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Klug Not Surprised By Burley's Interest in Returning to Old Job
Friday, 4th May 2018 16:50

Caretaker-manager Bryan Klug wasn’t surprised to learn that former Blues boss George Burley has applied for his old job at Portman Road but says the question of the club’s new manager is not for him to comment upon.

“I’ve worked with George for a long time, I didn’t know he’s applied but that doesn’t surprise me,” Klug said when asked about Burley, 61, throwing his hat in the ring with another Blues legend Terry Butcher his proposed assistant.

“But I’ll leave that to Marcus. There’s lots of names being bandied about, it does my head in actually, and why shouldn’t they because it’s a fantastic job and it’s a fantastic football club so you’re going to get loads of people wanting to do it.”

Klug was a young player with Town when Burley was a member of Sir Bobby Robson’s team and was then in charge of the academy during the Scotland international’s time as Town boss between 1994 and 2002.

Would he be happy to work under Burley again if Evans was to pick him to return to the Portman Road hotseat?

“George is fine, he knows the club,” the temporary incumbent said. “When I was academy manager back then I think his record, and his record at Southampton, for young players speaks for itself.

“But, like I say, it’s not for me to comment on that, but George lives in Ipswich now, I see him regularly, so who knows? It’ll be down to the owner.”

Klug says he has spoken with Evans about the vacancy: “We’ve had discussions, as I say, I think Marcus has got his own ideas and the direction he wants the club to go in which is fine by me.”

He believes it should be no surprise that the club has received more than 100 applications in addition to recommendations Evans has sought from agents and senior figures in the game.

“I think there’s a lot to work with if you combine some good senior players with emerging talent and you’ve got a definite plan, which is what the owner seemed to say to me, and you can back yourself and you’ve got the coaching skills. Why wouldn’t you want the job?” he added.

Looking back to last week’s 4-0 win at Reading, Klug was delighted to get his first win in his short-term role under his belt and was pleased for everybody at the club after a tempestuous period.

“It was great for everyone after the turmoil of the last few weeks,” he said. “I think we’ve had a great response from the players, the staff and the fans have been brilliant.

“I think it was important for the club to get something out of the rest of the season, that was always the aim of it.”

He says owner Evans has called him after each match: “Yes, he phones after every game and he was obviously very pleased that he’d been able to get to Reading which is one of his local grounds and get a good result because it’s not been a particularly happy place for us.”

Reflecting on his three weeks in charge, he added: “I’m not sure enjoyment is the right word. When I was asked to do it there was no doubt that it was the right thing to do.

"I knew there were areas which weren’t particularly comfortable for me, I’ve been in the game for 40 years, so I know that.

“I think the club needed to reflect and think and change a few things and hopefully we’ve started to do that.”

Will it be a case of getting back to his normal job on Monday morning? “The task was to see us through these four games and obviously there’s still going to be a lot of planning and I’ll do whatever Marcus asks me to do.

“Whenever the new manager arrives we want everything to be in place as far as it can be. Obviously he’ll make a lot of other decisions about that, but there’s a lot of organisation to be done, as there is with the academy. It won’t be quite a case of ‘off to the beach’, it’ll be a few days’ work.”

Among the things which have to be planned is the pre-season programme, which he says fitness-coach Andy Liddell has been working on, former manager Mick McCarthy having previously revealed that the club has already booked the Carton House Hotel in Ireland for the now familiar week’s training, almost certainly followed by a game against a League of Ireland team.

“Andy Liddell [has organised that], that’s slotted into place,” he said. “Obviously the new manager might want to do something completely different, so we’ve got to be adaptable on that. We have a plan and whoever comes in it’ll be his plan then.

“There’s certain things you have to book up, you have to book up games now and stuff like that, so we’ll do as much of that as we can but I would expect a new manager might want to put his stamp on it.”

He says his assistants Gerard Nash and Chris Hogg - Burley's son-in-law - have excelled in their temporary roles: “All I can say is that the two lads who have coached alongside me have really, really impressed everybody, the players, myself, they’ve got great futures in the game, in my opinion.

“I think the club are lucky to have them and hopefully we can involve them in a way that challenges them and keeps them improving.

“I knew that my role was just for a few weeks but they’re capable of serving this club for a long time to come.”

He added: “I’ve seen them come through as players, I’ve seen them developing as coaches.

“They’ve really surprised me the way they’ve stepped up. I think if you talked to any of the players, they’ve done all the work, it’s nothing to do with me, and I think they’ve got a lot to offer.”

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Marcus added 16:58 - May 4
Burley did well until he had money then it was squandered. Potentially a good choice but he’s been away from the game for too long. It seems Evans is sizing up a younger option anyway so it seems unlikely.

elbuerto added 17:03 - May 4
Gian Piero Gasperini please! He fits Marcus Evans' bill!

senduntd added 17:16 - May 4
He gets my vote

hadleighboyblue added 17:17 - May 4
Loving the positivity around the club , it makes you realise how much a change was needed .

BillyBaxterwasbest added 17:24 - May 4
Burley was a successful manager with him butcher and klug a winning trio

dirtydingusmagee added 17:30 - May 4
I would have Burley back even if it as part of management team . Burley /Dyer anyone .

jas0999 added 18:08 - May 4
Been out of the game for a long while. Doesn’t tick the box of trying something different. Not the younger manager virtually everyone has cried out for. More often than not a second spell at a club doesn’t work. But loves the club.

On the whole, not my preference, but better than some being mentioned.

Taricco_Fan added 18:50 - May 4
I can fully appreciate why so many fans are stoked at the prospect of a Burley return but this reaction is symptomatic of a club that lives on past glories rather than looking forward. Even this site is called Those Were The Days.

Time for a fresh face and a new chapter in our history.

massivemole added 18:53 - May 4
Defo be happy with burley and butcher.

BlueandTruesince82 added 19:23 - May 4
No way is Gasperini leaving Atlanta for Ipswich surely?

Might as well wish for Pep.

itfc1981 added 21:03 - May 4
Imagine Butcher on derby day! George Burley is a chapter in our history worth re-reading. Exciting passing football, faith in youth, loves club, can work on a shoe string. Ticks all the boxes. Doesn't matter if he hasn't managed in a while at all.

dukey44 added 21:09 - May 4
I think it be great partnership with them both in charge as they both love the club

bluesince76 added 22:45 - May 4
Be guaranteed good football.

brendenward35 added 07:39 - May 5
Think we need a poll burley and butcher yes or no

midastouch added 08:02 - May 5
Be interested to see how the careers of Gerard Nash and Chris Hogg develop, high praise coming in for those guys.

elbuerto added 08:19 - May 5
I believe Atalanta is comperable to Town. At least economically. Most Italian clubs have the same budget as Championship clubs. There is a very big gap between Juve, Milan, Napoli and the rest. Gasperini is a long shot yes, but why not? Fits the bill!

brassy added 09:24 - May 5
think I'm leaning towards hurst if not give nash and hogg a go.

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 11:54 - May 5
Burley is an Ipswich hero. I'd always welcome him back in any capacity, but I think Evans will be looking for something new.

bluerthanthou added 11:56 - May 5
Good post from Tarrico Fan. We shouldn't be talking about taking our club back but about taking our club forward. A young manager who sees this as an opportunity for them and a chance to write the next chapter in our club's story. I'm very optimistic for our future with the number of genuine prospects coming through the academy and sense from his interview that ME knows the profile of manager needed to realise this potential.

marcus1642 added 12:27 - May 5
Gary White for me. A young experienced manager and highly qualified, he will get develop and coach all of the squad.

marcus1642 added 12:30 - May 5
If we have to go down this route I'd prefer it if Butcher was the manager and Burley was the assistant.

Seasider added 13:07 - May 5
You cant say this time that Marcus is not devoting a lot of thought, time and effort into choosing the right man/men for the job

Burley4ever added 13:23 - May 5
Burley as director of football working with a younger manager would work because of his loyalty to the club through the years.

MinnesotaKicks added 19:52 - May 5
Marcus makes a good point. From my perch in the States, it seemed like the team that was relegated from the Premier League was meant to "look like" a Premier League team: famous foreigner (even though he'd be unavailable because of the African Nations Cup), goalkeeper from Italy and perhaps more I've chosen to forget. It ticked all the boxes, but wasn't a team.
Much respect to George Burley for what he's done for the club. I'd have no problem if he was the senior advisor to a young manager.

armchaircritic59 added 23:55 - May 5
Good grief, over 100 applicants, not including recommendations! Even allowing for the usual no hopers, chancers, jokers etc, that is still going to leave a substantial amount of meat on the bone. I think Marcus might need to lay down in a darkened room after that little lot. Seriously though, i think it does underline that we still have some pulling power as a club!

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