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Palace Reserves Game Now Behind Closed Doors
Palace Reserves Game Now Behind Closed Doors
Monday, 20th Feb 2012 14:47

Tuesday afternoon’s reserves friendly against Crystal Palace at Playford Road will now be played behind closed doors. The club initially said fans would be welcome to watch the game against the Eagles.

Town cite “football reasons” as the explanation for the change of policy, which may indicate that one or both clubs could field trialists, something which requires less paperwork if a game is played without spectators present.

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uppersirbob added 15:01 - Feb 20
clegg out

Sindre94 added 15:03 - Feb 20
If the eagles have trialists, you have to understand it, pesonally Im not bothered but its a shame that we're so isolated from the fans,

hampstead_blue added 15:45 - Feb 20
I was going to bring my boots just in case PJ couldn't find another CB.

Never mind.

Paulc added 16:00 - Feb 20
Is this not the second time this has happened in recent months?

Clegg out - For 'not understanding a damn thing about football' reasons!

jonwillpott added 16:05 - Feb 20
Is this the pathetic level that reserve football has lowered itself?? I for one was intending to go - it's such a shame we have so little opportunity to watch the fringe players in action nowadays. I remember going to Portman Road every other week to watch the reserves and the youth team and it increased the enjoyment of being a supporter of the club - it's all about red tape now - so sad!!

bluekeen added 16:53 - Feb 20

Doctor_Albran added 17:27 - Feb 20
I'm heart broken - oh no, hold on - it's a reserve game and they've given me plenty of notice of the change. I've got plenty of opportunity to find something else to do - panic over...

Now, what's next on my list of things to whine about? How much are the pies again? Clegg out - can't even price a pie properly!

Tractamatt added 17:36 - Feb 20
According to vital football we have a bentre back on trial if so all is forgiven (I bet he's Hungarian) also bluekeen one question -WHY ?

Tractamatt added 17:38 - Feb 20
Please be advised thet if we get a Hungarian bentre back we will have a player in a unique position,CENTRE BACK sorry

algarvefan added 17:45 - Feb 20
Tractamatt, perhaps we could have 2 new bentre backs and start a new footballing phenomenon???

Doctor_Albran added 18:16 - Feb 20
I think we have had 2 bentre cacks for most of the season, although they seem to shaping up to the preferred position of Centre Backs of late!

Tractorboy24 added 18:37 - Feb 20
That Hungarian wouldn't happen to be mr gypres by any chance?

WillTheBlue added 18:37 - Feb 20
Why do i keep seeing all these ridiculous comments from town fans sayin clegg out! I didnt have a profile before this comment, but i felt so strong about this i made one. Right, you all know nothing about football. Why is it cleggs fault this game is being played behind closed doors? And for people saying he cant sort contracts out is mad. We signed a new team in the summer! Dont get me wrong some of the signings were terrible but jewel came out and said himself that he made mistake in the transfer market. So why is this cleggs fault? Evey town fan that blames clegg is a fool. Bottom line, we have one 4 games on the trot and you still get sad people moaning. What more is a football club ment to do? Swallow your pride and get behind your team. Overwise go support someone else. And maybe all you cheap skanks who wanted to go watch this game should stop looking for freebies and bye a ticket for are next home game and help us fill are half full ground. And one more thing, if you ask me where it went wrong and is still the reason for are downfall is Roy Keane. The bloke came in, sold all the youth and speant a load of money on sh*t like Tamas Priskin.

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 19:12 - Feb 20
So there .

Fen69 added 19:22 - Feb 20
Take it WillTheBlue is our "Rich fan" who does not not have to live in the real world where ticket prices are a struggle for a lot of people to be able to attend a game!

itfc_since_birth added 19:23 - Feb 20
If it means we are running the eye over players to strengthen the squad then go ahead we support you!

JustSpivvyChops added 19:23 - Feb 20
There are some overreactions to this article, as is the case with most news stories that appear on TWTD.

The "Clegg Out" demands are quite amusing, considering the article provides no explanation of why the game is now a closed doors event.

It could very well be, that Palace have insisted on it being closed doors now? in which case, it is no fault of ITFC's. It could well be, that we are looking to make a move for somebody and don't want to alert his availability to other clubs, whilst giving him the once over? In that case, it would again be correct to play the game privately.

Does it seem unprofessional to the punter who knows none of the reasons behind the decision? Yes


clarkey85 added 19:33 - Feb 20
Was gonna have a little look aswel reckon team would have been quite strong but i agree if we are looking at new players then im all for it and dont agree with the clegg.out rubbish although im not his biggest fan but hey now were winning games u gotta moan about something!!

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 19:33 - Feb 20
Willtheblue I actually agree with a lot of what u said I just thought it was crying out for a " so there" .

carsey added 19:48 - Feb 20
WillTheBlue - the reason people want Clegg out is simple - the man is a walking talking idiot who does nothing publicly for ITFC except make it and by extention us the fans look like cretins. As for being a cheap skate you are wide of the mark some of us used to go support all the teams at all the levels and watch them training with the kids until they started this crazy idea of behind closed doors. My main problem with Clegg is he is the public face of ITFC and in my opinion he is bad publicity. In the good old days of the Cobbold family and David Sheepshanks right or wrong they were town supporters first. Clegg is most definately not.

3_5_2 added 19:50 - Feb 20
Willthefan - Your obvious distress has resulted in some shocking spelling errors which when alllied to the fact you cannot seem to see irony when it is there for all to see, spoils your post

Poor effort, even for a 1st try


alfromcol added 20:01 - Feb 20


Not so good yourself!!!!!!!!

rogie_dog added 20:23 - Feb 20
SpivvySpackyChops. Great post & great handle.

harlingblue added 20:23 - Feb 20
Why are Reserve team games not a part of being a Season ticket holder? Show your pass and watch the game?

Dissboyitfc added 20:57 - Feb 20
Carsey, great post, i was going to reply to willtheblue but you beat me to it, agree with every word you said, Clegg is the public face of ipswich , yet understands nothing about the passion of being a football supporter, the guy is a total clown who opens his mouth b4 thinking, Did you see him do a tv interview in a green jumper? that sums him up, Totally clueless. I suggest you go and watch cleggs interviews after he secures keanes signature and when he gives keane a vote of confidence and when he sacks keane. the bottom line is yes keane made many mistakes and i wont forget the horrendous signings like priskin, but you ask yourself this, who signed Keane? Answer: clegg. To quote John Cobbold " if we sack a manager, we have to sack ourselves for we employed him" . i know football has changed a lot since those days, but my point is this has clegg ever admitted to making a mistake ? answer "NO". Cleggs feelings towards the supporter, we are only a means of income, maybe some truth in that, but i dont want to be made to feel thats all we are. In fact willtheblue are you Clegg in disguise? the guy is not the face of ipswich town that many supporters welcome. CLEGG OUT.

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