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Hurst's First Town Press Conference Live on TWTV on Tuesday
Monday, 11th Jun 2018 17:09

New manager Paul Hurst’s first Blues press conference will be shown live on TWTV from Portman Road at 11.30am on Tuesday morning.

Since being appointed Town’s boss a fortnight ago, Hurst, 43, has been away on holiday in Dubai and is spending this week completing an LMA (League Managers Association) Football Diploma in London.

The former Shrewsbury boss officially takes charge at Portman Road next Monday with the players back for pre-season on the Friday of the same week.

Visit TWTD to watch and discuss the new Blues’ chief’s thoughts as he prepares to take charge.

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BlueandTruesince82 added 17:15 - Jun 11
Exciting, I'm like a 50s school girl awaiting her matinee idol

Che added 17:33 - Jun 11
What ever turns you on

Steelmonkey added 17:40 - Jun 11
I'm looking forward to hear what he has to say, and whether he is thinking about bolstering the squad and to what style of play he envisages us playing.

FromIpswichToPhoenix added 18:00 - Jun 11
Looking forward to it! Curious about the LMA Football Diploma program. Reading over the course curriculum and there's some good classes.

Public Speaking / Presentation Skills
Player Recruitment / Talent ID
Performance Analytics
Sport Science
Final Assessment

Hopefully we'll have a manager who excels at Public Speaking / Presentation Skills. It's been a while.

blueboy1981 added 18:28 - Jun 11
Time is counting down to the new season fast - seems that Hurst still has much to learn about the job, our Club, and current Squad.

Let's hope the euphoria can be kept to sensible levels, and he proves to be what the current euphoria predicts.

BlueandTruesince82 added 18:52 - Jun 11
Not even a tad of excitement at the prospect of a new season Blueboy?

Are you sure you actually like football?


World cup then back to preseason and kick of before you know it the season is upon us.

Surely that prompts a hint of anticipation?

If not maybe try Rugger?

NBVJohn added 19:34 - Jun 11

Some very interesting courses there.

I can’t be the only reader to wonder whether MM did or indeed passed the public speaking and presentation course?

grumpyoldman added 19:45 - Jun 11
NBVJohn he had been around so long the course was probably not even in existence when he started, or it could have been a result as his previous encounters with the press and supporters that the LMA thought it would be a good idea to introduce the course! Who cares he is gone, now lets all put him in the "f**k it bucket" and move on.

NBVJohn added 20:16 - Jun 11
I couldn’t agree more grumpyoldman, whilst I occasionally had a shred of sympathy for him, his time was well and truly up!

From a completely non football perspective, I’m just fascinated to see where he will turn up next, and how he will act when he does. I doubt he would see a need for change in this respect.

My guess is that he’ll get hired in October by a medium size club that’s made a poor start, and revel in his ability for the short term fix again, and that ultimately it will go the same way as it did here.

If PH can keep the supporters on side, he will need to be more articulate than MM as well as more able to produce an entertaining team. Good luck to the man - I’m right behind him. Look forward, don’t forget the past

BlueandTruesince82 added 20:36 - Jun 11
I'm taking that as a no, from this day forth, since I am a person of whimsy and mirth and simply for my own amusement I shall henceforth call you blueboy meldrew.

Have a great summer!

Dissblue added 20:38 - Jun 11
For those of us at work is there a recorded version of this available later in the day?

blueboy1981 added 20:57 - Jun 11
BlueandTruesince82 .......... if you've only been 'around' since 82 ? - perhaps some wisdom, and reality, will replace euphoria with time.

Proof will eventually out - let's wait and see shall we ? - otherwise you could be somewhat disappointed.
NOTE: - I did say 'could be' . In the meantime carry on in your euphoric world. Your choice - as indeed, mine is mine

BlueandTruesince82 added 21:15 - Jun 11
No Euphoria here blueboy meldrew, though pleased as I am with the appointment I accept is not without risk. Have I said otherwise.

But In that case I must ask again! Does a the prospect of a new season not even illicit a hint of excitement within you? Not a tinge? Surely a hint?

Besides Miracles can happen, Denmark at the Euros, Leicester the miracle at Medina.... Rocky wins, ROCKY WINS (extra caps lock ribbed for your pleasure). What's wrong with dreaming. To date to dream is to dare to achieve

The sun's out, Micks out surely that makes you a little happy?

If you say no I respond this "I don't belive it!"

blueboy1981 added 21:32 - Jun 11
......... as previously stated - Hurst not my first choice, but I genuinely hope he proves to be the right appointment, otherwise some of you are going to be so, so disappointed.

Remember - we had a pretty good choice of candidates, let's all hope the right choice was made.
Time will indeed tell.

In some respects I feel we have gone from one extreme to another with this appointment - with potentially net gain - when there were sounder options.

Let's all hope it works out short, medium and long term. If not - an expensive mistake, that could take some recovering from .... !!!

KiwiBlue2 added 21:58 - Jun 11
We need to begin positively in terms of style of play and ideally results. If PH can improve the style he will get more time from most people and hopefully the results will follow. We have a pretty competitive squad when everyone is available and with just a couple of additions I think we could be floating in or around the top six. Am looking forward to seeing the draw next week...... CYB

BraveDave added 23:30 - Jun 11
Blueboy1981 - anyone would think you were trying to get your negative comments out now, so you can say 'I told you so' IF it doesn't go well straightaway. You were so adamant that MM should go and that (quote) we should get behind the new manager whoever he is. Now that you've got what you wanted, you are taking the opposite line of suggesting things won't be better with Hurst, and could actually be worse. I'm all for a bit of reality, but it is such an easy thing to always take the negative standpoint, because at some point you will always eventually be 'proved right'. You're always harping on about true supporters - well let's see you actually support the club for once. No one is going to think any less of you if it all goes wrong. You might even enjoy yourself!

RoyalAscotBlue added 00:28 - Jun 12
Anybody else find it a little strange that he's holding a press conference a week before he actually starts the job?

DurhamTownFan added 07:10 - Jun 12
Not really: most managers hold one as soon as they’re appointed but for us that wasn’t possible as he was on a break. He might not officially start then but I bet he will anyway. When I moved to wales for my last new job I was excited and started prepping early. I’m sure he has that x10!

bobble added 07:33 - Jun 12
ugly isnt he....

Northstandveteran added 08:16 - Jun 12
Mick was much dishier

distractored added 10:12 - Jun 12
I liked Mikc's nose. I think it was possibly the finest management nose in the Championship.

carlo88 added 10:18 - Jun 12
Today or next Tuesday??

1RWR added 11:01 - Jun 12
Blue_Boy1981:with potentially net gain - when there were sounder options.

Just out of curiosity, who were your 'sounder options'?
There were various managers on the "managers merrygoround" but I wasn't aware anyone was actually in the frame?
I'm excited with PH as manager, excited by the new season, excited the scum are in financial sh*t, so for me, I'm excited! Haven't said that for several seasons I can tell you!

BlueandTruesince82 added 11:02 - Jun 12
Yes but Micks a silver fox give PH time to develop them Grey's

BlueandTruesince82 added 11:04 - Jun 12
1RWR Blueboy Meldrew stered preferences were Steijn and then Burley/Butcher.......

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