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We Should Encourage the Club and the League to Stream All Games
Written by rugbytomc on Friday, 12th Jun 2020 16:15

In an ideal world, all League One clubs for next season would take the extra steps of temperature checks at the turnstiles with entry refused for anyone with a temperature and also insist on every fan entering the ground wearing a mask for the entirety of their time in the ground.

This would more than likely completely stop the spreading of the virus apart from the odd idiot who was showing symptoms but decided to go to the game anyway as they don't care about infecting others!

But if the season cannot start with fans in the ground - then how about all clubs stream every game for £10 (or whatever it cost last season for the streamed games)? Instead of having gate receipts for 22 home league games, you'd have streaming revenue for 44 games in total.

If we assumed our average home attendance was 17,000 - assume average ticket price is £15, that's £5.6m for the season. You'd have to average 12,750 per game streaming at £10 (profit excluding charge to iFollow) to make that. Or you could average 17,000 streaming per game if you made a £7.50 profit on each streaming match charge. Approximate numbers of course but there's food for thought.

It's not ideal. There's other overheads to consider and you'd need a survey on how much people would be willing to pay versus how many would watch and you might not make as much - but surely it's worth a go?

Then we'd just need to sell a couple of our 17,000 midfielders (OK slight exaggeration!) and buy defenders and a target man and we might go up!

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AlexGreen added 17:12 - Jun 12
Good article and totally the right thinking to see where we can make money outside of gate receipts. Living abroad I get the live stream for all matches and I absolutely love it, it would be great if everyone could have this if the stadium wasn't deemed ready for crowds.

I think the number of subscribers would be a fair amount lower than you're thinking though; families / friends attend matches together and pay for individual tickets, whereas if they streamed it they'd only be paying once. Plus I bet the profit that we make after costs and iFollow's chunk) is negligible.

The idea of everyone wearing masks throughout the game was one I'd not considered before; the Churchmans would be even quieter!

ITFCsince73 added 20:02 - Jun 12
I think the issue for some clubs, especially smaller clubs. Is it’s the loss of the overall match day revenue. Ticket sales is just a part of it.
Season sponsorship. Match day sponsorship. Corporate match day hospitality. Catering revenue.
Club shop revenue, the list goes on.
I follow subscriptions wouldn’t cover the staging costs.


rugbytomc added 20:39 - Jun 12
There is a lot of other revenue from match days and I have literally no idea how much. I wonder if the club can stream games themselves without iFollow and try and have advertising on their, interactive elements for fans etc. But I hadn’t thought about the families paying one streaming instead of individuals-good point. It’s not ideal and there’s flaws with my plan (mainly as I’m on the outside with no knowledge of the clubs P&L (much like the tax man!)).
It would be nice wouldn’t it though if the best supported clubs made the most money and not have teams with literally no fans being in the premier league just because of tv money

ChrisFelix added 09:40 - Jun 13
I would pay to view games. But from experience there can be a problem with connection on the day & no to speak to or sort the problem.

shortmarine1969 added 19:38 - Jun 14
Would also add I don't think that many will want to watch a game in an empty and devoid of atmosphere ground, not the same watching experience at all, so numbers would maybe be considerably lower than season ticket numbers

ElephantintheRoom added 10:35 - Jun 28
The problem is that most matches wouldn't generate the income to make it worthwhile. Personally I have managed to resist the attraction of watching souless matches played out in empty stadia - but each to their own. I think you are being highly over-optimistic. This country didnt have a proper lockdown so it it never reduced the virus out there in society - and is now encouraging everybody to pretend the pandemic didnt happen. Fine... but there is the inherent risk that the high infection rates will create another epidemic in the autumn/winter just when next season is supposed to kick off. And IF that does happen and IF clubs have to self isolate, competitve football collapses like a house of cards for another year.

Charnwood added 08:35 - Jul 10
As a former Season Ticket holder now living in Spain I would be more than happy to pay to watch a regular live stream of Towns fixtures. However my experience so far of trying to watch these streamed games using iFollow have not been very successful due to login issues and each time I’ve given up. I think if Clubs got their marketing campaign right, got the price right, and simplified/stabilised login this could be a very good income stream, particularly next season when many older fans may still be feeling vulnerable to catching Covid-19.


NormEmerges added 10:43 - Jul 28
A supporter of ITFC for more than 60 years, I live some distance from Ipswich, and find travelling harder as I get older, so I'd love to see live streaming video of matches. I'd cheerfully pay seat prices to be able to follow Ipswich live. So irrespective of limited crowds, put this in place for distant life long supporters who want to see their team!

Edmundo added 19:00 - Jul 31
Streaming of games should be for a limited time only: this pandemic could cut attendances back down to 1970s/80s levels, which will - given modern tv rights - cast the Championship, L1 and 2 even further adrift.

tonydinning added 10:29 - Aug 2
You've got to remember that people go to games in groups, so would stream in groups.

Say people watch in groups of 2 or 3, that's only £10 per stream, not per person.
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