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Town Increase Season Ticket Prices
Friday, 4th Mar 2016 09:41

Town have announced an increase in season ticket prices for the 2016/17 campaign, the third rise in three years.

If purchased before the early bird deadline of midday on April 11th, a lower tier seat going up from this year’s price of £411 to £417. Last year most prices rose by three per cent.

Overall, 97 per cent of season ticket holders will pay around 1.5 per cent more for their seats with fans in X Block, Y Block and D Block facing a larger increase.

As previously, any supporter purchasing a season ticket before the early bird deadline won’t pay any more for their seat if Town are promoted to the Premier League for the 2016/17 campaign, while season ticket holders will get a free Premier League season ticket for 2017/18 if the Blues have gone up by then and they are an Academy Friend - £10 per month - for both 2016/17 and 2017/18.

The Blues are again running their 12-month zero per cent interest direct debit payment scheme.

Meanwhile, Town have scrapped the grading of matchday tickets with adult prices set at £27.50 for lower tiers for all home league matches if tickets are purchased in advance.

The club are continuing with their under-11 season ticket priced at £10 for a ninth season, while season ticket holders are set benefit from a new link-up with local and national companies providing discounts on goods and services.

“Attracting youngsters to come to Portman Road and watch Ipswich Town play remains one of our priorities and we have seen an increase in both our Junior Blues membership and those under-11s and under-16s attending games,” Blues managing director Ian Milne told the club site.

“We are continually looking to increase our matchday activities for families in the Co-op Stand and the feedback from supporters for this initiative has been very positive.

“We have retained the £10 season ticket for under-11s and while there is a small increase for adult season tickets, in line with the retail price index, we feel at just over £18 a game, it represents a competitive price.

“We have listened to supporters who wanted us to simplify our matchday pricing and acted on that. We have been trialing one price this season and it will be implemented for 2016/17 with the price falling in line with what supporters have being paying this year.”

More details can be found on the club site here, while a full list of season ticket and matchday pricing can be found here.

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essex57 added 09:45 - Mar 4
6.00 per season can't complain at that although there will be plenty who do.

truckerblue added 09:51 - Mar 4
Oh well I'll only be going to the £10 games then. Agree with scraping the grading of games but £27.50 is too much for what's being served up.

KuqiCoup added 09:51 - Mar 4
The pay on the gate amount is excessive if you ask me, but you simply cannot knock the season ticket prices which are excellent value.


brazil1982 added 09:56 - Mar 4
Season ticket prices seem OK to me. £27.50 tickets are still too much at this level.Would be good if one of the "bigger" games was made a little cheaper to get a bumper crowd in.
Pleasing they have ditched the ridiculous categories.

TR11BLU added 10:04 - Mar 4
Price rise....shocking
This may be the time for me to call it a day and attend as a casual.

Hoofball added 10:09 - Mar 4
I have a season ticket for over 20 years, I will not be renewing mine ! It's not just about the cost It's the so called entertainment we have to watch

Dolly2.0 added 10:12 - Mar 4
TR11BLU, you must be proper hard-up if you think a £6 price rise over an entire season is "shocking".

essexboy added 10:12 - Mar 4
I'm sure if the style of football we played was better,then most supporters would not mind paying the increase.For me, I will always go irrespective of the cost as I love this club,But,I do wish the style would change.(Or is it just me)!!!

ssmith added 10:18 - Mar 4
Agree with hoofball , Ming's sold last year cresswll the year before , who goes this year , only player that would get any sort of fee is Freddy, no ambition at the club, happy just to tread water

shefkuqi32 added 10:20 - Mar 4
Even if its only £6, the actual principle of 'increasing' the cost that is an absolute joke.

tractorboyjim added 10:24 - Mar 4
Our club just scored a massive own goal with the majority of ours fans... a minimal price increase provides the headline: "Price Increase". I'd say the revenue generated from this would be barely considered a drop in the ocean. If the club had knocked off the same amount it would have put a completely different spin on it. I genuinely believe that if the club were bold and slashed a significant chunk off both season tickets and match day prices that PR would regularly see 25k+ a week, no matter what the opposition. Our friends up the A140 were filling their stadium in League 1 because they looked at what supporters could afford and considered what was on display... no matter what tosh the club spout, they're not supporter focused!

blrmy added 10:25 - Mar 4
On the face of it not a big rise and in line, but as it's not a big increase in extra income the opportunity cost in terms of PR for the club by not increasing has been missed in the current climate.

TR11BLU added 10:26 - Mar 4

Its the principal, the poor fayre on offer, the fact we are already one of the most expensive to watch.
You will never convince me that dropping prices and filling the ground would be a backward step.

iaintaylorx added 10:34 - Mar 4
absolute joke! no respect for any of the fans and considering what we're watching and how much money is being thrown at the club in terms of transfers is a joke!! really is a disgrace!!!

keighleyblue added 10:35 - Mar 4
Huddersfield Town's season tickets will be £175 next season. Just saying.

yungblue added 10:35 - Mar 4
outrageous, how they can keep increasing the prices when the football hasn't been improving for 3 years is beyond me

keighleyblue added 10:36 - Mar 4

prebbs007 added 10:39 - Mar 4
essex57 yet again proving what a numpty you are. Price increases for any product is justified by improvement in the offering or by rising costs to produce that product. Neither are happening here. To raise prices amongst dwindling crowds complete reversal of entertainment shocking playing style dinosaur management zero transfer fee policy and overall lack of improvement from owner through manager and players is not justifiable !!!!!

It's a terrible business decision on all levels and anyone who says different in either totally deluded or has no understanding or business acumen whatsoever. To quote RPI as the reason is just treating fans as mugs AGAIN. RPI in the UK has not been at that level since December 2014 and has been below 1.1 since January 2015. The measure of inflation used by government is not RPI anyway it is CPI which is currently at 0.3 and has been below 0.5 since December 2014.

After 35 years I won't be renewing while this group of people are running the club and I suspect I will not be alone. There will be under 10k sold but we will probably be lied to about that aswell just like we are with crowd numbers now.

Sad sad days for this once great club with zero prospect of change !!


GoldieBlue added 10:42 - Mar 4
Have they ever considered the genius idea that lowering ticket prices may increase revenue. More fans x cheaper tickets ??

Might help if we passed the ball as well, generally people like to be entertained at the football.

paulcooperisgod added 11:05 - Mar 4
Not renewing untill boring negative MM goes..... NO AMBITION

invictablue added 11:05 - Mar 4
Forget the numbers, this is a bad move on all counts; and will potentially result in reduced rather than increased revenue. To suggest the price increase is motivated by RPI is as wrong as it is insulting. I had been optimistic that the club was succeeding in reconnecting with its fan base over the last couple of seasons, but this is a clear illustration that we now appear to be heading in totally the wrong direction once again. I despair!

Kesgraveblue57 added 11:06 - Mar 4
Don't they realise they are destroying the fan base of Ipswich Town with yet another increase, you are paying more with the knowledge of knowing you can't be promoted from this division, with the current management and also the current crop of players which is not one is premiership class what we all must remember Liverpool sorted this out in a week by fans work out so now is the time not to moan but create some form of action

Barhamblue added 11:08 - Mar 4
Great value. can't complain about that but I bet the ones who do, don't complain when they receive a pay rise? its has to come from somewhere. Onwards ..

GAZ1234 added 11:17 - Mar 4
I have been to portman road since the early sixties & a season ticket holder for over 35 years.
This is definitely the last season .. I will not be renewing

If something doesn't change soon the stadium will be too big for us

BackTheBlues added 11:17 - Mar 4
Anyone who thinks the price increase is fair clearly has no money trouble or concept...

Inflation has gone up, but most people's pay has not.
An increase in season ticket price is a complete joke - especially considering the 'entertainment value' has actually declined this year and there is potential for the club to finish in a position worse than last year.

Getting rid of the categories is a good idea (no-one ever saw a category C game) but to make the cheapest ticket £27.50 is a joke! Most premier league grounds do not charge their cheapest at that price - to top it off, upper north and south will be £37.50!!!
The average man cannot afford that.

Then we get the youngsters scheme "Attracting youngsters to come to Portman Road and watch Ipswich Town play remains one of our priorities " - yes but if you price out the parents bring them, they won't be able to come!

So the average family of 4 on match day will be £75 + + travel +parking + food + drink.
That is not in line with inflation!
That is not a price worth paying for the football on show!

I love Ipswich and going to watch my team, there's nothing much better - but the club has lost all touch with its roots and will alienate fans.

The joke of it is - if you spend £240 over 2 years on the academy - you get a free premiership season ticket - if we ever get there!

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