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Bart: Manner of Derby Drop Disrespectful
Wednesday, 21st Nov 2018 16:15

Town goalkeeper Bartosz Bialkowski has revealed the circumstances in which he was surprisingly dropped for the East Anglian derby clash with Norwich at Portman Road in August.

Although admitting to being taken aback by the decision, Bialkowski also confessed that his performances in the previous five games – from which Town took just two points – were below the high standard to which supporters who voted him Player of the Year for three successive seasons had become accustomed.

The Polish international recalled the dramatic dressing room events of the morning of August 29 when he learned he was being axed from ex-boss Paul Hurst’s starting line-up for the noon kick-off against the Canaries.

“It was a shock – I’m not going to lie – and it was difficult for me,” he admitted. “I knew I wasn’t performing that well but I only found out an hour and a half before the game and that’s the biggest game for me, for the fans and for the club.

“The manager just read the team out in the dressing room – that was how I found out. I have never been told anything. I never spoke to the old gaffer before or after it, so I was disappointed obviously, but all I had to do was keep training hard and do it for myself so that I would be ready again.”

Asked why he made no attempt to seek an explanation from Hurst in the wake of the 1-1 draw, he added: “I just thought ‘Surely, he’s going to pull me to one side and explain’. I had never been in that kind of situation before.

“If I was dropped in the past the manager would tell me the thinking behind it, so I expected him to do the same at some point. But it never happened.”

Nor was there a verbal exchange between the pair when Bialkowski was eventually recalled after an eight-game absence and following an unconvincing display by replacement Dean Gerken in last month’s 2-0 home defeat by QPR.

The 31-year-old added: “No, nothing. He just told us the team and I was in it, so it was exactly the same for Deano as well. He never told him anything either.

“My point of view is it’s a lack of respect but obviously he has a different one. But he’s gone and I’ve totally forgotten about it. I’m enjoying my football again, really enjoying it, so I don’t want to talk about it because it’s gone.

“I think you need to respect every single person, whether it’s a player, a manager or someone who is working at the training ground. You need to respect every single one.

“Listen, if he wanted to drop me then that’s fine for me, but at least have the bravery to tell me about it. But he never spoke to me and I just thought that was a bit disrespectful.

“It didn’t affect how I get on with Deano – not at all – because we have a really good relationship and any time he played I was keeping my fingers crossed for him. That’s the way I am and I was doing everything to prepare for each game. It wasn’t Deano’s decision that I was dropped.”

Bialkowski offered no explanation for his uncharacteristic early-season form that saw him make a few errors, but intriguingly continued: “I’ve got a few things in mind but for the time being I think I’m going to keep it to myself. Maybe in the future I am going to tell everything about it but at the moment I’m going to keep it to myself.”

Asked if he was referring to personal issues, he replied: “No, not personal, but like I said I don’t want to talk about it for now. One day you will definitely hear the story.”

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SouperJim added 16:21 - Nov 21
I agree with him, it was disrespectful and poor man management, but Hurst is gone now. We move on.

MoscowBlueMule added 16:28 - Nov 21
The more I hear about what was going on under PL the more the Dark Lord becomes tolerable!

MoscowBlueMule added 16:28 - Nov 21
Sorry my bad!!!!!!! PH not PL!!!!!!!!!

IN PL we trust!!!!

(I wish there was an edit button!!!)

Jewels added 16:37 - Nov 21
Very very disappointed to hear how Hurst treated the players. I was 100% behind him but it has come to light his man management was terrible! No wonder we are bottom of the league. But onwards and upwards.

petersongoal added 16:38 - Nov 21
“I think you need to respect every single person, whether it’s a player, a manager or someone who is working at the training ground. You need to respect every single one."

Referencing conflict with more than just the players - sounds like the entire staff! From everything we've heard since his firing Hurst and Doig sound like a nightmare. Good riddance.

BobbyBell added 16:40 - Nov 21
How can you get the best from players if you don't talk to them?? That's just weird.

Burwell_Blue added 16:41 - Nov 21
Snowflake. You were crap in the five games before, get on with it.

RobTheMonk added 16:47 - Nov 21
All the stories are starting to come out. By the sound of it Bart has something juicy for the future.

BoroBlue added 16:47 - Nov 21
Proof that the players felt the same about Hurst as the fans. The only element who didn’t see it were the local press who lauded him. Hurst was a disaster from day one. The worst managerial appointment in club and Championship history.

Taricco_Fan added 17:04 - Nov 21
Very poor from Hurst. I was a supporter of his but the more info comes to light, the more it's apparent that he and Doig put too many backs up at the club. You just can't manage like that at this level.

DurhamTownFan added 17:40 - Nov 21
Sounds like Bart really wants to say a few things but is holding back. Sensibly in my mind, because you never know when you’ll meet a manager again! Clear that the squad didn’t really take to PH, as shown by results and a lack of effort all round. More reason to be pleased he’s gone!

Crock added 17:40 - Nov 21
"But he's gone and I've forgotten all about it"

Why mention it now then?

Suffolkboy added 17:48 - Nov 21
Crock , probably because he was taxed on it by ' media ' ; but he's been discreet and truthful ,so let's leave it there !
Too much dirty laundry , not worth the worry now !

jas0999 added 18:12 - Nov 21
Not really surprised to be honest. Lots of rumours regarding the Hurst and Doug reign and none of it very positive.

Tractorboy1985 added 18:26 - Nov 21
Worst manager ever in ITFC history! Thank god Wurst has left the building! 👋🏼

fergalsharkey added 18:26 - Nov 21
The story is that pave bidfpr him, hurst denied him a decent move, he got moody, level dropped, he gets ousted, everyone gets the arse

Len_Brennan added 18:32 - Nov 21
I would imagine that Bart had been given some assurances about the club having ambitions that matched his own at the time he signed his new deal. Seeing Webster go almost immediately & then all the club's goal scoring options following suit probably made him feel he was told a tall tale.
That might account for a less than contented mind for the opening games of the season; and that's even before taking his view of the new manager's methods into account.

brittaniaman added 19:51 - Nov 21
your Article speaks Volumes of the previous management Bart. very unexperienced and poor management skills.
Lambert must be like a breath of fresh air to all you players now ?

Bert added 20:09 - Nov 21
Respect is a two way street. MM understood that. Lambert practices it. Hurst seemingly did not have the emotional intelligence at this level to know how to deal with difficult decisions. Perhaps the world of football needs to wake up to the fact that footballers don't always have the skills to manage and lead without preparation and training. Hurst is clearly a case in point.

coolcat added 23:37 - Nov 21
Just disgraceful. Thank goodness Hurst has gone.

harlingblue added 01:29 - Nov 22
Bart had the worst possible pre-season start of any of our players.
3rd choice keeper for a very poor Polish International team in the World Cup, former Ipswich goalkeeping coach Webster retiring, and a new untried Hurst regime in place.
No wonder Bart was poor, by his own standards in those early games.
He should now have his confidence restored to bring off that special save.

PortmanTerrorist added 07:28 - Nov 22
Like many others i wanted to keep the faith with PH, but Bart explaining this is disturbing. I did say at the time that PH team selection against Scum was bizarre across the pitch which is usually a sign of a manager who knows he is on the way out. As it is, that result bought him time, but he was just not able to use it and clearly upset Bart and Chambo gave a bizarre interview around that time too. I guess if Bart can be dropped, maybe he thought he was next!

Need to park all this now and look forward. We need Bart and a win against WBA. PH is literally history, and history will say he and we got it wrong, but that will only be a footnote if we kick on from here. COYB. 3 points tomorrow !

midastouch added 08:24 - Nov 22
Mick to Hurst = out of the Yorkshire frying pan into the fire!

loudnproud added 08:32 - Nov 22
Bart was offered a chance to move to another club in the summer but as he was under contract he could do very little about it. This played on his mind during the early games and played its part in his performances or rather lack of it.
He will reveal all upon retirement when he produces his autobiography.

OAKSSTER added 10:04 - Nov 22
doig offering everyone out no wonder bart didn't wanna play all the seasoned pros jumped ship because of the goose step regime few lads should of paid him a visit lambert is class I t I d

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