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McCarthy: Players Should Learn to Take No Notice
Friday, 8th Feb 2013 06:01

Boss Mick McCarthy says players should learn to ignore criticism and shouldn't get into rows with fans on social media websites. On Wednesday, striker Michael Chopra left Twitter after posting a photo of a large sum of cash in a bag having previously been involved in ongoing arguments with supporters of the Blues and his former clubs.

McCarthy admits he’s not entirely clear about the Chopra situation: “I don’t follow Twitter, so I don’t know. I’ll be brutally honest and say I’m not sure what has gone on."

He says he’s not spoken to Chopra in depth about the incident: “I haven’t said too much to him because I don’t really know too much about it.”

However, he believes that public figures such as players should be able to ignore criticism and abuse: “I think you learn as you go along that being in the public eye you don’t listen to it, you don’t read it, you don’t take any notice of people’s opinions because they can be very hurtful.

“People say things about you and if you take notice of it, more fool you. I learnt that a long time ago. To get involved on these social media sites – how do you get bullied? Why? Why go on it and get bullied on it? Come on, do me a favour.

“So, I haven’t really seen it. Someone showed me the picture, I don’t know what’s been said.

"But listen, just don’t involved, certainly with our fans, you don’t want to be falling out with them. You want to be making sure you stay on side with your own supporters.”

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JewellintheTown added 07:58 - Feb 8
Any "blues" fan that argues with a player on twitter should be stripped naked and be used as a warm up target with the practice balls before kick off. Bad enough opposition fans winding him up without supposed home fans knocking him. That said, Chops still should have left it alone.

Surco72 added 08:03 - Feb 8
Goodbye Mr Chopra

Kikapu added 08:31 - Feb 8
Too much time on their hands, me thinks. As my wife says, the answer to most of life’s problems is a bit of ‘digging therapy’. The club ought to give them an allotment so that they can grow their own vegetables, then they can share photos of their prize cabbages on twitter!

TR11BLU added 08:36 - Feb 8
Grow vegetables???
Chopra has a pea for a brain.

Nthsuffolkblue added 08:53 - Feb 8
"I haven’t said too much to him because I don’t really know too much about it."

It is the quality of the words rather than the quantity that counts and I am sure Chopra is in no doubt of Mick's views on this as he sums up well in:

"But listen, just don’t involved, certainly with our fans, you don’t want to be falling out with them. You want to be making sure you stay on side with your own supporters.”

hollywoodginge added 09:21 - Feb 8
I am an avid twitter user, it is a fantastic tool if used correctly, within minutes a picture of a missing person can be seen by millions for example. There is nothing wrong with social networks themselves, parts of society are the real problem, after all that's where the input comes from. I saw Michael Chopra's tweet (with a little shake of the head) I thought "bad move". However his real error of judgement was not walking away from Twitter sooner due to the aforementioned parts of society. Now one or two tweets from chopra have now been publicised and used as a stick to beat him with, but, the abuse he had been continually dealt by fans of previous clubs and our own was absolutely disgusting, vile and personal. I'm not excusing Chopra's chosen method of dealing with this, however, the baiting and trolling that went before makes Chopra more of a victim than a villain if you see the bigger picture. Any one who follows Stan Collymore on twitter will regularly see the rascist abuse (almost daily) that he gets levelled at him. That is the bad side of twitter that highlights the mentality of, what I like to think of as, the minority but I fear this element is growing over time.


hollywoodginge added 09:23 - Feb 8
P.s if you love all things darts follow me on twitter if you wish @PDCDrinksbitch

OriginalMarkyP added 09:32 - Feb 8
I didn't as much as an issue with the money pic. It was the retweet of a pic he made that was a close up of three black men ejaculating on a girl's face that I thought was really stupid. It was some joke about Newcastle's new players settling in well. Arguably racist. But most certainly very pornographic. Lets assume (fairly) that a fair percentage of Mr. Chopra's 'followers' are kids. Kids who no doubt think he's nuts. Kids whose parents fork out hard earned cash for shirts with his name on, and to take their kids to watch him play (when he actually does play). What kind of example does that set to those kids? How would you feel if you're kids saw that? That is the action of someone who has no idea of how social media works. Who has very little sense of responsibility. Who constantly drags the name of this club who has stood by him through all his troubles through the dirt. Who this club probably doesn't really need. He took it down, the picture. But he retweeted it in the first place and that speaks volumes.

itfc94 added 11:40 - Feb 8
I use twitter more than regularly. It's a great way for me to see my other friends around different university's lives and I believe its way past the FaceBook days in the sense that, I can connect with Ipswich players. I've had interactions with Aaron Mclean, Joe Whight. I believe that is good.

But when I see, Michael Chopra adding a photo of that I am utterly disgusted that someone who is paid to do something everyone here would love to do, it shows disrespect to everyone at Portman Road. Playing football is an honour, you let the football do the talking. Sadly, Chopra is unable to do either this year. So, I hope Michael Chopra, Mick McCarthy escorts you off the training field and back home.

wkj added 13:05 - Feb 8
The picture itself really didn't bother me at all; it was his comment attatched to the photo that upset me as a fan; fact is Chopra has done little to really forge a "friendship" with fans; so the few neanderthals who opt to bait him on twitter just worsens the whole relationship. Both fans and chopra are out of line; however I don't think chopra realises how bad his actions have hurt the feelings of those fans who have supported him and been patient with him- "and for that reason... I'm out"

Warkys_Tash added 13:10 - Feb 8
Exactly Mick, 'make sure you stay onside with your own supporters'..take note players. Chopra will never learn, he is hardly at teh beginning of his career. Even people that sympathised with him over abus on there, can't really continue to support him, once he puts a picture of a bag of cash on there..reminiscent of the 'Dyer £50 notegate' incident..

Karlosfandangal added 13:14 - Feb 8
You only have to look at comments on here of people who dont know each other and dont agree with a view.
some of the comments aimed at Mr Clegg and Paul Jewell by people who dont even know them.

Wonder if are new MD's will be given an easier ride by the fans.

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