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Chambers: We Want the Manager Here Next Season, Simple as That
Monday, 12th Mar 2018 17:15

Town skipper Luke Chambers has gone public for the first time to admit that he and his team-mates all want boss Mick McCarthy to stay in charge when his contract expires at the end of the current campaign.

Regardless of whether or not it is a minority, as McCarthy has suggested in recent weeks, there are a number of supporters who are advocating change, some to the extent that they have vowed never to return to Portman Road until a new man is at the helm.

McCarthy, who was appointed November 2012 and has won 104 of his 273 games in charge, is refusing to discuss what is likely to happen when his current deal expires in the summer, while owner and chairman Marcus Evans has yet to announce whether he intends triggering the two-year option the club has on the manager’s services.

But Chambers laid his cards on the table today to announce: “We want the manager here next season, simple as that. That’s from a players’ point of view.

“Obviously, I feel he’s done a good job here on the budget we’ve got, which is probably one of the bottom four or five in the league.

“Last season wasn’t great and we hear a lot about the football that’s being played not being great.

“But at the end of the day football is a results business and I feel he has given consistent performances and results.

“Everyone wants their teams to play like Barcelona and get promoted but sometimes that’s a little bit unrealistic.”

The uncertainty over McCarthy’s future mirrors the situation last year when Chambers, who was almost transferred to previous club Nottingham Forest in the January transfer window, had to wait before being offered a new two-year deal that will keep him at the club until the summer of 2019.

It was the same this year as vice-captain Cole Skuse was approaching the end of his deal when he signed a fresh two-year contract due to expire in 2020.

Chambers insists he remains in the dark about McCarthy’s future but added: “We’ve had chats about the whole situation. We spoke about my own situation last year and Cole Skuse was in a similar position this year, plus Bart as well. But that’s football and that’s the way the chairman wants to run the football club.

“It’s obviously not ideal for everyone. If you’re identifying players for next season it can’t help not knowing whether the manager’s going to be here or not.

“But it’s out of our hands and all we can do is continue what we have been doing – giving everything for the cause and the manager. That’s what we will continue to do until the end of the season.”

Asked if the ‘will he stay or will he go?’ state of affairs is hindering the club’s on-the-field activities, Chambers responded: “The manager’s situation is not what is going through the boys’ minds. We’ve always looking to perform for the manager and I feel we have done over the last few weeks.

“We’ve won two of our last three and drawn the other one, and performances have been encouraging. We should have beaten Norwich – that’s a disappointment that will live with me forever – but I feel the last few weeks have been a lot more positive.

“Yes, the football wasn’t great [against Sheffield United] on Saturday but away from home at Sheffield Wednesday we did well, especially in the first half, and it was similar at Preston.

“So we’ve beaten these two away and we’ve just got to build on what we’ve created over the last few weeks.”

It was pointed out to Chambers that many fans are frustrated, some are downright bored by what they perceive to be a lack of entertainment at Portman Road and a significant number would prefer to see a change of manager before next season.

He said: “That’s football, isn’t it? People do get bored and there are lots of changes throughout the leagues all the time. Managerial changes happen and the turnover in players is massive. But people want change in every walk of life, be it in football or whatever, so that’s the way it is.

“As players we don’t want that to happen. I wouldn’t say we are comfortable – we want to see players coming in like the club brought in last summer.

“We’ve missed half of them through injury. We’re building something where we can challenge, even if we should be nowhere near it on our budget.”

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nineteenseventyeight added 17:23 - Mar 12
But you don't have to dig deep into your hard earned wages to watch it, we do!
The club has gone stale, ground hog day, ITFC needs a fresh start no matter the outcome.

OohOohSamassiAbou added 17:26 - Mar 12
To be fair, he's hardly going to come out and say 'I can't wait to see the back of him' is he?!

heathen66 added 17:26 - Mar 12
Now there is a surprise.
You know as well as I do is a new manager is appointed, all of those 'yes men' who can currently do no wrong and get picked no matter how they play, will have to prove their worth to the new manager.
They may get picked on ability and how they may be able to adapt to a different type of game...called passing !!!
Unfortunately many of these have been 'given' new long term contracts so if a new man was appointed then it will leave his hands tied.
In all seriousness I would not expect anything less from the current club captain, or the vice captain. Look what happened to Pitman, Moore, Best who said differently

bluebare added 17:27 - Mar 12
Of course he wants Mick here so he will still play

Blueboy added 17:32 - Mar 12
Of course you want MM to stay, but I definitely don't! The quality of football that has be dished up at Portman Road over the past three seasons is absolutely dreadful and you're one of the main culprits Chambers.....hoooofffff!!! Come on Marcus Evans wake up and smell the coffee, there will be a mass exodus of supporters if you continue with the same out dated methods and management of MM.

keighleyblue added 17:35 - Mar 12
We need a fresh start 'no matter the outcome' - are you completely nuts?!

Cakeman added 17:38 - Mar 12
Chambers I respect you very much as a Captain. You lead with great heart but please don’t come and give a PR spin on McCarthy. Look at it through the fans eyes and you will see a different story.
The sad truth is if McCarthy didn’t pick you and your team mates, very few of you would earn another contract in the Championship!

TimmyH added 17:45 - Mar 12
God!...another voice that adds more confusion!!! - 'swingometer' heads closer to neutral, but it's not down to the players!

Please please ITFC, the board, Milne, Evans whoever just clear this up and call for a press conference on Wednesday (after the Hull game), it's becoming the major talking point now as the football blurs into insignificance.

By the way Luke just to correct you...summer 2017 we were 10th in spending, I wonder why Luke and Cole or so behind him staying? (it doesn't take a chimp with a lobotomy to figure that one out).

hampstead_blue added 17:46 - Mar 12
Apple for teacher.

barrystedmunds added 17:47 - Mar 12
Er, no we don’t!

Ald646 added 17:50 - Mar 12
Chambers might be better off with Mick but a lot of the younger ones need a manager who can develop them at the moment there stifled by McCarthy s tactics and instructions.Knudsen skuse and the captain have the most to lose.watch chambers distribution during a match and you will see that any pass he does results in losing possession.

bluearmy84 added 17:56 - Mar 12
the players clearly give there all for the manager thsts evident to see this season no doubt about it! whether every week they play well of course they dont but they do give everything for thr club and the manager. the danger is players like bart may not stay if mick goes! and i dont see too many managers that could do a better job wiv money we have!! too play good football first u have to earn the right to play and also you need some ballers. and if evans aint gona invest im afraid we could be watchin league 1 in a couple of seasons time, so its a very tricky situation i personally would like to see mick have another go next year and who knows this season is not dead yet

poldark added 17:56 - Mar 12
McCarthys mouth piece and he knows he wouldn’t get a look in with anyone else cos he’s a proper bloke is chambo

shakytown added 17:59 - Mar 12
If he stays I won't period. Portman road will be like a tomb with Mick in charge for another season of his dreary boring footy.

Fen69 added 18:18 - Mar 12
Of course you do, easy Championship wages with MM or have to work harder/move on if we went up a league! (any fan with common sense can see this)

dukey44 added 18:24 - Mar 12
Yeah cause he won’t drop you!!

FrankfurtBlue added 18:24 - Mar 12
I am afraid that you, Luke, and our manager miss the point when you state that winning is what is important. Winning only becomes important if you actually achieve something at the end of it, i.e. play-offs/promotion. Otherwise, you are playing to entertain and to make the fans proud to be associated with you and the club. Fans can feel proud of a good, entertaining, attacking performance, even in defeat. There are not many, as far as I know, who are proud of the defensive, attritional, hit and hope football endured over recent seasons. Supporters have voted with their feet, and the club we love is slowly dying.

jas0999 added 18:29 - Mar 12
Perhaps Chambers will pay the fans to watch this utter boring rubbish then. I won’t pay anymore money to watch this tripe.

itfcbam added 18:39 - Mar 12
TimmyH, not quite sure where your figures have come from. Figures I have seen are we are working on the 6th/7th lowest budget in the league so not sure where 10th comes from? Given we are 17th best supported team and have no parachute payment I . We also have there 6th youngest squad so we are hardly an old team!
I also have no doubt the entertainment would be better if our midfield wasn't so bereft with injuries. Arguably if fit Huws would certainly be a key player and provide much needed legs. Also the likes of Dozzell, Adeyemi, Nydam and Bishop have been out. So bit like last season much of the creative output have been out.
Yes I would like more entertainment but can understand issues, unlike some.

1966 added 18:41 - Mar 12
Players should play Football, Not Tell us How Wonderful Mick McCarthy is . I Have Had a Season Ticket for 20 + Years and My Two Sons, But I Can Not Stomach Another Season Watching Hoofball and Chambers you are Guilty of Crimes Against Football !!

Gcon added 18:42 - Mar 12
Timmy H.
Over the last 5 years Marcus Evans has spent £4.2m on new players whilst recouping £14.75m in sales - 21st in the league in terms of spending.
Whilst people that don't like MM choose to ignore the financial challenges imposed on him by our esteemed owner it's worth noting that the 4 clubs with the highest Championship market values are all in the top 6.

Tufty added 18:50 - Mar 12
Tell ya what - lets just wait and see

Karlosfandangal added 18:54 - Mar 12
No one is holding a gun to fans head to go and watch Town play and spend their hard earned money.

Stop going and take the misses or the kids out for the day.

OohArrPaulGoddard added 19:06 - Mar 12
I think Mick’s greatest strength is his man management to keep a squad together in difficult circumstances. Chambers admired him. As someone said on here a few weeks ago Mick is a problem Marcus is the problem. He views the club as a spreadsheet. I do not want to watch 2 more years of Micks football particularly as it will be accompanied by snarly comments and abuse. However I do recognise that he does get the maximum results from his squad. When players leave here they generally go to lower divisions or drop out of the game. When we get permanent players in they come from lower divisions or have been out of the game. I will absolutely understand if we lose another 2,000 season tickets this year but It seems unfair that Marcus can hid behind while sending Mick out to take the flack for the situation which is his creation.

muccletonjoe added 19:25 - Mar 12
As do most supporters

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