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Kenlock Pleased to Get His Chance After Early Frustration
Wednesday, 6th Mar 2019 15:40

Left-back Myles Kenlock admits he was keen to go out on loan earlier in the season when he wasn’t involved in the Town first team.

However, the 22-year-old, who made only one sub appearance under Paul Hurst, has been involved in the senior side more regularly under Paul Lambert and has started all but one of the last seven matches.

“It was disappointing for me at the start because all I wanted to do is be out there on the pitch and playing games,” Kenlock told the club site.

“That wasn’t happening so I would have liked the opportunity to go out on loan but it’s worked out for the best.

“I’ve had setbacks my whole life so I know with faith and hard work you will overcome what is put in front of you.

“As the season has gone on I’ve got back to full fitness and have got some game time and now it’s about doing all I can for the team to get as many points as possible.”

Academy product Kenlock, who is out of contract in the summer but with the club having an option to keep him for a further season, has now made 46 starts and four sub appearances, so far without scoring a senior goal.

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hoppy added 15:49 - Mar 6
Shame he looked to be in no mans land so often - in the first half particularly - against Reading. Unfortunately I don't think he warrants the game time he's been getting recently. Was lucky for him that Knudsen got himself suspended.

cat added 15:57 - Mar 6
No one hand on heart wants to go down, but looking for a positive here, it gives ‘our own’ lads like Miles and a few others a better chance to get more game time and a chance to establish themselves. Let’s face facts, if it weren’t for old safe hand Mick then we would have probably dropped last season or the one before.
Let’s embrace the drop, take stock, regroup and come back bigger, faster, stronger and with more of our own. Simply lovleh!

SouperJim added 16:08 - Mar 6
Has been badly exposed at times against far more experienced players, but has looked vulnerable. Hopefully he'll push on and it can't be easy for a young player to come into a struggling defence, but the jury is still out for me.

warkyisgod added 16:26 - Mar 6
he's a funny player i felt really sorry for him when Knudsen was picked no matter how bad he played and when he got his chance to play to me he looked a much better player than knudsen, he could go past a player and could also pass forward which to be honest was refreshing to see unfortunately the last few games he has looked very suspect with his defending and as SouperJim has said looked vulnerable, hopefully he can push on and stamp out some of this from his game which if he gets more game time and good coaching will get him better

leftie1972 added 16:29 - Mar 6
Still only 22 and has all that experience. He must get another contract or at least we take the option of the extra year!

Cakeman added 16:31 - Mar 6
Agree with previous comments. I think he deserves a run in the team though. It maybe that he is not good enough but unless he is given a chance we shall never know.

runningout added 16:49 - Mar 6
at 22 got to be showing some nuts and what you can do. Think Myles knows this

Bergholtblue added 17:18 - Mar 6
Coming in to a defence low on morale it takes some time to adjust. Shows promise but also his lack of experience is plain to see.

This is why those who think that we can go to League 1, play our U23 team and come bouncing back are sadly deluded.

Lambert will recruit in the summer and it will be experienced journeymen both short contracts and on loan but as long as the likes of Kenlock can continue to grow and get experience alongside all will bode well in the end.

lightingblue added 17:24 - Mar 6
Personally I’d give him the extension. I’ve mentioned it before that getting relegated could be a blessing. Give the young guys and fringe players a go. It’s an opportunity for these guys to step up. They will most likely be cheaper than the alternative. The likes of Dozzell and kenlock will never learn if never given a run in the team.

Saxonblue74 added 17:55 - Mar 6
I think he deserves an extension to his contract to see what a full season can do for him. It's going to be a tricky balancing act for PL next season. The right blend of youth and experience could see us bounce straight back. Lets hope it comes first time of asking as I personally think it becomes more difficult with every passing season.

blueboy1981 added 18:38 - Mar 6
At only22 he has time on his side to improve - based on his showing against Reading, he needs to.

At times he looked absolutely lost - harsh maybe, but reality is what it is all about.

blueboy1981 added 18:43 - Mar 6
I'll say it again, many of you obviously think the youngsters are all going to step up next season - don't hang your hat on that, League 1 will be a far cry from what they have all been doing.

It will certainly sort the men, from the boys for sure.

You may be disappointed, if you think otherwise...... !!!

ITFCsince73 added 18:49 - Mar 6
We’ve got crucial games left this season. We was relegated some weeks back.
We have to get the youngsters in. If we lose every game they’ll learn from it, It makes no difference as far as the drop goes. Half the team now needs to have 6 of our best youngsters.
6 who we expect to be starters come August.
If this were to happen I would expect us to win more than lose with a few draws thrown in...
A couple of places on the bench for 7 and 8.
There will be no money to buy quality. We already have it. We now need to start using it, In prep for Aug.

ITFCsince73 added 18:52 - Mar 6
Of course we’re very lucky to have the Wolf.
Swindon FC are doing a grand job for us on that front.

Saxonblue74 added 18:59 - Mar 6
My biggest concern regarding our youth is from a physical aspect. Many are still a little lightweight for first team action. 73, don't disagree that remaining games this season are perhaps now unimportant. I would be a little concerned that they may carry a "losing momentum" into next season?

BeethorpeAndy added 19:00 - Mar 6
Sadly at fault against Sheffield Wednesday but will improve week on week with games. Do not even talk about league 1 as we are staying up!!!!!!! Winning run starts westbrom. C O Y B.

ITFCsince73 added 19:13 - Mar 6
L1 is a league of youngsters and journeymen. We have the youngsters we now need cheap journeymen. Hopefully of a certain quality....Judge would be a bonus alround.
Our 1st team will be in the checkertrade trophy with u23,s from the premier clubs.
Our youngsters are our future. And the best we have need 1st team game time. It will then be more clearer who’s stepping up and who might not.
We’re now past Dozzell isn’t strong enough yet. He needs game time.


scooby added 19:25 - Mar 6
Jury is still out on Kenlock and as one of our own I hope he turns into the player that we all want him to.he has looked lost a few times in this run of games which is a shame for him as we all know he is much more capable than his form of late has shown. Time will tell if he can learn to improve both his level of skill as a defender aswell as his consistency

Dissboyitfc added 19:38 - Mar 6
strange player really, sometimes i rate him and others i dont.A little too inconsistent i feel!

cat added 20:19 - Mar 6
On the nose ‘Diss’ probably better as a wing back than a full back with his strength being getting forward. Balls in his court now, as with the other youths.

sixtyblue added 20:27 - Mar 6
Kenlock’s weakness is a lack of pace for au fullback.Many times he has got down the wing but on losing the ball has lacked in ability to recover.Beaten very often by speedy wingers.

xrayspecs added 21:38 - Mar 6
Have watched a lot of lower league football in recent years plus U18/development squads. A couple of comments.

Development squads are like an iceberg - only a few make it and step up as regular pros. 90%+ do not make it professionally. Not a betting man but would not place much on Kenlock (Emmanuel, Morris, Nydam). Dozzell needs to show that he can physically handle the professional game. I watched Woolfenden a month or so ago for Swindon and was very unconvinced - nowhere near as good as Clarke who we let go to Portsmouth. It may that it is just Downes who makes it from the current crop. Plus Bishop and possibly Lankaster.

Slightly tangential, I saw Sean Longstaff play for Blackpool last season, on loan from Newcastle. He was head and shoulders above the rest of the team, you could see him as someone who could make it as a pro. Spoke to him and his dad after the game (Dad played ice hockey internationally). No surprise that he had stepped up.

My point being that unless you really stand out as an emerging pro, the likelihood is that you will not make it. If you have not done this by 22, then I doubt it will ever happen.

League 1 is brutal. If you cannot handle the physicality, then you have no chance of shining.

armchaircritic59 added 22:35 - Mar 6
On the subject of youth. Last nights Champions League second leg game, Real Madrid v Ajax. After losing the home leg 2-1, Ajax decided to field a side with 6 players aged 22 or under. I'm sure you all saw the result! Now i'm not trying to compare us with Ajax, though to think we were once a much better team (my how times change!). It just shows that faith in youngsters on one of football biggest stages can pay off!

League one is not to be feared, though in my opinion it's not dissimilar to the Championship in one way, being not overly high on quality, but very competitive. I say a mix of up and coming youngsters and players with experience at a higher level should set us up for a big season. Please, very few loans! A max of three in the squad is enough for me, (not a great fan of that system, much rather see it scrapped and reserve football, brought back!) Yes it sounds like i've got us already relegated, which lets face it, we're going to be. It's like death by a thousand cuts!

We're now getting things right off the pitch, next season's the time to start getting it right on it. Who knows, the future may be brighter than many think!

Buryblue78 added 23:06 - Mar 6
For me it's very hard for a young defender to come into a team with the losing habit so I,d cut him some slack
The back four should play as a team within a team,always covering each other so if one makes a mistake or gets caught out of position someone else can help out
Our back four look like four individual rabbits in the headlights hoping it,s not their fault for the next inevitable goal
We compensate for a lack of pace organisation and positional sense at the heart of our defence by having two carers(defensive midfielders) to protect them
This leaves our proper midfield(ie the ones who occupy the midfield) outnumbered and when they do have some success there is nobody fit in the squad who whos primary focus is on sticking it in the net!!!
Possession football and most of what PL has brought are far better than before but they count for little if you can,t score or defend
We played some terrible football at times even in our one good season but Murphy kept banging it in which papered over a lot of cracks
It would take a lot of pressure off the likes of Kenlock etc if there was confidence at the other end of the field
Although Saturday was an all time low for me I'm still hopeful we'll turn the corner soon so COYB

ArnieM added 23:34 - Mar 6
I don’t think the system we played vs Reading did either Bree or Kenlock any favours tbh. Both struggled as wing backs.

As for Kenlock, well with Knudsen leaving at least he’ lol get his chance now. It’s up to him to step up to the plate . If he can’t, well, we look for someone else. But at least he bid finally has his chance.

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