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Butcher: Sooner or Later Evans Will Have to Loosen Purse Strings
Tuesday, 13th Feb 2018 13:26

Town legend Terry Butcher believes owner Marcus Evans will eventually have to loosen the Portman Road purse strings to give the club a more realistic chance of reaching the Championship play-offs.

The Blues, currently 12th, eight points off the top six, have rarely paid significant transfer fees during Mick McCarthy’s five years-plus as manager, while their wage bill - £17.78 million in the year to June 2017 - has been around the 18th highest in the Championship in recent seasons.

"If you've only got buttons to pay, you're not going to get the quality to lift you into the play-offs," Butcher, 59, told BBC Radio Suffolk.

"Marcus Evans, sooner or later, will have to release the purse strings. Perhaps not to the extent of Wolves, but if you do buy good players and buy quality it does get you wins, it does get you goals and it does get you up the table.”

The former England captain added: ”I think there's got to be more input from the [owner].

"If Mick does go at the end of the season, any new manager is going to come and the first thing he's going to say to Marcus Evans is 'What's my war chest? How much can I spend?’.

"The manager should already be looking at signings for next year - you need that as a security and we haven't got that."

McCarthy is out of contract at the end of the season - although the club has an option to keep him for two more years - with no decision yet made on whether he will be in charge at Portman Road beyond the summer.

Speaking last Friday, McCarthy revealed he had already held talks with owner Evans about his future and said those discussions are ongoing.

Having previously indicated he might not necessarily accept a new contract if one were to be offered, McCarthy appeared more receptive to extending his time at the club, saying that there was "a good chance" he'll remain at Town if owner Evans wants him to stay.

Last week, McCarthy was the bookies' favourite to become the new Barnsley manager, a link both he and MD Ian Milne dismissed.

St Mirren boss Jack Ross is now the favourite to take over at Oakwell, the Paisley-based club reportedly having given the Tykes permission to speak to him.

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pennblue added 13:38 - Feb 13
I think this is spot on. Mick has been too accepting of the lack of transfer kitty each season, which has led to him being in an no win situation.

12th_Man added 13:40 - Feb 13
I bet he won't

RegencyBlue added 13:48 - Feb 13
Frankly MM is A problem.

Evans is THE problem!

iaintaylorx added 13:53 - Feb 13
Quite evident that both Mick and Evans are problems in their own way. Evans doesn’t spend anywhere near enough on the squad, whereas Mick’s style of football is awful and predictable and he has too much faith in average players!

classicblue added 14:00 - Feb 13
There is no point in giving MM money now - he would only spend it on people that fit his style of boring non entertainment. Employ a new younger manager with attacking and entertaining ideas and give him a war chest

dirtydingusmagee added 14:05 - Feb 13
even if Evans dipped into his wallet now, McCarthy is not the man to take us forward, he has brought decent players in [on limited budget] but does not utilise them in order to get the best from them. Tactics, players out of position and the old pals act is his trait. YES Evans does need to shape up or ship out, but McCarthy needs to go too .

blythburgh_blue added 14:07 - Feb 13
if you're changing manager do it now. Why give MM the benefit of 12 weeks pressure free money?? What is best for Ipswich Town??

What's best for ITFC is a new man asap and give him till the end of the season to evaluate the squad. We've already given Mick too much for no return. Kick him out NOW!

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 14:12 - Feb 13
Several have said that if Mick had been given a bit more cash, that might just have made the difference on the couple of occasions when we were hanging on the coat tails of the play-offs. I don't know how true that is, but I would imagine Mick would feel pretty pissed off if he left and then Marcus decided he would pump in more money. Not likely to happen though ...

Kulturarv added 14:23 - Feb 13
Exactly RegencyBlue!
The focus should be on the man that can decide about everything around our (his) club, including who is going to be manager. MM has been working very well with a few peanuts given from ME. I am sick and tired of hearing that "ME burnt his fingers when he spent on Keane". Why not sell the club if he has pain in his fingers? We definitely need a new gaffer but first of all we need an owner who cares, an owner with ambition, an owner with a heart, an owner that loves ITFC.

Taricco_Fan added 14:27 - Feb 13
He's correct.

If we want to compete, we have to spend money. Championship clubs are spending millions on transfers due to parachute payments and/or wealthy backers. We've hit a glass ceiling bumbling along with loan players, freebies and cast-offs.

Either that or we look at what a club like Brentford is doing and try to emulate their ethos. They punch well above their weight despite a small budget due to an excellent recruitment process and managers with a willingness to play good football. We have neither.

BobbyBell added 14:28 - Feb 13
I was excited when Evans took over this club as so much was made of him being a town fan. Unfortunately it's now crystal clear that he's a business man first and a town fan 2nd. I think he will only ever run this club as a business with very tight purse strings. I still think a change of manager is needed though as this club is stagnating and MM is happy with how things are.

cat added 14:50 - Feb 13
Well said Tel.
The two major problems with our club from my point of view are, the playing style and the lack of investment. It’s no secret that M.E wasted a shed load of cash in the first half of his tenure, and recouped some if not all in the second half. Along with the sponsorship money becoming available, I expect him to reinvest sooner rather than later as it’s in his best interest too, the ‘natives’ are becoming restless and if he follows suit this summer, expect a backlash of epic proportions. Regarding the style of play, that’s an easy one, bin McCarthy off and replace him with someone who fits more with our footballing traditions and entertains.

Kesgraveblue57 added 14:59 - Feb 13
Evans just don't want success for the Club running at a loss must suit him for tax reasons with his our businesses, it's beneficial to him

brittaniaman added 15:22 - Feb 13
We know that Dino signed some decent players in his reign here, BUT he did sign several Non decent players as well, who had to have there contracts paid up ?????
So two more contracts of 4 months left should not hurt Evans to much surely ?????

Scuzzer added 15:24 - Feb 13
Playing style is subservient to the quality of players you have available....ergo....more bucks spent on better players = better playing style allowable.

Scuzzer added 15:24 - Feb 13
Playing style is subservient to the quality of players you have available....ergo....more bucks spent on better players = better playing style allowable.

Currie10 added 15:31 - Feb 13
Amen Steve.

If a new manager comes in next season and gets significant backing, I am probably going to be about as angry as I could possibly be with all things I T F C.

Whether people LIKE or HATE Mick - he's never had the opportunity to show people what he potentially could do due to not being backed.

Lets say for arguments sake, we get a new manager and give him a warchest of £10 mill to spent ALONE on transfer fees / then Evans will factor in everything else.

I would say that would be incredibly insulting to Mick. Especially when you consider he had us top 2 in January 2015. Was he given the chance to get us automatic and over the line? No. He was given a little investment and we ended up scraping play offs.


davetheblue added 15:34 - Feb 13
New manager ,bigger gate ,more funds to spend

Currie10 added 15:42 - Feb 13
classicblue - I suppose that's why he tried to sign Knockaert on loan. Williams. Fraser. Celina. Played Bishop repeatedly. Lawrence. Plays McGoldrick when fit.

terryf added 15:46 - Feb 13
Currie 10 whilst I agree MM would be rightly hacked off if a new manager came in and had money to spend, I also remember us being in the top two in 2015, but also remember that as soon as we derailed at Reading 5- 1, MM resorted back to his trusted garbage football. Unfortunately the guy wouldn't be able to help himself, money or no money.

warktheline added 15:48 - Feb 13
@currie, give over! McCarthy plays the 'occasional footballer' but doesn't play a system to utilise them!!

PortmanTerrorist added 15:56 - Feb 13
At any normal Club a new manager WOULD get a Wart Chest Terry, but can't imagine giving a new face the funds he would not give MM....unless it is MM who reckons he doesn't need the cash after all.

greenkingtone added 16:20 - Feb 13
In 2015 Mick kept saying there was nobody out there better than he already had.

TimmyH added 16:37 - Feb 13
Are you listening Evans? probably more interested in his other buisnesses.

fransthyssen added 16:55 - Feb 13
ME is just not interested in spending money just keeping Town afloat and hope the current players punch above their weight, MM is accepting of this to not ruffle feathers hence keeping his job another season. If by some astonishing circumstances ME does release some transfer funds we need to appoint a new manager sooner than later so he can look at potential players for next season now!

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