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Town Set for Mings Windfall
Sunday, 7th Jul 2019 20:19

Town look set to receive their second sell-on windfall of the summer with Aston Villa reported to have agreed a fee of £20 million - or perhaps even more - with AFC Bournemouth for one-time Blues defender Tyrone Mings.

Town, who made almost £800,000 from Matt Clarke’s move from Portsmouth to Brighton earlier this summer, are understood to have included a 10-per-cent-of-profit sell-on clause in the deal which saw Mings join the Cherries for £8 million in the summer of 2015.

According to some reports Villa have agreed to pay Bournemouth £20 million while other sources claim the fee to be as much as £26.5 million. Mings spent a successful spell on loan at Villa Park towards the end of last season.

If the figure is at the lower level - and no top-ups have been received in addition to the initial £8 million - Town would receive £1.2 million, while £1.85 million would be due if the fee is the higher sum.

The additional cash for Mings will almost certainly make him Town's record sale eclipsing the £8.1 million - probably plus a few hundred thousand more in top-ups - Sunderland paid for Connor Wickham in 2011.

Town could also receive further financial boosts via sell-ons this summer with Adam Webster, currently with Bristol City, understood to be interesting Aston Villa, Leicester, Southampton and a number of others.

The Robins are reported to have set his value at £30 million, however, it seems likely they would have to settle for a fee somewhat lower than that with it having been reported that Villa had a bid of £12 million rebuffed.

Webster, 24, joined the Robins from Town for an initial £3.5 million last summer with the fee potentially rising to £8 million.

The Blues are likely to have a sell-on of 10 per cent included in that deal which, depending on how many top-ups have been paid already, could bring in up to £850,000, although Portsmouth would be due 20 per cent of anything the Blues receive as a result of their sell-on from Webster's 2016 move from Pompey to Town.

Ex-striker Kieffer Moore, now with Barnsley, is also believed to be interesting Bristol City with a 10-per-cent-of-profit sell-on also understood to have been part of the deal which saw the 26-year-old move to Oakwell for £750,000 in January 2018.

However, with the club, which already made significant annual losses in the Championship, facing a £9 million loss of revenue due to relegation to League One, the additional income from the sell-ons is unlikely to give manager Paul Lambert a transfer kitty to work with this summer.

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BoxerBlue added 20:22 - Jul 7
Let’s hope this gets reinvested in the playing squad

boroughblue added 20:27 - Jul 7


"However, with the club, which already made significant annual losses in the Championship, facing a £9 million loss of revenue due to relegation to League One, the additional income from the sell-ons is unlikely to give manager Paul Lambert a transfer kitty to work with this summer."

TrueBlue66 added 20:28 - Jul 7
Boxer - PL already said they can’t spend this summer 🤷‍♂️

hadleighboyblue added 20:29 - Jul 7
Getting back up to the Championship must be a priority , so putting at least some of this windfall cash which wasn't expected into transfers in must surely make good business sense .

tetchris added 20:31 - Jul 7
One of the best buys ever made by the club.

NicRams added 20:34 - Jul 7
All we can hope is all this money coming in means less of what we do have, have to go out. We need to be realistic, give us £9m and all that does it make up the shortfall so stop going on about it needing to be reinvested.

I also don't think we need to go and reinvest. The players we have now are good enough to compete, but be realistic this could be a 2 or 3 year project. Let's just look for progress.

Bluearmy_81 added 20:35 - Jul 7
Hadleigh, it is but will it happen? We all know Evans too well, it won't. Town fans should be revolting with rage. Part of being a fan is having pride and expecting and demanding the best for your club. Evans has the money, just chooses to continue to under invest in the squad despite the same strategy leading to disaster last season. Demand better for ITFC

itfcbam added 20:43 - Jul 7
NicRams, at least a bit of sense here. This extra money will effectively be invested by reducing the number of player sales. £9m is a big hole and these windfalls will help bridge that gap.

jas0999 added 20:45 - Jul 7
What people seem to be forgetting is one of the primary reasons we are in League One is due to Evans poor management of the club. Yes, we are going to lose out on key revenue, but that’s Evans fault. Our squad needs strengthening. Fans have shown faith in the club. The club must have budgeted for relegation. This is unexpected income. Evans should invest it into the playing squad.

jas0999 added 20:48 - Jul 7
Itfcbam - no it wont! Evans has a history of selling players. This won’t impact his plans to sell - just means he will recoup more than he originally thought.

Blue041273 added 21:04 - Jul 7
The word is sustainability! We can’t spend money we don’t have. The alternative is that we find that we don’t have a club to support sooner rather than later. Just look at Bolton! We have a fabulous history. We can’t let it die by spending more than we can afford. These windfall payments are business receipts and can’t be ring fenced for player investment purposes. They need to be used to prop up the running of the club! With the deficit estimated to be £9m per year why is anyone surprised that there is no money to invest?

Northstandveteran added 21:13 - Jul 7
Oh how this site makes me laugh 😂

Evans fault or not, he has invested, no not invested, spent over £100 million since his takeover.

The vast majority of us can't even perceive what a huge amount of money that is.

The club is now going to cost him £15 million a year just to tick over.

£1.2 million is a mere drop in the ocean, of course it won't be invested in the squad.

Only another £13.8 million to find and you'll cease to be running the club at a loss Marcus 😂.

Come on people, get real.

As my late father used to say,

It's very easy to spend other people's money.

Marcus Evans, an unbridled success until he chose to buy a football club.

He must rue the day he rolled up into Suffolk every hour of his life!

Crawfordsboot added 21:21 - Jul 7
Remind me who was manager when we signed Ming’s and also Webster😂

ArnieM added 21:22 - Jul 7
Spot on Northstandveteran. Though I doubt some on here will acknowledge your comments, as the truth.

ITFCsince73 added 21:23 - Jul 7
Things are this bad financially because of the 1 season in L1.
So a second season or 3rd is unthinkable. Maybe we won’t go as far as that before L2.
Evans being a wealthy individual has the means to do things differently to what he’s choosing.
FFP rules dont come into it. The fines received don’t effect near on billionaire owners.
Which Evans is.

Bluearmy_81 added 21:25 - Jul 7
I doubt it very much the club will cost him 15m a year. We must be a useful tool to offset gains in other areas of his group.

ITFCsince73 added 21:25 - Jul 7
Crawford...Mick the Mouth.

ITFCsince73 added 21:35 - Jul 7
The way I see things. And yes NSV very true with what you say.
But Evans has 2 choices as things stand, pump some more money into the playing squad, assuming he has 100% confidence in PL to spend sensibly. And get Championship football back by next season. Or the club drops further and further to wherever that might lead.

Northstandveteran added 21:36 - Jul 7
Were you a fan of Brewster's millions 81?

I think a few seasons in league 1 may see Evans come to a similar ending 73 😂

But without a rich relatives prize at the end.

In years to come someone might remake it?

Marcus's millions.

Doubt he's as funny as Richard Pryor though...

ITFCsince73 added 21:43 - Jul 7
10 years ago it could be argued that money doesn’t guarantee success.
Football has changed uncontrollably in that time.
Money now guarantees success and will become more prominent with each football season.
Clubs with no money or who refuse to spend it will simply go to the wall.

Carberry added 21:51 - Jul 7
Every club outside the Premier League is supported by its owner, we are no exception, Evans knows that. Now we have to feel sympathy, sorrow and pity for him because his plan has failed. None of this money will be reinvested, it will just head toward whichever arm of his empire owns us now and assist with their cash flow. Anyway, let's look forward to League 1, consolidation and 2 or 3 seasons to build ourselves back up to a promotion contender. FFS.

Northstandveteran added 22:01 - Jul 7
We're going to have our first disagreement on your first point 73 😂

When a rich owner took over years ago, the club was likely to experience success, I know much further than the ten years ago that you quoted, but remember uncle Jack spending the equivalent of Messi's big toe to buy Blackburn the title?

Yes, wolves spent big and did well but then you have Derby?

I do however, agree with your clubs going to the wall comment.

Bang average premier players on 100k a week

Half decent championship players on 20? 30k a week?

It just isn't sustainable outside the top flight.

I agree with you that there are soon to be many clubs going the way of Bolton.

We have sky t.v to thank for that.


Gcon added 23:21 - Jul 7
Evans failure to invest has got us this far.
Why would you change anything?

Ambition, maybe?
To get us back to where we belong, maybe?
To stop the down ward spiral, maybe?

Skip73 added 02:51 - Jul 8
What a magnicent signing by Mick!

Skip73 added 02:53 - Jul 8

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