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Middlesbrough 0 v 2 Ipswich Town
SkyBet Championship
Saturday, 9th December 2023 Kick-off 15:00

Head to Head - Ipswich Town's record against Middlesbrough

Barclays Premier League22713139353101210662321
Sky Bet Championship4512644724741228421910167566
All League67197760331091538542916229887
League Cup3200610011320174

Average goals scored:1.500
Average goals conceded:1.300
Win with greatest margin:5
Wed 1 Sep 1954Ipswich Town6-1Middlesbrough
Loss with greatest margin:3
Sat 14 Mar 2015Middlesbrough4-1Ipswich Town
Sat 27 Sep 1975Ipswich Town0-3Middlesbrough
Sat 7 Dec 1974Middlesbrough3-0Ipswich Town
Sat 2 Apr 1960Middlesbrough4-1Ipswich Town
Sat 23 Nov 1957Middlesbrough5-2Ipswich Town
Most goals in a match:7
Sat 6 Feb 1965Ipswich Town5-2Middlesbrough
Sat 23 Nov 1957Middlesbrough5-2Ipswich Town
Wed 1 Sep 1954Ipswich Town6-1Middlesbrough

9 Dec 2023Sky Bet ChampionshipKieran McKennaMiddlesbrough0-2Ipswich TownW
29 Dec 2018Sky Bet ChampionshipPaul LambertMiddlesbrough2-0Ipswich TownL
2 Oct 2018Sky Bet ChampionshipPaul HurstIpswich Town0-2MiddlesbroughL
6 May 2018Sky Bet ChampionshipBryan KlugIpswich Town2-2MiddlesbroughD
9 Dec 2017Sky Bet ChampionshipMick McCarthyMiddlesbrough2-0Ipswich TownL
23 Apr 2016Sky Bet ChampionshipMick McCarthyMiddlesbrough0-0Ipswich TownD
4 Dec 2015Sky Bet ChampionshipMick McCarthyIpswich Town0-2MiddlesbroughL
14 Mar 2015Sky Bet ChampionshipMick McCarthyMiddlesbrough4-1Ipswich TownL
20 Dec 2014Sky Bet ChampionshipMick McCarthyIpswich Town2-0MiddlesbroughW
8 Mar 2014Sky Bet ChampionshipMick McCarthyMiddlesbrough2-0Ipswich TownL
14 Sep 2013Sky Bet ChampionshipMick McCarthyIpswich Town3-1MiddlesbroughW
2 Feb 2013npower ChampionshipMick McCarthyIpswich Town4-0MiddlesbroughW
15 Sep 2012npower ChampionshipPaul JewellMiddlesbrough2-0Ipswich TownL
27 Mar 2012npower ChampionshipPaul JewellIpswich Town1-1MiddlesbroughD
24 Sep 2011npower ChampionshipPaul JewellMiddlesbrough0-0Ipswich TownD
12 Apr 2011npower ChampionshipPaul JewellIpswich Town3-3MiddlesbroughD
7 Aug 2010npower ChampionshipRoy KeaneMiddlesbrough1-3Ipswich TownW
6 Feb 2010Coca-Cola ChampionshipRoy KeaneIpswich Town1-1MiddlesbroughD
12 Sep 2009Coca-Cola ChampionshipRoy KeaneMiddlesbrough3-1Ipswich TownL
6 Nov 2002Worthington CupJoe RoyleIpswich Town3-1MiddlesbroughW
24 Apr 2002Barclaycard PremiershipGeorge BurleyIpswich Town1-0MiddlesbroughW
25 Nov 2001Barclaycard PremiershipGeorge BurleyMiddlesbrough0-0Ipswich TownD
16 Apr 2001FA Carling PremiershipGeorge BurleyMiddlesbrough1-2Ipswich TownW
28 Oct 2000FA Carling PremiershipGeorge BurleyIpswich Town2-1MiddlesbroughW
17 Jan 1998Nationwide First DivisionGeorge BurleyMiddlesbrough1 - 1Ipswich TownD
2 Dec 1997Nationwide First DivisionGeorge BurleyIpswich Town1 - 1MiddlesbroughD
2 Mar 1993Barclays First DivisionJohn LyallIpswich Town0 - 1MiddlesbroughL
1 Sep 1992Barclays First DivisionJohn LyallMiddlesbrough2 - 2Ipswich TownD
11 Jan 1992Barclays Second DivisionJohn LyallMiddlesbrough1 - 0Ipswich TownL
24 Aug 1991Barclays Second DivisionJohn LyallIpswich Town2 - 1MiddlesbroughW
30 Mar 1991Barclays Second DivisionJohn LyallMiddlesbrough1 - 1Ipswich TownD
26 Dec 1990Barclays Second DivisionJohn LyallIpswich Town0 - 1MiddlesbroughL
25 Apr 1990Barclays Second DivisionJohn DuncanMiddlesbrough1 - 2Ipswich TownW
30 Dec 1989Barclays Second DivisionJohn DuncanIpswich Town3 - 0MiddlesbroughW
23 Apr 1988Barclays Second DivisionJohn DuncanIpswich Town4 - 0MiddlesbroughW
20 Oct 1987Barclays Second DivisionJohn DuncanMiddlesbrough3 - 1Ipswich TownL
1 May 1982League Division OneSir Bobby RobsonIpswich Town3 - 1MiddlesbroughW
5 Dec 1981League Division OneSir Bobby RobsonMiddlesbrough0 - 1Ipswich TownW
2 May 1981League Division OneSir Bobby RobsonMiddlesbrough2 - 1Ipswich TownL
17 Feb 1981League Division OneSir Bobby RobsonIpswich Town1 - 0MiddlesbroughW
2 Sep 1980League CupSir Bobby RobsonIpswich Town3 - 0MiddlesbroughW
26 Aug 1980League CupSir Bobby RobsonMiddlesbrough3 - 1Ipswich TownL
11 Mar 1980League Division OneSir Bobby RobsonMiddlesbrough1 - 1Ipswich TownD
27 Oct 1979League Division OneSir Bobby RobsonIpswich Town1 - 0MiddlesbroughW
21 Nov 1978League Division OneSir Bobby RobsonIpswich Town2 - 1MiddlesbroughW
2 Sep 1978League Division OneSir Bobby RobsonMiddlesbrough0 - 0Ipswich TownD
21 Mar 1978League Division OneSir Bobby RobsonIpswich Town1 - 1MiddlesbroughD
24 Sep 1977League Division OneSir Bobby RobsonMiddlesbrough1 - 1Ipswich TownD
23 Apr 1977League Division OneSir Bobby RobsonIpswich Town0 - 1MiddlesbroughL
27 Nov 1976League Division OneSir Bobby RobsonMiddlesbrough0 - 2Ipswich TownW
3 Apr 1976League Division OneSir Bobby RobsonMiddlesbrough2 - 0Ipswich TownL
27 Sep 1975League Division OneSir Bobby RobsonIpswich Town0 - 3MiddlesbroughL
11 Jan 1975League Division OneSir Bobby RobsonIpswich Town2 - 0MiddlesbroughW
7 Dec 1974League Division OneSir Bobby RobsonMiddlesbrough3 - 0Ipswich TownL
16 Dec 1967League Division TwoBill McGarryIpswich Town1 - 2MiddlesbroughL
19 Aug 1967League Division TwoBill McGarryMiddlesbrough0 - 2Ipswich TownW
14 Sep 1965League Division TwoBill McGarryMiddlesbrough3 - 2Ipswich TownL
7 Sep 1965League Division TwoBill McGarryIpswich Town2 - 1MiddlesbroughW
6 Feb 1965League Division TwoBill McGarryIpswich Town5 - 2MiddlesbroughW
26 Sep 1964League Division TwoJackie MilburnMiddlesbrough2 - 4Ipswich TownW
3 Apr 1961League Division TwoSir Alf RamseyMiddlesbrough3 - 1Ipswich TownL
31 Mar 1961League Division TwoSir Alf RamseyIpswich Town3 - 1MiddlesbroughW
2 Apr 1960League Division TwoSir Alf RamseyMiddlesbrough4 - 1Ipswich TownL
14 Nov 1959League Division TwoSir Alf RamseyIpswich Town1 - 0MiddlesbroughW
25 Apr 1959League Division TwoSir Alf RamseyIpswich Town2 - 1MiddlesbroughW
6 Dec 1958League Division TwoSir Alf RamseyMiddlesbrough2 - 3Ipswich TownW
22 Feb 1958League Division TwoSir Alf RamseyIpswich Town1 - 1MiddlesbroughD
23 Nov 1957League Division TwoSir Alf RamseyMiddlesbrough5 - 2Ipswich TownL
1 Sep 1954League Division TwoScott DuncanIpswich Town6 - 1MiddlesbroughW
25 Aug 1954League Division TwoScott DuncanMiddlesbrough0 - 1Ipswich TownW
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