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Season Ticket Total Just Misses 12,000 Mark
Tuesday, 7th May 2019 15:38

Town’s season ticket total for 2019/20 had reached 11,748 by yesterday’s early bird deadline, 252 away from the 12,000 mark which would have triggered a 10 per cent price reduction.

The figure is, however, up on this year’s season ticket total of 10,200 by more than 1,500.

In addition to a 12.5 per cent price cut for most tickets, the club introduced an incentive scheme when they announced next season’s prices which would have resulted in further reductions if 12,000, 13,000 and then 14,000 seats were sold.

Around 95 per cent of season ticket holders from this campaign have renewed for 2019/20.

Owner Marcus Evans will be writing a personal letter of thanks to season ticket holders to thank them for their support.

Tickets remain on sale at Planet Blue and ITFC Direct but now at the increased post-early bird prices.

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Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 15:43 - May 7
C’mon Marcus,
Perfect opportunity to be flexible. It’s near enough!


ArnieM added 15:43 - May 7
Oh sod it, really ???

ArnieM added 15:44 - May 7
Just 252 people !!!!

Sixto6 added 15:44 - May 7
Surly the club will still pass on the reduction as a good will gesture for getting so close ????
It would be good PR Marcus !!!!

afcfee added 15:49 - May 7
Surely we will get the discount anyway or at least extend especially considering people paying by direct debit haven't even paid yet and can cancel if they wish. Let's get the fans in most important thing long term don't be greedy :)

BaddowBlue1 added 15:50 - May 7
Extend the deadline by a week Town, good PR is we hit the target

Scuzzer added 15:50 - May 7
Well what a surprise. How would we know any different. Typical Evans smoke and mirrors move. Including having the closing date for Early Bird on a Bank Holiday....when the shop is closed. If he had any decency he would extend the cut off to the end of the week. C'mon Marcus...prove to us that you haven't shafted us once again.

Barty added 15:51 - May 7
Good news that the figure is up by about 1500 on this season but 252 short !!!! - I smell a rat or slight under count

essextractorboy93 added 15:52 - May 7
Fantastic total despite just missing out on the 12k mark.

Over 1,500 up on this season's amount! Brilliant support! COYB

big_gaz67 added 15:53 - May 7
The 11748 should have been given the chance to purchase the 252 between them.

Working at an average price of £ 400 for a ticket 252 X 400 = 100800 divided by 11748 = £ 8.58 each to get an average of £35 to £ 40 back each.

As we were not, and the ticket office was closed yesterday, it would be good business to give a 7.5% discount across the board - I think those of us who had tickets through all the Keane, Jewell, Mc Carthy and Hurst debacle should get 50%!!

alanbrazil added 15:54 - May 7
Seriously it's 252 short people knew the cut off if they didn't buy one they didn't buy one people always moan or want something, Why should he have to dip his hand in his pocket again just because we are nearly at the target

BlueMoolay added 15:55 - May 7
Do what's right Mr Evans. Come on, just under 12000 is bloody amazing.

Northstander_Blue added 15:59 - May 7
Well done everyone who renewed and those that didnt don't consider yourself a town fan

rodgero added 16:01 - May 7
Extend it for another 5 days !

ThatMuhrenCross added 16:07 - May 7
Extend the deadline by a week and see what happens. To be honest, I see no reason why we can't hit 15,000 season tickets for next season, as Paul Lambert has really brought back a lot of fans.

ArnieM added 16:11 - May 7
It’s 252 x £333 or £83, 916. Short of target 12k ST renewals .

Wonder what the. cost of Town giving fans the discount would amount too?

jazee1969 added 16:11 - May 7
Extend it for a month if not more, what difference does it make, add a couple of exciting additions to the squad and I bet as the season gets closer more fans who have been fed up to the back teeth will start to come around at the thought of a competitive season and some real excitement ! COYB !

oldegold added 16:13 - May 7
Put your hands in your pockets Evans and make up the difference - You dragged us down to our lowest point in 62 years so send a message to the long-suffering fans

northblue added 16:16 - May 7
Extend till the end of the month

herfie added 16:17 - May 7
Some may take the view that a miss is as good as a mile. However, taking all factors into account, most prominent being the extraordinary levels of support continued to be received by the club in what had been it’s most abject season in recent memory, the morally right thing would either be for ME to allow the further discount, or extend the EB deadline to allow the very narrow shortfall to be met.

If all of the warm words from PL, the players and others within the club mean anything, then doing the right thing might actually represent something tangible to back those sentiments up, and actually persuade even more folk to commit. A good way of demonstrating the intent to strengthen the bond between club and supporters.


LWNR2013 added 16:18 - May 7
Blame the non-renewers

Northstander_Blue added 16:30 - May 7
People cannot say they didn't have time. Don't blame the club one bit

BlueBlood90 added 16:31 - May 7
If Evans has any sense he'll extend this offer for another couple of weeks. We ended the season with an entertaining 3-2 win against a good side so I'm sure there are quite a few people who would've been tempted after that. Great effort to get to nearly 12,000 after the season we've had.

SouperJim added 16:36 - May 7
No pleasing some people, the same folks now demanding we take 250k or so out of the playing budget to give us all a discount we didn't earn will no doubt be whinging come August that we haven't spent more on new signings!

I'll just enjoy the fantastic atmosphere in the north stand next season and get on with supporting the club.

nthstd added 16:40 - May 7
Shirley Gav and Phil can soak up the last 252

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