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Just imagine this at Portman Road
at 14:01 29 May 2020


Bowie fans ... This is 'Five Years' isn't it!
at 04:12 12 May 2020

Only just discovered this.

It was a very limited release and none of the reviews seem to have picked up on the undoubted similarities right through to the almost identical end. I did a bit of sleuthing and discovered ....

1. All the reviews said it was LCD Soundsystems first release in, you guessed it ... Five years.

2. It was released two weeks before Bowie died.

3. James Murphy was at the 'Blackstar' sessions and had been in constant contact with Bowie who he credits as being the person who convinced him to reform LCD Soundsystem.

I think it's excellent. One mans tribute is another mans lawsuit. I think Bowie may have been in on it!

In the interests of balance, Neil Ferguson responds ...
at 10:01 30 Apr 2020

... to the comments by Professor Giesecke in the video I posted yesterday.

Once again interesting interview. Continuing Lockdown not sustainable but doesn't seem sure of the next move. Admission that the modelling did not take into account the excess deaths of non Covid patients due to treatment not being available!!


This is an absolutely absorbing interview ...
at 02:35 29 Apr 2020

Professor Johan Giesecke, one of the world’s most senior epidemiologists, advisor to the Swedish Government (he hired Anders Tegnell who is currently directing Swedish strategy), the first Chief Scientist of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and an advisor to the director general of the WHO.

The man knows his stuff!

How an interview should be done. Simple Questions and Answers enabeling the listener to make up their own mind ... A must listen!

Another booming Industry during lockdown ....
at 08:42 28 Apr 2020
Covid Contact Tracing App
at 14:16 26 Apr 2020

Been rolled out by the Government in Australia today. Called CovidSafe the Government are dangling the carrot that if in excess of 40% of the population download it some restrictions will be lifted.

It's been made by Amazon Web Services.

Am I right in being concerned?

Trump channelling David Brent ...
at 14:22 14 Apr 2020

... while showing his propaganda video to the journalists.

Watch from 14.30 ... comedy Gold!

[Post edited 14 Apr 14:31]
Vaccine Questions
at 10:54 13 Apr 2020

I was only half listening but heard someone say on the radio yesterday that no vaccine has ever been developed for the different forms of Coronavirus' that exist so we cannot be too expecting of one being found for Covid 19. This got me trawling the Internet and just getting more confused. Was therefore wondering if the more knowledgeable bods on here could comment on what I have found and my understanding (Which could be wrong)

1.There seems to be many types of Coronavirus including the common cold in some cases. The two serious ones prior to Covid 19 are SARS and MERS. The true name of Covid 19 is SARS-CoV-2. No vaccine is available for any of them. Bearing in mind that we can get colds over and over again is that why there are reports of people getting Covid 19 again having already had it?

2. The main hope seems to be finding a viral antibiotic to treat the illness. The Health Officer here in Oz talked about that today. There is the hope that tweaking an existing treatment may be the quicker way out of this. I couldn't find any confidence in a vaccine being developed.

3. What the hell has Bill Gates got to do with this? Is he a Doctor? He said yesterday (Trying to find the clip) that a vaccine may have to be rolled out before being completely ready ... What?

4. It seems to me that this is going to be something we are all going to have to live with until it just calms down to something manageable. SARS just went away. MERS still exists but is not common. Let's prey that a treatment for Covid 19 is found and we can get on with life again ... Hopefully, in a much more mindful way. I just can't see a vaccine being found. If there is not one for all the other Coronavirus' .....

Sorry, if this seems all over the place. Just getting some thoughts down ... Over to you experts!
Football carrying on in Belarus
at 05:10 30 Mar 2020

Minimal Social Distancing restrictions in Belarus, and the President recently played Ice Hockey.

When asked if there was anything that would stop him playing ice hockey, Mr Lukashenko replied: "It is possible, but why? I don't understand. There are no viruses here.

"Did you see any of them flying around? I don't see them too. This is a fridge."

He also said everyone should drink Vodka for protection.

Fans around the World, starved of Football, are now following the Belarus Premier League to get their dose of Live Games.

Anyway, I reckon the Board should choose a team in Belarus to follow, then we can get back to some good old Football arguments.

There must be a team that constantly underperforms and changes it's system and team every week!
A new song for the current times from Billy Bragg
at 22:29 22 Mar 2020

What a Legend!! Not sure if it has already been posted on here but I've just got up and wanted to immediately share.

Aussie Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton diagnosed with Coronavirus
at 10:26 13 Mar 2020

He attended a cabinet meeting on Tuesday so surely the PM and the rest have to now self isolate and get tested.

Looks like Scott Morrison won't be going to the Rugby tomorrow after all!
[Post edited 13 Mar 10:28]
Brett McGavin
at 07:13 8 Mar 2020

So what was the story there then? Selected to start on Tuesday ... hooked at half time and then not even in the squad yesterday!!

Another one who's confidence will probably have taken a big hit.

It's all wrong eh!
We now have Toilet Paper rationing here in Oz!!!
at 11:12 4 Mar 2020
'You're not Ipswich any more ...'
at 09:28 4 Mar 2020

Apparently sung by the 88 Fleetwood fans!

Wow ... That's cutting but indicative of where we are now and how other fans are just losing all respect for us.

Sad, sad times indeed!
Was just looking at upcoming fixtures
at 12:29 19 Feb 2020

Next Tuesday Sunderland play Fleetwood and Rotherham go to Coventry all using up games in hand on us. Good that our rivals are all playing each other. Portsmouth playing as well though they should beat MK Dons.

My head is exploding with the permutations but things should be a fair bit clearer after those games.

Once again a win vital Saturday though.
at 16:09 15 Feb 2020

What odds that he'll score this half!
This may be a bit controversial ...
at 10:18 13 Feb 2020

.. but after watching that sh1tshow of a performance by the team on Tuesday I've decided to share a thought that's been bugging me privately for a while now. I've been dismissing it but without doubt there is something badly wrong at the club so I've decided to put it out there to you lot. Being a lonely old Town supporter in Australia I have no one to nut things out with, so I thought I'd put it out to you lot.

I'm not going to say it is the case, but I'm wondering whether certain senior players just have too much influence within the club to the detriment of the team in more ways then one. Yes, I'm talking about Chambers and Skuse mainly, without doubt fantastic servants of the club but now the constant in two seasons of what is looking increasingly like total failure.

Last Tuesday, as many times before there was not a bit of passion, hunger or desire from the team. The mentality was all wrong. There is a defeatist attitude pervading and no sign of the leadership needed from the two players who have been part of it many, many times before. It's just the norm for them now eh!

Outwardly, of course the passion and fighting talk is all there in the interviews, but inwardly deep inside, the doubts after all these 'big game' defeats must be immense and of course will be felt by the rest of the team.

The other aspect is, I wonder whether the failure of Hurst and now Lambert could also be linked to pressure from the players. We all know that Hurst fell out with the Senior pros, the team stopped playing for him (If they ever started!) and that conversations were had between Chambers and Evans that led to Hurst's dismissal. I am no Hurst apologist at all but what if he never had a chance with the players from Day One? A lot of us were actually quite excited after those first few games under Hurst and we have all asked why he appeared to suddenly abandon his philosophy and play in a totally different way with different players from Norwich game onwards.

Sound familiar? After starting the season with a 442, a fairly steady line up and moving to the top of the league Lambert also abandons a winning formula. Holy gets dropped?. After Lincoln 'the players' apparently told Lambert how they wanted to play. Chambers has said he loves the current system. Great Luke. That's alright then. No matter we can't win a game! Many of us here have commented that the Wimbledon game needed a 442 line up but no ... Same, same and a very a defensive formation!

Two previously previously successful managers just can't make up their minds or too much 'Player power'?

As I have said, these are just thoughts and I am not saying this is the case. I am hopefully talking nonsense. But no one seems to have considered that maybe Lambert is just not his own man. I'm thousands of miles away and someone with local knowledge within the club might tell me I am totally wrong on this. I hope so. However, while all the talk on here has blamed Evans and Lambert for our current predicament, for two managers to fail so miserably says to me there is something deeper going on.

The club is, I think, in big trouble and needs a big clear out to get rid of the losing mentality and the players associated with it.

Excellent that ...
at 16:00 25 Jan 2020

Best half of football I've seen from us for a good while!
Our kit Tuesday night
at 06:01 16 Jan 2020

Haven't seen anyone else mention it (Probably, most too young) but seeing us in white socks bought back wonderful memories of the late 70's when we always wore white socks.

If the shirts had been plain and a darker blue it would have been what was my favourite Town strip.

Does anybody know when and why we changed to Blue socks?
Meanwhile ...
at 23:14 4 Jan 2020

Sunderland, who have been having an awful season, easily beat Lincoln and move to within 3 points of us.

We are in trouble!

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