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Evans Joint-174th in Rich List
Sunday, 12th May 2019 09:42

Town owner Marcus Evans is the joint-174th richest person in the UK with his wealth having remained at £800 million, according to the 2019 Sunday Times Rich List.

Last year, £800 million put Evans 167th in the annual Rich List, which is based on "identifiable wealth"; land, property, publicly-quoted shares and other assets, but not bank accounts to which the compilers don’t have access.

According to The Sunday Times: “The value of Evans’s London property portfolio has taken a hit but his international interests have benefited from the strength of the US economy, leading us to pin his fortune.”

Town sources have previously dismissed Rich List estimates of Evans’s wealth as highly speculative.

Photo: ITFC

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dirtydingusmagee added 09:51 - May 12
well thats a few million places above me , get ya wad out .

BryanPlug added 09:56 - May 12
Imagine how much he’d have if he hadn’t bought ITFC

Terry_Nutkins added 10:11 - May 12
Before all the moaning about lack of spend lets just be clear this is not disposable cash he has to spend. It's asset worth!

smellmycheese added 10:11 - May 12
174th richest in the UK with a massively underperforming business at ITFC. Well done Marcus.You’ve taken us from a top 6 Championship side to a League One club with very little assets. Any assets we do have are sold at the very first opportunity. The future is very bleak with this asset stripper at the helm. Quietly and gradually taking this club into oblivion. Evans out.

TimmyH added 10:29 - May 12
He's dropped in the list from last year...well that's even more players leaving.

Bluearmy_81 added 10:38 - May 12
Before all the moaning about lack of spend lets just be clear this is not disposable cash he has to spend. It's asset worth!

Before any apologists gloss over reality, he has taken 11 years to take us from the verge of the prem to league one for the first time in 2 generations. Demand better for your club. Evans out of ITFC

atty added 10:48 - May 12
BrianPlug - £895 million.

Cloddyseedbed added 10:57 - May 12
Asset rich but cash poor.

dirtydingusmagee added 11:39 - May 12
he's cosiderably richer than yow .

CavendishBlue added 11:52 - May 12
Met him after he'd owned the club for six months.

Briefly celebrated a disallowed 'goal' with him before we'd been properly introduced at half time in the final game of Roy Keane's first season.

Does still invest 5-7 million in our failing club p.a.

Let's hope he puts the wheels back on his toy and backs us like the 11,748 have.


blue86 added 11:56 - May 12
I appreciate that evans keeps us going and making a loss of about 6 million or so in the championship, which will be worse in league. however, the sad thing about football in the modern era is that you have to be competitive financialy or you will be left behind. that said, i would much rather have evans here than a hell of alot other dodgy football club owners these days! however even with spending a few quid on players etc does not guarantee sucess, look at derby ( if they fail to go up!) to move foward we have to think outside the box a bit and look at maybe some players in European leauges etc.

blue86 added 12:09 - May 12
was supposed to say league one! not league! 🙈

bobble added 12:32 - May 12
me and marcus have got an average wealth of $400m...i feel better knowing this...

LonE17Blue added 12:37 - May 12
Sleepy Suffolk's gone into a coma!

ITFCsince73 added 12:43 - May 12
Asset worth or disposable cash...I think it’s fair to say he could spend 200m tomorrow and still have enough left for a rainy day.

ITFCsince73 added 12:44 - May 12
Anyone who thinks he’s cash poor.....please.

BlueandTruesince82 added 12:47 - May 12
Or about 9 Gareth Bales then

ElephantintheRoom added 13:21 - May 12
Plenty of comments on his alleged wealth coming from 'assets' but what 'assets' does he have? Most of his businesses are services with staff paid on commission. This result-based remuneration is what he tried to put into place at Portman Road with disastrous results. His businesses are somewhat opaque. This time last year the ludicrous ST Rich List quoted the only growth in his empire came from his football club - in other words he'd cooked the books on transfer values. Clearly the man is not exactly poor but his wealth is smoke and mirrors

BlueandTruesince82 added 13:42 - May 12
His Assets are various fundamentally his companies, although they may be service based they still have an intrinsic value attached to them.

To give an on trend example Uber, following this weeks IPO is valued at $82 billion, this despite never having made a profit.

Marcus Evans Group is privately held but still carries value based on performance, turnover, size etc.

The largest portion of his estimated wealth comes from this. Really quite simple.

Equally I suspect Mr Evans owns a few properties land and more general bits and pieces that also tot up nicely.


ITFCsince73 added 13:48 - May 12
I would imagine he owns enough property, and collects enough rent, to pay the wages of all staff at the club twice over. Even assets pay handsomely.

Terry_Nutkins added 13:54 - May 12
"he could still spend £200 million tomorrow and still have enough for a rainy day" he couldn't. This is part of the problem that people actually think this.

And someone above explained the asset value better than I. Evans is worth a lot. He won't have loads in the bank unfortunately. Cash rich to you or I but in financing a football club unfortunately he just doesn't't have the spending power. If he really wanted to lose it he could put in a bit more.

What we all want and what is reality are different things :(.

Carberry added 14:22 - May 12
The point is we don't know how much he has in the bank. He may be cash rich for all we know. So Terry, if he can't find the funds what is he doing owning a football club, vanity project? Tax avoidance? I'm sure he appreciates all the people on here defending him.

ITFCsince73 added 14:38 - May 12
Terry Nutkin. I’ll explain the asset part a bit better for you.
If I had £300m in assets, ie property. That wouldn’t make me worth 300m.
But if I was collecting 50k per week from rents from those properties, from those assets.....
Half of his fortune, that no doubt is assets, is without doubt property.
Good assets, therefore earn good money.
Even if every penny of his was tied up in assets, that’s 800+m earning a tidy sum. Without even touching the asset value.


SteveMcCallsTeeth added 14:56 - May 12
This man has more wealth than anyone realises. This is only assets in this country. The guy has millions more abroad. Its widely thought that he is a billionaire. As for cash, of course he has plenty at hand. Why he stays ir even bought the club in the first place can only be a tsx thing.

Sospiri added 16:22 - May 12
I remain curious as to why he bought Ipswich. I know he was brought up in Suffolk, and his businesses are primarily sports-based, but owning a football club? Thats very different to the rest of what he does. Why did such smart and successful man think this would work out - like his other businesses - without much bigger investment? And why would such a low-profile man put himself in such a high-profile position? Did he just think he could make it work against all odds? Did he just like the gamble? Or did he really think he could make the Premier League - and further advertise his businesses - on a small investment, but the project simply failed?

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