:16 25 Jun 2019

People like Farage and back bench Tory MPs have been allowed to make populist statements for years, unaccountable, that leaving Europe and being outside Europe is going to benefit the country. They didn’t used to, but they’re now saying hard Brexit is a feasible option.

The facts are that a hard Brexit is very challenging, on so many fronts,
Including Northern Ireland.

The majority of MPs feel duty bound to avoid a hard Brexit.

Parliament will stop that position. BUT the general public have been whipped into a frenzy that Hard Brexit is good and Brussels are to blame.

This sentiment within the Tory party is leading to the appointment of a PM who is not fit for purpose.

We will the go into a complete limbo of parliament versus government. Potential general election of a SNP / Labour coalition. More uncertainty but critically more public angst at being cheated out of Brexit (which was an impossible mandate).

All the while we make no real progress on the REAL Brexit trade negotiations.

Simply put - we are well and truly shafted.
Phil - good see Freddy at pre-season training...
at 12:52 24 Jun 2019

... how involved was he?

Was Huws able to complete the same tasks as the rest of them?

Were there a few new faces? I didn't recognise a couple.
TWTD at Glastonbury
at 11:17 24 Jun 2019

So who is going? (normally a ITFC flag sails by one year)

Weather looks great, if a little hot on Friday.

Who you wanting to see? Fontaines DC, Lizzo, Tame Impala, Wombats, Gerry Cinnamon, Pip Blom to name but a few for me.

(Cue: those saying Glasto has lost its soul since the 90s (well I've gone pretty much every year, and that is simply not the case, its soul grows, with its environmental stance, and 'libtard' mentality)

Did you know there is seaside pier this year? crazy man
Hadn't realised Burton has 1800 away capacity...
at 13:41 20 Jun 2019

.... so anyone who wants to go should be accommodated. Should be close to selling that out.

What was out biggest away attendance last year and our average does any one know??

Trump b@llsh!t
at 13:39 20 Jun 2019

I watched interviews of the people queuing to get into the Trump rally... they were a pretty grim cross section of US society it seemed to me... what do you want from his next term "I want him to kick some butt", but there were also seemingly good US citizens, and when they were asked why they supported Trump they just regurgitated his lines... about economy and trade.. amking it sound like Trump was performing miracles, THE BEST EVER...

Anyone sane knows that the economy is a cycle, little influenced by government, and the uptick started well into the Obama reign.

But the excellent news source Forbes gives us this..... but I'm sure he's call it fake news. Is this the future, is this some throwback to dark times, where if you shout louder and have a mouthpiece like Fox News you will rise to the top, fact less.. MENTAL

Anway I think we'l beat Burton 0-2 and Sunderland 3-1
Any calendar files for the Ipswich fixtures available...
at 10:21 20 Jun 2019

... for input into Outlook?
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