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Season Ticket Sales Down
Thursday, 14th Apr 2016 11:46

Town’s season ticket sales ahead of the 2016/17 campaign are down almost seven per cent on the same point a year ago. The early bird deadline for purchasing seats at the cheapest prices passed at midday on Monday.

Current sales are similar to those at the same point in the summer of 2014 and represents a drop in revenue of around £200,000.

It had been expected that the Blues would suffer a drop this summer after a less successful season - particularly at home - last year’s play-off finish having boosted sales to just over the 14,000 mark.

The Blues are ultimately likely to see season ticket numbers drop back to somewhere around 13,000 - not as far as some speculation has suggested - leading to an overall reduction of around £400,000 in revenue.

Asked about the anticipated drop in season ticket sales on Saturday’s Life’s a Pitch on Radio Suffolk, Blues MD Ian Milne said: “That’s a pity, we’re still up there. I understand what people say about it not being attractive football, but you can play attractive football and be in the relegation zone.

“We’re not in the relegation zone, we’re currently eighth and hopefully we’ll get higher. I don’t think anything’s changed in many ways. Yes, we’d love to be in the top six, but we’re still a great football club with a great following.”

He added that manager Mick McCarthy and owner Marcus Evans will meet in the summer to talk about their plans for the season ahead.

“The budget’s gone up [during 2015/16] and there’s going to be a discussion between Mick and Marcus in the summer about players and we need to wait for that,” the Blues MD continued.

“But I have no reason to think that he’s not going to continue to invest at or above the level he’s investing at the moment. There could be more money available, as there has been this season.”

As is the case every year, season ticket sales are currently suspended until Town’s divisional status for next year has been finally confirmed.

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JackSted added 11:50 - Apr 14
Doesn't surprise me to be honest

Currie10 added 12:00 - Apr 14
So cost has gone up and we're only 7% down with loads on this forum saying " never agian not under Mick " so something doesn't add up to me!

I would say the club would be absolutely delighted with this.

People clearly not forcing the clubs hand to lower the price so it will continue to rise year on year.

Ipswich_Crazy added 12:01 - Apr 14
Well at least we have the loyal supports on board, Just goes to show how football has gone these days. A lot of fans are just interested when Ipswich are doing well.

Ipswich_Crazy added 12:02 - Apr 14
PS: I Can understand some fans cant afford the new price of the season tickets. I am still angry at the rise but I feel I should still support the town!

henryblue added 12:04 - Apr 14
any increase on budget will go straight on new contracts for our back 4

battyblue added 12:05 - Apr 14
I bet it will be a lot less than that and just what did they expect,,but still nothing will change carry on regardless put two fingers up and play the same old sh.te.

Dowson added 12:10 - Apr 14
13,000 peoples loyalty ready to be mugged off again next season. Fair play if you renewed, loyal fans. I couldnt justify paying to watch the most boring football i've ever seen. Hopefully it improves!

iaintaylorx added 12:10 - Apr 14
Not a surprise and hopefully they all take the f**king hint!!

12th_Man added 12:16 - Apr 14
Renewed mine always go whatever league we are in

Carrotblue added 12:23 - Apr 14
Got a three year deal last season so going back for year two

DoseOfReality added 12:27 - Apr 14
The true supporters are the ones turning their backs and walking away.

Yes of course we will be there if things turn around but not before. Douglas triggering anther year based appearances, SERIOUSLY.. Well he wont be paid from my families 5 tickets that have been cancelled.

And yes we are loyal supporters, 3 generations of loyal supporters who are finished with this boring style from the manager and complacency from the owner who is milking money from anyone who renews.


cantona11 added 12:31 - Apr 14
And I feel the same I will moan when I think I need too but I will keep following regardless of league as I am a supporter it like family no matter how much they wind you up you will have their back and stand behind them

Currie10 added 12:33 - Apr 14
No Ian perhaps WE should take the hint....

Club put prices up, we moan, yet most renew........................

If people are fed up, DON'T RENEW it's not difficult. Force the clubs hand!!!! If it drops say 25-35%, the club may do something. 7% drop with increased revenue at the 93% who have renewed at a higher price? That'll do thank you.

peewee added 12:33 - Apr 14
After 3 seasons they football is poor and after the spin and insults from the manager and the stubborn attitude show towards fans. There is no way to get them to stop taking the piss out of the fans milking every penny out of us and return the quality to the pitch. Not micks 30 something's favorite ex wolves players

Bert added 12:34 - Apr 14
Loyalty is supporting your team and club when things are not going so well; not picking and choosing when to support. Yes the entertainment is poor and yes we need a creative spark in midfield etc but it is not as bad as many past seasons under deluded management. As for season ticket sales, Ipswich is not much bigger as a town than Colchester yet our following is hugely different.

SouperJim added 12:34 - Apr 14
I like Ian Milne and think he is a vast improvement on Simon Clegg, however, "I have no reason to think that he’s not going to continue to invest at or above the level he’s investing at the moment" is utterly meaningless. Marcus Evans should could come forward and actually tell the fans what the plan is to bridge the gap with the divisions dig spenders and get us promoted. This season has proved that a top 6 finish with the current approach is far from likely and the silence at the moment is deafening.

Currie10 added 12:34 - Apr 14
Also, it's not going to be a £400,000 drop in revenue seeing as the rest have paid more....

Ipswich_Crazy added 12:35 - Apr 14
DoseOfReality thats just stupid, True supporters are the ones that support the town no matter what league town are in!

beacon added 12:48 - Apr 14
We all no season ticket holders that have not renewed , and that is there decision. Unfortunately many people on these forums who claim to not be renewing have never and never likely to have season tickets . The figures prove that
The football has not been pretty , MM has been unlucky with injuries to key players , MM is as stubborn as a mule , but he is our best chance of progression ,
ME has invested in the club year on year and I don't see a cue of investors willing to takeover

Paddy39 added 12:59 - Apr 14
beacon well said. We are only short of 3 or 4 quality players, but lets have round pegs in round holes please. Don't have makeshift right backs etc, and I do hope Mick & TC carry on with Town there are no other managers out there available or as good. We just need to invest more money Marcus as I'm sure Mick will get you there. More investment means more quality players with more quality football being played and more fans coming back to Portman Road.

GiveusaWave added 13:01 - Apr 14
Beacon makes a lot of sense. We really have no chance without MM next season. The football has been truly dire, but it gets the necessary results and keeps us as a solid Championship side.

If we keep injury free next season we should be ok. Somehow we need to make 6 million in sales though in the summer and that could be tough this year. No obvious big sale players like Cresswell or Mings this time round.


jas0999 added 13:03 - Apr 14
That's so far and at same point last season ... The club had around 1000 additional sales after the early bird plus half season tickets. Presumably the vast majority of those won't be renewed and I can't see many new customers coming forward.

I'd like to think the club will learn from this, but they won't. Instead I suspect Evans will curb spending even further. We need to sign 3 or 4 quality players. They will cost money so it simply won't happen.

blue75 added 13:03 - Apr 14
I've renewed my season ticket on direct debt which can be cancelled if poor performances continue next season. Also the only to get rid of a useless manager is from the stands not with a keyboard as many on here believe!!!

Witchesaswell added 13:05 - Apr 14
As I've said before on other threads I've been a fan for nearly 40 years and can remember when we actually played proper football so I like most find our current style ridiculously frustrating!

I fear that under the current regime and lack of investment that the football is not going to improve anytime soon.

I'm not in the least surprised that season ticket renewals are down but when the club is in your blood what can you do?

I've renewed in the hope we can have a few less injuries next season, just maybe play a little better and be a bit more entertaining.

Well we can always hope anyway!!!

jas0999 added 13:07 - Apr 14
One further point: I assume folk do realise that some people simply can't afford the season ticket nor commit to every game as they travel a distance/ work commitments make weekdays a problem? It's annoying when such folk are accused of not being a true fan.

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