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Keane: First Goal Crucial
Keane: First Goal Crucial
Tuesday, 23rd Mar 2010 23:38

Boss Roy Keane thought his Town side started slowly and crucially conceded the game’s first goal in the 2-0 home defeat to Plymouth.

Keane said: "We were a bit sluggish. The first goal was always going to be vital and we didn't get it.

"The players got a bit frustrated and to give two bad goals away didn't help. We gave them a helping hand and got punished for our mistakes.

"We huffed and puffed but became a bit predictable. The word tonight is frustration, rather than anger.

"Had Plymouth opened us up and scored good goals it would be one thing, but we gave two bad ones away.

"There will be the usual over-reaction but we have to remember it was our first home defeat since September.

"We had good opportunities but didn't hit the target. That was frustrating and has been a problem all season. We don't score enough goals and are liable to give bad ones away."

Plymouth boss Paul Mariner unsurprisingly enjoyed his evening back at Portman Road: "It was a special night. I got a tremendous reception from the fans and can't thank them enough.

"We had a great rapport together when I played here but, equally, it was pretty special coming back in my present role with Plymouth.

"I thought my players were unbelievable and extremely professional. There's a resilience and willingness and these lads really want to get out of this. They're peeved by the situation we're in.

"They're buying into what we're trying to do and I'm loving working with them. Everybody played their part and even the lads on the bench made an impact.

"Every game has been a six-pointer for many months but what we've got to build now is confidence. When you're at the bottom of the table that's difficult.

"I thought it was going to be our night and it turned out to be that way. We were blocking stuff and heading it away."

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16_Jack_ken_16 added 23:43 - Mar 23
Chin up better luck next time :-)

Brockleyblue added 23:54 - Mar 23
Getting a bit worried again now. Looking at the remaining fixtures can't see us picking up many more points. This weekend away to Swansea who got spanked tonight so are likely to be up for Saturday, Away to Notts. Forest who have now won 12 on the trot at home, away to Newcastle, home to rapidly improving Reading... Think it's going to get even tighter than it currently is down at the bottom of the table. I'd recommend bringing in a couple of strikers on emergency loan for the last couple of months. Jon Stead and Jordan Rhodes perhaps?

kirbs added 23:56 - Mar 23
what a poor perofrmance, where was our wingers tonight? people will probably say not the managers fault but keane did not get out of his seat once to shout to the wingers to get on the touchline etc, just has not got a clue about his best 11. deserves to get sacked after that, embarassing againts a poor team at home!

petermorris added 00:06 - Mar 24
'We gave two bad ones away' and 'we didn't hit the target'. In between 'we were blocking stuff and heading it away.'
Incredible. Well worth the usual 70 mile round trip.

Dolly2.0 added 00:08 - Mar 24
I don't think it's an over-reaction to say that was a shockingly poor performance Mr. Keane. My patience is wearing thin.

OnlyOneSirBobby added 00:11 - Mar 24
brockleyblue...swansea may very well be up for it after getting hammered, but dont you think we will be equally up for it after such a dismal performance tonight!?

tonight was shocking, and havent seen such poor defending by us in a long long time, however i believe the players will be really hurting from this, its one thing to perform poorly away, but to do it at home is something else. we will bounce back again, and i honestly cant see us going down, you may view our remaining games as tough, but they are no more tough than anyone else below us really

moomoosereni added 00:20 - Mar 24
"What?!?!, awful, jesus, what the f=ck!"

Many of the phrases used tonight after watching that. Our first defeat since Newcastle at home, but what a defeat.

Very disappointed with tonight, and also, my patience is wearing thin.

Thank god that Saturday I've got a night out in a cardiff to look forward to regardless of the result!

kirbs added 00:27 - Mar 24
who shall we appoint, curbishly, burley, royle?

julesbda added 01:54 - Mar 24
Tonight's result says it all ...Appoint Mr Mariner please !!

bennyblue added 02:29 - Mar 24
hoping for better but expected something like this have i mentioned before that i believe roy is a useless manager and should be sacked before hes gets us relegated .. i suppose all the keanites will come rushing out saying what a great bloke he is on sky tv blah blah. why doesnt he get a job on sky tv and stop destroying our club..and too all his fervant followers i still say you are too blame for encouraging the club to keep him on when hes clearly useless and should have been sacked after the 1st 10 games

TedTurnip added 03:30 - Mar 24
Roy Keane is like chewing on a spicy kebab on the way home from the pub...good idea at the time, bad idea after time!

It won't end in a sacking but I don't think there will ever be a time when we look on at his tenure and agree that he was the one who turned the club around. This time last year we were calling for our managers head even though we were within a whisker of the play off's.

bennyblue added 05:16 - Mar 24
ted you bloody legend u hit it on the nail

nthstd added 06:39 - Mar 24
In the second half the Plymouth keeper made 5 excellent saves to keep them int eh match. We more or less ignored John Walters. The forthcoming fixtures do not bode well. What we lacked was any real invention. As soon as we are safe he needs to go. We need a proper manager

Keaneish added 06:49 - Mar 24
That one was the last straw for me. I've been a staunch pro-Keaner all season but our performances should be getting better not worse. After tonight and the diabolical showing against watford i have to say i'm all but out of patience.

We've taken 2 points from 18 against the bottom 3! Simply not good enough for the money spent and the calibre of player in our side. What's going on?

wiggymcbigalow added 07:23 - Mar 24
The players didnt look much like they were fighting for their bosses job last night or on saturday, which, if they want him to keep it, they should be.

superblueflude added 07:35 - Mar 24
Hi guys, can i ask, why do you think Walters continues to be played? surely he is ruining our midfield?

brittaniaman added 07:54 - Mar 24
You just cannot see how a game is forming looking through a sea of legs,
Matt Holland was reading the game very well from his position, he could see our wing play was negative and nothing done about it.
Did you see Mariner sit down NO of course not, also it was hard to believe that his team had been on there travels since last friday with there display
I have backed you Keano all the season, but it is wearing thin now.
Do we need a high profile manager ?????????? !!!!!!

Hiltzkooler added 08:11 - Mar 24
As much as one can blame Keane for the club situation some of the players really don't seem to care less...travelled for two hours to see that dross last night....agreed that Mariner showed more passion and caring...get off your a*rse Keane and at least show that you care... I don't want to know how much you criticise yourself or what you have been... I want my club to be successful or at the very least competitive....Yep...too true.. a spicy kebab! And the Gavascon is being glugged by the bottle!!!!

N4_Blue added 08:18 - Mar 24
Strange that he never moved off his bench at PR. He is always off his bench away from home - maybe he's worried about the stick he will get from the supporters.

brockleyblueboy added 08:24 - Mar 24
I really don't think people can blame Keane. The players need to take responsibilty. To me it smacks of complacency and from what I have been told it was a close game.

Lets survive till the end of the season and then crack on next. Changing manager will just put us back to the start and next season will be a case of rebuilding the team and we start all over again.

Any ways hope you are all good, I'm enjoying Sydney but missing the football. Every time I mention football they start talking about rugby! Crazzy Australians.

thechangingman added 08:31 - Mar 24
You don't know what you're doing...

nobrain added 08:39 - Mar 24
I fully accept that RK has to take responsibility - that is part of the manager's job. However, last night I was shocked at the display of complacency by some of our players.

Plymouth deserved to win. They are not a good side, but they chased and harried – and got the result thanks to two mistakes by Norris and Garvan.

Any more performances like that and we will be relegated – and deserve it.

Bergholtblue added 08:57 - Mar 24
At least we can't blame Keane for tinkering with the side. He started with the same players that performed so miserably against Barnsley so we shouldn't be so surprised at last night.

Where did the first hapf tactic of passing back to Murphy to hump it down field come from. It was food and drink for their defence, which we are lead to believe was a makeshift line up. I wouldn't know as we hardly tested them.

How Edwards remains in the side is a mistery to me and Walters has not had a good game since being made captain. The only two to come out with any credit were Mac and Pablo and Pabs was taken off!

To me, last night came down to who wanted it most. Plymouth were up for it, Town looked like they would rather be anywhere else. Motivation falls fair and square on the Manager and Keane failed to get any from his players last night.

kipper added 08:58 - Mar 24
"There will be the usual over-reaction"
I hope that is not directed at the supporters who in my opinion have been incredibly patient this season. Is it any wonder that people are becoming frustrated given the awful football we have been watching this year ? Last night was not a one off, the games against Scunthorpe and Barnsley were not much better. Yes Plymouth are a poor side but everyone needs to realise that so are we and have been all season. The lowest we have finished recently was 05-06 when we ended 15th, a season when the club was still recovering from administration. You have to go back to 1966 to find a season when we were this low, again finishing 15th. This is despite millions being poured into the club and more coaches than ever before who seemingly cannot see this side has no natural width and no pace up front making it easy for the opposition to make our play predictable.
It really is hard to imagine things getting any worse than last night however unfortunately under this manger I fear they just might.

renoble added 09:16 - Mar 24
No width, no depth to the attack. Aimless balls tossed up against a back line that lacked movement but certainly had height. Where is the tactical knowledge?

Compare the two benches; Mariner and Calver coached and cadjoled an average Plymouth team through the game - the result - they were organised, disciplined and worked. Our bench? Sat there motionless watching one of the most unorganised and clueless performances in years.

It's a good job Curbishley's bought in Woodbridge...

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