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Lambert on Referee: That Wasn't Acceptable, That Was Incredible
Tuesday, 26th Nov 2019 23:31

Town boss Paul Lambert says he’ll speak to referees' chief Mike Jones regarding official Alan Young’s performance during the Blues’ 0-0 home draw with Wycombe Wanderers.

Young disallowed a perfectly good Town goal just before the break when Chairboys defender Curtis Thompson diverted in a Luke Chambers header rather than Kayden Jackson as his assistant Aaron Farmer advised him.

The Cambridgeshire referee then awarded Wycombe a penalty for a foul by the skipper when the offence took place outside the area, which was saved by Tomas Holy, having earlier denied the Blues a spotkick of their own when a Jon Nolan strike hit Joe Jacobson, the man who had missed the Wycombe penalty.

Asked whether he had spoken to the referee, Lambert said he hadn’t: “No, I need to keep my money.

“What I can’t understand is, Garbutt’s put the ball in, Luke’s got across the front post, gets the header, it hits the Wycombe guy and goes in. How is Jackson is offside?

“And how can you turn around and say the comms aren’t working. What’s the flag for then? They’re saying the comms weren’t working. So why not put your flag up? And why does the ball travel 50 yards to the halfway line before he pulls it up? Incredible.

“We’re ready to kick off. That’s my point. And it’s an own goal. And the penalty is outside the box, the tug’s outside the box. And the handball [Jacobson’s from Nolan’s shot in the first half] is inside the box.

“Everybody can have a bad game, but dear oh dear. Dear oh dear. They’re saying offside. How can he be offside? Even if Jackson’s standing in an offside position, their guy headed it into the net.

“There was no flag. Kayden’s never touched it. The goalkeeper from Wycombe, you see him, he thinks it was a handball.”

Asked to comment on Young, who is in his second year in the EFL, showing 11 yellow cards, he added: “This is a big football club to referee. If you want to referee this big football club, you’ve got to have a bit of pedigree behind you. Big moments.”

Can he recall having as many decisions go against him in a night? “Even the handballs in the penalty box. Dear oh dear. How can you get them wrong? At big moments you’ve got to get them right.

“It’s not Mickey Mouse football you’re playing, you’re striving to get out of the league. It’s big-time, regardless of what division you’re in, it’s big time. It’s wrong, it’s totally wrong.”

Questioned on whether he’ll send off a report, he said: “I’ll probably phone Mike Jones, the head of refereeing. I don’t normally do things like that, but that was incredible. I’ll probably phone Mike tomorrow, that wasn’t acceptable, that was incredible.”

Does he believe the standard of refereeing in League One is in general worse than in the Championship?

“I think referees have a really difficult job to do," he reflected. "You get ones wrong, you get ones right, you get good ones, you don’t get good ones. It’s a difficult gig they’ve got.

“All you’re asking for is, understand the game and what’s happening when there’s a massive crowd and make big calls at the right moment. That’s all you’re asking for.

“Whether the standard is not so good or good or better in the Premier League or Championship than it is in League One and League Two, you’re expecting a bit better than that, especially when you’re playing in front of 20,000 people.”

Reflecting on the game itself, Lambert felt his team deserved to win: “Absolutely, first half I thought we were absolutely brilliant.”

The Blues boss was delighted with keeper Tomas Holy’s penalty save in the second half: “Yeah, if that had gone in that would have been an absolute travesty, especially when it was outside the box. The initial contact is outside the box. That’s the frustrating thing. And our goalie pulls off a brilliant save.

“If we get the goal, Wycombe have to come out and give us a game, the whole picture changes. But teams come here and want to play this type of football and sit in and sit in, it’s their prerogative. But the guys, the effort, the drive, the atmosphere - fantastic. I couldn’t ask any more.

“They’ve got to come out and give us a game [if the goal had counted]. They had to at 1-0. We knew ourselves if we get the goal, they have to come and play us.”

Lambert had praise for the fans with the crowds at the two home draws against Blackpool and Wycombe both over 19,000.

“This place could be unbelievable, this could be incredible,” he added. “From what I’ve seen from a year ago to what it is now, dear oh dear. And all credit to the supporters because they’ve been unreal.”

Will his players now use the game’s disappointments and frustrations as motivation going forwards?

“I think the lads won’t need any motivation, they know we’re a huge club in this league. The atmosphere as I’ve said before is brilliant,” he continued.

“The stadium was rocking, it was aggressive and everybody was right behind us. We couldn’t ask for any more from the fans. If we keep getting more and more fans in to the stadium, it’s going to be unbelievable.”

Asked for his assessment on the two points from the two home games this week, he added: “We’ve only been beaten twice in the league, we’re still where we were. We’re not even halfway. I said that the other day, nothing gets [decided] in November. We’re a helluva good side, so let’s see what happens in May.

Quizzed on James Norwood picking up his fifth booking for arguing with the linesman in the wake of the disallowed goal, he had no complaints with his striker, who now misses the League One game at Coventry a week on Saturday.

“I think he had every right to argue with it because it was an incredible decision, not to award the penalty, he was disappointed we never got the goal because I think it was well worthy of putting us 1-0 up,” he said. “Five bookings. He misses the Coventry league game. That’s football.”

Norwood added his thoughts in a tweet he has subsequently removed.

"We've done well to get something out of that game," he said. "A blatant penalty and a blatant goal disallowed.

"One of the worst performances I've ever seen from an official in 10 years of football. If he referees again it's a farce!"

Wycombe manager Gareth Ainsworth admitted that his team had a stroke of luck with the referee’s decision to disallow Town’s goal

“We knew we would be tested tonight and we were really up against it at times and we may have got lucky on the goal," he said.

"I think it’s come off my player rather than an Ipswich player but the referee, or the linesman, has called that one the other way.

“And we could have got something at the end with the penalty, it was a fantastic save from their keeper.”

He added: “I’ve been told that Curtis Thompson might have had the last touch [on Town’s disallowed goal]. I’m not sure whether he did or not. My players will say anything to me, they’ve told me a few porkies in the past but I think we may have got away with one there.

“But, if I’m being totally honest, I can’t understand why there wasn’t a red card on the penalty incident, either for the tackle previous to the penalty [by the already yellow-carded Janoi Donacien] or for the penalty [by Luke Chambers].

“You look at the Bolton Wanderers incident on Saturday and it’s very similar. There’s no attempt for the ball, he’s just pulled him back to stop him going through one-on-one and we were told that was a red card at the start of the season.

"But obviously it’s not been given. You get some and you get some back and maybe we’re even-stevens and we’re going home with a point.”

Overall Ainsworth admitted he would have accepted a draw going into the match: “I’m really pleased with the point. I’d have taken a point before the game, if I’m being totally honest. And I don’t often say that because I want to go forward.

“They’re good Championship players in their team and it shows sometimes. But my team has matched them, away from home at Portman Road.

“It could have gone either way and it’s great to see my players throwing their bodies in front of the ball and I am really proud and really pleased.”

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Umros added 23:41 - Nov 26
Second all that, it won’t do any good but get on that phone Paul. Just don’t get him downgraded to ruin my U9’s team games as they are Cambridge based! 🤡

ArnieM added 23:55 - Nov 26
Lambert is our King .

Edmundo added 00:19 - Nov 27
Why do we get an amateur Peterborough based referee when we are second v first, and Posh are 3rd? May as well have had Darragh MacAnthony on there. In fact I think he was the lino.

Cakeman added 00:20 - Nov 27
Spot on, the referee and his non-assistants were a disgrace. Officials like them are killing the game.

shouldistayorcounago added 00:27 - Nov 27
Officiating was scandalously bad tonight. Sometimes refs get it wrong and linos don't see it but tonight was a shambles - the young lino must have seen at least one clear handball of the two in the first half and there is no way he didn't see that it was a goal. Ref let Akinfenwa and others get away with so much pushing, elbowing and pulling and the foul for the penalty was outside the box.
What a save by the way!
Unfortunate that we didn't register a shot on target because we were better than that tonight and had we got one I feel confident we would have got 2 or 3 but there we are.
The Town go marching on.

Rozeeboy74 added 00:52 - Nov 27
shouldistayorcounago---- you have hit the nail on the head. Forget the officials performance, the bottom line is zero shots on target. Only 4 on target against Blackpool and 1 of them was a penalty. Not good enough.

Westy added 00:52 - Nov 27
We are lacking punch up front but I have to say that was the worst officiating I can remember. I hope Paul Lambert makes a formal complaint. Mick Mills was too kind to the referee during the after match phone in. He was blowing up for anything and was consistently bad throughout. Blatant handball from a fierce Nolan shot that was on target. Their keeper would have done well to prevent a goal. The referee was looking straight at it and had an unobstructed view. So did the linesman. As for the disallowed goal, the linesman didn't flag for anything yet later persuaded the referee to disallow it when the Wycombe players were running back to their half to restart the game. The referee is graded on his performance - anybody know who does this ? And 11 yellow cards in what was not in any way a dirty game. The referee was completely out of his depth and the theatrical way that he awarded the penalty - he thought he was centre stage - they are supposed to be anonymous and totally spoilt the game as a spectacle.

SamWhiteUK added 07:21 - Nov 27
I was surprised Donacien didn't get sent off, but was Chambers on a yellow? I don't think he was, so wouldn't the double jeopardy rule prevent him from being sent off? Mind you, I'm not sure he even got booked for it! It's like the ref knew it was soft but gave it anyway. Chambers very hard done by, he barely brushed the guy's arm

Umros added 07:41 - Nov 27
Cambridgeshire based official. Interesting appointment given Peterborough’s close proximity?

braveblue added 07:48 - Nov 27
Worst officiating I have ever seen. But we were far from brilliant. Three central defenders with Skuse watching the game in front of them leaves the strikers isolated. We created very little.

SenatorBlue added 07:58 - Nov 27
Peterborough based ref, key decisions all totally called wrong and in favour of Wycombe - you could say incompetent (that’d would be entirely correct) - but based on the evidence tonight I’d say he had an agenda. Worst official I’ve seen in 30 years of watching the game.

rollercoastertown added 08:51 - Nov 27
Referees this season have been poor at best, a couple of decent ones but generally poor. These are people that are used to officiating in front of 7 or 8,000 people. A few of these guys are simply out of their depth in front of 20,000. Experienced league 1 players and managers know this and use it. We have to learn, our players are going to have to not get involved and as a crowd we need to start making the place a cauldron before the other team beat us to it and then we are only reacting to what has already happened.

OR...... the EFL could wake up and just for once do the sensible thing and save the better refs for the bigger games..... a top of league one game may need a higher ref than a mid table championship game for example.

essextractorboy93 added 09:06 - Nov 27
Alan Young and Aaaron Farmer. Do not forget these names.

They should never be allowed to officiate another Ipswich match as long as they are employed as football officials. Peterborough based too and very inexperienced at this level. How can he be chosen to be in charge of 2nd v 1st in front of 19,000? He got all the big decisions wrong. Our goal should have been allowed to stand, Chambers foul on their player was outside the box. Chambers should have actually been red carded as he made no attempt to play the ball and was denying a clear goal scoring opportunity. He missed the hand ball from Nolan's shot. He gave out yellow cards for anything. He completely lost control of the game so he started to book so many players on both sides, trying to even it up by booking lots of Wycombe players in the second half. Genuinely think he was making it up as he went along.

Ainsworth and the Wycombe players know it was a legitimate goal for us. They defended well but we should have taken an opportunity. Norwood's chance in the first half being the main one, thought that was in from my view in SBR upper.

Gilesy added 09:56 - Nov 27
It is possible he was just rubbish and didn't have any sort of agenda (I can't imagine how it would work anyway if he did want a good result for Peterborough as surely a draw would suit them down to the ground).

I used to be a sporting official...at an international level...no really. I can assure you that even if I had an agenda or favoured one player over another, in the heat of the moment it would be well nigh impossible to apply that favouritism. That didn't mean I didn't have bad matches....I had some shockers, but that's because I was rubbish on the day. We're all human!

ChrisFelix added 10:03 - Nov 27
This so called referee goes down together with Thomas, Durso & the bloke from Yarmouth who once sent of Derek Jefferson as names we dont forget. The linesman in front of Cobbold stand also contributed to the errors. His eye sight was poor as prior to the 'goal' he had given a throw in the wrong way right under his nose. He certainly didnt flag offside

IpswichToon added 10:40 - Nov 27
@SamWhiteUK - double jeopardy only applies when he it deemed an accidental foul. If the ref decides it was deliberate, then it's a red card. It makes the whole rule a joke in my opinion because the ref can just always say it was deliberate.

Does anyone else use iFollow? Since being able to watch the game at he same time as hear Suffolk Radio commentary, I've realised how much Mick Mills talks out of his arse! So often he seems to just make stuff up that is completely not what I'm seeing. Namely last night he sat on his high horse going on about how he knew that goal was going to be disallowed because he saw Jackson head the ball from an offside position - AFTER it had been disallowed. I much prefer having Alex Mathie doing the assistant commentary.

SouperJim added 10:40 - Nov 27
Three shocking decisions, but the disallowed goal was the worst. The Wycombe players didn't even know what they were appealing for, mainly handball it seemed and managed to sow the seed of doubt in the linesmans head. Then went to the ref and convinced him to go and speak to the linesman! Absolute travesty, zero control from the officials. Also, how the hell did Akinfenwa escape the book until so late in the game? I don't think I've ever seen a player commit so many fouls in one match before and the ref didn't even speak to him until about 20 minutes from the end, by which time he was into double figures!

Very negative sh!thouse of a team, if they're still in the automatic spots come the business end of the season it's a pretty damning indictment of the quality in this division. Surely we have to pick up more points than them?

alfromcol added 10:56 - Nov 27
Refs in the lower divisions need VAR more than those in the Premiership. Specsavers have signed last nights ref up for their next advert.

ITFCsince73 added 11:03 - Nov 27
Just heard the 22yr old lino, had been fast tracked through the system.
Maybe then this process only started Monday morning.
As soon as the crowd picked up on his inability. He lost all understanding from that point.

dirtydingusmagee added 11:09 - Nov 27
disgraceful officiating ,but we now have to move on ,and up our game too.

LWNR2013 added 11:41 - Nov 27
That lino’s shirt was extremely tight...

JimmyP45 added 12:42 - Nov 27
It wasn't the sort of match that warranted 11 yellow cards. Around 5-6 of those cards issued was because of player's reactions to the disgraceful decision making by the referee.

tractorollson added 12:56 - Nov 27
Shocking decision yes but we should be beating sides like Wycombe who were incredibly poor. We need to win those 2 games in hand and actually take our chances. Coyb!

Fatboy added 13:11 - Nov 27
Having watched the highlights, Jackson wasn't even offside when Chambers headed it, so it wouldn't have mattered if he had touched it, which he didn't.

I thought one of the principals of refereeing was that you could only award a decision (free kick, offside, goal etc.) if you were certain that you saw it. On that basis, I can understand how the ref against Blackpool didn't give us a goal as he couldn't be sure that the ball had crossed the line. However, in this case the ref would have had to be certain that Jackson was offside and that he got a touch, neither of which were the case.

EssexTractor added 13:14 - Nov 27
Firstly we didnt play brilliantly, lots of room for improvement
In a game such as this where passions high and where we find within minutes one team is doing everything to waste time, argue, roll over etc etc..what do we as paying fans expect..
QUALITY officials..sadly very rarely have we seen any this season
Is this sour grapes?
I think not
In certain sporting contests officials are "wired" for the benefit of the spectators..and make their announcements clearly to the crowd ..they may still provoke argument but that decision is announced.
And so to Portman Road... an inexperienced referee , a less experienced linesman
A crossed ball, a blue shirted player makes a header goalward bound- between him and that goal a yellow shirted player whose "body" it hits..GOAL
Applause cheering jubilation
.ITFC players head back to half way line
Sitting opposite the linesman I look over , no flag raised, he is walking back to the half way line, I look at the referee who has shown no sign of disallowing the goal. , he is also looking at the linesman, and seeing as I do , no flag raised
Now the referee is fiddling with his earpiece and looking at the fourth official on ground level , 45 yards away (opposite the linesman)and suddenly on hearing SOMEONES voice and the pitiful pleading of certain Wycombe players he runs over to the dimInutive unflagging linesman,
And the goal is disallowed--not because either has seen the incident again--because if they had it would have been a goal..
Not because of VAR (or is there a secret VAR at PR?)..so why , who said those words in the referees ear, to take the action he did??
Are we supposed to guess?
Was it that diminutive linesman who initially was "too scared" to flag?
The paying public deserve to know!
Or shall we simply say , thats cool , well done officials , now go and book a few more players (11 in total)
Those players may suffer eventually
The officials will they appear before a panel?
What will the assessors report say?
Will that be private too?
Twenty first century...tell the fans.. easy, advise the decision.. the record playing man can announce it over Tannoy..( or will that create a riot!)
But nevertheless the sequence of events was appalling....

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