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Hurst: We Showed Them Too Much Respect at Times
Tuesday, 21st Aug 2018 23:03

Blues boss Paul Hurst was frustrated by Derby’s two deflected goals as Town were beaten 2-0 at Pride Park and felt his team may have shown the Rams too much respect at times.

“Frustrated in terms of the goals,” Hurst said when asked his assessment of the match. “I’m told they took deflections. Quite a few people have said to me, rather than me prompting them, that there wasn’t too much in the game.

“Naturally, Derby are a possession-based team and had a lot of possession. I’m not sure how many saves Bart was called upon to make and there was I think an element of frustration in the ground from the home supporters about what the outcome going to be.

“But once they got the goal, that seemed to give them a little bit more confidence, take a bit of the pressure off and then that’s when we’ve got to try and be a little bit braver on the ball.

“We had little spells during the game, we certainly had a spell in the first half but I didn’t feel we quite had the energy to get as much pressure on the ball as I would like at times.

“But again, that said, even in the games that Derby have lost they’ve enjoyed a lot of possession and made teams work without the ball.

“But perhaps what other teams have managed to do is when they’ve won it back is be more cutting and maybe take care of it a little better.”

As in previous games, both Derby goals came from set pieces, although Hurst doesn’t believe there have been too many common factors.

“They have been but I think they’re all very different,” he added. “But I’m accepting there are elements of set play.

“I don’t like the first one in terms of the ball [bouncing]. It’s not a great corner, in truth, it bounces, they make a run across the near post, it bounces, we get the first header on it, it goes to the edge of the box. That’s something we can look at in terms of a set-up.

“We can set up in lots of different ways, there’s always something. People talk about men on the post, things like that. But it’s a strike which has taken a deflection. Chambo’s in there saying it would have hit him had it not taken the first deflection.

“There’s an element of misfortune in that and then the second one, if someone has a direct shot at goal there’s not a lot you can really do about that.

“The wall, I thought there was going to be an argument in terms of someone turning their back or whatever.

“It’s nicked off Jon Nolan on the end of the wall and Bart’s saying that’s diverted the ball slightly, hence the reason he’s gone to his right initially and back on his left. I thought he got a good hand on it, I thought he’d managed to save it but it dropped in.

“You can’t rely on luck, that’s for sure, but at the same time we were perhaps a little bit unfortunate with those goals.”

Hurst thought playing more than 50 minutes with 10 men on Saturday against Aston Villa had some an impact.

“I think in truth it looked like that to a degree,” he reflected. “At the same time, you have to give Derby credit for the way that they play. They are going to make you run.

“It probably wasn’t the ideal opposition to play after having had 10 men at the weekend. But even then, how many real shots has Bart had to save?

“So it’s frustrating when that sort of goal goes in. It’s a good strike, take nothing away from Ledley, I don’t know how big the deflections were, I’m just going by what’s been said in the dressing room.

“But we did look like we lacked a little bit of energy. I have to say, maybe we were a little bit deep as well.

“That might have allowed us to get a little bit closer to them at times, but overall when you play Derby there’s an element you have to accept that they’re going to have a lot of the ball more often than not.”

While Bialkowski was forced to make few saves at one end, Carson was similarly underemployed at the other.

“A couple of very tame efforts and other opportunities where we haven’t hit the target, even right at the end,” Hurst continued.

“People say the game’s over but we’ve all seen it where two late goals change the outcome, the result and if you nick one you never know.

“It would have been nice to get that one just to see how Derby would have reacted. We put a couple of good balls in towards the end and we weren’t on the end of them.

“We just spoke about belief again, we mentioned that on Saturday and I mentioned it tonight. Did we truly have that belief collectively that we were going to get back in the game?

“It felt like we almost just gave them a little too much respect at times. We’ve got to shake that off because there are some big names in this league and some big name players.

“But we’re equals in terms that we’re in the same league and we’ve got to compete, which I think we did, but there were certain moments within the game that I want to see us better at.”

The Town manager confirmed that Cole Skuse was subbed due to a recurrence of the knock he suffered against Villa.

“His quad again,” he said. “He felt fine going into the game, he said. It was no major concern but again he felt that.

“I don’t know if it was from one of the tackles that he put in or not or whether it was just naturally happening in terms of the work he was getting through.

“He had to come off and we lost a bit of experience in there, I suppose, he’s one of our more experienced heads.

“But that said Flynn went on and did fine. I thought the subs that came on all had a relatively positive game after coming on. I’m not sure how much that influenced it but you are using a sub you might not have used.”

Hurst says there is nothing new on any loan additions: “No is the answer. I’ll be glad when we get to the window shutting and whether I like the squad that I’m left with, that we’ve got together, I’ve got to get on with it and that’s the same for every other manager out there.”

Derby manager Frank Lampard admitted his team had some good fortune with the deflections but felt the goals were deserved for their overall performance.

“They were a reward for work-rate, attitude, good play,” he said. “The not so good thing about the first half was that in the final third we didn’t get enough crosses in, we didn’t get enough shots in, even though I thought we played very well.

“We kept moving the ball very well with patience, with quality and we deserved the reward of the deflected goals.”

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iaintaylorx added 23:07 - Aug 21
Two up top needs to happen. Way too isolated on their own.

Along added 23:08 - Aug 21
if worried about energy levels after sat then change the team, it's not ummmm rocket science!

Palestine added 23:11 - Aug 21
Love the way Hurst talks. So honest, so frank, no hiding behind excuses. Disappointing to hear we barely threatened - still work to be done, but in PH we trust. Really hope fans give him a very good chance and don't jump on an anti-bandwagon any time soon.

We go again.

44_not_out added 23:12 - Aug 21
‘Along’, wasn’t that what everyone used to moan about when MM made changes for midweek matches.... just saying

Tractamatt added 23:16 - Aug 21
Hurst and Evans out they have sold our quality players to bring in dross

Sm00411 added 23:20 - Aug 21
A lot of people are calling for 2 upfront, and we probably would score more, but we'd also concede a lot more given we'd be overrun in the centre of the park.

I think the formation is fine, but we should consider another creative midfielder (Huws/Dozell) in one of the deeper lying midfield positions once they're fit.

Keep the faith!

cobboldblue added 23:24 - Aug 21
At least we have not got MM & TC anymore. Happy days!

Iunderdown added 23:25 - Aug 21
There was no plan B tonight. Granted Skuse got injured but the other 2 were like for like subs with no formation change!!

LonE17Blue added 23:36 - Aug 21
We really need more upfront, its not working right now the way its been so far, we lost our goal scorers, but so far the replacements don't look like scoring. I'm sure we'll get it right, but it does need some tweaking!

Taricco_Fan added 23:42 - Aug 21
I didn't think we played that badly tonight. We looked comfortable in possession and organised. As ever the glaring issue is lack of goal threat. Harrison works hard but there is a huge question mark over whether he can play the lone striker role. It doesn't help that he's feeding off scraps and there's rarely a teammate near him to play off. I'm not sure a striker signed from Bristol Rovers can go it alone against experienced Championship centre-halves.

I'd be tempted to try a 3-5-2 as it gives us the two up top without sacrificing the strength in the centre of midfield. A Chambers, Nsiala, Donacien back line could be quite solid. I'm not convinced Knudsen would be missed.

That said, Hurst's style is all about the lone striker and advanced wingers and I can't see him changing it before he's had time to get the players bedded-in to the system.

Pezzer added 23:43 - Aug 21
Personally I feel there were a few issues all round which ultimately led to a poor performance and nil goals. I think I read the team was unchanged apart from one from saturday’s draw. Given we played for nearly an hour with 10 men and this was a tues away game there must have been some fatigue and a few more fresh legs may have helped.
We needed to get an early goal to keep Derby nervous and could have perhaps gone on to win. But with Harrison as a lone striker along with the rest of the firmation and teamselection not complimenting this I couldn’t see us scoring. With the resources we have I woukd try and play Jackson and Harrison as a front two, as on their own they are isolated and easy to defend, together may just provide more opportunities.

Playing Skuse and Chalobah together is not a balanced midfield in my view as both are defensive, one or the other better. I don’t rate Knudsen and would give Kenlock a run, Donacien looks good enough.

Central defenders- we have to get on with what we have.

So really its the full back, midfield and forward areas that seem to be poor. Chalobah or Skuse could play the CDM role, Nolan looks promising perhaps alongside Skuse or Chalobah and more attacking/creative, with , Edwards wide looks good wide.

A 4-4-2, 3-5-2 or 4-3-3 would seem to be worth trying given the peronell we have and given in the Championship its about winning even if you lose a few, draws are not really much help because of the sheer number of games statistically speaking.

Nottingblue added 23:45 - Aug 21
I agree that we dropped to deep and allowed Derby to much room to play in, I don't think we were that bad but we had absolutely no cutting edge up front, that would be my worry. But it's a work in progress and I hope PH isn't to round to change things if he needs to, don't forget this is a learning curve for him as well.

Pezzer added 23:46 - Aug 21
I hate not being to edit posts as iphone spelling not good!!!

aas1010 added 00:02 - Aug 22
Utter rubbish again ! Hurst talking garbage . Lowe league players brought , quality players sold = relegation !! Heading back to the Jewell and Keane days !

algarvefan added 00:09 - Aug 22
aas1010 Sorry but it's your comment that's utter rubbish. I thought Nisiala was fantastic for us tonight, a lower league player he might be but he and Donacian have been true star finds so far. We should have kept Waghorn or Garner, selling them was a step too far for me, we need an experienced loan striker from somewhere, as if we keep playing one up top, we need someone who can hold up the ball and bring others into the attack. It's not perfect but I thought the players again gave their all tonight, they need to get used to each other and an injection of confidence would be great with a win. I still believe we are heading in the right direction but think we need that striker and to blood a couple of promising youngsters.

Green_Army added 00:33 - Aug 22
Typical commenters on here expecting overnight changes and success.

I’ve attended both home matches and watched tonight’s match on sky.

Considering the wealth of changes in the summer I think PH has done an incredible job so far.

Some of the football played against Villa, and actually in spells tonight, are very promising.

We allowed Derby possession, set up to be defensively solid, pressed as a unit when we could and pounced on errors when Derby made them.

First half we did that perfectly, sometimes in the championship you have to win ugly.

Had we turned up tonight and tried to play Derby at their own game we would of been exposed and PH would be called out for his naive tactics.

For me we are missing a touch of creativity, a spark that will pick the ball up and pick a pass but I feel the formation suits us on balance, putting two up top won’t guarantee us more goals as some seem to suggest.

I feel we’d have the capacity to try a 3-5-2 with wingbacks (Edun and Edwards) as both have shown a will to run and a good attitude to carry out defensive duties when needed.

That would allow Nolan, Skuse and Chalobah to remain in the middle, with possibly Chambers being flanked by Knudsen and Nsiala in a back three.

People need to relax though, we are 4 games into the season, a midtable finish needs to be our aim this season and to start to kick on there after.

Please just support what PH is trying to do as it’s definitely showing positive signs.

aas1010 added 00:38 - Aug 22
Algarvfan my words are not rubbish . When hurst took over he said we needed 1 winger cab and midfield . Ok he sold a cb so bring in two decent . Sold two strikers lost mcgoldrick so what he bring in two unknown . Then two from Shrewsbury . What the hell for ( little lost sheep ) we won’t get far with unknown players it’s a bit like selling all liverpool players and bringing in conference players to take their places it won’t work !

muccletonjoe added 05:28 - Aug 22
Defensively and in midfield we are probably as good as anyone we have played. Attacking , we are woefully short of class and it will tell over the course of a season. Neither Harrison or Jackson are anywhere near championship standard. We need someone in to do that job for us , or we will struggle. I would say Morris is quite clearly better in many ways to either of those two at the moment.

Karlosfandangal added 05:28 - Aug 22
Stop moaning guys we all got what we wanted.
MM had to go but he knew how to keep us up as boring as it was.

Waghorn and Garner wanted to go and amcGoldrick would only play half a season.

Reality starts to kick in, you can’t buy 9 players from lower leagues and expect them to turn us in to a side that will challenge, we were always going to struggle.

Derby buy a 16 goal a season player and let’s him warm the bench, we buy a 16 goal a season player from league 1. Think Waghorn saw the writing on the wall.

Glad MM gone and like the way Hurst and the lads are trying, think we have to try and enjoy this season, get behind the team and fingers crossed they have enough to keep us up.

Feel we need to go 4-2-2-2. Two strikers a must.

Bezzer added 06:28 - Aug 22
PH and the players are out of their depth! Simple as that. You can talk all you want about certain players wanting to leave etc...what you do is (ME & PH) is replace them with equally as good players (yes, that means proper investment) otherwise, substandard players means a substandard team, which in turn probably means relegation. ME needs to address this situation quickly and either replace PH or bring in an experienced hand next to him! Better to swallow your pride, than get relegated. Cue the ‘it’s too early’ comments!!

Sparkerino added 06:52 - Aug 22
Here's some mathematical formula to consider: League One manager + League one players - the quality players we had last season = .....League One?
I Watched Harrison several times at Bristol Rovers (I live near the ground, member of ITFC SW supporters branch) and he was hopeless with them! I despaired when I saw we'd signed him.
I hope I'm wrong.

martin587 added 07:07 - Aug 22
Very honest interview.We must get a couple of experienced players in before end of the month.I was at the match and I honestly felt we just seemed overawed.For me the game was lost in midfield.Nobody to put there foot on the ball and create a telling pass.(plenty of endeavour)but that's about it.
Unless you have the quality in midfield one striker just does not work as they become totally isolated.
The defence was ok as they really had very little pressure from a poor Derby side.I don't like to knock players but I felt Knudsen was well below par and I'll say it again (he feels unwanted).Apart from that the other three played ok.
Nolan looks a very good purchase and will get much better but the sooner Dozzell is back the better.
We are in a rebuilding process and it will come right as the style of football is pleasing to the eye,far better than previous seasons.We just have to be patient.
Just a little tweaking to the team and a couple of new faces and we will be up and running.🤞.

Bezzer added 07:22 - Aug 22
@Martin587 agree with most of what you said, however, I don’t think that 2 loan editions will make any difference! Too many average players in the squad, even for this league. My assessment is: Harrison’s not quick enough and too cumbersome; Knudsen's far too slow and all one footed; Chambers is not a proper CB and he’s too slow; generally there is not enough pace and creativity in the squad, nothing down the left hand side, a few youngsters full of promise, but no guarantee they’ll become good players, little experience in the team, too many sick notes and no proven goal scorers! All this and a manager who may be out of his depth and an owner who’s no longer willing to invest properly!

GiveusaWave added 08:22 - Aug 22
We are using the same formation game after game and it's not working. Teams are setting up knowing that we are going to be playing with 1 up top.

@Bezzer...it's not ideal...but we do need those loan signings. Look desperately weak up front (it's the weakest I've ever seen us there...). We offer next to no threat of any kind whatsoever.

buryblue77 added 08:23 - Aug 22
The problem is, well lots of them really. Hurst is still trying to find his way, integrating several new faces and managing at a higher level, I'm sure he's more than capable. However we've had years of under investment and in reality McCarthy did well with no money but was time for him to go, now we're picking up league 1/2 players and yes, some of them can be undiscovered 'gems' but surely not all and if our transfer policy (due to lack of funds for both the transfer fee and wages - I'm assuming we dont have much to spend but I think a pretty reasonable assumption) is to carry on this way then we could well be in trouble. This year we've taken in a decent amount in transfer fees and although spent some, we haven't spent it on proven quality replacements, simply because we cannot afford to with the prices around nowadays. I simply think Evans doesn't seem to have pockets deep enough to make us competitive in this league so maybe its time we sell our souls to some rich Arabian or Chinese businessmen, after all that's what everyone seems to do and it works, or can do with the right owners. Trouble is, you've got to find the right buyer in the first place.

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