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McCarthy: Great Win a Boost for Everyone at Club
Saturday, 11th Feb 2017 18:27

Town boss Mick McCarthy hailed a “great win” which will give everyone at Portman Road a boost including owner Marcus Evans after the Blues defeated Aston Villa 1-0 at Villa Park, loanee Emyr Huws netting the winner with seven minutes remaining.

“It was a great win, a fantastic win,” McCarthy said. “We played well last week [in the 2-2 draw with Reading], I didn’t want to come here and not play well, that’s for sure. It was a back-up performance to last week’s and an even better result.”

The Blues boss felt his team showed spirit after losing centre-halves Christophe Berra and Steven Taylor to injury in the first half, but says that side of the performance was no surprise to him.

“I’ve never doubted the character of the team, I’ve said sometimes that our quality’s not been great but I think that’s been a lot better,” he added.

“I think Toums and Emyr Huws have helped that in the middle of the pitch have been excellent and I think the two lads up front have stuck it and worked hard.

“I could go through them all but there have been certain aspects of the team that has been better, we’ve kept the ball better. We’ve always been good at disrupting others and getting the ball back but we’ve been better with it in the last two games.”

McCarthy was delighted with Huws’s winner having wanted more goals from midfield for much of his time at Town.

“That’s something we’ve not had and it’s invaluable, they should come from other places,” he said.

“The fact that Didz picked him out and didn’t have a shot from a narrow angle was great. Emyr’s made a real difference to us, him and Toums.”

McCarthy says Huws is not unlike a number of players in his Town teams, whose careers have seemed to be drifting a little when they moved to Portman Road.

“There are a few of them in the team, Tom Lawrence, Didzy, Daryl Murphy, he ended up going for £3 million, we’ve had a few in the team like that,” he continued.

“He wants to play, he took a pay cut to come and play football, which tells you something about him, I don’t see too many players doing that.”

Regarding the makeshift back three of Jordan Spence, skipper Luke Chambers and Jonas Knudsen, he added: “It’s lovely, Jordan Spence was with us on trial and then we were OK because Josh Emmanuel was coming through.

"But when we were scratching around for players in the window I thought we’d have another look and he’s been great. If he’s not hungry for it there’s something wrong having not played all season.

“And Jonas, I’ve always fancied that he’d make a left-sided centre-back in a three because he’s good in the air and he can deal with going out wide.”

What was the most important thing he will take from the game? “Three points, and I’ll enjoy my weekend. And going into work will be a lot easier, all those things.

“But I won’t be going out partying or anything like that. It’s a buzz for me, a buzz for the team, it’s buzz for the club.

“I’m sure it’s a boost for Marcus, my owner, he gets plenty of flak and sticks £6 million in a year to keep the place going, which is always great to know, isn’t it?

“If my missus was giving me flak after all the money I’ve put into the house, I’d be a bit pissed off. It’ll be a boost for him as well and everybody connected with the club.”

McCarthy didn’t know too much about Christophe Berra’s injury, the Scotland international having been subbed in the first half after taking a nasty blow to the head from Villa’s Tommy Elphick, which the Blues boss believed should have resulted in a spot-kick.

“I thought it was a penalty, I thought he elbowed him, I thought he was going to head it and it was a penalty,” he said.

“I don’t know what’s up with him, I think he got sparked, I don’t know yet. I don’t think he does.

“I hope it’s not a concussion because if it is he might not be able to play for a couple of weeks."

The Blues manager confirmed that Steven Taylor had been replaced earlier in the half with a hamstring problem, which will almost certainly rule him out of the next couple of games.

McCarthy has also revealed that recent loan signing Dominic Samuel, who scored a hat-trick for the U23s on Monday, will be out for six weeks with a broken toe.

The Town boss says his Villa counterpart Steve Bruce should be given time with the Midlanders having had five full-time managers in the last two years.

“I think Steve’s had to turn the team around and try and get them to play in his own image, not the players that he had. I’ve no doubt that’s what will happen with him because he’s proven and he’s a good manager.

“But it doesn’t always work when all these players come in, they have to gel, they have to get together. It’s a process, it doesn’t just happen.”

How long does it take to turn a club around? "I don’t know but I think they need more than the average tenure which is 12 months or even less than that now.

“You can’t just turn it around, you just can’t. Pep Guardiola goes to Manchester City and he’s a god in the first 10 games and now he’s a dog. How do you get to that? That’s an anagram, very quick isn’t it?

“And he’s been the best manager on the planet for a while apart from Alex Ferguson, and they want him out of the door. I’ve no idea."

He added: “The consensus of opinion would have had me out before November or December. Would it have made a difference? I don’t know, it might have done.

“Might be like Wolves and get relegated two divisions. That was a good decision that one.

“I don’t know, you’ve got to keep working at it. You get an instant response as Steve did, there’s other managers, Nottingham Forest have had an instant response, they’ve signed a lot of players but they’ve had a response.

“Others do, but it’s having that longevity, keeping it going. I’ve done it for four nearly five.

“Brucey’s tops though. They’ll start getting bored with him now, they’ll start getting upset with him because they’ve been beaten by us but he’s got to be given time for the process of making the team his.

“How many promotions has he had, four? Well, he’ll have a fifth if they give him time. Six managers in two years here? That’s always good for continuity, isn’t it?”

Villa manager Bruce felt the defeat, his club's first at home this season, was harsh on his side.

"It's tough at the minute and difficult because we certainly didn't deserve to lose," he said.

"With the chances we've had we've created enough, even though they're not clear-cut ones we've had some really good opportunities and not took them.

"Again we make one mistake and we've been punished and it's one of those horrible afternoons that turns it into an awful weekend. We start again tomorrow and we need something to change for us."

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Blue_Moses added 21:29 - Feb 11
It's our first clean sheet since November Richie78, he hasn't played well.

delias_cheesy_flaps added 21:46 - Feb 11
MM you can't resist a pop, don't you think the reason for all the abuse has something to do with you and your stubbornness, playing crap fav players week in, week out?

shakytown added 21:59 - Feb 11
What an idiot. It took him 2 years to relise Douggie is cr.p. Still need to go muck.

algarvefan added 22:20 - Feb 11
This post is like Brexit, nobody from either side of the MM camp wants to give way. Truth is things are looking a bit better, looks like or underwhelming signings are making a difference, so whatever your thoughts are on Mick, he is here till the end of the season now, so get behind the lads and lets have a bit more positivity.....please!!

tractorshark added 22:25 - Feb 11
Are the people who post on the News Comments really that sensitive?
Are you really such a bunch of wimps, you all start whining and wailing when McCarthy has a little swipe at his critics?
Yet you call him every name under the sun and expect no reposte.
I'm glad I'm not in the trenches with you lot.
The enemy could throw insults rather than grenades and you'd all do a runner.
Maybe you should do a Maitland-Niles and set your mum on Mick. That would be sort him out.
And just in case you think I'm a Mick Inner, no, I'm not.
I called for his head after the Lincoln defeat but performances like today provide evidence that I could be wrong.

carsey added 22:38 - Feb 11
I am pleased with the win and the 3 points. I am pleased with the starting line up and from what those who were there said about the way the team played. So far we have 4 points from 6 in the last two games when many expected nothing. What I want to see now is it continue against Leeds Newcastle and the Budgies.
I would also like McCarthy to stop having a pop at the fans because the fact is those who were critical of his style and team selection have in my view been proven correct.
Play the right players in the right position and you stand a chance of getting a result. Pick your out of form favourite or players out of position and chaos reigns

bluesman added 22:39 - Feb 11

Pencilpete added 22:45 - Feb 11
this win reminded me of the kind we dug out in our Play Off season. i haven't felt this way in a while.

it may be the drink i've had this evening but keep the positive selections and there may be some hope for Mick.

The thing that really frustrates me is Mick McCarthy should be remembered well by all of us- for his first 3 years here he worked miracles and took us from the brink of League 1 to the brink of the Premiership on a shoestring and he's spent the last 18 months ruining it all with his negativity and comments ETC and he has made us hate him.

I genuinely think MM does care and that for me has been his one saving grace and if he does,by some miracle turn things around again i would be really happy but sadly i think for the majority the damage has already been done which is a real shame.

norfolkbluey added 22:58 - Feb 11
WELL WELL WELL. No Skuse and Douglas and hey presto, two new on loan mid-fielders and a win. Will this tell MM something. I doubt it but press on with the new formation and who knows. Well done everyone.

bluesfan_whatever added 22:59 - Feb 11
Hear hear tractorshark the last two comments verbally attacking MM and members of the team are verging on the offensive Who wants enemies if you have so called fans like This negative and persistent sniping helps no one Manager,players and staff It also spoils the enjoyment of supporting a great club Football is a game with different views and opinions Fine to air these but no need to be so nasty about it Particularly when those who ditch it out simply cannot take it themselves If they feel they have the right to have a go at MM and the team surely they must feel he has a right to respond

KiwiBlue2 added 23:17 - Feb 11
We finally have a combative and constructive midfield and what a difference. Great to hear that Ward is looking more like the player he was early in the season and that McG is looking much more involved. In terms of style it seems like MM has let the brakes off and this is greatly helped by players being in their best positions last two games. A pity about Taylor being injured but in relation to Berra we can hopefully ease Tommy back in. Suddenly things are looking much rosier but of course the proof will be between now and end of the season......

Gcon added 23:33 - Feb 11
Amusing how the people taking offense at MM's comments are generally the same people happy to offend him on here week in week out. He's spot on, get over selves.

I make that two swallows now.

itfcgene added 06:54 - Feb 12
These transfers have been brilliant. Well done so far Mick. Must buy these two in the midfield and find someone like Lawrence who we can afford. Have faith in Mick's ability to do that given his track record.

blue75 added 08:45 - Feb 12
Great win yesterday!! Listened to the first half which sounded good finally trying to play not just frustrate the opposition!! 3 points closer to safety and hopefully a more Ipswich minded manager!!! Before you mark me down for that I have been slating McCarthy's tactics and style of play since he was Sunderland manager he hasn't changed and is only doing as his boss tells him. Be interesting to see what happens after a defeat like at Reading last season when he reverted to type and our season was over!!

pennblue added 08:46 - Feb 12
Htb - I agree, there has been a shift of a more attacking philosophy where we are breaking fast and running at the opposition. This makes us far more dangerous. Too many seasons we have been playing this very slow build up play which is so easy to defend against.

Barhamblue added 09:43 - Feb 12
It was a great result yesterday. I just hope Mick don't bring back Skuse at the drop of a hat! In regards to people saying he's having a pop at the fans, so what? .. he's right if we were to get rid of Mick on this clubs playing budget we would be the next Chalton or as he refers to Wolves. It's alrght for some to call Mick all names under the sun and be less polite but you don't like it when he he gives a little back, the fact is he is trueful and with all respect to most of you he is correct. Basically you bunch of girls, if you can't take it don't give it!! I'm feeling good for a point at Brighton. Now let's back the boys and our manager. COYBs

TimmyH added 11:33 - Feb 12
Unbelievable Gcon has actually made a post!!! - not a very constructive one mind you.

Palestine added 11:38 - Feb 12
Great win, evn reading it on here have me a real boost. Bit of a bizarre interview though. It's weird how one win is seen as this amazing thing. It kind of shows how low things gave got when one win is seen as almost a season in itself to look back happily on (if you follow!).

Until there's a run of results AND good performances it's hard to feel that anything meaningful has changed. Great chance till the end of the season to d that. Let's see.

Also defending ME and going on about 6m a year, and how a win is great for him. Some how it all sounds rather pathetic..It just makes Ipswich Town seem so unambitious and pointless.

Seasider added 12:59 - Feb 12
A typical Mick McCarthy win that.Villa had 16 efforts,hit the bar,Didsy cleared one off the goal line;and Bart made yet another brilliant save.Then Town go and nick it towards the end with their only shot on target.

Nevertheless it was nice to get our first win in 6 games,and first clean sheet in 14;being first team to take all 3 points from Villa park this season.

We will never know if Mick has been instructed to try and play more attractive footy;but listening to Mr Milnes hour long interview earlier in the week,I wouldn't be surprised if he had.

Credit to the Manager for at last getting a positive midfield,two of whom unfortunately are loanees;and changing formation from his favoured 4-4-2.

The improvement has come about partly by chance/injuries,but it is Mick who has made the decisions of who to put into these vacated midfield postions.Huws,the Frenchman and Wardy;but why did it take so long when the fans could see what was required,and it wasn't Douglas and Skuse.

Up front Lawrence has been good all season,and Didsy,now being completely fit ,is showing what a good player he is;whilst at the back Chambo is at last being played in the correct position,and we ended up with the two young fullbacks at last.Knudsen could take the left centre position but will have competition from Smithy;so at last we have round pegs in round holes.

Glad it is a buzz for you MIck,the team,the club and a boost for Marcus.Its also quite nice for us fans as well you know!

The subject of people wanting him out previously had to be mentioned of course,and his response about Wolves being relegated two divisions after he was sacked suggests that this was a hint to Mr Evans of how good a Manager he is,and what would happen if he left.

You just cant resist it Mick can you,especially now you have a win under your belt.McCarthy will never change.

geminimustang added 13:43 - Feb 12
MM has shown that with minimal investment,he can turn the season around.Also interesting was to hear that ME donates £6M pa to keep the club going,notice i didn't say invests.I'm a fan of MM,TC & ME and for those short sighted people,the down arrow is to the right.

Bob7881 added 13:54 - Feb 12
Also to make things even better Mark Warburton is available no that would be a lift.

RoyalAscotBlue added 14:18 - Feb 12
This man has to go in the summer. 1 win in 6... 1 clean sheet in god knows how many... and suddenly he's the best manager in the world... good grief.

Desperation caused him to switch to 3 at the back, it was not anything that he chose to do. Despite fans suggesting for months and months that we needed to try this (or anything else which would get Chambers away from RB). The injury to Webster is ultimately what caused the shift, NOTHING to do with MM's management.

And it was injury to Skuse that led to him being excluded from our midfield. NOTHING to do with MM's management again.

MM occasionally stumbles across something, or gets forced into making changes as a result of injuries, and then has the nerve to come out and say that it's all down to how wonderful he is! Anybody that falls for it needs to have a word with themselves.

The new midfield signings were NOT MM targets... If they had of been they would have been here at the beginning of January. Again MM LUCKED OUT! He made a couple of last ditch additions out of desperation as the window was closing, and they will save us from relegation.

neil1968 added 16:31 - Feb 12
Fook sake you would think we had just won the champions league . Nothing changes here . We had a very lucky result against a team who are just as poor as us . Don't forget lincoln and all the other crap this season . Mick out

NoelTheDub added 18:25 - Feb 12
McCarthys true colours will be shown when Skuse is back, big question is will this man change this winning side I believe he will.Micks hand was tied yesterday just as well Douglas was not around Iv no doubt he would have started.Something that drives me mad was his negativity in games we should be winning we supporters are not stupid yes we dont have the greatest squad on earth but if Skuse or Douglas was making that run that Huws made they would be still waiting on a bus at our 18yrd line thats the difference please dont go back to that.We can all take a defeat but the way you play deserves moaning from disgruntled fans like me a half decent finish to this season might give some glimmer of hope for the next one if McCarty is the guy to do that job I dont think so IMO.

Pilgrimblue added 18:49 - Feb 12
Royal Ascot best post by miles.

I was there and Villa at times showed how it should be played but we countered them with resolute defenders mobile midfield and attackers that worked their socks off. I can't remember ever losing two CBs but the subs did great and as Villa faded a win was on the cards.
Dave played better than Skuse and Douglas on his own and Ward looked very effective in his role so the team coped better with Villa's pacy attacks.
I just wish that Bart didn't punt long balls and that there were players ready to fall back and give him an outlet. Also our freekicks were very predictable and rarely caused any problems, something for coaches to sort

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