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Town to Issue Statement
Town to Issue Statement
Sunday, 12th Feb 2012 21:20

Town will issue a statement regarding the restaged Middlesbrough game on Monday. Yesterday, the club announced that there would be no refunds but that those with matchday tickets for Saturday's abandoned game will be able to purchase seats for the rerun at 50% of the usual price, as per Football League regulations.

A Town spokesman told TWTD: “As chief executive Simon Clegg indicated yesterday, purchasing tickets for the rearranged game at 50% follows Football League regulations but the club will be issuing a statement tomorrow after we have looked further into the matter.”

We understand Clegg is set to meet with ticket office manager John Ford and club secretary Sally Webb and will also liaise with the Supporters Club and Middlesbrough.

Subsequent to the above, Clegg has been quoted on the club site: "[The 50% discount] falls in line with Football League regulations but we will be taking a broader look at the whole matter tomorrow [Monday], as we always planned to.

"Obviously we understand the fans' frustrations but a lot of people worked very hard to ensure the game went ahead. Our groundstaff worked through the night from Wednesday onwards and could not have done anymore.

"I'll be speaking to Middlesbrough tomorrow and we will issue a statement on the website to confirm all details regarding Saturday's game and the rearranged fixture."

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itfchorry added 21:30 - Feb 12
Would like to apologise to all Boro fans for our

Urchin added 21:30 - Feb 12
Perhaps people will now shut up and wait for an official considered statement

SeriouslyDelusional added 21:42 - Feb 12
Let's hope they do the decent thing

StowTractorBoy added 21:47 - Feb 12
Sadly Mr Clegg has a lot to learn in this job and he would be well advised not to talk to the media before the matter has been discussed in full with all parties.
Hopefully a satisfactory conclusion can be reached for all.

Frase1987 added 21:50 - Feb 12
Perhaps people will now shut up and wait for an official considered statement

The only reason they're doing something about it is BECAUSE people kicked up a fuss, so tbh I hope they don't shut up.

Taricco_Fan added 21:50 - Feb 12
Not hopeful.

itfchorry added 21:51 - Feb 12
Only statement required -

Clegg to be replaced

Mark added 21:55 - Feb 12
I expect they will do the decent thing tomorrow and give fans free tickets to the replay BUT unneccesary damage will have been done by not just announcing this in the first place, instead mentioning the silly 50% discount. Terrible PR.

blueblood66 added 22:02 - Feb 12
Boro also agreed that the game should be abandoned, therefore they should helps their fans out whom travelled? Just a thought.

legal_blue added 22:03 - Feb 12
It's a 400 mile round-trip for 'Boro fans. From a legal point of view, the club have a duty to ensure a playable surface, barring any unforeseen circumstances. They were aware of the cold weather and took step to deal with it which were insufficient. The club could, for example, have delayed the removal of the covers (and entry into the ground) until closer to kick off time (if that was the problem).

There's a balance to be struck between operating a business profitably and ruining a reputation - appears that the latter is the club's current choice!

smurfsareblue added 22:15 - Feb 12
Take it on the chin Marcus, FREE tickets to the 'replay' OR the next game you can attend. Its likely some fans who could not make the game will make the replay paying full price (or £20) anyway. Its very likely some who did pay can not make the replay also. This way everyone is happy and fans who paid for saturday and cant make the replay will not feel shafted and will feel more inclined to purchase future tickets. It makes sense.

hampstead_blue added 22:17 - Feb 12
Do the right thing.

Follow the rules and ignore the whinging tomes of those who want something for nothing.

ITFC is NOT a registered charity.

(I'd still like a free bovril please Mr Clegg)

MickMillsTash added 22:18 - Feb 12
Did anyone really think that the pitch was unplayable?

millerman added 22:29 - Feb 12
With respect, Hampstead Blue, I just want to be treated with decency by the Club. I, like many others, cannot chuck money around (unlike ITFC, for example, and the wages paid to waster Bullard). Please do not make general statements about people with regards to being whingers and wanting something for nothing - it's insulting.

TractorMan added 22:34 - Feb 12
Frase1987 - Clegg said an hour after the game they would do something on Monday - it's just people on here wouldn't wait!

bedsitfc added 22:35 - Feb 12
the club should do whats best for itfc not a few whinging fans.

at the end of the day police, marshalls, turn style staff, groundsman, electric and gas still need to be paid.

itfchorry added 22:39 - Feb 12
Hampstead Blue and Clegg Out

hampstead_blue added 22:41 - Feb 12

My comment is not insulting. It is a statement of fact.

The club is NOT a registered charity and YES there are too many people on this site who are behaving like the Princess (in the fable, the Princess and the Pea).

Life can be tough, we can murder a team and still lose. Would you care for a refund then?

With respect millerman, I could have done with putting the £80 I spent on Saturday toward other things. Don't assume.

hairbear added 22:53 - Feb 12
Now who's whinging hampstead_blue! You insulter you.

itfchorry added 22:54 - Feb 12
Hampstead blue is as clueless as Clegg

Ipswich_Crazy added 22:57 - Feb 12
hampstead_blue so the fans that paid £20 for the game in the first place and the game abandond and you think its ok for fans to pay £10 to see the same game get comleted? well i wouldnt want to be in your shoes and you say that to all the fans that paid the ticket and travil to get to the ground! No i dont think its right! it should be free for all thoughs that brough a ticket for the game in the first place!

KnightZ_87 added 22:57 - Feb 12
I wont be able to make the replay if its midweek which will likely be the case. I don't think its asking much for at LEAST 50% off a game that i can attend. I took my dad along who hasn't been in 35 years because hes not really an avid fan of football like myself, and he said he was really getting into it. So there is a chance he would like to go again, should the club handle this in a decent manner. I'm not asking for 'charity', only what i think would be a fair compromise.

bedsitfc added 23:13 - Feb 12
when did it become the clubs fault that it was freezing in ipswich on friday/saturday????????

the club is bound by football league rules and their offical (ref) done an inspection twice and still went ahead with the game if anybody should repay supporters it should be the football league.

kevlowestoft added 23:22 - Feb 12
Sorry Mr Clegg the damage has already been done by YOU yesterday.

Many many fans will boycott this game because of YOU now so YOU have cost the club thousands.....AGAIN.

Just accept you really are NOT up to the position and step aside.

This is all !!!


beerhelps added 23:40 - Feb 12
Hampstead - I'm not looking for something for nothing, I'm just looking for what I paid for.

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