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Jewell: Town's Stability Key
Jewell: Town's Stability Key
Tuesday, 11th Jan 2011 08:35

New manager Paul Jewell says that Town’s off-field stability was one of the reasons he took the job at Portman Road. The Liverpudlian, who was unveiled at a press conference yesterday, had difficult spells at Sheffield Wednesday and Derby, clubs which had boardroom issues during his time in charge.

Jewell said: “I think stability is a key thing. The Sheffield Wednesday and Derby scenarios didn’t go right for me. I do think there are mitigating circumstances in both, but I’m not here to pretend that things didn’t go badly there, they did.

“But I’ve learnt a lot from that. There’s no in-fighting at Ipswich, there are no boardroom squabbles, I don’t even think there’s a boardroom here!

“You’ve got a guy who is putting his money in and there’s one man who makes the major decisions and I’m going to work very closely with Simon.

“There are a lot of things that were going on off the pitch, politics which become tiresome and drag supporters down.

“We don’t want that," he continued. "We want supporters talking about the team and hopefully moving forward, rather than talking about this director or that director, or that used to happen in the old days. Let’s move forward and get people talking and excited about coming to watch Ipswich Town.”

Jewell was evidently impressed with owner Marcus Evans when he met him at his Dublin offices last Friday: “He’s obviously very ambitious, I nearly walked past him because, like everyone else, I didn’t know what he looked like!

“He’s invested a lot of time and a lot of energy and a lot of money in football. But he knows that things take time.

“I don’t think the Ipswich Town public have anything to worry about with the owner because he’s 100% committed to getting success here.”

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Hunter added 08:41 - Jan 11
COME JEWELL 100% behind ya!!!!!!!

TrueBlue4Eva added 08:44 - Jan 11
full of confidence, come on you bluessss!

dobbie73 added 08:45 - Jan 11
Every time I hear what PJ has to say I feel reassured - definitely saying all the right stuff.

Marcus added 08:56 - Jan 11
I believe the boardroom is still there - it's a rather grand room just about the main entrance.

I don't think Town ever had a (publicly) split board. There was a brief spell with Ivan Paul huffing and puffing that the club was moving the wrong way from the Cobbold traditions under John Kerr but I don't think there was any real belief within the board that this was a substantial risk. Personally I'm glad that people like Kerr and Sheepshanks still have some involvement with the PLC as they are, in the end, Town supporters who had shown a huge amount of loyalty to the club and can still represent the old Ipswich Town albeit to a faceless 'executive board' of Evans robots.

Still I'm glad to be hearing what I am and feel we've got a traditional manager now rather than a recently retired player and we haven't had that sing Royle and before him Duncan and Lyall. Let's hope he's more Lyall and less Duncan - even some Royle 6-5 defeats would be ok now!

bedsitfc added 08:58 - Jan 11
Agree dobbie,
All i want for this season is to not go down, playing decent football and do the ground work for an assult on the play-offs next season.

paul73 added 09:06 - Jan 11
like what im hearing from jewell,spoke with honesty about the work ahead,but then so did keane...i think our club and jewell could well be a good match...time will tell..
Come on the town

Sindre94 added 09:11 - Jan 11
I agree with Paul above, Jewell seems like the right man for the job, without any doubt.
He looks like he wants to improve the current squad, instead of just buying the way to success..

bobble added 09:28 - Jan 11
oh yes indeed mr jewel they are all VERY stable here in fact if jesus christ was going to be reborn it is IPSWICH town that he would surf the canal.yes indeed mr jewel we are the models of stability here dont you worry about that

muhrensleftfoot added 09:29 - Jan 11
Like what I'm hearing. Seems a straightforward honest guy. But then so was keane. Unfortunately you need to be more than just honest, you need to know what you're doing, and Keano didn't! I reckon PJ does. Time will tell

Bluetone added 09:31 - Jan 11
Steady progress and good football is what the Town wants not fireworks and mouthy press conferences. We are in it for the long haul.

truckertractorboy added 09:36 - Jan 11
Just hoping that everyone gets behind him if the doom and gloom lot dont like him then please stay at home. We want some atmosphere back at pr apart from leeds and the 2 cup games its been awfull atmosphere . The players have been given a clean sheet by pj so can all the fans do the same and get the noise levels back up at pr just like wba where all the doom lot did not bother and the 10,000 who did go rocked pr like the good old days

Raedwald_625 added 09:42 - Jan 11
Already moaning Trucker?

Ipswich and England

bluelady added 09:46 - Jan 11
not sure why we are comparing with what Keane said? Jewells is realistic, Keane said he any old manager could make mid table and he didnt need three years for promotion when he could do it in one! Disilusioned before we even kicked a ball! Jewell is planning long term, not a quick fix hire and fire as many as possible strategy. as long as he delivers on what he says, bringing a smile back to the club i will be happy bunny, promotion for me can wait!

osborne1nil added 09:48 - Jan 11
Welcome PJ. He speaks well of M.E. who IMO has come under a fair amount of flack of late unjustly. I feel that that he gave Keane long enough to show signs of improvement and acted promtly enough that the new man has enough time to turn the season around and has offered funds if PJ requires.
Good luck Jewell. COYB

BYRNE_16 added 09:55 - Jan 11
Once again so nice words...but can these be turned in to actions on the pitch!
Good Luck!

trueblue added 10:19 - Jan 11
A realistic approach of the task ahead, i see wholesale changes but over a longer period, 20 months of dismantling to re-build
Paul Jewell knows its a long haul, hope us fans understand that as well, no quick fixes, no major money, but a good honest team to come i believe.

Sindre94 added 10:21 - Jan 11
Fallon is quality, not sure if Jewellio would like to have him here though. Time will tell :-)

bluelady added 10:31 - Jan 11
sindre94 fallon quality? he is a hard working player and adds a differant dimension in a poor team, but not sure i would quite call him quality. Think he will go back although Jewell does like a big target man who can knock in the crosses his wingers produce, not sure Fallons goal scoring record willl impress Jewell though...

urbanblue added 10:45 - Jan 11
Sindre94 with the greatest respect if you think Fallon is quality look up some archive footage of Crawford, Whymark, Mariner, Brazil, Johnson, Stewart and numerous other former Town centre forwards .

If you want to see Fallons level look up Mich Davray and Robin Turner !

You won't find much cos they didn't play much !

truckertractorboy added 11:03 - Jan 11
Sorry must have missed something cant remember moaning raedwald , stating a fact yes or am I wrong in saying the atmosphere was awfull for the last few games and it was good against wba I would love for someone to prove me wrong im not looking for a argument just want to c a good game with a good atmosphere at pr again surely everyone wants that

Seasonticketsteve added 11:04 - Jan 11
I already like Jewell more in 1 day of being here then I did Keane in almost 2 years. I honestly think he is the perfect man to take us forward and I really hope it works out for him here.

I think as fans we realistically have to just give him time now and let him mould the squad into his own, it is going to take a while as Keane has left us in a complete mess but if we can survive this season, maybe aim for a mid-table even top half finish then I think the summer could be an exciting time. I know for sure I am going to be re-newing my season ticket again, I am genuinely excited about going again now-not thought that since Royle was here so thank you Mr Jewell!

On a side note, was at the Chelsea game on Sunday and can I say the 3000 away fans did us proud and I hope we can bring some of that noise back to Portman Road starting tomorrow night. Big fat Jewells barmy army!

dirtydingusmagee added 11:07 - Jan 11
making more sense already than Keane did the whole time he was here.Not my first choice but sounds promising.After a nightmare past 18 months,i feel quite optimistic of better things coming [it couldnt have got much worse] Looking forward to seeing some decent football in near future GOOD LUCK PJ ,COYB

Lightningboy added 11:09 - Jan 11
Roy who?

lunatic38 added 11:28 - Jan 11
I already love this guy (Paul Jewell), he seems happy at the set up here and lets hope he can do his magic and join the very proud list of great ITFC managers, not go on the other list where Keane has just been put at the top just above Duncun!!!
As for Fallon, he seems keen not Keane(cr.p) but i for one do not think he will take us foward. If we were more in relegation trouble perhaps i would change my mind but PJ has time to get in better quality and push us up the table not scrape and just survive!

fourth added 11:36 - Jan 11
Very good! Mr Jewell has a self-deprecatory sense of humour, which a) is a sign of sanity b)will mean that he will be able to empathise with players, getting an extra 20% from them (perhaps even charming the cheque book from owner's back pocket?)

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