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First Time Fans Initiative Revamped
Wednesday, 18th Sep 2019 16:33

Town have enhanced their First Time Fans initiative, which is aimed at young supporters attending their first games at Portman Road.

The free scheme for fans aged under 14 was launched in February and has seen more than 300 first-time supporters receive a certificate commemorating their day signed by boss Paul Lambert and skipper Luke Chambers.

The revamp will see young fans additionally taken pitchside to take in views of Portman Road and have a photo with mascot Bluey, while their name will also be read out over the PA.

Town say the initiative is part of their commitment to engaging with young supporters along with Class of Blues, School of the Day, Junior Announcer, the Young Fans Forum and activities in the FanZone on matchdays.

To register your interest, contact Dan Palfrey via dan.palfrey@itfc.co.uk or on 01473 400961.

Photo: ITFC

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VILJOEN67 added 19:10 - Sep 18
Great work. We really are getting our club back in the areas that it really matters

davidsuperg added 19:36 - Sep 18
Now this is ITFC. So glad we have our club back. Thank you lambo and Evans.

leftback added 19:43 - Sep 18
Sounds a great idea but feel sorry for the 1st time fans who have already atttended and missed out on pitchside photo op.
Especially Mike Literus.

Wickwar_Blue added 19:52 - Sep 18
Can I apply to have this retrospectively and have a photo with Mark Brennan and Graham Harbey?

Joking aside this is EXACTLY the sort of thing we need to be doing!

Well done to all involved.

Bluearmy_81 added 20:00 - Sep 18
"Thank you lambo and Evans"
😂Only a town fan would thank an owner who's underfunding is the single biggest cause in us dropping to our lowliest position in 60+ years. Priceless that is 😂 Good serf.

Gilesy added 20:32 - Sep 18
Only a town fan with a brain would thank an owner whose funding is the single biggest reason we're not a Bolton or a Bury.


Skip73 added 20:32 - Sep 18

aloanagain added 21:05 - Sep 18
Why do some people live in the past? Enjoy today. Support the team.

Dissboyitfc added 22:24 - Sep 18
another step in the right direction!

Bluearmy_81 added 00:47 - Sep 19
Gilesy, try setting the bar a bit higher for your club!? 👍🏻 Where has the passion and pride gone in you lot!? It's tragic

SamWhiteUK added 09:10 - Sep 19
Bluearmy I'm quite frankly impressed that you haven't been banned yet, constantly trying to incite argument

Bluearmy_81 added 09:22 - Sep 19
Sam, I have a different viewpoint to some on here, that's all. I'm not abusive so there is no basis for me to be banned. The ambivalence, apathy and passivity to Evans car-crash tenure from some fans is one of the mysteries of my life, I find it unfathomable.

Bluearmy_81 added 09:27 - Sep 19
IF we go back up, there is no way on this earth we will get to the Premier league under the current status quo, fans hand on heart, even the most optimistic, must know this. All while 'that lot' look nailed on to have a decent stay in the top flight. If you're alright with the above you're not a very good 'fan' (fanatic) in my opinion. Fanatic?! You apathetic, passive Evans apologists are the antithesis of the word imho.

Dissboyitfc added 10:30 - Sep 19
Blue army marked you up by mistake. I am glad that your viewpoint is not shared by the majority!

What is it you expect from the club at present? At the moment we are second from top with a game in hand and but for Coventry’s late equaliser we would be top with a game in hand! The crowds are coming back the football at times is very entertaining we have a manager who gets it! The youth system is producing some great talent about to burst through! So tell us what you expect? New owner could come in tomorrow and change so much it could put us back years!

Yes mistakes have been made in the past, but with so much positivity and getting better, yet you want to put a negative spin on everything! What a strange way to support your team!

Bluearmy_81 added 11:48 - Sep 19
I know you did Diss! 😂 That must have killed you 😂
Lambert is great, agreed. Happy with the way things are shaping up this season, I was at mk dons and will be at Fleetwood too. Unfortunately fans like you that remained silent and accepting when Evans sold all our best players, Creswell, Wickham, Mings etc and failed to reinvest in the squad are the reason we are in league 1 in the first place. Such chronic neglect of the squad without so much as a murmur of protest or criticism, really poor support imho.

Dissboyitfc added 13:41 - Sep 19
Virtually The last twenty years have been all about the mistakes firstly by sheepahanks and those mistakes led to us being owned by Marcus, how long do you want to hold onto the mistakes?
If all supporters were as negative and destructive I would really fear for the future of Ipswich town.

Bluearmy_81 added 14:27 - Sep 19
Marcus, like he's your mate... 😂 Fckin ell... Its not fans like me you need to worry about, wake up and smell the coffee (about 6 years too late but better late than never.) Do you seriously think we have any chance of matching Norwich and ever getting back to the prem with the current set up?! Seriously?!! There's not a hope in hell. We will be lucky not to yo yo if we do go back up. Not a pessimist, just a realist.

aloanagain added 17:04 - Sep 19
Seem to think that other team were in League 1 a while ago. Enjoy the day. Support the team.

Bluearmy_81 added 17:13 - Sep 19
Thats true. You can't compare the two though. Totally different recent history. I wish such a simplistic comparison meant our chances of getting to the prem were greater but it doesn't. I do support the team, as stated earlier I was at mk dons and will be at Fleetwood. It doesn't mean I'm going to ignore the elephant in the room though and pretend we have better chances of the prem with Evans than we have.

Dissboyitfc added 20:36 - Sep 19
But is fans like you I worry about! Totally naive of you to think that getting rid of Evans will fix things, could get an even worse owner! The club is on the up, try to enjoy the ride like most supporters. I am starting to enjoy my football club again!

Only a year or so ago Norwich we’re close to going into administration and had they not had madison to sell they would have surely gone into administration. I am pretty sure Evans has kept us well clear of that! So don’t talk about their recent history being so different to ours, they have made enough mistakes. 10 years ago they were in league 1 getting thumped 7-1 at home to Colchester, look who transformed them? Yes our very own Paul Lambert. And history does have a habit of repeating itself, we will rise and Norwich will fall, they always do!


Bluearmy_81 added 23:58 - Sep 19
I hope so but there is nothing to suggest Evans will take us to the prem. He's taken 11 years to take us to league 1 ffs, what else do you need to see? If Lambert succeeds it will be despite Evans not because of him.

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