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Joe Pigott
at 10:37 5 Jun 2021

As we appear to be trying to form a 'best of League 1' squad I would be chuffed to sign Joe Pigott.

Anyway, I just googled him and see his latest Twitter post is saying farewell to the Wimbledon fans.

What do we think? Chance he could be coming or is he Championship bound.
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Bad boys
at 15:25 12 May 2021

Whenever I read complaints about the behaviour of Norwood and now our new coach I wonder what you would have made of Kevin Beattie. He was no angel and got himself in a few pickles in his time here.

Lets just sign pure angels eh, and see how that goes.
You've got to hand it Sparks ...
at 12:53 10 May 2021

Over 40 years of producing great music and art ... still going strong!

We musn't kid ourselves ...it's a meaningless end of season game
at 12:58 9 May 2021

.. but boy, I enjoyed that.

We've been so starved of any flair it's been a joy to watch. We can really see how Cook wants us to play as well. The players seem to be finally grasping it.

Dobra a revelation. So looks as if he is loving his football.
F00k**n Blue Monday!!!!!!
at 07:50 3 May 2021

Just had to turn the podcast off after the first few minutes as they are discussing Line of Duty.

Season 6 hasn't arrived in Australia yet guys!!!

I don't want to listen to spoilers as to who it might be and ruin it all for me.

Grrr .... I love the pod but that's a very poor show. Stick to the football please.

Edit ... Can someone please tell me when the football starts as I've gone forward a few minutes and they're STILL talking about it!
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When Bishop fouled Norwood
at 15:51 1 May 2021

How come we didn't get a free kick?
That free kick just now ...
at 15:30 24 Apr 2021

We only had 4 players in the box. Wimbledon had 10!!!

There's only one side in this ...
Jon Nolan
at 09:01 24 Apr 2021

I haven't been around that much the last week... Just dipping in and out. I see there has been a bit of discussion on who we should keep but no one has mentioned Jon Nolan either way.

So what do we think? I personally reckon he could thrive in a Paul Cook team. With the right players around him I think we could see him at his best especially at this level. Cook has said that Nolan is a player he was looking forward to working with so I suspect he'll stay.

It really would be a fitting end to peak banter era ...
at 01:53 17 Apr 2021

... if this lot now turn it on for the last six games ... sail through the play offs and take us up.

What then?
'I was disappointed in the performance in both halves'
at 08:02 14 Apr 2021

'.... it was too slow, too pedestrian, and really not playing like they were supposed to.'

'I didn't think we worked hard enough in possession or out of possession.'

'... players running past ours far to easily.'

'There need to be a few home truths.'

'... another pathetic goal to concede.'

'Clearly our attitude wasn't right tonight.'

All quotes from the Paul Hurst interview after being knocked out of the cup by Exeter in August 2018, 2 years and 8 months ago.

Every comment could apply to our players now and, get this, five (FIVE) of the players who finished yesterdays game played in that Exeter game.

Those comments are when I believe Hurst may have started to lose the Dressing room. The players did not react well. Many on here were calling out Hurst saying he was wrong and out of order. We stuck up for the players and blamed Hurst. I'm no Hurst apologist but I think he was bang on.

Now Cook is saying the same things all these years later and we all agree. Remeber five players still there yesterday pulling the same stunt. Isn't hindsight a wonderful thing


at 17:13 10 Apr 2021

Looked helluva player. Was just strolling around knocking the ball about like it was a park kick around.
Freddie Sears ...
at 17:01 10 Apr 2021

... has forgotten how to play football!
So do we think the players will buck their ideas up now?
at 14:48 7 Apr 2021

Because if they didn't think so before, now they REALLY know they are playing for their future.
I was collecting an Indian takeaway when I checked my phone ...
at 12:41 7 Apr 2021

I don't think the nice Indian lady has ever seen anyone punch the air and shout 'yes' with an ear to ear grin as she handed over the food!

She was happy too ....
I can only think some of the players haven't taken to Cook
at 17:18 5 Apr 2021

They are not playing for the shirt and certainly not for him.

He must be embarrassed at that shambles ... Hope he gets rid of as many as he can in the Summer.
Have all our players been drugged
at 15:44 2 Apr 2021

So sluggish ... They all look knackered!
AZ Vaccine being investigated in Australia too now ...
at 09:09 2 Apr 2021

Evening news channels here all over this. Whatever happens it's going to erode confidence.

This is beautiful ....
at 07:24 30 Mar 2021

... had to share.

A tribute to his late father and Bowie.

All the more moving as Peter Frampton is suffering from a rare muscular disease that will soon render him unable to play guitar.

Vaccine Latest ...
at 08:12 29 Mar 2021

[Post edited 29 Mar 8:12]
More possibly good news on the Vaccines
at 23:58 24 Mar 2021

Lets hope so ...

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