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McCarthy: My Future? I'm Sick of Talking About It
Monday, 12th Mar 2018 14:22

Blues boss Mick McCarthy wouldn’t be drawn into discussing his future at this lunchtime's pre-match press conference, saying he is “sick of talking about” that as well as the continuing schism with a large section of the club’s fans.

McCarthy is out of contract at the end of the season but with owner Marcus Evans having an option to keep him for a further two years.

Speaking on BBC Radio Suffolk’s Life’s a Pitch on Saturday, managing director Ian Milne said that there would be some news on the management situation around the time that season ticket prices for next season are announced in a couple of weeks.

“I heard that and I’ve heard that second hand from you and now from somebody else,” McCarthy said at a spiky and unusually brief press conference when asked about Milne’s comments and any ongoing developments regarding his future.

“At the minute I just say, ‘Mind your own business and everybody else’ because I’m sick of talking about it.

“I’m sick of talking about me and I’m sick of talking about fans and reactions. Talk about the game and I’m cool. If not, I’m out of here.”

Asked whether the summer was the next time the subject ought to be broached, he responded: “I’ve just said, I’m sick of talking about it. I come in here [the media room] every time and I’m up to me tonsils with it. Talk about something else. Ask me another question.”

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ArnieM added 14:25 - Mar 12
Ooooh , methinks a nerve has been well and truly touched!

Cheerio Mick !

Skip73 added 14:26 - Mar 12
I don't, I just think he's fed up of being asked the same question every day

Trac70 added 14:29 - Mar 12
If the club is seriously considering renewing this pompous arrogant dinosaurs contract then it's astonishing!!! MM acts like a spoiled brat. "If you ask me a question I don't like I'm walking out!!!!" Please walk out for GOOD and lets get this club moving forward. STALE is an understatement.

OldClactonBlue added 14:30 - Mar 12
I don't care as long as he is soon gone

black_shuck added 14:31 - Mar 12
If he'd just been told they weren't renewing his contract he wouldn't have even turned up.

He's already signed it.

Che added 14:31 - Mar 12
He is a very decent man who doesn't deserve this, history tells me unless we have a sudden huge financial boost (and that doesn't come without consequences) changing manager is more likely to begin a downward cycle (unless we strike lucky) that who knows where it may end. As a club we should be pushing the boat out to keep him.

Cloddyseedbed added 14:32 - Mar 12
What sort of atmosphere does he expect to walk into at a press conference when we've just put in yet another dismal defensive home performance against a club who were beatable? The negative approach to this game, the uncertainty over who the hell is going to be manager next year. Season tickets holders set to plummet if the same regime is in charge next year. The season is already over. Boring, boring apathy and stagnation and ME you come out of all this in just a bad a light!! Your seemingly uncaring about OUR club is why we are where we are now. You put very little into out club in real terms. When i have seen you at games most of the time you don't watch the 2nd half. That's no supporter.

itfchorry added 14:36 - Mar 12
Just one goal at home in 2018 and that was against
10 men.

McCarthy Out

Cloddyseedbed added 14:36 - Mar 12

Let go down a division or 2 then. That way ME's spending and budgets will match the division we would be in. At the moment they don't. It's not all about the money though it's about the way you play the game. Lets build a team. 5 years MM has been here and we get a new team every year.

yungblue added 14:38 - Mar 12
Still completely unsure as to whether Mick is going to sign or not, heard whispers on Saturday he's been offered a new 3-year-deal.

But would surely result in a mass plummet of ST regardless of this magical plan Ian Milne is talking about.

Would imagine complete mathematical safety stalemate will be reached before any announcement just for the benefit of the team.

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 14:41 - Mar 12
Mick is somewhat pissed off. I can sympathise with that, given he gets asked similar questions or questions he (rightly) interprets as veiled criticism. But he doesn't do himself any favours, does he?

BobbyBell added 14:53 - Mar 12
Maybe Mick genuinely doesn't know. If he's staying what's the harm In telling us? Why the delays? Is it more likely that Marcus wants a replacement but can't find one who wants to come here? Or maybe someone is lined up but we can't announce it yet because of their contract with their current club? Rather than have an interim or caretaker we're just keeping MM to his complete his contract.
Shefki said he'd love the job but that would be a big gamble.

spanishblue added 14:56 - Mar 12
Anybody know the difference to the Naridge budget is ,I see for the first time in years they are below us at this time of year just saying,I just think nobody should be subject to the sort of abuse he gets,and if you think he should,nt bite back well tough s--t I loved his reaction when we scored at the Scums ground real passion when why should he care about us

itfchorry added 15:07 - Mar 12
10 Reasons to renew our Season Tickets

1- Boring negative football
2- Boring negative rude Manager
3- Tired Stadium covered in Seagull S¥¥t
4- Owner who doesn't care about our Club
5- Pitch - once the best in the land
6- Toxic Atmosphere
7- Catering
8- inept CEO
9-.Only 1 home goal in 2018
10 - Emtying Stadium

muccletonjoe added 15:12 - Mar 12
Boring repetitive question. Boring repetitive answers. No wonder the bloke is pi##ed off. I am and it's not even my job.

Barty added 15:17 - Mar 12
if MM stays on for next season the club would make significant cost savings each home game as they would only need to have one stand open and that wouldn't even be full.

ArnieM added 15:18 - Mar 12
We are all pissed off with this situation. The person to blame for this is Evans. He always allows the situation to go right to the wire always.

Warkys_Tash added 15:18 - Mar 12
Wow, what a press conference! I always believed Keane was out of order for walking out on Ireland in 2002, but now I am getting an insight that there maybe really is two sides to that story.

Alleged poor training facilities and flogging players on hard pitches was the main argument?

With McCarthy aggressive behaviour occurring more regularly over the pas two seasons and some of the things he has said & done recently, really has made me see him in a different light to the man that came here in 2012 and brought back the PR feel good factor, after the club was nearly destroyed by RK.

Lets hope the rumour mill about Evans putting the club up for sale are true..and lets hope its bought by a new owner that wants to talk to the fans and actually has a strategy for our beloved club.

FromIpswichToPhoenix added 15:20 - Mar 12
Something has to change. We have an owner with a mind blowing disconnect with the fans. We have a manager with a non veiled contempt for the fans. We have fans with frustration and anger with said owner and manager. And the out of position players are caught in the middle. We have injuries like I've never seen in a squad, a more than half empty stadium. Everything is wrong right now. Attendance, attitude, passion, investment, leadership, support.

Milne's proposed letter of intent coming from the club isn't worth the paper it's written on if it doesn't follow through. Keene and Jewell were terrible appointments and Evans threw money at them. Pissed it all away. McCarthy isn't a bad manager, hell, half of our league seems to want to have him. There's obviously something there. But with no money, even the greatest manager will fail. This division is getting harder and harder to get out of every year and if Evans or someone doesn't start investing in this club, this cancer will continue to spread.

The cycle has to be broken. As a fan I'm sick of reading McCarthy's snark. As a manager, I'm sure he's sick of angry fans. I swear he plays players out of position just to piss us off. The angrier we get, the angrier he gets and the angrier we get so on. He wrote off play offs a month ago. That is not a winner's attitude. We gave up while there was still a fight to be had. If he stays manager after giving up in February, what will change next year other than attendance? A true leader doesn't give up until the last breath. A true leader would address why we have strikers not scoring in 15, 20, 30 games.

But all of our failures the past 12 years have a common factor. Evans. New squad, new manager, same owner.... It's time for a change of the guard. He failed to deliver what he promised.

Warkys_Tash added 15:24 - Mar 12
In addition, I am not sure why Brenner did ask the question about his future. It wast really warranted and to be far to MM he has already answered that in the last few weeks. I just think the aggression he showed is unnecessary and disappointing and he is letting hmself down. Someone needs to send him a copy of the 'Chimp Paradox'

Len_Brennan added 15:24 - Mar 12
Mind your own business he says. Fans of the club, many of whom have supported the club for a number of decades, might argue that they are doing exactly that when enquiring about his future as Ipswich manager.

RoyalAscotBlue added 15:25 - Mar 12
Has the worm finally turned? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Watching that press conference it certainly looked as though someone has pissed on his chips, and taken the jam from his donut as well!

Last night I was worried that the next announcement from Milne was going to be that Mick has agreed to stay. Now, for the first time in a few years, I am actually feeling really positive about a new manager being announced, soon. Exciting times...


alfromcol added 15:37 - Mar 12
Chimp Paradox great read for those in peril and who get pissed off quickly!

alfromcol added 15:41 - Mar 12
Put yourself in McCarthy's position, if you had heard from the owner that he wanted you to stay on longer, you would have no problem with dealing with the question. If , however, the owner has informed you that your services will no longer be required after the end of the season, then you might just get pissed off with people asking you the question.

blue75 added 15:41 - Mar 12
No need for the grumpy attitude surely he should just walk out not threaten to do it. Just another PR disaster by Mick.

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