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Really hope that it is not the case,......
at 12:16 18 Aug 2021

....but what if Cook without Richardson is like Clough without Taylor? Presumably, only a few people could realistically judge that. Lee Evans being one.

Anybody have any idea of how Richardson complemented Cook's qualities, presumably in a way that Jeffers, Roberts and the kit man do not?
Kyle Edwards...
at 17:07 14 Aug 2021

looks like he will rip this league apart. OK, he might come up against better oppo, but he has pace, control, strength, positivity and he has a shot on him. One of the positives from today.
Kyle Edwards signs.....
at 13:20 9 Aug 2021

Will Ipswich iFollow show the semi-final?
at 20:21 30 Apr 2021

Or will we have to watch the away side's coverage again?
Question to the Blue Action group. When are you now planning the protest.......
at 08:04 10 Jan 2021

.......but equally, if not more, importantly, what are your aims in protesting?

Removal of Lambert is a start, but trusting ME to appoint a new manager would be like removing the wallpaper, and then re-wallpapering over the cracks underneath.

We really need an overhaul of the management of the club from top down. If ME remains in charge, he needs help in decision-making. A supporter representative and an experienced Director of Football is the minimum needed at Boardroom level to provide ME with that help.

Essentially, ME has taken the attitude, "it is my money, I'll do with the club as I want". It is clearly evident where that has gotten us. The supporters also put a lot of money into the club, but have little, or no, say.

In any case, good on you, Blue Action. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Are the pre-match press conferences still streamed live on here or anywhere?
at 12:51 24 Sep 2020

I have missed Brenner sticking his phone in the Manager's face and monopolising the early questioning in his strangely fawning style.
Is being pleased that Marcus Evans is owner of our club.....
at 08:00 29 Aug 2019

......because he hasn't (yet) inflicted on us the woes suffered by Bury and Bolton recently similar to being pleased that the world leader is President Trump because he has't (yet) started a nuclear war?

I am being deliberately provocative, but only to make the point that Evans is similar to Trump in that he is out of his depth and, for whatever reason, continues to fail to appoint people with more experience/knowledge to help him. I am pleased that Evans hasn't (yet) taken the decision to close the club down, but that is pretty is as far as my appreciation is concerned.

His ownership of this club has to viewed as an unmitigated failure, taking us from Premiership aspirants to 3rd tier football for the fist time in 62 years. We are completely reliant on Paul Lambert, as there is nobody else at the club to question any of his decisions or oversee the running of the club.

For those who believe that his millions should be appreciated, my argument would be that he has spent the majority of that money (very) unwisely. He now appears to be out of his depth financially, and puts as little as possible into the club, but he still will not sell it.

Be pleased that we have not suffered like Bury and Bolton, but let's not paper over the cracks and pretend that everything is well at our football club.
How will the Evans era end?
at 14:41 8 Aug 2019

If Evans won't sell, and he is unwilling to inject more than the absolute minimum, ITFC will continue to lose competitive ground each season. The hope is that despite the competitive disadvantage Evans saddles his first team managers with, that the manager, his staff and the players can collectively outperform their peers. The odds are stacked against that over the longer term.

Evans won't invest in good people. He has shown that he not only has the capability to make costly mistakes, but to repeat them. He is out of depth in the football world, yet he will not appoint (an) experienced professional(s) to run the show for him, after 11 years of failure. Despite what he might want you to believe, relegation is a direct consequence of Evans' poor management of this club. His "5-point plan" of December 2016 was supposed to have the club compete at the upper end of the Championship, not League 1!

It is baffling to try to work out why he remains here, funding the deficit every season. My best guess is that he sees ITFC as some sort of challenge, from which he does not want to walk away as a complete loser. My hope is that if we do gain promotion back to the Championship this season, that he will view that as a minor success, and take the opportunity to sell the club. However, that is only a wish, but we need to be careful what we wish for, right? -:))

So to recap, he won't sell, he won't invest in it, he can't manage it, and he won't invest in good management either.

Where does it all end?

MoM yesterday.....
at 12:47 4 Aug 2019 viewed on iFollow and the extended highlights, was either Flynn Downes or Danny Rowe. I can't make up my mind. Both played really well and hardly a mistake between them. Anyone at the game, have a different view?
iFollow sound.....
at 14:53 3 Aug 2019

Anyone watching the match on iFollow also have a problem with the sound quality (sounds a bit like they are broadcasting from inside a goldfish bowl)? It is no great problem not hearing what Brenda has to say, but I'd quite like to hear the crowd etc.
Why are we still so toothless up front after a January transfer window?
at 14:51 10 Feb 2019

Both Will Keane and Collin Quaner look (very) unlikely to score regularly. Our inability to scout for and/or recruit good players has to be questioned, but is it a result of budget constraints or people not doing their respective jobs very well?

FWIW, I think that Paul Lambert has the ability to put a good side together, but he needs the necessary support.
Phil, did you or anyone else ever catch up with Paul Hurst after he left.....
at 11:13 6 Nov 2018

to try to discover what he meant when he said, "There are many things that he would change at this club"?

I think Stuart Watson tried to question him on it, but Hurst didn't feel comfortable at the time to enlighten us all with his insights. Now he has gone, he might want to get it off his chest.
[Post edited 6 Nov 2018 11:16]
Evans puts in £6-8m a year? Err NO....
at 17:31 10 Oct 2018

he doesn't! Not since 2014 has he put in £3m+ in one season.

I read on here, and know fans, who really believe that he puts in £5m+ each and every season. That is a myth, prepetuated over the last few years by Milne and McCarthy, and the blind leading the blind.

Don't get me wrong, he injected considerable amounts into the club earlier in his tenure, and he is still funding the club each season: 2017, £2.9m; 2016, £250k; 2015, £230k; 2014, £3.8m, with the level of funding dependent on the extent of other revenues, most importantly net income from player transfers. However, the undisclosed sixth point of his 5 point plan, must read something like "put as little cash as possible into the club".

I suspect that part of the thinking behind the Hurst appointment and bringing in predominantly lower league players rather than experienced Championship players is the cost of wages etc. Our wage bill is already one of the lowest in the Championship, but it is probably even lower now. Also, from a business point of view, bringing in cheap "potential " is far more likely to return a profit on future transfers than established Championship players: think Cresswell, Mings and Webster v Leadbitter, Berra and Bullard.

I digress. Point is, don't be fooled by the statement that ME is putting in significant amounts. It really would not surprise me, if he has got the club near to break even, with the transfer dealings this Summer and the resulting lower wage bill, but that is speculation on my part.

Anyway, don't take my word for it. Take a look for yourself at ITFC's accounts, or the cashflow spreadsheet derived from them by SwissRamble:
Evans, the new face of ITFC!
at 17:41 25 Apr 2018

Seems that his interview was generally viewed in a positive light. I wonder how many more season tickets will be renewed now. Call me cynical, but that was the objective of the exercise, wasn't it?

I personally would have preferred a bit more substance and detail. Also, I am not convinced that he is keeping to his own 5 point plan/strategy, not that it is necesarily a recipe for success, even if he did!

The 5 points:

1 – ‘To provide a significant ongoing financial commitment to the club’s academy, enabling a steady flow of players into the first-team’

Whatever the criticism, we do seem to be producing some fine prospects just lately. Hope that these youngsters can "kick on". Would describe it as more of a trickle than a flow at the moment though.

2 – ‘To provide a sustainable and competitive squad salary budget’

As the 16-18th highest wage bill in a league of 24, hardly competitive, is it?

3 – ‘To make annual investment funds available to purchase players in the early stages of their career and to assist in their development’

Recruitment has generally been good, but will we lose our chief scout (and any network he might have) when McCarthy gets another job? An anecdote from a friend who runs a successful boys/youth team in Essex: they have had scouts visit from Wham, Spurs, Southend, ColU, Millwall, and Nodge in recent years, but never a visit from an Ipswich scout.

For obvious reasons, he will not disclose the trasfer budget, but it appears to be no more than £1.5m per season, not including player sales, which would probably make it more like -£1.5m p.a. in recent seasons.

4 – ‘Maintaining a stable management and coaching team’

Clearly, this has been Evans' aim, which is why McCarthy would still be here now, if he hadn't wanted to walk himself. Evans lets a hell of a lot ride on getting the right manager though, every time! If he gets the next one wrong, we could have a very tough season indeed, as Evans does not seem to plan ahead for all eventualities.

I would rather have a stable structure under a DoF with a clear footballing philosophy. All coaches, including the 1st team coach, would be picked to fit into that structure, coaching the same style of football, leading to coach progression from within. i.e. we train our own academy coaches with the objective of moving the better ones up the ladder, to aspire to eventually become 1st team coach, when ready. That would be true, and longer term, stability.

5 – ‘To develop a team to play attractive and exciting football’
Should be a given, much like having a flat and green playing surface, painted turnstiles, and a democratically elected supporter representative at board meetings.
Anybody know exactly how much Evans lends ITFC each year?
at 16:01 24 Apr 2018

It has often been stated that Evans funds the club to the tune of £5m-6m each season, but having looked at the accounts, it seems that he has increased his net loans to the club by £230k, £2.1m and £2.9m respectively in the last 3 financial years.

Anybody verify my understanding or am I missing something?
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