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Marcus Maddison? 17:24 - Sep 25 with 1538 viewschrisswailes

Anyone else heard this rumor?

Great player on his day - although troubled if I remember? Definitely had an attitude problem on FM.

I used to do this: https://tinyurl.com/warwavesbbc | We miss you TLA | Do you guys like Friends? | "Colin Healy made Cesc Fabregas look like Colin Healy" - Did you say this originally? If so, I will up-vote your posts for the next 6 months.
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Marcus Maddison? on 17:24 - Sep 25 with 1521 viewsMarshalls_Mullet

No thanks.

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Marcus Maddison? on 17:29 - Sep 25 with 1485 viewsclive_baker

Don't see the point, personally. No value in rocking the apple cart, and he's more of a number 10 which I really don't think we need.

If it ain't broke etc. Let's keep ticking along with what we have IMO rather than creating selection dilemmas for ourselves. The less tinkering Lambert feels tempted to do the better.

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Marcus Maddison? on 17:38 - Sep 25 with 1421 viewsCokeIsKey

Fake news, can’t afford his wages, need a striker instead.
Marcus Maddison? on 18:06 - Sep 25 with 1303 viewshatch

Marcus Maddison? on 17:38 - Sep 25 by CokeIsKey

Fake news, can’t afford his wages, need a striker instead.

And sounds like a tw@ from one of MacAnthony's vlogs after they sold him to Hull

Marcus Maddison? on 18:08 - Sep 25 with 1291 viewstractordownsouth

Wouldn’t want him for the reasons others have outlined. I think he’s a bit like Luke Garbutt - would’ve got a Championship move if not for Covid and a top L1 club like Sunderland or Portsmouth if not for the salary cap. He may end up back at Posh with his tail between his legs on the same wage as before.

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Marcus Maddison? on 20:18 - Sep 25 with 910 viewsTheTrueBlue1878

No no no.

I like the persona Lambert is giving, a little bit more tough love, something this clubs and players have needed for a little while, will make for a good dressing room in the long run.

Maddison wouldn’t help the culture I think that is trying to be built, by all accounts a bit of a bad egg.

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