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Great to see the U21s playing a style that aligns with the first team
at 11:31 18 Aug 2022

The dark days of our first team playing ‘pragmatic’ defensive hit and hope, while the youth were learning a style that people want to watch coming to and end, thank god
On reflection…
at 22:48 17 Aug 2022

… we weren’t good last night with poor or below par performances across the team, bar the wonderful Walton.

We got away with it and grabbed the 3 points with a bit of luck and a bravura goalkeeping display. Rather than winning ugly.

We’ll need to be a lot better across the pitch to win games against those kind of opposition going forward. Our set pieces are becoming comically bad.

Positively you know McKenna will be analysing the performance and will making plans to resolve. Which may include Keogh coming into the team, adjustments to system and pressing for another striker.

Fans seemed to be the star of the night… and hell we’re top of the league. But let’s not play like that again.
The outcome of the Wyoming Republican primary is literally the death knell...
at 13:40 17 Aug 2022

... for American democracy/society...

Sound dramatic?

Trump is so corrupt, so based on lies (election fraud that NEVER happened), so based on morals that are bankrupt (climate change denial, racism, wealth divide growth, greed, ignorance of common standards/decency (e.g. classified document protocols etc etc). He literally, without any doubt, incited an insurgency into their capital building, he is inciting people to attack law enforcement including the FBI.

And yet his candidate, the one he put in place, has beaten the only Republican to stand up to his decay

Why do we care in the UK... because we are on the same slippery slope.. as Truss, GB News, and Talk TV drag us into the mire....

Probably one of McKennas better post match interviews…
at 23:26 16 Aug 2022

… and my word there have been some good ones already

But tonight he’s just bang one in summing up the game and our performance, and really just capturing what league one is all about

As he stated that first half was chaos

Also it did sound like the away support was rocking tonight
I frickin love Harness
at 22:17 16 Aug 2022

Yes his touch was often not on it tonight and there was a looseness in play (see also Morsy, Wolf, Edmundson)… but in other moments he is just effective

That’s his difference over Celina… things consistently happen that threaten the box

His goal was absolutely superb, a moment of real quality in a poor game

Real test of the team, the manager and the project tonight...
at 15:13 16 Aug 2022

... if you're serious about automatic promotion, its a must win game, its 3 points in the bag for the season ahead. Its as simple as that.

Burton are in a poor state, low confidence in players and fans, dissent about the manager, and with injuries.

We've got a fully fit and far superior squad, that is fit bar one player, and we've sold out our away end.

It's a real test of where we are. Core of the team has been together for a long time now, manager has had time to get his plans and system into the player.

A win tonight and we are rocking and we are really throwing off the issues of last season. And i'd start to get bullish - even with expected wins from Derby, Bolton, and Pompey.

A loss and we hope its a one off blip and we go and take 6 points from Shrews and Barnsley.... but tonight feels the right time to lay down a marker!

Who's with me!!??
I hope we’ve got this 16 year old Rio Morgan locked in to a strong contract
at 23:06 15 Aug 2022

He looks a real ball player

Great skills in his assist for our our goals in the U18 win at Peterborough recently

Man U scouts must have had a look?
Nunez having an absolute mare for Liverpool
at 21:19 15 Aug 2022

Poor touch all night, doesn’t look to have a finish on him, and then a stupid red card for a blatant head charge

Terrible start to his career… and can they really afford to drop 5 points against Man City when playing Fulham and Palace!
So given McKenna comment on Burton physicality…
at 16:33 15 Aug 2022

… could we see Burgess, Keogh and/or Leigh coming in??

Would have been perfect one for Ball, but I assume still a way to go.

Feels like Leigh is most likely.
Burton terrace ticket available.. drop/collect North Essex / South Suffolk
at 10:10 15 Aug 2022

DM if interested.. face value
The 14 point August is still on!!
at 19:25 13 Aug 2022

Bolton (h) - 1 point
Forest Green (a) - 3 point
Mk Dons (h) - 3 point
Burton (a) - 3 point
Shrews (a) - 3 point
Barnsley (h) - 1 point

Predictions right to date.

And I’d really like to see us pick up 6 points in our next two games on the road.

I do believe Sheff Weds, Peterborough and Derby will continue to win throughout the season. Meaning automatic is a very tall order, but one I think we can achieve.
Harness is a game changer for this team…
at 18:42 13 Aug 2022

… he was perhaps my MOTM today (with Donacien, Burns, Chaplin running him close)

He just does things more directly than players we’ve had previously.

He has real quality control and short passing.

I rate him.

In McKennas superb second half interview he was asked whether he liked the first or third goal best… and he stated he liked Harness’ 2nd.. because he was in their picking up the loose ball.

As much as I like Aluko.. Harness is just much more effective
So starting 11 and bench tomorrow in the heat
at 15:18 12 Aug 2022

————Donacien Wolf Edmundson

Subs - Hdalky, Leigh, Burgess, Edwards, Aluko, JJ, Jackson

Think too early for Keogh to join bench, but soon. KVY no even on bench.

I assuming Ball is still out. That bench is going to get very tight when Ball and Keogh are both fit and a new striker comes in.
[Post edited 12 Aug 15:42]
Anyone training to Burton from London?
at 12:28 11 Aug 2022

Struggling to see a return train time that works?
Trump Truss… Trumss… Trusmp..
at 12:13 11 Aug 2022

3 weeks to transfer deadline, August point tally
at 11:35 11 Aug 2022

So 2 games in and one standard cup exit achieved… how we looking?

Too early to say?

Well one things for sure Bolton are starting to look the real deal, and think they’ll beat Port Vale on the weekend. Peterborough and Sheff Weds look ominous. And Pompey seem to have goals. An automatic promotion spot would be a MASSIVE achievement in my view.

But we’re 4 points to the good going into a fascinating game in the heat against MK, a win, some real threat and dominance and the 14 points below starts to look doable and Burton eminently winnable, and we fans will be getting very excited.

But tough tough match against Manning to get past. With concerns on our ability to break them down.

Tuesday has dented confidence in the b team 11… and Harper, Ndaba, Humphreys, El Miz, KVY don’t quite feel the places competition we hoped for… and similar queries against Jackson and JJ.

Morsy is so crucial though… I’d also like to see Ball in the team.. and hopefully Keogh is started to influence I expect from the bench.

But a striker is surely in the wings with 3 weeks of transfer window left.

Bolton (h) - 1 point
Forest Green (a) - 3 point
Mk Dons (h) - 3 point
Burton (a) - 3 point
Shrews (a) - 3 point
Barnsley (h) - 1 point
Anyone else get caught in the melee behind the Cobbold last night
at 18:19 10 Aug 2022

Can’t remember worse trouble at a Town game for years

Police were hopeless and looking on

With a large group of Col U fans doing their best impression of a Milllwall crew circa 1985… clearly aided by a lot of booze and perhaps some marching powders

Few town fans hit…

Problem is fans get funnelled into a channel after sir Bobby Robson statue… and it’s a mess

I may have witnessed the only flash point… but looked like more shenanigans at the station
Interesting that MK kept their keeper, 2 CBs and 1 CM
at 16:11 10 Aug 2022

The same for Sutton last night… from their weekend Sheff Weds loss

Got them the win

But hopefully the likes of Ethan Robson will be fatigued to face Morsy
For all those posters who slated Keogh without really knowing the full picture
at 16:05 10 Aug 2022

Go through the replies from Blackpool fans on this tweet… and tell me he doesn’t sound like the character we want at the club, a player who learnt his craft in our yoof system.

The team and club need character and strength
34C pitch side on Saturday....
at 15:13 10 Aug 2022

... now that is hot

Shame as chance will make the game a lottery.. but MK will also have to endure it

Chance of an Easterly breeze up the Orwell which may help.

Lots of drinks breaks.

Hopefully there will be exhaustion for us to bring on an attacking 3 change again - albeit JJ, Jackson, and Aluko's confidence will be on the floor after poor performances from all 3 last night
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