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Drink Beer - Win Rewards
Drink Beer - Win Rewards
Wednesday, 10th Aug 2011 11:42

Ahead of the start of Town’s home Championship campaign this Saturday, the club and Adnams have introduced a new Early Birds Rewards scheme for the beer-loving Blue.

Three prize packages will be on offer during the season, which include rewards such as a match-worn shirt signed by a player, a case of champagne, a place in the annual squad photo with the team, free stays in Adnams hotels, a signed match ball and more.

To stand a chance of winning, collect stamps on cards which will be available from Portman Road’s Adnams kiosks from Saturday, with the promotion running until near the end of the season.

Stamps can only be collected up to half an hour before kick-off, hence the early bird element of the scheme. When cards are full, they should be sent to Adnams before starting a new one. The first prize packages are up for grabs from Saturday to 1st October.

Southwold-based Adnams have had the pouring rights at Portman Road since the summer of 2009.

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robdaful added 11:57 - Aug 10
Thats a good idea.

Where is Portman Road’s Adnams kiosk?

vestanpance added 11:57 - Aug 10
Hahaha, without doubt the tightest, shi**est long-burn promotion ever managed by Ipswich Town Football Club. Get a new marketing team asap, ffs.

Blue_Balls added 11:58 - Aug 10
It's Keane's fault.

MathieandMarshall added 12:19 - Aug 10
Not sure about this one. Pay over the odds for a pint in a plastic cup in the ground for the slim chance that you may win a prize (if you remeber bring your card each week and bother to post it off) to or stay in the pubs in the surrounding area until closer to kick off.
Cant see this working. How about cheaper food and drink up to 30 mins before kick off if they are desperate to get people through the gates quicker.

Toepunt added 12:20 - Aug 10
£3.50 a pint at Portman road, 14 quid for 4 drinks last night!
How many stickers to fill a card?
Better to nip into your local before the game, have somewhere comfortable to sit and use the money you save on beer to buy lottery tickets!
Seems that this promotion is purely to line pockets. If it was to reward loyal supporters it would not exclude all those who buy drinks at half time!

pieman_78 added 12:22 - Aug 10
Interesting to see that the club is actively encouraging drinking inside the ground before the game. I wonder what the police think of all this ???

beerhelps added 12:52 - Aug 10
As much as I approve of promoting beer sales....

I'm with M&M and toepunt, but mainly due to the quality of the product. If cask ale was available I'd drink in the ground more. I can see that in the past this has not been possible due to storage and racking issues, but now 'fast cask' has been developed (by one of Adnams competetors) which allows ale to be dispensed straight after tapping, it should be possable.

It could be served straight from the cask, as per the beer festival, and unused casks collected by the dray on a sale or return basis.

Adnams are not making the most of thier ITFC tie in, given that thier reputation is for a decent range of local cask ales, by selling overpriced tinnies.

Please Mr Woods, no Spindrift.

bournemouthblue added 12:54 - Aug 10
Is it me of is the Adnams available from the tap not a patch on the Adnams in the pubs in the Town. Is it even the same brew?

StevieWhitton added 12:57 - Aug 10
What a tempting great offer!

Instead of staying in a pub and get a draught beer in a glass, go to the ground (remembering your card each time) and pay £3.40 for an assistant to open a can of Adnams. £5ish for a pack of 4 in supermarkets. Great mark up.....

Moscow_Blue added 13:01 - Aug 10
Er, unless I am missing something, it is 500ml cans of Admans (some way short of a pint) at almost £4 a can. Not a patch on hand-pulled real ale either. However, I did have a Portman Pie (steak and ale) and can of Adnams for the princely sum of £6.70 last night before the debacle against the Cobblers. It was fine but hardly competitively priced.

Last night was quite surreal with an incompetent PA announcer and even the scoreboard couldn't get Andy Drury right (Dury). Very unprofessional - like our performance.

runningout added 13:44 - Aug 10
Agree with vestanpance... Seems to be a lot of unimaginative solutions to make a day at portman Road great again

randomblue added 13:46 - Aug 10
Moscow_Blue - are you having a giggle?!? £6.70 for a pint and pie. I may as well save up the money I'd spend and buy the software to photoshop my face into the team photo, or buy a case of champagne etc etc. Probably cheaper!!!

GenericIpswichMan added 13:51 - Aug 10
Whilst initially being sold on what was a great headline, I then read through the content and got more and more disappointed.

Phil can ITFC not sign you up to be our new head of Marketing?

Warkalone added 13:59 - Aug 10
Saw on Football Focus on Saturday at the new Brighton ground, a barrel of local ale connected to a pump in the away area - nice touch I thought. Depressing to go to Portman Rd and see Adnams there and find it's undrinkable & horrendously expensive. As 'Beerhelps' says above, a nice pint could be served. Easiest way would be to put a barrel or two behind bar a couple of days before match to 'settle', and pints poured as and when. I know this would slow things up a little for us real beer drinkers, but would be worth it - and more kudos for Adnams. Perhaps they should have awards for best beer at matches as well as best pies!

sonian_blue added 14:15 - Aug 10
What police Pieman_78 theyre all in London.

alfromcol added 14:40 - Aug 10
Stop moaning, you don't have buy the beer. It's a free choice.

Mine didn't come out of a tin in the South Stand bar!

bournemouthblue added 15:00 - Aug 10
The Legends Bar does sell one on draft but it doesn't taste like the ones in the pubs. It's a bit more largery. Is it Brewed specially for the football crowd?

LollITFC added 15:27 - Aug 10
Shouldn't Town be encouraging healthy eating/drinking ?

brogansnose added 15:50 - Aug 10
Adnams is a lovely drop of beer but at PR it tastes horrible, far too cold. Still remember the "commemorative Narwidge game badge " from last season. It came in handy to self harm on the way home.

stonojnr added 15:56 - Aug 10
@bournemouthblue yes its different, dont know the specifics, but I do know they dont just deliver the standard stuff because it might be draught, but it neednt be cask, its prob similar to what they use at Newmarket races as well

@warkalone problem is you have to get the number you sell spot on with what you order, as it wont keep for the two weeks in between games, but it can be done though it requires effort/planning and when have the club ever shown the desire to put in effort/planning to serve good food/beer. the award winning pie btw was helped along by Adnams (it has broadside in it)

and no i wont be rushing to the ground early to take advantage of this offer, Ill carry on drinking the far superior Adnams beer at pubs in the town instead.

toforoge added 16:24 - Aug 10
how about classic game on big screen 5 quid pie and decent pint then 3 quid a beer i would go for that.

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