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Chief Executive Clegg to Leave Town
Tuesday, 5th Feb 2013 10:40

Town have announced that chief executive Simon Clegg is to leave Portman Road after four years at the club. A press release from Town says that owner Marcus Evans and the rest of the club’s board will take a more active role in the running of the club.

Owner Marcus Evans said: “Following a review of the club’s management structure and the Financial Fair Play budgeting requirements, it became clear that we would need to operate differently going forward and Simon and I mutually agreed that it was time for him to seek new opportunities.

“I would like to place on record my huge appreciation for all of Simon’s hard work, loyalty and professionalism. Over the last four years he has done an outstanding job as the public face of the club.”

Clegg added: “As a result of the strategic review, it is clear that moving towards break-even will challenge all clubs, not just Ipswich Town.

“At the top of our agenda, and quite rightly, has been the priority to protect the playing budget. This, coupled with the owner’s intention to play a more hands-on role, has led me to the decision that now is the right time to seek a new challenge.

“Whilst we have been discussing this for some time, we agreed to leave any final decision until nearer the time when the rules are due to take effect, at the end of this season, and after the end of this last transfer window.

“I will be returning to my family in Surrey and over the coming months will be looking for my next professional challenge in international or domestic sport.”

The club statement announcing Clegg's departure says owner Evans will have a greater involvement in the running of the club: "As part of a strategy to meet the financial challenges of the Financial Fair Play rules, Marcus Evans, the club’s owner, and other members of the board will be taking a more hands-on approach to the day-to-day management of the club."

We understand that with no direct replacement for Clegg being lined-up, current board members Ian Milne, Jonathan Symonds and Martin Pitcher will now take on many of Clegg's duties - liaising with the departing chief executive - but with Evans himself set to be directly in charge at Portman Road in the longer term.

However, it is not yet known whether Evans will be more publicly visible despite the change of role.

Former British Olympic Association chief executive Clegg joined the Blues in April 2009, taking over from Derek Bowden, who yesterday joined Essex Cricket.

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Lombokblue added 10:58 - Feb 5
We haven't achieved much over the last 4 years, I think we're in debt, the academy isn't producing many players that make it to the first team, except for Rhodes, Trotter and Wickham. If I looked at the 1st team 4 years ago how would it compare to today?
Getting MM is probably Cleggs biggest achievement.

alexharban added 10:58 - Feb 5
Who do we blame now?

Suffolk_n_Good added 10:59 - Feb 5
ditto SouperJim

Lennyboy added 11:01 - Feb 5
It had to happen...he was not a football man and you have to be a football man to run a club successfully. It's OK being a good accountant or running a business, but sometimes you have to break the corporate rules and invest in something that will not have a return in order to win trophies or promotion. This only a football man will do.....because he wants his team to win, even if he has to pay a bit more. Great News......COYB.

BlueBoots added 11:02 - Feb 5
We've sold 1 player (Connor Wickham, so not exactly one that required a "hard sell") for a fee in the past 5 transfer windows, all other exits have been players letting their contracts run down or getting paid off...

Any CEO worth his salt would have made judgement calls to push the "sign or be sold" button (regardless of the manager's wishes) for many of these players, and as the man with responsibility for the financial health of the club, for me that's been Clegg's biggest failure.

ChrisMakin2012 added 11:04 - Feb 5
Clegg couldn't sign his own name, good riddance.

26_Paz added 11:05 - Feb 5
He is a useless waste of space who should be put down.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Marcus Evans has relatively deep pockets he would have completely destroyed our club rather than merely turning it into an embarrassment.

algarvefan added 11:05 - Feb 5
Wow didn't see that one coming.
Think most fans have blamed him for the teams woes which is a little unfair, he has always acted with dignity & has done a difficult job in difficult circumstances.
Some fans on here will be celebrate his going, be careful what you wish for.....Marcus Evans becoming more involved may not be a good thing .....ask Chelsea fans!!!!

austractor added 11:06 - Feb 5
Genuine thanks for your commitment and hardwork in a very challenging period for the Club Mr Clegg.

It is very easy for people to criticise you and your work when they really have no idea what restrictions you yourself work within, but I for one appreciate it.

Best of luck in your next role

Michael11 added 11:08 - Feb 5
I think Clegg took a lot of the frustration from us that should have been towards Marcus Evans, ultimately it was him who said no to players wage demands not Clegg. However, i am struggling to think of one useful thing he did in this last 5 years that justifies the £750,000 he was paid over this period! Except them lovely painted turnstiles of course!!

expat added 11:10 - Feb 5
Thats a bit of a bolt from the blue. Only thing is though. Who is going to ensure the turnstyles are painted?

harvey9267 added 11:12 - Feb 5
Just want to put this out there....................3.5 years prior to olympics ME (main ticket distributor) employs an ex olympic big shot................6 months after olympics he's gone..............coincidence??? You decide.

warkway added 11:12 - Feb 5
Never thought he looked comfortable in the job - no real business or football experience and never been a front man facing off to fans, as things like the turnstyles debacle showed. However as with everything Evans this will be a money decision based on Clegg's high wages. The club will be run more like a member of the ME group. ME will not become the new public face CEO.

What is unclear is whether the mistakes of the last four years were Clegg's or ME's. I suspect both, as ME could always have overruled Clegg.

Will things be better run now? Only if ME has learnt some serious lessons over the last five years.

itsonlyme added 11:12 - Feb 5
Well I am a little surprised. I have sat on the fence over Clegg's appointment. But now I have to say: Thanks Simon, you resided over ITFC at a very difficult time and I do not blame you for some of the failings to sign certain players. If their demands were akin to D J Campbell's then I am glad you did not sign them. All the very best for the future.
Now what happens? Will Marcus become more public? The only issue I see, is that if Marcus does not become the face of ITFC, we may fall into the same issues we had with Jim Magilton, whereby he had little support from above and there was no face of ITFC!

itfcinwales added 11:14 - Feb 5

We_hate_Norwich added 11:14 - Feb 5
This can only be good news, the positivity at the club gets better!!

bluelady added 11:14 - Feb 5
ABO1 you must feel so threatened having a lady know more about footie than you do, bless ya cotton.

Actually i met Clegg and he was very passionate about the club, i do think his lack of actual football experience didnt help, but he gave my son an afternoon of his time and was absolutely fantastic with him, a proper gent.

itfchorry added 11:15 - Feb 5
This is better than signing Messi

hancockingoal added 11:18 - Feb 5
I would assume that the ticket tout Marcus Evans has now completed his audit from last years Olympics and with no other events on the horizon that Mr Clegg could influence, he is no longer of any use! Does this also mean that Mr Evans will now face his public?

RegencyBlue added 11:18 - Feb 5
Always said he would be gone after the Olympics.

His appointment was more to do with Evans making use of his Olympic ticket contacts, no more no less!

gazzmac4 added 11:18 - Feb 5
I for one have never had a strong opinion on him either way. I dont hate him but equally i dont love him. A business always needs someone in this role to do the rubbish jobs and i guess he has done this over the last few years. How successful has he been? History suggests not overly but i suppose time will tell how we do without him now.

Im more intrigued to see what happens with Evans now. It could be good to to see him more involved but does that mean he'll reveal himself to the public? Who knows...

Regardless of what we think, MM was correctly appointed at the time. So some success there but failure in the fact it took so long to get the right guy. Onwards and upwards. COYB.

AW2013 added 11:22 - Feb 5
So, the Olympics are over, Cleggs usefullness is gone and he is out. Coincidence!? Probably not! It was the only reason he was ever here at the club.

kevlowestoft added 11:22 - Feb 5

bobble added 11:25 - Feb 5
who ?

TractorCam added 11:28 - Feb 5

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