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I seem to have seen the game a bit differently to many on here
at 08:58 7 Mar 2021

Yes, it was crap but did none of you notice that we were trying to play in a completely different way to 'normal'? I mentioned this on here at half time but the instructions were clearly to get the ball forward as quickly as possible, not as in a hoof, but to the feet.

The players struggled with it, I mean they are so in the habits ingrained in them. Even the opening kick off for the first time for ages we passed it to someones feet!! Then, every kick off after each goal it was back to the old hoof it into touch Rugby style.

Cook had to go with an unchanged side after the three wins and it will be interesting who is selected Tuesday when it is 'his' selection. I wonder whether he will bring Matheson in as full backs need to get forward. Maybe move Chambers into the centre. There will probably be a few who will be given a rest.

Once he gets his team playing his way I reckon it will be good to watch. I am not as pessimistic as a lot of you and feel some of our squad will really improve. Not all, and there will be new faces, but he has to get the current lot 'retrained".

Hold on for the ride!

It seems obvious to me ...
at 14:00 6 Mar 2021

... that Cook is already stamping his mark on the team. We are trying to get the ball forward far quicker than in the past. For a bunch of players used to tippy tapping it around it isn't coming naturally .... yet.

Patience everyone.
at 12:50 4 Mar 2021

Wow ... A big thanks to everyone who has ever recommended this on various threads discussing Series' to watch. Only just got to it and just finished Season 2 ... Absolutely outstanding. The plot, the acting, cinematography, and soundtrack. What a rollercoaster. Brilliant.

Get on it if you haven't yet.
According to my ifollow the game on Saturday is a Midnight kick off ...
at 12:03 4 Mar 2021

Anyone know why?
Nsiala outstanding again tonight (n/t)
at 21:03 2 Mar 2021

I'm genuinely wondering if Lambert will be there tomorrow
at 22:57 26 Feb 2021

With everything going on the situation is surely untenable.
I never knew Roy Keane was Lambert's assistant at Villa for a while!!
at 12:59 19 Feb 2021

Blimey!! Is this deliberate sabotage?

I was having a dive into Lambert's relationship with Randy Lerner at Villa following his quote the other day. Apparently, he asked Lerner to sack him on two occasions and instead was given a new contract!!

How does he do it?

Also made the same comment about not protecting an owner again in 2016 and admitted talking 'drivel' in press conferences for a couple of years.


This is interesting ... History repeats ...


Unbelievable that this fraud is such a serial offender and keeps getting away with it.
Meanwhile ...
at 13:24 18 Feb 2021

Jack Ross is doing pretty well at Hibs.

I still think he would have been a better fit for us.
Coming to Ipswich on loan
at 20:27 16 Feb 2021

Your career is in danger of being ruined after eh.

A few weeks learning to play the 'Ipswich way' and you're fooked.

Matheson and Parrot looking shadows of the players they were at Blackpool. As for Thomas ... Well, we could have just kept Danny Rowe.

Absolute, absolute garbage ... We are plunging new depths!
Fans told to leave Australian Open mid match to comply with lockdown
at 21:45 12 Feb 2021

Quite bizarre.

I can feel a thrashing coming on .... (n/t)
at 20:13 9 Feb 2021

at 17:26 6 Feb 2021

It was really noticeable today that the players seemed to have a passion, desire, and hunger that has been missing for so long. They appeared to be enjoying themselves.

Bought into stark reality how much of that has been missing previously.

Let's see if it continues ...
As I look at all these deals in the offing ...
at 11:49 1 Feb 2021

I realise Lambert really isn't going is he?

Absolutely gutted ... I felt sure he just had to go!

Words fail me ...

I never realised that Town were one of the teams involved ...
at 07:30 23 Jan 2021

... in one of football's most famous betting scandals.

Peter Swan has died ... I knew of the case that resulted in life bans for Swan and Tony Kay, both England internationals, but not that the match was an Ipswich game.

Virus shredding
at 06:47 15 Jan 2021

Today I've read two articles of news where people who have tested positive for COVID19 are considered not to be contagious as the virus is 'shedding' although still in the body.

This is all quite new to me and I'm wondering if some of you more knowledgeable bods on here can explain to me how on earth we can really know when the cases are going down if positive test results keep occurring on people who had the virus months before.


' ....Philippines and another a man, in his 40s, who had travelled from the United States, Dr Young said.

She said the Cairns case was a man in his 40s who went through hotel quarantine and tested negative after returning to Australia from the Congo in September.

He however returned a positive result recently when tested as a condition of returning to work.

"He's totally well, asymptomatic, so we think that is most likely a persistent shedding," Dr Young said.

"We know you can shed for up to nine months when you're positive.'


'He then explained his first positive test was in November and he was now “totally recovered”. “I was sick in November, totally healthy now. There’s not a single documented case where I would be contagious at this point.”

The Australian Open suggested Victorian health authorities had given Sandgren the all-clear to fly.

The tournament’s official Twitter account said people who had recovered and were “non-infectious can continue to shed the virus for several months”.

[Post edited 15 Jan 6:53]
Brisbane in lockdown due to ONE case
at 07:41 8 Jan 2021

Seems drastic but I guess this is how a lockdown should work.

Happy New Year ... It's now 2021 here in NSW
at 13:23 31 Dec 2020

... so can I be the first to wish everyone, all of us, best wishes for 2021. That we come out of this absolute sh1tshow that is life at the moment and everyone finds a future of Health and happiness.

I sometimes feel we are all experiencing everything together on this site ... That in some way I know you all or certainly in many ways, your thoughts, fears and ideals. TWTD is a family in many ways with all the love , arguments and laughs along the way. I would love this year if we can all just show a bit more kindness and less anger towards each other on here. We are all living with our own private fears and worries as to what the future holds. We should all understand that and maybe not be so judgemental.

Also, thanks Phil for everything ... You make it all possible.

Regulatory approval of Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine for COVID-19
at 05:33 6 Dec 2020

How many of you have read the documentation issued by the UK Government on this vaccine? I think everyone should. It can be found here ...


To be honest, I am kind of reeling at what I have just read and would appreciate some sort of feedback from people as to whether I am overreacting.

In the 'Information for UK Healthcare Professionals' document it says at Section 4.6 ...

It is unknown whether COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 has an impact on fertility.'

This information is NOT shown within the 'Information for UK recipients document'.

I mean, this is really important to know before having the vaccine isn't it? The media should be all over it.

Would appreciate thoughts on this.
[Post edited 6 Dec 2020 5:35]
at 15:56 5 Dec 2020

Another camera behind the goal .... Close ups ... and a weird effect where Cornell's kit looks orange from a distance and pink close up!

That's what's been fascinating me this half ...
Talking of conspiracy theories ...
at 08:59 4 Dec 2020

I had a client today. Lovely lady and perfectly normal in every way. We started talking about Covid and she came out with all the usual conspiracy theories that we have all heard before.

But then she told me ... Apparently Bidon and Obama, along with others have all been arrested and that within the next couple of weeks all our screens will be taken over and that they will all be put on trial for espionage against the human race. I double checked and she was deadly serious. Apparently, the 'boot' Bidon is wearing due to his broken ankle hides an ankle bracelet.

I kid you not ... I said I just hope it doesn't happen while the football's on!

Def info ... You heard it here first.
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