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Scam alert - "O2" 15:53 - Sep 13 with 605 viewsFreddies_Ears

All, I have received 2 scam calls in 2 days, allegedly from O2, wanting to talk to me about my bill. I have no relationship with O2 at all.

Numbers calling began 0161 and 0151, so appear legit.

Stay safe.
Scam alert - "O2" on 16:01 - Sep 13 with 569 viewsGavTWTD

I've received a lot recently. I've not have one since I politely said "I'm not interested, please remove me". It seems my previous calls weren't polite enough! Aparently just ending the call doesn't indicate to them that I wasn't interested.

Mine were wanting to talk about my "plan" rather than my bill. I'm sure they referenced "" but that doesn't check out.

I don't doubt they are a scam, but as they are ringing all numbers under the sun, they may be respecting being asked to be removed possibly to save them time!

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Scam alert - "O2" on 16:24 - Sep 13 with 517 viewshoppy

I've had quite a few of those too, although I am on O2... but these calls are from 'so and so' on behalf of O2... I just ask them to send the details of whatever offer it is to my email that's on my account and I can then consider them in my own time. Strangely enough, I never receive said emails...

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Scam alert - "O2" on 16:30 - Sep 13 with 499 viewsJ2BLUE

Scams have recently gone up a level. The best one I have seen is a one time passcode for a payment to eBay from your [insert name of bank] account. Luckily this one said Tesco bank and I don't have a Tesco account but scams are definitely getting better.

For less experienced people, if you are in ANY doubt don't do anything. If it gives you a phone number then google it first. If you do think it's legit but have any doubt, google the name of the company you want to phone and find a phone number on their website rather than use the one given.

Truly impaired.
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Scam alert - "O2" on 16:30 - Sep 13 with 499 viewsJimmyJazz

I've had a few. The first had me going for a bit. They offer to reduce your monthly bill by about 40%. They send you a link that you need to click and then call them back. I received the link with an accompanying second link saying the first link is a scam and not to proceed.

The guy then rang me back a few minutes later, still swearing blind he was from O2 asking why I hadn't continued

My thought at the time was if you really are O2, contact your customers in a safer way that doesn't mimic cold calls from scammers

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