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Hurst Undecided Whether to Include Waghorn With Bids Still on Table
Thursday, 2nd Aug 2018 16:47

Blues boss Paul Hurst is still weighing-up whether to include striker Martyn Waghorn in the squad which faces Blackburn Rovers on Saturday with the interest in last season’s 16-goal top scorer still ongoing. Derby and Middlesbrough are the frontrunners in the chase for the 28-year-old, with Sheffield United also having made a bid but with no one yet meeting Town’s valuation.

Speaking on Saturday Hurst said he’d like the situation to be sorted out as quickly as possible but that’s not proved to be the case.

“What I’d like and what I’ve got might be two different things,” he reflected. “I think the situation hasn’t really changed, in all honesty.

“This deadline next week, I really hope by then there is a conclusion but again that’s another situation that could change within the next five minutes. It might take the next few days one way or another.

“It’s just a case of me making sure I’m not away from my phone too long and am waiting for that phone to ring.”

He says the position is that offers remain on the table: “My understanding is that there are still bids there. I don’t believe there’s been a new bid, I think I’m right in saying.

“So, like I said, he’s still very much our player. He’s trained with the players today, seems in good spirits and I’ll have a decision to make if nothing does happen whether or not to involve him [on Saturday].

“I think last week I said I probably would. I think I’ll have to assess that situation overall and see if I think it’s right or not for him to be part of the squad.”

Regarding the interested parties, Hurst confirmed again that Derby and Sheffield United have made bids and that a third club is interested, who we understand to be Middlesbrough.

Hurst says that there could be a domino effect with one move leading to a number of others taking place. Would he want players already signed before he allowed Waghorn to move on?

“That’s the tricky situation you’re in, I guess,” he reflected. “People can wrongly get an idea that you’re awash with money and think they can add value on to people you’re bringing in.

“I think we’ve got to be careful but everyone might be in the same boat. A lot of these situations you’re almost in this silly game and it’s a case of who blinks first.

“So we’ll just try to make the best call we can as a football club. When we do decide, if there is business to be done.”

He says he has liaised closely with Marcus Evans, advising on player valuations as the owner has handled the business side of player transfers, as he has for most of his time with the club.

“We’ve had those sorts of conversations,” Hurst said. “I’ve perhaps said to him that I think we’d perhaps be better served doing this or we’d be better not accepting that.

“Ultimately, I guess that the final decision will be with him, but at the same time I don’t expect a final decision ever to be not what I’m happy and comfortable with.

"I think we’re learning how to work with each other, I suppose, because each club is different. This is different to what I’ve been used to at my previous clubs.

“He’s very hands-on and wants to be involved in the deals. He works extremely hard away from the football club to get the best deals for us.

“But ultimately we certainly won’t be signing a player that I don’t want to be at the football club and am trying to demonstrate already that I’m with him in terms that I don’t want us to be spending silly money on players.

“I’ve said it from the start to him, and I think he’s seen that already, the fact it’s not my money doesn’t mean I don’t respect it and I won’t just go along and say, ‘Sign him, it doesn’t matter what it takes’. I want us to get value for money myself.”

While there are bids in for Waghorn, none are currently at the value the club are willing to accept and until that valuation is met the situation isn’t going to change.

“That’s pretty much where we’re at,” Hurst continued. “We can look at that, we can look at what we can get in and what that’s going to cost if that’s part of the scenario as mentioned.

“But at the minute, as we speak at least, and like I say it could change very quickly, our stance hasn’t changed. We’ll see if anything does change because we’ve all, including ourselves, got decisions to make whether we change our viewpoints, whether that’s ins or outs.”

He says if the Waghorn situation does change he is ready to press button which will give the go-ahead on incoming deals.

“Yes, pretty much,” he said. “Like I said, a lot of things have been bubbling along for a long time and I think I’ve said I think I’ve been here longer than the time I have already and those situations feel like they’ve been going on for the last couple of years, to be honest!

“So again, I can only reiterate that I’ll be glad when September does come and at least then whatever’s happened or hasn’t happened, you know exactly what squad you’re working with then and then it takes away all the speculation, any doubt in people’s minds.

“If anyone’s here that didn’t want to be, tough, they’re here. If we’ve missed out on players and haven’t been able to bring them in, that’s tough on me and you get on with it but at least then you know exactly what you’re working with and you try and get the best out of them.”

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Northstander_Blue added 16:52 - Aug 2
You have to pick your strongest team we have

Gazza360 added 16:55 - Aug 2
He is contacted to us as of now so surely he should be out there trying to help us win the game. If he plays and gets injured, I would take this as fate telling us he should stay at Town.

runningout added 17:01 - Aug 2
wish he’d get a decent mic rather than toing and throwing with what seems to be a phone. Shambles

BossMan added 17:20 - Aug 2
I'd play an 8 million striker in front over 700k one

GerkensBeard added 17:25 - Aug 2
As time has gone on and especially with the Nolan link I don’t mind Waghorn moving on so much anymore. The deal for the Shrews pair seems very dependant on Waghorn going. But Hurst is going to play a 4-1-4-1. Nolan slots in that system perfectly. Waghorn doesn’t. Hurst seems to be making Harrison his main man and feels he will suit the number 9 over Waghorn.
If we sell Waghorn and get those 4 mentioned I’d be very happy indeed. Makes us an overall stronger squad

therein61 added 17:29 - Aug 2
While Waghorn is our player(whatever is on the table) he should play in our strongest possible team, but I have to ask the question does he want to play??

runningout added 17:42 - Aug 2
Waghorns decent, he will want to, But hey ho

BlueandTruesince82 added 17:45 - Aug 2
If his head and heart aren't in it does our strongest team include Waghorn? (If!)

Kulturarv added 17:47 - Aug 2
It will take some time for the new players to gain Championship experience. The experience Waggie has got is precious and we should definately play him as long as he is a Tractor Boy.

DurhamTownFan added 17:59 - Aug 2
To me it sounds like the manager actually wants him to go. Maybe that’s the condition He has to agree to so that he gets extra money to spend on new players

BlueArrow added 18:00 - Aug 2
Play him. If the "interested" parties won't cough up the going rate use him.

BlueBlood90 added 18:15 - Aug 2
Well I presume he’s still picking up his wages every week whilst this is ongoing? Why shouldn’t we play him? For now, his contract and loyalty is with us and nobody else until we say otherwise. He should play.

jas0999 added 18:26 - Aug 2
If he doesn’t play, who will? Harrison looks good, but Sears hasn’t impressed. If Waghorn is still here Saturday - he plays.

Kikapu added 21:15 - Aug 2
It sounds like he wants to use the money from the sale of Wags to buy in up to four other players. More than that, that is his plan. Don't think we'll see Wags playing on Saturday somehow.

pazzy added 22:58 - Aug 2
get him on the pitch we pay his wages

Fartman added 01:41 - Aug 3
Why should we offload one of the few players who showed he were a top class championship player last year. I doubt all these lower league players will manage the step up for their frist kick...

Keep Waggy - he's a great character and idol for our kids.

KiwiBlue2 added 02:06 - Aug 3
Waggy is a top player at this level. If he is here he should be played regardless of whether there are bids (albeit inadequate at this time) on the table. It is very important that we get 3 points on Saturday to kick the season off on the right note. Our best chance of doing that is with Waggy on the field. Who knows if any of the bids will become adequate and in the meantime we if we dont play him we could miss out on 3 points.

WoolfieBlue added 11:36 - Aug 3
If Waggy is still here Saturday he has to play. He is our best goalscorer by a mile. If he is left out of the team it could come back and bite us on the B*M. Personally I don't think Hurst wants him here after not playing him in the friendlies. Just think Harrison might be a little lightweight to lead the attack.

The_Great_Cornholio added 14:01 - Aug 3
I've got a contrarian view to most. If MM was still here and this situation was ongoing, I'd say play him as the style wouldn't differ no matter what the wheeling and dealing in the transfer market would be. As its Hurst and he's a new manager, I say protect the golden goose as I'm quite keen to see the results of his remodelling of the squad (and hopefully playing style).

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