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Have they really put the kit reveal behind a paywall?
at 09:36 6 Jul 2024

Just seen it’s on Town TV and fans getting the hump on Twitter.
Is this where we’re at?
at 09:45 24 May 2024

My take on it all. Does this vaguely make sense?

McKenna wants Man Utd but Man Utd are unlikely to give him the job this summer and the United fans are not particularly keen on him being appointed either. In a year or two, yes. But right now it’s a big gamble on a guy who’s still got baggage from a previous regime. Clearly if United offer the job, he’s gone. But I just don’t see that happening unless bigger candidates turn them down. They may even keep Ten Hag for another year if he wins tomorrow but I don’t think that will happen either.

McKenna would entertain Chelsea but is perhaps wary of the club culture with managers and a possible FFP points deduction and potential transfer embargo. If Poch couldn’t get what he wants from the board, what sway will McKenna hold? The Chelsea fans aren’t particularly keen on him either when there are bigger names in the frame. McKenna is a project manager like Potter, there are big egos at Chelsea and he would be going to the one club that never gives you time.

Which leaves Brighton or us. Brighton have shifted focus slightly now Chelsea have come in and they could get Potter back. I’m sure they’d prefer McKenna but they can’t wait for ever. The ceiling between both clubs is probably the same but Brighton’s stature is currently greater and offers more security right now. That said if he’s not a success at Brighton it would reduce his stock far more than getting relegated with Ipswich.

Ipswich can match Brighton’s offer knowing that any new 4-year contract would never be fulfilled. If you pay McKenna handsomely for next season, it’s money well spent if we stay up. If we go down, his reputation is unlikely to be tarnished and he’d want out. Either way, he could leave after another year with our blessing and an accommodating exit clause.

For me, and obviously I’m biased, it makes sense to stay for a further year. It’s a free hit and still a stepping stone to the likes of Brighton and Forest etc. And if we exceed expectations then it’s a pathway to a United if that’s not on offer right now. But I suppose the counter argument is has he done all he can at Ipswich? That’s up to Ashton and the owners to convince him there’s a lot more to come.

I’d understand it if he went to United, I’d think he would be barmy to go to Chelsea for anything other than financial reasons and I’d be disappointed if he went to Brighton.

But if you’d said to me when we were languishing in League One, that we’d get a guy in who would achieve back to back promotions to the Prem but would leave after two and a half years, I would have bitten your hand off.

[Post edited 24 May 9:47]
Happy St Chaplow’s Day
at 09:48 21 Mar 2024

No idea how to post the clip but still one of my favourite away days. Proper limbs that day
Anyone able to post their ratings from yesterday?
at 11:09 18 Feb 2024

Can’t seem to access the ratings for yesterday? Anyone having same issues?
The least intimidating Millwall atmosphere
at 00:39 15 Feb 2024

Been to the old Den, been to the new one and that was a pale shadow of the usual welcome and atmosphere generated by Millwall fans.
No passion, no real noise.
I knew they were going through a rough patch and I didn’t expect a big crowd as it was on telly. But when you can read the lettering on the opposite stand clearly, you know the attendance is low.
And as for them walking out when the second goal went in, that was modern football at its worst.
I doubt any Millwall fan I experienced in the 80s would have done that and if they did leave early it was probably to provide some parting gift on the walk back to New Cross Gate.
It’s not like they’re a big six club where they’re so used to winning that on the odd occasion they end up getting beaten, the fans throw a tantrum.
You don’t go to support clubs like Ipswich, Millwall or West Ham expecting to win. You go hoping you win. And because you’ve experienced your fair share of defeats and failure, the wins and successes taste that little bit sweeter.
I just can’t get my head round seeing fans at proper clubs like Millwall and West Ham leaving early. I didn’t leave early when we lost 5-1 to Norwich but maybe it’s just me.
Either way, that was the least intimidating atmosphere I’ve ever known at Millwall and while I’m happy it was subdued and muted, it didn’t feel quite the same.
[Post edited 15 Feb 0:49]
Anyone received their Watford tickets yet??
at 11:07 30 Nov 2023

Mine haven’t arrived through the post yet. Just wondered if anyone here had got theirs?
Saints sold out in 3 mins...then new block opens
at 10:19 8 Sep 2023

Saints tickets sold out in 3 mins, then they opened Block 43.

Good news it means everyone who wants a ticket should get one.

But I can't see why it wasn't available earlier. It was pretty obvious we were going to sell out today.
What do we think the attendance will be for Burnley?
at 20:17 8 Jan 2023

15,000, 20,000 or higher?

It’s one of those draws that is good without being exciting. But it could turn out to be a great day.
Travelled in numbers but not in voice
at 21:53 3 Jan 2023

This isn’t meant to be an unpopular post or a dig but, for me, one of the most frustrating things about Monday was how flat our fans were.
Apart from the last 10 minutes, we never got going and if I’m being brutally honest we were outsung by the Lincoln yoof pretty much throughout.
Given our numbers, that really surprised me and you just felt the edginess in the stand.
Yes, the team didn’t play well and didn’t give us much to cheer but there’s obviously another side to that coin.
That’s when the team needs us more than ever. You could see Wolfy trying to rally the fans after Humphreys scored.
Like I say, I’m not having a pop at the fanbase because our travelling support is exceptional, particularly at this level.
And clearly the penalty decision was bonkers, even if KVY was equally as daft.
But it just never felt like a proper away day for me.
We can criticise the players but I think we sometimes underestimate how important a part the fans have to play.
[Post edited 3 Jan 2023 21:55]
Favourite tweet of the year…
at 12:15 2 Sep 2022

Please tell me we weren’t singing Ipswich are massive…
at 09:06 21 Aug 2022

Watched the Sky highlights this morning as I couldn’t go yesterday.
Thought I heard us singing Ipswich are massive everywhere we go.
Please tell me I need to get my hearing checked.
It’s the most cringiest song out there. If you go to a game at West Ham, you’ll appreciate why. (Just listen out for the DJ version)
But they’re a bunch of bell ends, on the whole we’re not.
Don’t mind the Norwich get battered version but if you’re copying West Ham fans, you need to give your head a wobble.

Other than that, all great.
Fortuna Dusseldorf shirt
at 08:43 30 Jun 2022

Fortuna Dusseldorf home shirt is rather nice. I like a pinstripe.

Eddie Howe quits
at 10:13 25 Mar 2022

That could be an interesting interview
Has anyone received their Shrewsbury tickets yet?
at 16:55 23 Mar 2022

Apologies if already discussed.
But I've just remembered I ordered my Shrewsbury tickets last week and haven't received them yet. Anyone else got theirs?
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