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McCarthy: A Real Horrible Game
Tuesday, 19th Apr 2016 22:59

Boss Mick McCarthy admitted that the Blues’ 1-1 home draw with Fulham was “a real horrible game” and felt his side found it hard to play through the Cottagers, who sat back behind the ball. Jonas Knudsen scored an injury time equaliser, Moussa Dembele having put the Londoners ahead in the 66th minute.

“It was a real horrible game, they made it hard for us, everything was slowed down,” said an under-the-weather McCarthy at his post-match press conference.

“They sat behind the ball, they’ve got good qualities, as they proved with their goal and it just looked like a real end-of-season affair, which is a shame, actually.

“We didn’t want to make it that way, we certainly didn’t set out that way but we just never got going. All I can say is that we kept going and we did get something out of it, thankfully.”

He added: “It was Didzy that created the goal because it wasn’t easy to play in there, they sat back in and made it difficult.

“Didzy came on and showed his quality. We got the corner kick from his bit of quality and Jonas got in the box and got his goal.

“It’s lovely to get something out of it, but it wasn’t a great night, it’s not one I’ll remember fondly, that’s for sure.”

McCarthy was pleased for Knudsen, who scored his first goal for the Blues, even if he felt it was far from the Danish international’s best performance: “It was a fabulous finish. He got in the box, me and TC are always banging on at him to get in the box.

“If their winger’s back there he can be up there behind him and run off him. He’s such a powerhouse he should get headers as well.

“I have to say, that was probably the most ordinary game that Jonas has had, and yet he scored the equaliser, which is bizarre.

“He found it difficult with the ball today. It was a bit of a scruffy performance all round, and the same with Jonas.

“For his debut season, coming from the league he came from, I think he’s had a wonderful year. It’s nice for him to score.”

The result was the Blues’ eighth home draw this season in addition to six defeats with only eight games having been won at Portman Road this season, in contrast to last season’s 15.

McCarthy admits that Town have struggled at home throughout 2015/16 and particularly recently.

“It’s quite clear and certainly over the four weeks, six weeks that has been the case,” he continued.

“If I had an answer to it, I would have stopped it a month ago. It wouldn’t have even started if I had an answer to it.

“We’ll analyse it and have a look at it and see what’s gone wrong, and see why we’ve found it difficult to win at home.”

Have opposition sides visited Suffolk taking a different approach this season? “I would think so, they all know [how we play], we all look at them and see how we play against them.

“We’ve been done on the break again. It’s almost a carbon copy of the Brentford goal. When teams sit in we find it hard to play through them.

“And it’s cost us, teams sitting in, catching us on the break. But they were unerring in their passing and finishing, it was a good goal by them.”

Regarding full debutant Andre Dozzell, who played the first 55 minutes before being subbed, McCarthy said: “I’m almost apologetic for him having to play in that game because he was never going to shine in that game, that’s for certain.

“It was difficult, he played against arguably one of the best central midfield players, I thought Scott Parker was excellent and I thought Rohan Ince was as well in their pairing in there, they were great.

“I thought Parker dominated the game, everything about him, so it was always going to be hard for Andre.

“I tried to shift him left to try to get him a bit of space and I tried to play him just in front of the two sitters. It didn’t work.

“Look, he’s a 16-year-old kid who came on and had a great debut on Saturday. That doesn’t mean he’s just going to come in and rip it up. We’d have to be playing a lot better than we are to get the best out of him.

“He’s a good player. His debut was memorable, his full debut will be memorable because he’s made it but not because of the way that he played or the way the team played. He’ll be better for it, he’ll be a better player for the experience he’s had.”

Fulham boss Slavisa Jokanovic felt his side ought to not to have conceded the late goal: “I am disappointed about the late goal which we conceded. Generally I believe my team deserved to go back to London with a clean sheet.

“In the end I have to be satisfied with the fighting spirit and how my team tried to win this game, we offered a different face from the one we offered last Friday at Brighton [when they lost 5-0].”

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blueboy1981 added 23:00 - Apr 19
Brought about by YOU again. End of.

Hoppersblue10 added 23:01 - Apr 19
You reap what you sow!

prebsa added 23:03 - Apr 19
More drivel from the dinasour!
Mick out!

runaround added 23:05 - Apr 19
Sorry Mick but you are really starting to wind me up. You & Marcus need to sort this out or leave. Not good enough due to your team playing your tactics

Mark added 23:05 - Apr 19
There have been so many horrible games recently, that's why there were so many empty seats tonight.

I thought Dozzell did shine at times, especially early on in the game he showed he has quality.

I really hope we can beat MK Dons to end the season with something positive, as otherwise the run of poor results could run into next season. With, presumably, no money to spend again in the summer it is hard to see how we can improve.

Knightsy added 23:06 - Apr 19
So Glad I'm not renewing my season ticket, not going to miss this Cr@p.

It's not going to change, whilst MR Hoofball is in charge.

At least I'll enjoy the MK Game, I'll be having a few beers before the game, to numb the pain of watching the Town

Stenvict added 23:07 - Apr 19
I'd say it was us that slowed it down rather than Fulham.

Will94 added 23:08 - Apr 19
I'm surprised that nothing was mentioned about the fact that we didn't have a shot until the 70th minute. What a truly shocking game of football that was.

TractorBoy666 added 23:28 - Apr 19
Yes Mick they sit back because they know we can't pass our way up the pitch!! Utterly boring again tonight, the players lack confidence and I'm glad Bru obliged to shoot, although I'm sure MM wouldn't have been too impressed by that.

10dackj added 23:29 - Apr 19
Not a lot of hoof, a positive line up, fall backs attacking. I quite enjoyed the game. It was pretty close with Feeney impressing me in the first half especially. If it wasn't for an inform stearman today we would have had 2/3 headed shots from 1/2 meters out. At least 1 of these would have gone in! Pleased with batts performance and think Knudsen is evolving into a decent fall back.

Motm Stearman/Parker for them and Feeney/Bart for us, with Dozzell playing well until Scott Parker heavily reduced the space Dozzell had, beginning to mark him out of the game before he was subbed.

10dackj added 23:29 - Apr 19

midastouch added 23:41 - Apr 19
we might not of had many shots on target but surely all the side passes on target compensated to some degree NOT!!!

TimmyH added 00:01 - Apr 20
Sadly the 'real end of season affair' games started in January not tonight Mick...totally unacceptable. Starting to lose the will to type on this site now.

algarvefan added 00:04 - Apr 20
I just wonder if there is no extra money and MM does go, how many of you think (with the players we have) that it will improve drastically ?

We all tend to experts when it comes to social media, but I like to think I'm a realist. Of course you could bring in another, perhaps younger, attack minded manager, but you would still have the same squad of players.

Just calling for MM's head is a bit pointless, he has done OK with no investment, having his best players sold from under him and also finding a few cheap gems. If success is to come it will have to come from the youth development set up.

Suck it up boys, we are in for yet another season in the Championship, despite that and with all the evidence to the contrary, I still believe with a little luck and a head wind, we can still do it under Mick.......perhaps make that a lot of luck !!

VulpineBlue added 00:07 - Apr 20
Fulham, like most other clubs we have played since Christmas, came knowing exactly what they had to do against our one-dimensional side to get a point or win the match. It makes absolutely riveting entertainment when BOTH teams do little else but sit back behind the ball.

Knightsy added 00:12 - Apr 20
10Dack, not having a pop fella, I don't know what game you was watching.

It was an Awful game, I think the last time I was entertained at PR was when we were playing Leeds.

Yes it was great to see Andre Dozzell.

1st Shot on Goal on 70mins, that takes the p**s for me, Fulham got battered on Saturday 5-0, and to scrape a 1-1 draw against them, really shows how Cr@p we are.

GiveusaWave added 00:41 - Apr 20
It is very hard to tell at this stage, but I am getting a little concerned now about next season.

I am a fan of MM and think he's done well with the resources at his disposal, but that was the most boring game of football I have ever seen. Once again, Fulham supplied all the entertainment. Bialkowski produced a world class display and has proved yet again how invaluable he is to the team. This season has proved disastrous in terms of entertainment, flair and creativity, and we were too heavily reliant on Fraser to supply this until his injury.

1-1 was a travesty of justice. We deserved absolutely nothing from the game. I am pleased for Knudsen that he got his goal but we should have been well beaten by that stage. We created next to nothing.

I think Smith is waiting to see if there are other options for him, or else he would sign already. It doesn't take long to sign a contract and his agent will sort out all the details. We may well lose Sears and Bialkowski in the upcoming transfer window.

I am a realist and without massive changes in playing personnel (I mean positive changes) I don't believe we will be anywhere near the play offs next year.

You know I am usually very pro-MM, but the last few games I've seen (and especially this one) have been abysmal. Awful, dire football.

GiveusaWave added 00:47 - Apr 20
And btw...though I often support MM in his post-match conferences i have to say he told a "porky" in this one. He indirectly accused Fulham of time wasting. Sadly, that is what we did for most of the match. Even when they scored we continued to time waste. Are the players deliberately trying to make a point?

And the mexican wave? It was clear that some supporters were asleep. I could see at least 20-22 people asleep from where I sat. I saw another guy clearly watching the newcastle game on his phone and a few kids playing computer games. One kid near me started crying really badly because he was so bored. It was mind numbing and I felt for the kid. The guy near me commented on it and said his 2 kids won't even go to the games anymore as they get too bored.

Yes, we are mid-table. But the football???

Jimmy86 added 00:58 - Apr 20
Actually thought Knudsen had a good game tonight. Especially in the first half, was getting in some good positions and beating his man. Nice for him to get on the score sheet.

prebbs007 added 05:57 - Apr 20
What an absolute load of horse cr&p Mick. We've found it hard coz teams have come here and sat in and we can't break them down. Of course they have. We are so easy to play against !!! All you have to do to beat us is sit back head away the hoofball and then play on the break. We have ZERO ability in the midfield to pass the ball so we avoid the midfield completely and we have ZERO pace or ability at the the back to stop teams with any width or speed up front. So so so simple for opposing teams to cause us problems.

Said it before and say it again our season finished at Reading. We were top or there abouts by starting the season with width and pace in the team. One big defeat and the dinosaur reverts to type. 6 sometimes 7 at the back, no freedom, no width, no pace, players out of position (it's taken us two cameos to already do that to Andre - bet he can't wait to go to a football club) and favourites picked no matter how dross they are !!!!!

Continue in same vein and next season will be a huge struggle and I will have any amount of bet that anyone wants we are closer to the bottom 3 than the top 2.

Our owner and manager are comfortable with what's happening and it looks very unlikely to change. The fans WILL vote with their feet and maybe just maybe then things will change.

So sad to see our great club being destroyed by these two idiots.


battyblue added 05:57 - Apr 20
Our two midfield sitters:: one thing you are right on there MM but sod all else please do one you are destroying the place with your dire excuse for football.

sidtheswan added 05:59 - Apr 20
Dozzell excellent as was Bart. Apart from that dull boring and uninspiring. It is so blindingly obvious that we need a class midfielder as if we carry on with this team next year more likely relegation then promotion. We need to spend and spend as soon as able.Bored moaning about MM 'cos he is the most boring person/manager I've ever had the mispleasure of having to listen to!

martin587 added 06:28 - Apr 20
MM out.!! Dire team,dire tactics,devoid of any idea.If this is the pattern for next season,it's time to leave.Over 60mins to have a shot on goal,and we are the home team.Dire midfield,clueless in every way.The only bright spark Was Dozzell.Enough said.😡😡😡😡😡

Mick_Mills_Tache added 06:35 - Apr 20
Those saying that MM is the best man for the job, we're still 8th, blah blah blah. We're only 8th because we started the season strongly and won those 5 away games on the bounce before Christmas. Form since the 1st January - DDWDLLWLLLWWDLWLDDLDD that's Pl-23 W-5 D-8 L-8 Points-22/63 (two of the 23 games were the two FA Cup games that a league 2 side played us off the park both games!) That's nearing bottom three form. In contrast, Charlton have only taken 4 less points that we have and MK Dons only 6 less. Bristol City (4th bottom) have taken 27 points since 01/01/16!

Mick have 'saved us from relegation' 3 years ago...but then any manager could've and probably would've saved us from relegation. He may have 'saved us' but unless you pull your heads out of his backside and then open your eyes, you're not going to see that he's taking us back there again. PR has the same feeling around it that it did when Keane and Jewell were here. Sad times. #McCarthyOut #FOMM

therein61 added 06:40 - Apr 20
Yet another side selected to get a point and producing next to nothing as in the majority of this awful season. I'm afraid I will not accept the same next season enough is enough.

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