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Manchester United Among Clubs Linked With Youngster Crowe
Sunday, 15th Jul 2018 09:06

Academy youngster Dylan Crowe is reportedly a target of Manchester United, Brighton, RB Leipzig, Borussia Mönchengladbach and Benfica.

According to, the clubs are all eyeing the 17-year-old right-back, who has won nine caps for the England U17s, and are said to be willing to pay the Blues up to £500,000.

Second-year scholar Crowe, who broke into the U23s side at Portman Road last season, is yet to sign a contract with Town, despite having turned 17 - when players are permitted to sign their first professional deals - in April.

The Blues recently lost 16-year-old Ben Knight to Manchester City for a fee of just over £1 million, while academy schoolboy Marcelo Flores, whose father Ruben is a coach at Playford Road, is interesting Arsenal.

Chelsea, Liverpool and Barcelona are also among the clubs believed to have been tracking the Canadian.

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itsonlyme added 09:11 - Jul 15
For gods sake why are we losing our talent all of a sudden? This is not on, something needs to be done to stop this and quickly.

crazyblue68 added 09:15 - Jul 15
All the smaller clubs may as well pack up and call it a day if this is going to happen everytime we get a half decent youngster. These bigger clubs just swallow them up kids, who we then never hear of again. Anyway, l thought Evans was supposedly going to comment about Ben Knights transfer, what happened to that?

hucks216 added 09:18 - Jul 15
Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to stop this. The current youth set up across football was brought in to favour the Premier League who basically told the rest of the leagues to accept it or have their Premier League solidarity payments withdrawn. A) makes you wonder what it says about those not poached, and B) is there any point in having a youth academy anymore? Why not dispense with it and just pick up the players that are discarded from the set ups of clubs like Chelsea & Manchester City.

PhilTWTD added 09:19 - Jul 15

I asked the other day and was told Evans's comments on Knights deal will appear soon.

spanishblue added 09:24 - Jul 15
You would think in this day and age must be breaking some sort of bias rules,at the moment we can only hope we have a sell on clause in there,can you imagine telling a 9 year olds parents,right your kid signs this deal and if we want to keep him he cannot leave until we say so,or we get the correct fee for him ha we'd be sued human rights etc.

Essexnblue added 09:33 - Jul 15
Remarks about all of this talent being stolen is complimentary to the route ME took 5 years ago and unfortunately MM and the fans have had to suffer, with most of the budget being ploughed into the youth system.
We have never had so much talent knocking on the door for years and the future is assured for a few more years as we have many internationals at junior level.
So praise to ME for his vision, but how many fans have been lost for using this path?

blue2357 added 09:40 - Jul 15
After reading the comment from hucks216, it appears that every club not in the Prem are being held too ransom? So what is being done to change this grossly unfair situation ?

floridaboy added 09:50 - Jul 15
I really hope this is not another youngster whose 'advisers' think the grass is greener the other side.

At that age they are better learning their trade at clubs like ours where they might get a chance.

Sadly they see United, City etc and their heads take over their hearts and of course a healthy bank balance!!

Karlosfandangal added 09:59 - Jul 15
This is what is wrong with football...... again new season and The two Manchester clubs will be the top two and then Liverpool Chelsea Arsenal and Tottenham will fight for the other places.
The teams in the Championship which have come down will be in the top Three with a few teams trying to brake the bank fighting for the play off places........
Another predictable season.

A mid table Ipswich but hopefully more entertaining football

Ipswichbusiness added 10:01 - Jul 15
Floridaboy; I agree completely.

Sometimes I think that everyone ends up losing from this. The lad disappears never to be seen again, the big club loses a (small by their standard) fee and we lose a promising player.

howdonblue added 10:50 - Jul 15
Quite right ipswichbuisiness

Never to be seen again !

The football worlds going mad

maninashed added 10:52 - Jul 15
Would becoming an A level academy overcome this problem?

AbujaBlue added 11:16 - Jul 15
maninashed - One would think, but if last time is anything to go by the powers that be will move the goalposts again to ensure their elite little club remains just that.

PositivelyPortman added 11:29 - Jul 15

rexron added 11:56 - Jul 15
If we loose all Our best talents like this we might aswell forget about bringing talents up.

Cakeman added 12:55 - Jul 15
Agree with all previous posts.
I gave up supporting the academy a couple of years ago as I just felt as if my money was not benefiting our club.
Any decent players will and have been taken on by the greedy top few clubs and the ones that don’t cut it at Town end up in leagues 2 and below.
I have no doubt we would have also lost Dozell and Downes to the elite clubs had they not suffered injuries.
Perhaps we should concentrate on building a larger squad of more experienced players because waiting for any academy players will prove fruitless.

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 13:16 - Jul 15
Our Academy is amazingly successful. Like everyone else, I am angry and frusrated that the PL can poach talent in this way. I don’t have an answer, but we should do everything we can to persuade young players and their families that it might well be in the player’s interest to stay. I suppose a little loyalty to the parent club is too idealistic....

casanovacrow added 13:38 - Jul 15
I always thought the EPPP system was created to get more young talent coming through? It just discourages most teams from bothering to effectively pay for talent creation of bigger clubs thus cutting the opportunities for home grown players. They need to re-think the system fast. Consequences for the national team and non-huge clubs could be disastrous if the trend continues.

pegasus added 13:50 - Jul 15
Yep. 'The game' is being turned into a mockery. Key members of the England World Cup squad can't get regular football in the Premiership...because club owners buy overseas players. Anyone watching the World Cup Final this afternoon? Why bother? You can see most of the best players on Match of the Day most Saturday evenings during the football season. (OK, this is an overstatement , but you get my point.....]

Monkey_Blue added 14:18 - Jul 15
They need to sort it out for the sake of the England team. Clubs will stop bothering to develop talent if they are stolen. Knight would have played first team here this season, he could get lost in the vast city system. Same with Crowe. He could end up lost and why would we want to spend so many years and money on kids to have them taken before they even pull on a first team shirt?

Swn98 added 14:36 - Jul 15
Think thats why Brentford pulled the rug on their academy just money down the drain Football at our level and below is doomed im affraid.

lightingblue added 17:43 - Jul 15
Guess things like this almost show how the youngster feels. Do they think they are some kind of superstar at such a young age, or do they wait until they are possibly I there early 20's. I hope everybody thinks that the lads keeps there sensible heads on. Being an Ipswich fan I can totally accept that if chances like this come along they will go, but they should realise that there opportunities of breaking through at the top premier league teams are limited. They need to be reminded of richard wright. As supporters we could complete a sweep stake to see which of our younger players will make it in the bigger teams.

ilkleyblue added 18:18 - Jul 15
As he is 17 couldn’t we have offered him a professional contract earlier? Maybe we need to be a bit sharper and take more of a chance in this area. Doesn’t help position with younger players under 17 where more protection for clubs urgently required as otherwise might as well pack up academy.

armchaircritic59 added 21:02 - Jul 15
It's now obvious that the word is out about the amazing amount (category 2 status) of very promising young talent we are producing here. Now we've even got top European sides increasingly sniffing round. I don't blame them, i blame the system. Something clearly needs to be done to protect clubs outside the elite (ie premier league and top European Leagues) from having youngsters that they've brought through themselves, simply being cherry picked when the time is ripe. The question is what? Maybe something like raising the age to 18 of being able to sign a first professional deal at a club, and a complete ban on any transfers of players till they reach that age? I can already hear plenty of you saying, yep, try getting that one past the Premier League etc!

it's a fact that so many promising youngsters at the so called "bigger clubs" (some in imagination only-not fact!) get lost in the system. When the vast majority of Premier League sides are owned (and managed) by foreign owners/investors etc with huge bankrolls, the obvious thing is to try and buy "immediate" success/survival, rather than wait a few years for it to filter through.

Another down side of this of course, is the topical subject of young English talent at clubs in the PL trying to force their way into a first team packed with very expensive foreign signings. What incentive is there for foreign owners/managers to give a leg up to another countries youngsters? Just in case anyone thinks i'm having a pop at anything "foreign" in the game, i'd be amongst the first to say that the advent of non UK owners, managers, players,
has done much to raise the overall playing standards in this country.

It's a very large dilema. What is to be done to safeguard the progress of our own young talent without alienating the "rich and powerful"?

Answers please, to be sent ASAP to the FA and all relevant bodies!

RegencyBlue added 22:00 - Jul 15
This shows why the five point plan cannot work under current circumstances.

Bottom line is that any decent player produced by our Academy will be poached before they even get near to the first team if the last few weeks is anything to go by!

The future is beginning to look very bleak!

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