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McCarthy: A Huge Win
Saturday, 26th Nov 2016 18:33

Town boss Mick McCarthy hailed what he felt was a huge win after the Blues defeated QPR 3-0 at Portman Road.

“It was a huge win!” the Town boss responded when it was suggested that it could have been a huge win in terms of the number of goals.

“The irony is that poor old Alex Smithies cost them the second, which probably enabled us to win the game as comprehensively as we did, but then he’s kept it from being what could have been an embarrassing scoreline.

“It would have been nice revenge that on Ollie because he slapped me by 5-0 at Crystal Palace in my second game. I’ll take three though, not that I hold a grudge at all, or remember! He’s a really good pal of mine, Ollie.”

McCarthy had praise for second goalscorer Luke Varney, making the first start of his current spell with the Blues, for a display which he believed typified the performance, even if he guessed supporters might not all have been happy to see the 34-year-old in his starting line-up.

“He was fab today,” he said. “I bet people weren’t thinking that when they saw the teamsheet.

“I don’t think there was anything wrong with the performance [last week against Forest], we just gave two goals away. There’s a difference.

“Were we abject? Did we run hard against Forest? Yes. Did we have loads of crosses? Yes. Nothing dropped for us in that game, it was one of those games where we gave two poor, poor goals away and it cost us.

“I didn’t think the performance was that bad, but when you lose at home, that’s what everybody thinks.

“We’ve not been bristling with confidence here and I know exactly what I’m going to get out of Reg Varney, I know exactly what I’m going to get out of Chambo, I know exactly what I’m going to get out of Dougie.

“I thought if they played 3-5-2 I’d need a more substantial, tougher midfield with Dougie and I knew that’s just what I’d get and they’d handle the three in there. Bish wouldn’t with them, none of the others would, Kevin Bru, it just doesn’t happen.

“Dougie and Skusey are a real good force playing at that. Yes, we might lose a bit of that sexiness but who gives a f–, I want to win and I get sick of that.

“We played well today, we’ve had to play well and we’ve had to defend. I thought Reg epitomised everything I would want about a team of mine.”

McCarthy bristled when it was suggested there might have been an element of fortune about the Blues’ goals.

“It’s funny when we’ve scored three goals you say there’s an element of fortune,” he said. “You never mentioned it last week to me about their element of good fortune. It’s bullshit really, it’s complete double standards that.

“It’s a bit like when all of my players are injured and nobody mentions it, but if I’m going up to play Blackburn and they’ve got five strikers missing, you’d be saying, ‘They’ve got strikers missing, they’re not doing very well’.

“But, hey ho. If they were three lucky goals, I’m delighted. It’s about time we had a bit of luck because if we hadn’t have had bad luck this year we’d have had none so far - disallowed goal at Wolves, disallowed goal against Norwich, penalties at Reading, injuries to David McGoldrick, blahdy, blahdy, blah. I can mention them now we’ve won. It doesn’t seem like a moan, does it?”

McCarthy admitted the Blues needed a performance for fans, who had shown their frustrations after the previous two games.

“Of course we did,” he added. “The fans don’t come to see us play badly and lose. And I felt sorry for them. I hardly felt great myself going home after Rotherham and Nottingham Forest.

“If anybody thinks I enjoy that they’re much mistaken, I go home and have a rotten weekend.

“Well, I’m going home for a good weekend and I hope everybody who has seen us play thinks, ‘Fair dos’. Ipswich can be a happier place this week than it has been.”

McCarthy was pleased with Tom Lawrence, who scored his second goal for the Blues and whose set pieces were a threat.

“They are. He’s good, I’m delighted with him,” McCarthy continued. “He’s a good player. Tom.

“I remember him playing against us for Yeovil when we beat them 1-0 down there. I think we’d been to Middlesbrough on the Saturday or one of those bonkers trips that we had.

“I’d seen him before but he was outstanding that night against us, really played well. And I’ve tried to sign him on a number of occasions since and it’s not happened. I’m really pleased that he’s here because he’s a really good player.

The Blues boss was also happy with Cole Skuse's display with the midfielder's shot leading to Lawrence’s goal and who had what would have been a rare goal of his own ruled out.

“We got the second because he took his shot on,” McCarthy added. “He didn’t play it wide or chip it in the box, he took a shot and it’s hit somebody and it bounced in the box and Tom scored.

“Skusey’s been different class, I thought it was a really good performance by him today, at both ends of the pitch.”

QPR boss Ian Holloway defended his keeper Smithies, despite his error on the game's decisive goal.

“It was bizarre. It should have been a lot closer than that," he said.

“The second goal was an absolute calamity. The ball spins off the goalie’s head and there’s no one there to help him.

“After that, wow, awful. People who are uneducated are going to blame my goalie — but I don’t.

“I’ll blame everyone else bar him because by the end it could have been 5-0 but for him.”

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carlo88 added 18:42 - Nov 26
Mick's angry. In some respects he's right.

emergencylime added 18:42 - Nov 26
Who was expecting that scoreline today?
Bit of a confidence booster hopefully.
Wonder if we'll go in for Watkins again in Jan, now its been proven that Murph has been missed.


JCBLUE added 18:44 - Nov 26
Fair play, good result today, but you do make some very silly comments which will not endear you to fans!

Kirbmeister added 18:48 - Nov 26
Mick's way past trying to endear himself to fans.

blue75 added 18:50 - Nov 26
No mick we're not all happy I'll take 3 points and 3 goals but that display was still crap. Dougie was wandering around the pitch bit like at Newcastle. I still want you to go and one lucky game will not change that. I want to be entertained and today's game wasn't that good. Judging by the looks on people's faces I'm not the only one.

DurhamTownFan added 18:52 - Nov 26
Mick can be as angry as he likes. Win the next two in a row and then we'll stop being angry!

eastwell_blue added 18:54 - Nov 26
Element of good fortune about Forest's goals? Was he watching the same game?

therein61 added 18:55 - Nov 26
snide comments to the supporters(re you favourites who have let us down big time and cost us loads of points!!) only show your total lack of comprehension of what It takes to be a manager (admittedly you have 3 points on the board today and very welcome they are!!) in this day and age your blinkered approach is not going to take this club onwards and upwards we deserve better

christiand added 18:58 - Nov 26
Yes a good win, but we were dire first half today and extremely poor last week against Forest. These performances are happening regularly. MM can be as angry as he likes, it's his team now and the buck stops with him. Pleased with 3 points, but still think we are stagnating under his leadership over the last few seasons.

hancockingoal added 19:03 - Nov 26
We got lucky today, yeah we are not always lucky, but as the great Bill Shankly said 'you make your own luck!' I wish Mick could just show a little bit of humility instead of making digs as his critics!

jas0999 added 19:04 - Nov 26
This is where MM loses me a bit. It's not the fans fault that 2016 has been generally poor. It's not our fault we have generally been very negative. Yes, it's great to win three nil. But it hasn't happened often enough. Does it excuse Micks arrogance, team selections, style of play and ego? No. Is it a very small step in the right direction? Yes.

cromwellblue added 19:14 - Nov 26
Once again folks, if you dish it out on here hiding behind your screen names stop being cry babies when he responds.

He's giving his opinion which he entitled to do. You're dishing out the abuse

WhoisJimmyJuan added 19:22 - Nov 26
Don't think there was much wrong with the Forest performance? ? It was awful, spineless, toothless and insipid. The worst I've ever seen I think. To try and put a gloss on that is like putting a turd in a cake box. All today added was more determination and luck. I am largely unmoved by today's result. We need new manager , a new chief exec and for Evans to take his ownership seriously. If Nash can get it right at the club so can others.

Walk_the_Wark added 19:27 - Nov 26
Nice to win. Further stay of execution for this prat tho

Norwichbeater added 19:33 - Nov 26
Good win today, but it has papered over the cracks. Every time he gets a win he lashes out which is silly really given the fact that we are mid table or below. Is this position the objective now from Evans and MM? He seems happy enough regarding our position. I am not...cromwellblue go back to Norwich, don't waste your time on the Ipswich website please. However glad to take a win today for a change and will enjoy the evening.

Mark added 19:37 - Nov 26
Excellent performance second half, very refreshing to see us attacking like that. Many good performances, solid at the back with Bart playing well when called on, Varney coming in and doing well, Lawrence excellent and Skuse the best game for absolutely ages. McGoldrick not so good, looked rusty.

First half not so good, but with confidence low perhaps not a surprise. We got the goal and pushed on second half, so we can all be pleased with that.

Williams must be wondering how on earth he is on the bench though, but it worked today so no need to complain.

3 points behind Norwich with a better goal difference than them. Who would have thought?!

BlueandTruesince82 added 19:45 - Nov 26
I think he has a point. We have rotten luck and very few give Mick the benefit of doubt. We get lucky and and everyone loves to point it out.

I'm glad Micks getting wound up, I think a seige mentally I'd exactly what is needed at PR right now.

Look at the impact those disallowed goals are having in the context of our season even so early on so I think lady luck owed us one. COYB.

Still a long way back to being contenders though

Norwichbeater added 19:50 - Nov 26
Y have we Norwich supporters on here like elto and cromwellblue? If you read the comments can they be Ipswich supporters or are the Norwich trolls? I hope I am wrong, but when I read their posts I can't believe they are following the same team. They can't be attending games, with those opinions............

Bluetone added 20:01 - Nov 26
Well done lads to say that was unexpected would be a gross understatement. -

blueboy1981 added 20:04 - Nov 26
....... this man's PR skills are null and void - his attitude towards fans is definitely not ITFC pedigree, and NEVER will be.

He will never command the respect certain other Managers of this Club have - whatever he achieves, which will be limited anyway.

cromwellblue added 20:11 - Nov 26
Surprise surprise, have an opinion and be branded a troll.........


Elto added 20:13 - Nov 26
Rise above it Cromwell!

Swn98 added 20:13 - Nov 26
Why is it that anyone who is supportive of MM has to be a budgie troll?

bobwya added 20:18 - Nov 26
Norwichbeater- you are being rediculousdly over the top. I have been going to Portman Road since 1952 and I completely agree with Cromwell blue. I have not been enjoying what we have been watching but today was an improvement. It remains to be seen if that continues. Strange how 3 or 4 years ago people admired Mick for straight talking. Today his straight talking is for some reason seen as arrogance.

Pilgrimblue added 20:46 - Nov 26
Give it a rest guys, it's just opinions!

I don't like his style or attitude but if he doesn't like criticism, then perhaps he'll do something about it! Still was pleased he's had sh!!t weekends too.
Next 4 games will be interesting but hope he keeps the pluses from this game.


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