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Season Ticket Sales Boost
Tuesday, 8th Aug 2017 14:28

Town added almost 1,000 to their season ticket sales total following the extension of the early bird deadline to last Friday.

We understand the number of Portman Road season ticket holders is now in the high 10,000s having dropped by around 15 per cent at time of the initial April early bird deadline to below 10,000 for the first time since promotion to the Premier League in 2000.

The club are also pleased with the reception their recently launched ticket bundle scheme has been received.

In addition to that initiative the Blues cut the cheapest matchday ticket price to £25 and scrapped the additional £2.50 surcharge to fans paying on the gate on the day of a game.

The attendance at Saturday's 1-0 opening game victory against Birmingham was 18,153 - including 2,012 visiting fans and around 1,000 tickets given to NHS staff - up on the 17,370 which watched last year's 4-2 first day win against Barnsley.

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brittaniaman added 14:37 - Aug 8
Well we are in the play offs !!

BlueHarwich added 14:38 - Aug 8
Those 1k tickets should be given to a worthy receiving body of every week. Forces, NHS etc

Green_Army added 14:51 - Aug 8
The club are making huge steps to rebuilding relationship with fans. Fair play.

blueM3 added 14:57 - Aug 8
There is no way in hell that 18k people were in that ground last Saturday.. ..

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 15:05 - Aug 8
Treat the fans with some respect and there is still a good basis of support for ITFC. But I worry about renewal for the future when many of the older fans are not around. Still a lot of bridge building to be done, in my opinion.

christiand added 15:17 - Aug 8
Just imagine if they had thought through properly the ST pricing? They'd probably not be far off that 12,000 mark. Just hope the club have learnt from getting their fingers burnt with this process, perhaps use the supporters group and sound out ideas and their opinions first in future. Nevertheless, fair play with the ticket initiatives, I think Blue Harwich's proposal is a very good idea which could be pursued by ITFC?

PortmanTerrorist added 15:33 - Aug 8
Until the Club refocuses on the kids, accepts that what happens on the pitch directly impacts on attendances, as well as factoring in the way the Club interacts with the fans then we will continue to drift as a Club.

And yes that does include the way that Mick talks down to fans. It is not plain talking it is condescending and rude. Any other business would have disciplined him publicly or removed him from office by now which says something about the culture within football and our Club. IMO they still won't listen.

timspencero added 15:44 - Aug 8
I agree, BlueHarwich. But I'd go WAY further. The ground needs to be full week in week out, and it requires much more imagination and innovation than the fiddling at the sides which we see season after season. It needs someone with real power at the club coming in and devising a way to make sure every seat is taken, rewarding the most loyal and biggest paying fans along the way. Making PR a full house 'cauldron' and creating new and young fans in the process is a seriously underinvested part of our club and would benefit the team on the pitch massively.

dirtyboy added 15:48 - Aug 8
BlueHarwich, given we're highly unlikely to fill the ground for anything other than the derby game, that's a very good initiative and would create a lot of goodwill.


muccletonjoe added 15:57 - Aug 8
I think the ticket reductions , the fanzone and the investment in new players has all gone some way to rebuilding the goodwill of supporters. If the football on offer improves as well then i think we will see fans drift back to portman road.

Taricco_Fan added 16:14 - Aug 8
Stop rinsing match day ticket buyers and they'll get 18-20k every week. I appreciate the club took steps in the right direction on this but match day tickets are still too expensive.

Scuzzer added 16:14 - Aug 8
Did some exploration on the 'Packages'. My seat in the Coop is £30 a match. Which for the 6 match package should cost me, simple maths here, £180. The actual package would cost me £173, saving me a mega £7 on that 6 matches. Simply not worth it. If the club have any sense then they would hold the Early Bird pricing as de facto. We then could expect some more people to be drawn in.

Bluebell added 16:32 - Aug 8
Hopefully all the 'fans' who booed Mick and the players last season, stay away. We don't need fans like that! The ones who sit near me in the SBR Lower weren't there on Saturday and it was so much better.

It was a great atmosphere. Let's keep it that way!

blue75 added 17:01 - Aug 8
18153 should really minus the NHS staff as they were freebies.

BlueMachines added 17:06 - Aug 8
Just because we didn't settle for the crap being served up Bluebell doesn't make us less of a 'fan' than yourself

jas0999 added 17:21 - Aug 8
This is good news. Can't read too much into Saturdays attendance as Barnsley didn't bring as many plus the give away had an impact.

Nonetheless this is promising and deserved thanks to the investment in fee signings and fewer loans. Folk rightly feel they are watching Ipswich players rather than a bunch of loanees.

Now, Mick needs to play a better brand of football. More second half Saturday. Less first half.

blueM3 added 17:44 - Aug 8
There's a touchy bunch down voting a simple opinion of seeing the stadium less full than advertised... if the club gave a true figure of bodies through the gate we would know how we are actually doing on the attendance front.

RimmersBrace added 17:47 - Aug 8
The main benefit of a season ticket is to have your seat reserved every week. Really it should give you about 4 free games a season. I think the correct price for a walk up in the cheapest area of the ground is £22.50, so they are not far of at £25.

Season tickets should be re-marketed as a price per month - they should not even publish the annual price (can you imagine Sky doing that?)

Seasider added 17:50 - Aug 8
The actual attendance was down on last seasons match because
1 There were a couple of thousand 'Brummies'far more than 'Yorkies' last year.
2 A thousand tickets were freebies.
However agree that thanks to the season ticket boycott by some 2000initially,the club has had a serious rethink;as I alluded to previously, and fans will drift back,especially if Town continue to win.
The one thing that hasn't been rectified is the decision to charge the over 60's that already had concession season tickets,full price.Most of these fans have been following ITFC for a long while;so it was a kick in the teeth to have this increase.Fair enough start charging any new holders full price until they reach 65;but not make this retrospective.
I understand that steps have been taken for those who are 64 to receive some rebate;but not about the rest in this age group.

therein61 added 18:03 - Aug 8
A more adventurous style of football and not setting up for a draw will get more bums on seats(Mick knows it but it's against his principles to be adventurous) it will certainly get me to buy a season ticket again.

thebeat added 18:16 - Aug 8
Sorry but I simply don't believe 1,000 who initially cancelled decided to renew just because the early bird was extended. This is just spin from the club trying to make out things are better than they are. More effort has been made regarding transfers this year but most who didn't renew did it because they were bored of turgid negative football and a manager who digs them out in interviews week after week, a few signings will not have been enough to tempt them back.
Saturdays crowd will have been boosted by 2,000 Brum fans, 1,000 free tickets and on the day sales from people who have gone without football all summer who will soon drop off.
Its a good start to the season but it was only against a poor Birmingham side, as soon as we get beat comprehensively he will revert back to trying to bludgeon results out, let's talk about attendances come November, I'm sure they will be 13,000 tops.
And as for people like you Bluebell I hope you enjoy it now the realists have gone and your surrounded by happy clappers who put up with anything, Mick and the team were booed last season because they deserved to be, they were a disgrace to the club, simple as.

Spanishblueblood added 18:40 - Aug 8
Bluebell, its prats like you that will be the downfall of our club. Thank god for those that can see our club being run into the ground and making a stand to try and enforce changes!

cornishblu added 18:54 - Aug 8
We are not too "big a club" to look at the Bradford city model and adopt .been banging on about this for far too long. Current view of clubs re supporters is far too short term with v few teenagers etc being able to afford current ticket 15 years time clubs will look back and rue the day that "investing" TV money into players and agents was more important than making entrance fees more affordable . Can't twtd ask the club or its official supporters club to do a financial study on the current model v a Bradford model ....a forum with influence!!

tractorkent added 18:58 - Aug 8
Its simple play attractive football and the fans will return,including season ticket holders in gliding myself.

Europablue added 19:22 - Aug 8
While we have thousands of empty seats local kids should be allowed in free or for a very nominal fee.

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